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lovelybluepanda · 26 minutes ago
How to make your life more magical:
Create a code system/a language that you use in your journal
Wear your hair the same way every single day or use the same accessories over and over again
Have funny labels for your spices (dragon's breath for paprika, goblin's hair for oregano, have fun with the names)
Make your own spice mixes, beverages (hot cocoa, matcha, etc), tea mixes, jam combos and so on.
You like plants? Decorate the pots with drawings, cartoon scenes, doodles, whatever you want.
Sew tiny designs on your clothes (flowers, fish, stars, cats, Pinterest has many tutorials for this)
Learn some easy magic tricks (card tricks, make coins disappear, knot tricks etc)
Have a specific time for your daily self-care ritual. Treat it like the most important time of the day. ("Oh, i gotta go. It's tea time~" *poof*)
Learn some pottery and make your own bowls, mugs etc or buy plain and decorate them with appropriate materials.
Experiment with your food~ lavender milk, honey milk, cookies with eatable flowers, various syrups, cream soups and so on
Paint the walls or make some posters and hang them around if you can't paint the walls
Fairy lights~
Grow something (herbs are apartment/dormitory friendly)
Memorize some quotes that spark joy in you. Mention them whenever you can.
Create something. What's more magical than learning a craft and creating something?
Own things that really delight you.
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lovelybluepanda · 12 hours ago
Rule of the thumb: if you regret something now (not doing a hobby, not trying for an audition, not learning a skill etc), do it.
The only way to get rid of regrets is to do something about them. If you regret something in your 20s, you'll regret it even more in your 50s because you didn't do anything in your 20s when you realized the first time.
There's no one stopping you to go for things. Someone says it's a bad idea? Those are just words. They say you're old? Again, just words. No one will physically battle you not to learn how to cook, sew, apply to play at a theater, run a marathon and so on.
Opinions are nothing but words.
If you don't live to experiment and discover new things, what do you live for?
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lovelybluepanda · 18 hours ago
How to love everything in your life
This is a twin post for Why discipline is toxic.
Let's start with your environment.
Credit to Marie Kondo because most things here are from her book. (a summary here but i suggest people to read the manga or watch her show for more details)
Don't clean just to clean. Clean for your self. Why do you want to live in a clean environment? Be very specific. (Wanting to feel less stressed, wanting to feel organized, wanting to be surrendered by things you love etc)
When you clean, remember why you do it. You do it out of love for your own person because you want to feel comfy in a clean space. (Or any other reason) Just don't think you have to clean for the sake of cleaning. There are so many reasons why living in a clean space can be great.
Look at your things and remember why you like them. Kondo suggested keeping around things which "spark joy". The thing is, when you do this, you feel happier because you like everything. Suddenly folding clothes is nice, moving books to their place is nice, keeping papers only in a certain spot brings happiness etc.
Don't think of this as a chore but as an activity to relax. Folding clothes is origami, doing the dishes can be avatar water bending style, cleaning cupboards can be a puzzle for organization etc.
Outside world
Walks can be intimidating when you're alone but...
Try looking for a nice place in your city. Try finding beauty in a common spot. Try looking at things like you're a tourist fascinated by everything. Or an alien, that works too.
Look at the nature. The sky is always different yet beautiful. The sunlight is delightful, especially in the morning. Doesn't the grass look enchanting and makes you want to have a picnic? When you see the same things daily, it's difficult to see them as something special every day. Try learning that.
Walks are good for your body. You walk around to relax. It's an act of love for yourself.
What's something you like about that activity/task? Find something, anything. Maybe you like how fast you can type and look at it as a game while you write emails. Maybe think how pretty food looks when you have to cook. (Anime moodboards help a lot with this) Perhaps you like the happiness people display when you help them with your job.
Try thinking it's an important task and how would you teach someone to do it. Everything is worth teaching and sharing knowledge seems to be a love language many have.
Maybe you don't like the task in any way, how about the feeling you have when it's done? Or the activities you can do after you're done? Think of the pleasure you have once the task is done if the task itself is so unlovable.
