Hi, I make Frozen gifs and I love discussing trivia, locations, animation and plot holes! I'm also in love with the songs and orchestral score of Frozen 2! Do drop me a comment if you like my posts! My tumblr icon is by A-KA, I am a huge fan of her fanart of Frozen.

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lovewillthaw-j·4 hours agoText

@bigfrozenfan​ you were wondering how tall the clock tower is. Just for fun I went to do this:

So there’s a tall man standing next to the clock tower in this screencap. Let’s say he is 1.8-1.9 metres tall? My simple edit calculates that there are ~9 x 1.8-1.9m so the clock tower (the part that Elsa could have fallen from) is about 16-17m high? Haha

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lovewillthaw-j·5 hours agoAudio


All is found - cello, for fantastic @lovewillthaw-j

Sorry for the terrible sound. And for being quite out of tune on occasions. I had a total of 15 minutes to practice and record this.

That was LOVELY!! I am so happy you got the courage to do it and post it! You did a really good job! I really love the cello tone (though I’m no expert judge of cellos) especially the low G note is so resonant. Don’t worry about the little mistakes! We’re not trying to win any music contest here, just sharing our love of F2 music!

Well done!!!!

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lovewillthaw-j·a day agoPhoto

Fantastic analysis again Moira! I must have read this post when it first came out and I was still lurking on Tumblr or had just joined that’s why I hadn’t commented or reblogged. Re-reading it now, I think you must have influenced my thinking/headcanon because what you wrote is in line with what I wrote in my recent Ahtohallan analysis. I agree with everything you said, especially that she had 2 different cries - the first is from seeing Iduna again (and a happy childhood memory, no less), and the second is being reassured of Iduna’s love for her. The only small thing I would add is that Iduna isn’t animated singing the lines: “Show yourself, Step into your power, Throw yourself, Into something new, You are the one you’ve been waiting for” with Elsa - she is only shown beaming at her, although her voice is heard. I have offered some explainations in my analysis so I won’t repeat it here cos I know you’ve read it already.

And I love the puns, keep them coming! 

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lovewillthaw-j·a day agoText

9 parallels between Wreck It Ralph (2012) and Frozen/Elsa

I love WIR, it is such a great show with great plot, animation and music. I recently rewatched it and I couldn’t help but notice some parallels with Frozen (1). To be specific, parallels with Elsa (in F1). 6 Ralph and 3 Vanellope. Note: this isn’t my normal gif quality as I didn’t want to spend too much time on this.

1. Ralph is isolated from the rest of the people
2. Ralph embarrasses himself with his powers in front of everybody when he was pushed and got angry.

Like Elsa during her coronation when Anna pushed her and she let out a burst of ice. 


I made a post on that here

3. Ralph can only see himself as someone who is bad.

In this scene, he has just finished helping Vanellope “make” a race car, which looks disastrous. He says “Look, kid, I tried to warn you. I can’t make things. I just break them”.


It’s like how Elsa can only see her powers as destructive after Anna’s accident. She thought running away (Let It Go) was the answer to protect everyone from her powers, but realised that she had caused an eternal winter (when Anna told her).

4. Vanellope feels trapped

In this scene, Vanellope says “Glitches can’t leave their games. It’s one of the joys of being me.” This isn’t actually true, it’s because King Candy did something to her code that prevents her from leaving.


Elsa too feels trapped, especially at her coronation when she has to be a young queen, conceal her powers and has nobody to confide in. Even after running away she still feels trapped by her powers, which can’t be separated from her.

5. Ralph does something bad to someone he loves out of good intentions and is tormented inside

In this heartbreaking scene (tremendous vocal performance from Vanellope/Sarah Silverman) Ralph has been tricked by King Candy into stopping her from racing for her own good. (“I’m doing this for your own good”) He chooses to do it the only way he knows how, by destroying her race car. By this time, he has become affectionate towards the little girl and feels tormented inside for doing it.


I see a parallel when Elsa made Marshmallow to send Anna away. Her face is so tormented. 


