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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
love-my-tallboy · 282 days ago

We up in 2021 getting the mad first ever ear infections on top of mad nervous breakdowns the SAME NIGHT DOG.

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love-my-tallboy · 317 days ago


Me whenever Mary Woodhull is onscreen: I’m so sorry, you deserved none of this, you asked for none of this,

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love-my-tallboy · 3 years ago


spotify wrapped is HERE! send me a number 1-100 and I’ll tell you the song it corresponds with on my top 100 playlist

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love-my-tallboy · 4 years ago

My dog kills me. He watched me bring all my groceries in 🤣

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love-my-tallboy · 5 years ago

It’s been a while my dudes! How have you all been? Sobbing over Ben Tallmadge like me?

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love-my-tallboy · 7 years ago


Thank you for following me. Thank you for reblogging from me. Thank you for liking my posts. Thank you for sending me nice messages. Thank you for staying followed to me. Thank you for making my Tumblr experience amazing. Thank you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again THANK YOU. You all have put so many smiles on my face and I appreciate each and every one of you. Who would have thought a show about revolutionary spies would have helped me find a littler corner on the internet to call home and a boat load of new friends 💙💛

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love-my-tallboy · 8 years ago

Anyway I watched Enola Holmes and WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME BURN GORMAN IS IN THIS MOVIE (for like a total of maybe five minutes but still). It’s always fun to see our dear Turn actors in other films/shows

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love-my-tallboy · 8 years ago


Ben: How do you want your coffee?

Caleb: As dark as my soul

Ben: *hands him a cup of milk*

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love-my-tallboy · 10 years ago


What kind of magical person do you think I am based on my blog/personality?

💗Pink: Sweet and kind, would go out of their way to help others. Usually bubbly and happy and is your average magical girl complete with ribbons and bows and sparkles. Typically the leader of the group

❤️Red: Passionate and hot headed, sometimes their emotions come off a bit too strong especially when they’re upset but they’re fiercely protective of the people they care about. They’re the one who blindly rushes into situations without thinking it through first

💛🧡Yellow and/or orange: Kind, nurturing and positive. They’re either the most mature/parental and serene and supportive of the group or they’re sporty and energetic and always ready for a friendly competition

💚Green: The strong older sibling type, they’re nurturing and always there when you need them even when you think you don’t and care for you as though they’ve known you all their life.

💙Blue: Smart, sensible and reserved. The one who thinks things through and formulates a plan before blindly rushing into situations. They may come off as distant or overly worried but they care deeply for the safety and well-being of others

💜Purple: Another mature one. Shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Though they at first don’t seem to want to open up and keep prefer to keep their distance one you get to know them that air of mystery will start to fade away. Regardless, there’s no doubt that they’re always there for you when you need them most

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love-my-tallboy · 10 years ago

10 Song I’ve been listening to

I was tagged by my fave @mizmarymack in what might be the best tag game I’ve seen in a MINUTE. Y’all I live for music narrowing it down to 10 was a struggle!

  1. Jessie Reyez’s entire Album BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US (for real tho everyone should listen to this album it is god tier and I adore every. Last. Track. I couldn’t pick just one.)–c0b8A
  2. Quarantine Speech - Lady Leshurr (I mean everything she’s ever released is god tier but this song is perfection and the music video gives me life)
  3. Vintage Radio (Live Oldies 24/7) (on brand ya girl loves old time music ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  4. Twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (aka the best thing to come out of lockdown)
  5. Rain on me - Lady Gaga ft. Ariana Grande (A certified BOP)
  6. The Funeral - Band of Horses (I recently rediscovered this song shuffling through music on YouTube and forgot how much I love it)
  7. Love in the Dark (Dzeko remix) - Jessie Reyez (a rare isntance of me genuinely enjoying a remix as much as the OG and Jessie Reyez just being perfection)
  8. Guacamole - Das Lumpenpack (because damn this song is just the truth and I hate how accurate it is)
  9. Sklave - Kraftklub (because no song more accurately represents having to work)
  10. Don’t be scared - Sophie Meiers (this songs makes me want to lounge in front of a window sipping coffee in my oversized sweater)

Narrowing this down to 10 was SO HARD. Never hesitate to ask me for music - my taste varies depending on the hour so I have a lot of suggestions

I’m tagging @trekkiehood @annawoodhull @ben-tallmadge-rage and anyone else who would like to participate ☺️☺️

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love-my-tallboy · 11 years ago




turn (amc) asks pt. 2

based on the culper ring spy codes:

14 (adore) - the first character you liked on the show?

41 (accomplish) - character you’re most proud of?

75 (cost) - hardest scene to watch?

109 (clothier) - who has the best wardrobe?

122 (dead) - if you could prevent one character’s death, who would it be?

161 (end) - thoughts on the last episode?

188 (friend) - best friendship?

199 (faithful) - who’s the real mvp in the culper ring? (who’s the most valuable member?)

224 (glory) - underrated scene/character/episode/storyline?

257 (happy) - which scene makes you the most happy?

266 (honest) - unpopular opinion about the show?

299 (intrigue) - what made you start watching turn?

356 (letter) - if you could send a letter to a character, who would you send it to, and what would it say?

512 (period) - what do you love most about the american revolution period?

553 (rebel) - favorite continental?

560 (relate) - which character are you most like?

639 (tory) - thoughts on the sarah livingston plot arc?

670 (unarm) - favorite civilian?

ask me anything / reblog!



AH I LOVE THIS!!!!! Ask away my friends 😊😊😊

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love-my-tallboy · 11 years ago




Ben Tallmadge and the fine art of evading detection

Obviously, he went to Yale.

Head of Intelligence, everyone.

Spot the difference

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love-my-tallboy · 11 years ago



Turn’s biggest plot twist was me finding out Seth Numrich lived in a tiny house that he built during production of the show.

He saw that Benjamin lived in a tent and decided to go method.

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