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loverofmine5sos2 days agoAnswer

Hey do you happen to have a masterlist for your imagines??

I just posted it!馃枻 this is just current and will be updated as I post! Masterlist

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loverofmine5sos2 days agoText


Posts that have possibly triggering topics will have 鈥!鈥 next to them, and a warning on what will be in the imagine before you read.

Reminder! This is just current so it will be updated every time I post馃枻


Not Again - Calum Hood
Summary / Notes: Fans crowd you and Calum during a morning walk, causing you to faint. He helps you, and you both have a lazy day together.


Im Sorry - Ashton Irwin !
Summary / Notes: You and Ashton get in a huge argument, but make up. This might be a little bit triggering to some.


I Can鈥檛 Sleep - Luke Hemmings
Summary / Notes: You have troubles sleeping, and luke helps. Lowercase intended.


Wrapped around your finger Part 1
Summary/Notes: based off of wrapped around your finger, Michael wants to take you on tour with him, part one of two.


Insecure - Muke !
Summary / Notes: After some fans tweet, Michael found himself insecure about the way he looks. Luke finds out and helps him through it.


Cuddling with Ashton would include..
Cuddling with Calum would include..
Cuddling with Luke would include..
Cuddling with Michael would include..
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loverofmine5sos2 days agoText

Cuddling with Michael would include:

  • Definitely South and Moose finding their way in between you guys
  • I feel like Mikey would be the type to want you to cuddle him by laying on top of him because it鈥檚 comfy & avoids the dogs breaking up your cuddle time馃槀
  • Michael is definitely the type that seems like if you tried to move while cuddling with him he would let out small whines and pull you even closer because he didn鈥檛 wanna be away from you馃ズ馃ズ
  • 鈥淒on鈥檛 go鈥
  • Him constantly asking to cuddle with you
  • Since Mikey loves being close to you, sometimes when you guys cuddle he would lay his head on your chest and you would play with his hair as he would fall asleep
  • I could totally imagine you and Mikey cuddling as he was gaming and every time he got frustrated he would make the cutest faces making you giggle and him laugh too
  • Would definitely include you poking at Michael鈥檚 cheeks and laughing at the cute faces he makes from it
  • Michael I feel is also the one in the band who would love to cuddle (besides luke) because I mean come on he鈥檚 so pure and soft
  • The dogs always attacking you both with kisses 24/7
  • 鈥淐an we get another dog?鈥
  • Omg imagine like how adorable Mikey would be talking about the future and getting really excited about the thought of spending his life with you
  • Lots of small neck kisses from him, while he whispers how much he loves you to you
  • 鈥淚 love you鈥
  • I feel like Mikey and you would say your first 鈥淚 love you鈥濃檚 while cuddling
  • 鈥淧lay this game with me?鈥
  • Mikey giving you the most adorable puppy eyes when he wants to cuddle with you馃ズ馃ズ


This one was so soft I might just have to turn it into a full imagine馃ズ

This is 4/4 of the cuddling with 5sos blurb series and I honestly can鈥檛 wait to make more of these with other ideas!

Any blurb or imagine idea requests? Send them in :)

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loverofmine5sos6 days agoAnswer

Hi darling! I’ve just noticed you are using one of my lyric gifs as your header, which I greatly appreciate, however I was wondering if you would mind giving me credit please? - easierlftv 💛

I didn鈥檛 actually know because I was sent it and thought it was adorable but of course! actually had planned on changing it soon but either way I will give you credit until I do馃枻

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loverofmine5sos6 days agoText

Cuddling with Luke would include:

  • Luke is definitely the one in the band that would never say no to cuddling with you, and would want to all the time every day because he loves to be around you
  • Definitely Luke softly singing to you while you cuddle
  • It would be mostly impossible to not fall asleep cuddling Luke because we all know how cozy n warm he looks / is馃ズ
  • 鈥淣o don鈥檛 move im comfy like this鈥
  • Petunia would always try and push her way between you guys but eventually settle for laying next to one of you
  • Luke would definitely be the type to cuddle while watching like disney movies or something 馃ズ
  • If you weren鈥檛 cuddling with Luke you would most likely be sitting on his lap etc because he would always wanna be close to you
  • You always felt extremely safe in Lukes presence no matter what
  • I feel like Luke would also do what I said for Cal where he would write songs and sing them to you while you cuddled so he could get your approval馃ズ
  • Luke definitely is also the type that if you tried to move he would just pull you closer because he would refuse to let you move
  • You and Luke would probably cuddle literally anywhere like if you鈥檙e at the studio with him, cuddle breaks, if you鈥檙e hanging out with him after a show, cuddle breaks
  • I just overall feel like Luke is the definition of Cuddly like have you seen the pics of him and Sierra or him and Petunia cuddling?!
  • 鈥淵ou can answer the phone later I don鈥檛 want you to move im comfy鈥
  • Imagine how warm he is too like- you鈥檇 just be cuddled up to him and not even need a blanket because his embrace is warm asf 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
  • Id do anything for this because omg馃ズ
  • I could also definitely see him playing his guitar for you while you laid next to him or even if you were laying on the couch or something I feel like he would get up and play piano for you because you loved to hear him sing
  • Last of all he鈥檚 definitely would be the type to just nonstop whisper adorable things into your ear like telling you how beautiful you are or how much he loves you etc馃ズ馃ズ


I can鈥檛 even express how much I want this in life馃ズ My cuddling with Michael and masterlist will be posted later so stay tuned for those!

Any suggestions? Send them to my inbox and I will write them as soon as possible馃枻

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loverofmine5sos7 days agoAnswer

I loooove cuddling with calum. I saw you did Ashton as well but couldn’t find Luke and Mikey. Wondering if I missed them or that is something I just have to be patient for 🐒 Patiently waiting for your master list too hehe. I love finding new people on tumblr 🥰🥰🥰

You didn鈥檛 miss them! <3 Luke and Mikey鈥檚 will be posted possibly tonight or at latest tomorrow! My master list is being posted as soon as im done with the posts of Cuddling with Luke and Cuddling with Mikey!馃枻

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loverofmine5sos7 days agoText

Cuddling with Calum would include:

  • Duke always trying to sneak in between you and calum
  • Binge watching shows
  • Always squishing cals cheeks because you find them adorable
  • 鈥淏abe stop squishing my cheeks鈥
  • Calum would love to listen to you about your day because it made him feel special that you tell him everything
  • He would definitely practice his bass next to you, because you found it relaxing to hear him play
  • You both would love to talk about future plans for both of you (including calum ranting about how he cant wait to be with you forever馃ズ馃ズ)
  • Calum would always end up making you guys both go into a laughing fit about some stupid joke
  • 鈥淐an I have your hoodie Cal? Im cold鈥
  • Did I mention that you would literally steal his clothes every day because they are definitely more comfy than yours
  • I could definitely see Calum writing songs next to you while you guys cuddle and he鈥檒l start softly singing them to you to ask your opinion on if they鈥檙e good or not馃ズ
  • He would definitely be the type to prefer spooning you because he would be able to hold you tightly to make sure you鈥檙e warm and feel safe
  • You would always feel safe in his arms no matter what
  • Calum would also be the type to love playing soft music on a speaker to help you sleep and he would always make playlists just for you
  • Overall Calum would just always be up to cuddle
  • You guys would most of the time end up falling asleep while cuddling
  • His favorite time to cuddle would be before bed because it always helped you both fall asleep
  • This is just the softest concept ever and nobody can convince me differently馃ズ


I just love this concept 馃ズ

Any suggestions? Send them in and ill get to them as soon as possible especially now that im on summer break :)

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