She didn’t make Marshmallow out of malice (and truly, Marshmallow never harmed Anna per se) I made a post on that here.

6. Ralph looks at his hands and balls them into fists

Elsa does this throughout F1 and even in F2. I recommend @hafanforever ’s post Keep your hands to yourself

7. Ralph still thinks he is a bad guy

A sobbing Vanellope tells Ralph “you really are a bad guy” after he destroys her car.


As previously alluded to, Elsa experienced momentary freedom when she retreated to her ice palace, but upon realising she had caused an eternal winter, spiralled back into thinking she is bad and there was no goodness in her.

8. Conceal, don’t feel

In this scene, Ralph tells Vanellope “You got to get that glitch under control, kid!”


And in this scene, Vanlelope says “All right. Gotta keep it under control. No more glitching.”


Glitching is actually her superpower, but she’s been lied to that it is bad and Ralph tells her she must “keep it under control” which becomes her mantra too. (until the film’s climax)

The parallel with “conceal, don’t feel” is obvious. Agnarr interpreted Grand Pabbie’s vision that he needs to conceal Elsa’s powers.

9. Dress transformation!!

‘Nuff said!

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lovewillthaw-j·2 days agoText


i have the sudden urge to write an au fic where Elsa is a pianist and Anna a violinist and they are both attending music school and they’re assigned to work together and they bicker a lot because Anna thinks Elsa is a fucking diva and Elsa thinks Anna is an annoying brat, until they realize it isnt hatred they feel but a stupid amount of sexual attraction for each other


somebody pls tell me to write it it’s a bad idea to write this

Hey just wanted to add: Who says it has to be limited to an AU or headcanon? 😁

There really is a piano, cello, violin/fiddle and even harp! Left pic is from movie (this is in the library) and right pic is from the book A Frozen World showing a room in the castle where Elsa and Anna had lessons.

I know the movie is set in the 1840s…I’m no classical music expert but could Elsa and Anna realistically have learnt some of those music pieces that you all talked about? I don’t know when those composers were born, sorry!

Tagging @elsa-agdardottir @prototyp013 @ice-bjorn @scuttlepantsworld

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lovewillthaw-j·3 days agoText

This scene always catches my attention. It’s Mattias helping to keep the scared children safe and quiet when the Earth Giant enters the camp.

Isn’t Mattias such a sweetie? Here is one of Arendelle’s finest soldiers, guardian of the crown prince, who has been told the Northuldra are his mortal enemies. But after Elsa breaks the ice (ha! pun) between them, he immediately protects the children from danger. He’s not cold blooded! And that’s why I think Anna recognised the greatness in him and made him General.

Reminds me of that deleted opening scene where Mattias saved little Iduna and Agnarr.

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lovewillthaw-j·3 days agoText

Sexyback ™️

I love the exposed back of Elsa’s F2 outfits, as do many of you 😉 @super-mam-te-moc @elsa-agdardottir @let-it-show @snowflakewing @wintermoonqueen. Here are screencaps and gifs of her Dark Sea outfit, thanks to 4K and slow mo media player. A lot of them are blur because the scene is dark to begin with and there’s a lot of movement and water.

The clearest image is the concept art uploaded by @thequeennapper (thanks!)

Lastly, (I posted this previously but no harm reposting) sexyback travelling outfit!

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lovewillthaw-j·4 days agoText

Thanks for a great analysis!

I found the book, it’s Frozen 2 Read-Along Storybook and CD

Someone has uploaded the whole thing on YouTube

I saw some questions on when exactly those lines were said (in the book) so I’ve taken some screenshots for you:


I read through the whole book, and I think, the book is very simplified compared to the movie. There isn’t much more to the book than the screenshots I’ve made! But, yes, maybe some of the lines were taken from an earlier version of the script.

I was one of those who didn’t realise Elsa had freaking DIED, at least on the first watching 🤣. She literally died for 11min and 25seconds on screen! (I went to count)

Thanks again for the detailed analysis. It was fun!