Worth mentioning, think of the concept of everything having a spirit. (this way of thinking is popular in witchcraft and Shintoism) won't you enjoy thinking the fairy next to the pile of dishes will he happy they're clean? Maybe it likes the dish soap's scent. Your imagination/perspective can make a task fun.
When you dislike someone, write a list with what you dislike about them. Then write another list with tasks you love/like. Try to make the like list as long as the disliked traits list.
For your friends, ask yourself why you like them? Is it the way they listen to you when you need? Is it the silly sense of humour they got? Is it their optimism? Bonus points if you tell them your every once in a while why they're important to you.
Write a like/love letter. Not in a romantic way but in an appreciation way. No need to give it to them. Just write it to see what makes these people special in your eyes.
Strangers, try to think they are undiscovered treasures. You can always learn something from anyone. You don't have to talk to new people, but this way of thinking will make you seem more invested in what they have to say.
Your person
You can write yourself love letters~ really, when was last time you took time to appreciate your own beauty?
Avoid criticism to your own person. Yes, you can make mistakes. No, you shouldn't be cruel because of the mistakes.
Do daily something that makes you happy.
How to actively make you happy
You can find love in everything and everyone. There's always something to appreciate in people and there are always certain emotions which are triggered by things or concepts. (The smile of your friend, the fluffy fur of the pet, the pretty decoration of a cake, the softness of your blouse etc) Just pay attention around you.
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lovelybluepanda · 21 hours ago
Hey! I find your blog so informative and I thank you for that! I was hoping you'd help me please? I realised I'd become reliant on my friends and family, in most cases. I know it's okay to ask for help but I never gave myself a chance before asking, instead I hoped people guided me. It bothered me and I was hoping you had some tips on becoming more self-reliant or independent? (but not to isolate yourself in the process) Please and thank you!
1) ask how to do something or ask them to show it to you and then do it yourself
2) look up tutorials on google or YouTube for whatever you need
3) talk about things you might need ahead of time so when you need the information for something, you already have it
4) figure things out on your own with the help of the internet or someone's verbal instructions and if you can't achieve something, ask for help from others to show you how
Sometimes, you need to get help. The difference between being able to count on yourself and not is if you learn from the help you received.
Take care~
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lovelybluepanda · 21 hours ago
how will you manage getting from beginner/intermediate to C1/C2 in 4 languages? it seems so impossible to do. i'm like a B1 in spanish and i want to pick up german but i thought that if i did, i wouldn't be able to reach C1 in spanish by the end of 2022... i want to be a high level in BOTH. so please tell me your secrets about how you will achieve this...
Step 1, go to the post i've pinned on the blog
Step 2, click on the notes
Step 3, look for the update which i made 2 days ago where i said all the technicalities in regards to the psychological approach
Step 4, wait until i update again with the study plan/resources i plan to use. I'll do this at the end of the month.
Take care~
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
How to get motivation
Action triggers motivation usually so starting to do something, will make you continue to do it.  However, there are times when we don’t feel like getting up to do the task we have to do and i kept wondering how can i make myself start a task when i have 0 motivation and there’s 0 chance of me starting to work. 
Solution: go and do something else that’s easy. 
If i stay in bed and i have to write a paper, i will get up and go to the kitchen to get something and when i return in my room, i’d sit at my desk and start working. 
I don’t know why this works but it seems that not staying in bed anymore, and actually doing something that’s an “intermediate” action to get me moving, seems to help. 
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
hi! i was wondering, how many books do you think one could read in a year? i’m trying to set up some goals for myself, but i don’t want to be unrealistic (i’m a pretty fast reader)
If your goal is reading books, then choose 52. Why 52? There are 52 weeks in a year.
I could say 104 or 156 but i say 52 because you will have days when you're busy, when you don't want to read, when you have other plans, when you have unexpected things to deal with etc so a book per week is enough.