Oh and in the outtakes scene, I find it funny that Josh Gad says he’s “scared he’s gonna be replaced by Jack Black”. Can you imagine Po as Olaf????

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lovewillthaw-j·5 days agoVideo

All Is Found - Fanedit

I combined scenes from the original movie, English Trailer 1, English Trailer 2, Japanese Promo Trailer (thanks @catloafs!) and unreleased animation from Snowmation on Instagram (thanks @antoineharrakblog!) to make an alternate All Is Found!

At 0:38 (when Iduna first opens the door), Elsa calls out: “Mother?”, causing Iduna to pause and turn around.

For the unreleased animation portion (0:40-0:46), Elsa yawns and says: “Someone should really try to find it [referring to Ahtohallan]”.

And in my head canon, in the last scene, Iduna whispers:

Show yourself
Step into your power
Throw yourself
Into something new

You are the one you’ve been waiting for

Elsa did find Ahtohallan, didn’t she?


Some notes:

1. I’m limited to a square of dimensions 640x640 by the video from Snowmation

2. Sorry there is no sound, I muted it because there are 10 videos being spliced together and the audio would not make sense

3. Sorry I don’t know how to add text to video, noob. 

I hope you like it!!

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lovewillthaw-j·6 days agoText

I’m very very very happy. Really.

I finally found the trailer with Iduna kissing Elsa’s hands.

I thank @catloafs for informing me of this video (which has English translation) which led me to search for a better quality one and I found one in full HD, which is the one I have posted above.

I’m so happy. Thank you fandom family.

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lovewillthaw-j·6 days agoText


Finding herself: Queen and 5th Spirit

The opening scene of Frozen 2 sets up the whole movie and deftly manages to introduce new plot elements not seen in Frozen 1, without feeling artificial or out-of-universe. Many story arcs start in the opening scene, including a lot of foreshadowing which has been touched on elsewhere (eg here and here). In this post I just wanna focus on Elsa and give some insights through the 6 questions she asks: 1) You’ve seen an enchanted forest? 2) Were the Northuldra magical, like me? 3) What happened to the spirits? 4) What’s in the forest now? 5) Do you think the forest will wake again? 6) Will you sing it for us, please? Elsa’s questions (and her facial expressions) convey her thoughts.

At this point in the story, the events of Frozen 1 have not yet happened, so little 8 year old Elsa knows she has magical powers, but is not fearful of them yet (at this point, she knows she can make snow, and pretty figures and ice up the floor for ice skating) She probably has asked herself and everyone around her, “Why do I alone have these powers?”. 

In my headcanon, I believe she is also aware (or at least has some notion) that she is the Crown Princess and future Queen. But, she’s still a little innocent child. 

The scene starts with Anna and Elsa playing in their bedroom and King Agnarr, observing their make-believe Enchanted forest, drops a hint that he has seen an Enchanted forest too.

1. You’ve seen an enchanted forest?


Elsa’s first question is entirely childlike and inquisitive, she wants to hear a story from Daddy! I like the little double-blink she makes when she says “forest”. But she is unaware of and unprepared for the gravity of the story and history of Arendelle that is to be revealed to her for the first time.

Keep reading

Reblogging my 2-month-old post from February. This post complements the recent post I made, “Ahtohallan, Iduna and The Voice”. This pair of posts are like sisters! 

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lovewillthaw-j·7 days agoText

Ahtohallan, Iduna and the Voice

Ahtohallan is an integral part to the Frozen 2 story and I want to analyse Elsa’s inner thoughts about Ahtohallan. Much of this post is based on headcanon, so if you disagree or would like to offer a different perspective, do reach out in the comments! Long post ahead.

As an 8 year old

Elsa first hears of Ahtohallan when Iduna sings the lullaby, All is Found. To Elsa, Ahtohallan is just a legend at this point. Nobody believes it is real, not even Iduna. Ahtohallan/All is Found is associated with happiness and hope to 8 year old Elsa, as the lullaby comforts her after she had just received a somber history lesson from Agnarr with grave consequences for her as future queen, but also as a little girl not understanding why she alone had powers. I covered that in this analysis.

Between 8 and 18 years old

In my headcanon, the trauma of Anna’s accident and the subsequent isolation of Elsa affected Iduna and Elsa so much that Iduna probably never sang the lullaby or mentioned Ahtohallan again to Elsa. Also, Agnarr’s instruction was to “conceal, don’t feel” so I guess Iduna did not want to stir up magical thoughts in Elsa.

18-21 years old - from Iduna’s death till the events of Frozen 1

Devastated by the death of Iduna (and Agnarr) and being thrust into her role as Queen, Elsa probably completely forgot about Ahtohallan and the lullaby. Unknown to the audience in F1, Iduna had researched on Ahtohallan and concluded that it was a real place beyond the Dark Sea. F2 revealed to us her annotations on the map that was found in the ill-fated ship. 

The 3 years after F1 till just before Frozen 2

As a result of Anna’s great love and sacrifice, Elsa opened up and experienced love again and re-connected with Anna. The endless conversations they must have had, would surely have included the topic of their parents. Just think, they had 10 years of different experiences with their parents to share with each other! Additionally, at some point, Elsa discovered Iduna’s scarf and it would have brought back memories of Iduna’s presence, scent, songs, and Ahtohallan. So at this point, Elsa associates the Ahtohallan legend as part of the cloud of memories she has of Iduna. 

F2: Balcony + Bedroom scene

In my headcanon, Elsa was reminiscing Iduna singing the lullaby while at the balcony, as evidenced by her dreamy look which turns into a wistful smile. She was distracted enough by the memory that Kai’s sudden address to her (“Your Majesty”) could cause her to freeze the parapet. (I believe that Elsa in F2 had gotten control of her powers) In the bedroom, such a sweet scene, Anna soothes Elsa by singing their mother’s lullaby to her and stroking her forehead and nose. Ahtohallan is still a legend associated with the memory of Iduna.

Hearing the Voice

Elsa hears the Voice calling her on the balcony, during the charades game, in her dreams before Into the Unknown, throughout ITU, while sleeping in the wagon and while making friends with Bruni. She quickly realises that she is the only who hears it and she associates the Voice with the Enchanted Forest, because of what she saw during ITU and because the Voice woke her when it was time to enter the forest at the stone pillars of the spirits. She doesn’t know who the voice belongs to, yet. 

Honeymaren scene

Honeymaren introduces the legend of the Fifth Spirit and that some heard it call out the day the forest fell. Elsa starts to form an association between the Voice and the Fifth Spirit. Note that while Honeymaren makes a reference to Ahtohallan here, the way she says it implies that she doesn’t believe it exists either. 

The Ship scene (1)

In this pivotal scene, Ahtohallan, an unimportant legend that Elsa has known for the past 16 years, suddenly becomes a reality. Take a moment to let that sink in. Now consider that the one who reveals it is Iduna. This is very significant for Elsa. The story would have been very different if someone else, eg a Northuldran, or Gale, had told Elsa about Ahtohallan, or say for example if the girls had found a Northuldran artifact like a scroll or wood carving etc. Suddenly, Elsa is electrified by the knowledge that Ahtohallan exists and that Iduna was trying to find it, to help Elsa deal with her powers.

The Ship scene (2)

But before Elsa (and us, the audience) has had time to let that sink in, she decides rather hastily to use her new powers to generate memories from the water in the ship. The filmmakers chose the image of Agduna at the point of their death for devastating emotional effect. I think Elsa must have regretted doing it because it reopened old wounds. 


Anna (lovethawmode), summons her mightiest love to comfort Elsa, reaffirms her belief in Elsa and brings Elsa out of a depression spiral. A composed Elsa puts two and two together and concludes that the Voice/Fifth Spirit is in Ahtohallan and Ahtohallan is the next destination.