Enjoy reading~
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
hello! i have this really important (it's going to be 70% of my semester grade) vocabulary test in a few days and the thing is i really don't know how to study vocabulary and actually be able to recall it later. i'm more of a grammar person so i've always been struggling with that haha. do you have any tips on how to efficiently study vocab/how to find a method that actually works for me? thanks in advance :)
Here you have how i studied vocabulary for my exams.
Here you have a post about general vocab memorization.
Hope you find something useful!
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
Hi panda ! what the best way to get over a breakup
Step 1, do something that makes you happy. Spend time with a precious friend, watch movies together, have some people you can connect to. Eat your favorite snacks. Read some books. Find the embodiment of "warmth" in people and things around you.
Step 2, once you feel better, choose one of these: make a bucket list with things you want to focus on and start doing a few tasks from there OR ponder what you learned from that relationship and what you could improve at yourself based on those experiences you went through
Step 3, choose the other option that you didn't do yet
Both are important because you should learn from your past experiences but you also need to know what new things you want to learn, experiment, do.
Step 4, do things that excite you. Looking forward things that you want to accomplish is a nice way to grow. Maybe you want to try out a new cafe, write a book, make a comic, put money aside to travel somewhere etc.
All the energy you invested in the other person, take it and invest it in yourself and all the things+people you have in your life.
Take care~
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
hi panda. i know i have to study and do my assignments in order to get good grades but i just can't do that anymore. like i'm painfully aware of my responsibilities but at the same time i have no desire or energy to do anything. i know once i start to do it, things will get easier but all i wanna do is sleep, not even sleep actually i just wanna lay down. i don't know why but i am in a very low place right now and i need your help. what would u do if u were me? i don't want to mess my semester, i wanna get good grades but even writing this to u changed my mood in a bad way lol
What's something you like doing that you could combine with studying? Maybe you can snack on ice cream or try out some new things. Pairing up something you like or something that makes you excited with something less appealing can make you get some things done.
Second idea is to do small things. Don't study, just read.
Tomorrow underline what you read.
The day after that write down questions and make mock exams/tests.
Take a day or two off, then do something small again for studying.
This is an example, maybe you can adapt it to your study materials.
You can lie down in your bed and do these.
I hope these help you a bit and that you feel well soon!
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
I'll teach you French.
I have picked up recently several new and old interests but i was thinking how to create language content because this blog is a langblr as well so I have decided to recycle an old idea.
I won't give any spoilers for now but I'm combining a 2022 goal and the language learning theme so I'm improving my skills in regards to something and I'm also teaching people something. Sounds perfect.
I'm making this post because I'm excited and i hope you guys look forward to something in regards to languages because it's been an eternity since i had a big project for language learning.
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
10 years of languages
Soon it’s going to be my birthday and I realized I’ll have around 10 years since I self-study languages. To celebrate this, I have decided to make a masterpost with tips: 10 years, 100 tips. The tips will be based on my personal experience over the years.
1st year (here we have 13 years old me who is very motivated to learn English, this section will be a mess)
You won’t know where to start, the internet is a great place to start with btw (tumblr and reddit have a lot of posts but ofc 13 years old me didn’t know of these so i didn’t use the internet…).
Your desire to learn fast will be out of control, you’ll be frustrated because you’re slow so accept that it will take some time.
After some weeks, maybe months, you’ll have a mental breakdown; in order to avoid it, don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t compare yourself, don’t hurry yourself and don’t belittle yourself because you can’t catch up with this fantasy you have of how things should go.
You will feel lost so don’t be afraid to start over (i re-started learning French for 5 or 6 times and guess what, i loved that; i got amazing basic skills because of that).
There might be people who will discourage you at this point, you’ll hear that not everyone can learn languages, that it’s hard, that you should focus on other things.
Your motivation will run out after a short while and this year can look like a mess because of that; this is the hardest year for learners because you need to 1) put yourself together every 2 weeks and 2) you need to learn about yourself.