Before I discuss the climax in Show Yourself, let me first state that in my headcanon, neither Elsa or Anna remembers the third, foreshadowing, verse of All is Found:

Where the north wind meets the sea
There’s a mother full of memory
Come, my darling, homeward bound
When all is lost, then all is found

They only can remember the earlier parts, and this ties in to my headcanon that Iduna never sang it again after the accident. Elsa is not expecting to see Iduna in Ahtohallan at all. At all.


Show Yourself (1) - Approaching Ahtohallan


After taming the Nokk, Elsa glimpses Ahtohallan for the first time. She hears the Voice call her again and she sheds a tear because she senses a presence as she nears Ahtohallan, and that presence is touching her from deep within. 

Something is familiar
Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold
I can sense you there
Like a friend I’ve always known
I’m arriving
And it feels like I am home

These lyrics could be interpreted to be describing Iduna. Of course the lyrics have dual meaning and could be interpreted to be Elsa sensing herself and who she’s always been meant to be (Fifth Spirit) since birth, which was taken away from her by fear. 

Show Yourself (2) - Coronation as Fifth Spirit


As she enters and goes deeper into Ahtohallan, she sees the elements 1) carved in ice pillars 2) as four beams of light that shine when she sings the call 3) and as their avatars made out of glowing lights, merging into the four crystals. It becomes clear to Elsa that the place in the centre of the crystals is meant for her. She, Elsa, is the Fifth Spirit. She has always been the Fifth Spirit (not only at this moment, her coronation is just confirmation). But the Voice doesn’t belong to the Fifth Spirit. The Voice belongs to… … …

Show Yourself (3) - Convergence


IDUNA. Yes, at the end of 16 years, Ahtohallan, Iduna and the Voice all converge! They were never separate at all. There is such great joy when Elsa sees adult Iduna singing “Come my darling homeward bound!” to her that she trembles and the tears just flow freely. Elsa 1) has found an answer to why she has powers 2) is assured of her mother’s love for her 3) has found Ahtohallan, which means she can A) always access her happy memories of Iduna and B) discover the truth about the Arendelle-Northuldra war and free the forest.


Final headcanons about Iduna, the Voice and Iduna in Ahtohallan: First and foremost, I believe Iduna has passed away for good (unless F3 changes that!!!) and she’s not alive as a spirit/ghost. I believe young Iduna came up with the call (ah-ah-ah-ah) to call Gale, and Ahtohallan chose to use the same call to call Elsa. Yes, I believe Ahtohallan is the one who has been calling her all along and I believe the four spirits are working in partnership with Ahtohallan to bring Elsa to Ahtohallan, albeit first testing her powers to make sure she is “worthy”. 

For the climax of Show Yourself in Ahtohallan, I believe that Iduna is not actually singing to Elsa; she has passed away and we are seeing Elsa’s memories - the memory of Iduna singing “come my darling homeward bound” comes from the very same night that Iduna sang the lullaby. For the other lines (duet with Elsa):

Show yourself
Step into your power
Throw yourself
Into something new

You are the one you’ve been waiting for

Actually, we only hear Iduna’s voice, because the image of Iduna is just smiling at Elsa as Elsa’s dress transforms and she twirls in delight. So I think one possible explanation is that Ahtohallan is letting Elsa hear a memory of Iduna saying/singing these words to her. As to when exactly Iduna said those words, I have 2 explanations: 1) Iduna said these words to Elsa when Elsa was self-isolating and struggling with her powers; but Elsa did not remember Iduna saying them as she was too anguished; or 2) Elsa never heard Iduna say these words, possibly because A) Elsa had fallen asleep after the lullaby and Iduna said these words to a sleeping Elsa or B) when Elsa shut everyone out of her life, Iduna might have stood outside Elsa’s door, crying silently and whispering these words. Ahtohallan is able to show Elsa events that Elsa herself did not witness, the most obvious example being Runeard murdering the Northuldran leader. 

Thanks for reading if you reached this point!

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