Being stuborn and not asking for help will slow you down, really, if you found someone who learns languages, just drown them in questions. Who doesn’t like to talk about their passions? 
This year… is the year when you judge yourself a lot so my advance is, NO ONE IS BORN A MASTER, BE A SHAMELESS BEGINNER.
Everyone will have an opinion about you and your interests suddenly “i’m better than you at English”, “i don’t think you will be off any good with English” or “you aren’t special for learning it, so shut up” (yes, these are from my classmates from back then) so have a thick skin.
Towards the end of this year, you might feel more lost than in the beginning and also on the point of giving up.
2nd year
Keep reading
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
Hello panda ♥️ how can i be a kinder person?
To yourself or to others?
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
Hi Panda! I saw you mention that you wanted to go into translation but have changed your mind about that job. I’m thinking about aiming to do that as a career. I’m only currently between B1-B2 in my target language and I imagine I would need to reach C1 anyway. I haven’t fully decided if it’s something I absolutely want to do yet either. So, I was just wondering what made you change your mind? Thanks!
Let's take them one at a time.
1) the job market, sometimes what you want isn't available at the time
I made a post with student tips that aren't studying related last month. Students want certain jobs, they have this fixation that they should aim for something in particular or they don't know what they want but if you actually look for a job, you'll see that the options are a bit limited.
What do you do when you can't get the job you want?
You look for something similar.
2) i asked myself "do i want this job or do i want the traits it has?"
Translation is: creativity, always something new, it makes you think, it challenges you and in my case, it's something i enjoy, languages.
So i took all these traits and compared to other options and i found a job in this arts and crafts industry which is creativity, it makes you learn and think so you keep up with the trends, it challenges me to solve problems if the customers want/need something in particular and it's something i enjoy because I spend my time drawing and learning about art. (And i also have foreigners to talk to so i still use languages)
Same traits, another format. Plus, I'm free half of the week to pursue whatever interests i have and a set of extra benefits than suit my plans.
3) will this benefit me in the long run?
Let's be clear about 1 thing, i don't want to live so i can work until i retire and then die. I want to live so i do something with my set of skills.
I have several future project ideas and if i want to work on them, i need certain things, skills, circumstances.
The set of benefits that i get from the art job fits my needs and my future plans, for now at least.
This is a factor for me because I learn a lot of things and i want to use that knowledge. The pattern of "study, get a job, have a family and die happily" is not the pattern i want for my life but if i want to avoid it, i need to know what i want to build so my decisions are based on those circumstances that I want to have.
You could say I'm thinking not 1 step ahead but 20.
It might seem extra to some but I want the path i envision more than sticking to the classic way of doing things.
Hope this answers your question~
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
Before deciding to try and achieve an old goal, get something to write on and something to write with and answer 2 questions:
Why did i give up in the past?
What did i learn from that?/How can I avoid that now?
There are many posts that will tell you to try again and again but before trying again, see what you learned from the previous experiences.
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
hi, hope you're well this is very random but I've recently started following you and just wanted to ask which subjects you're studying and what profession or job you're aiming for? thank you :)
I graduated with a BA degree in "Korean language and literature" and "Norwegian language and literature" in June. (I also studied 2 years of pedagogical classes while doing these)
I also self-study a lot of languages and topics (psychology with a focus on NLP, creative writing, arts in general, nutrition, management of all kinds etc; I'm the embodiment of a Ravenclaw)
I used to aim for the translator profession but in the past few months i realized i don't care about the translator position. I want a job where i can learn constantly, where i have variety and where i don't stay still for more than 10 min. That's why I work in a store for arts and crafts and I'm the responsible for the department of coloristic arts (drawing, painting, sketching etc).
Feel free to ask more questions~ 🐼
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
Some weeks ago i found this app called "extasy" and it tells you what sort of experiences you can have near you.
You choose the category and it can go from climbing walls to eating weird food, getting a massage or learning how to use a bow.
I think there are many more apps like this but the idea is: if you don't know what new adventures are around you, get an app that tells you and experiment new things occasionally.
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