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loveypetalmyeonsechan19 hours agoText



And please appreciate the fact that we don鈥檛 have to vote for the lesser of two evils like the people in the US do. Instead we can choose between:



Again with the election 2021 but if yall dont go vote. Its literally the absolute minimum you can do and its so easy. I usually always do Briefwahl bc im lazy and dont enjoy the hassle of booth voting. Both options are available and very simple. Its fun setting those little crosses and it really could not be easier. It really couldnt.

It also is important that the young generations vote bc the older do. My parents and grandparents have not missed a single election in their life. Not a single time did they not go out and vote.

  • That big conservative party that has been there like forever and just won鈥檛 go away, send help
  • The same consevative party but they鈥檙e bavarian and even more conservative and you can only vote for them if you鈥檙e bavarian
  • Alleged social democrats but will do everything the conservative party tells them to because they鈥檙e scared of them
  • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT (+LGBT* rights, + speed limit on the Autobahn, +some other left stuff)
  • Slightly problematic democratic socialists
  • Capitalist assholes
  • Nazis in denial
  • And a lot of other parties that won鈥檛 get enough votes anyway

Danke, Herr Habeck

@tzutinys鈥 that鈥檚 the best description for german parties and i agree with every word XDD

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loveypetalmyeonsechana day agoAnswer

Hey hey heeyyyyyyy it's your Secret Santa Anon again! How was your weekend?? Did you have a good start to your week?? 💗💖 I scrolled down and read a bit and it sounds like you're going through alot. You took a big step, give yourself some time and I hope you feel better soon! 🥺💖

Sooooo if I may ask, what kind of gift would you like to receive? Like if you had to choose?? I'm also curious as to like what kind of aesthetics you're drawn to!


heyya :DD and well i like to be overdramatic on here hahahah but yeah I finished my thesis and my mind is a whole聽鈥渙.o鈥. But I鈥檓 glad it鈥檒l be over soon with new classes next week! How about you? :3 (am I allowed to ask back? :P) But yes you鈥檙e right, I鈥檒l chill for now and then take one step at a time with all the new stuff <3<3
Oh my that鈥檚 a tough question! As an art student I like anything with visuals and pictures hahah but I鈥檓 also always up for new music recs or smth? Depending on what u prefer, sweetie :DDDD聽
For aesthetics hmmm I鈥檇 say colourful but also punk? :P (like Obsession was just THAT for me XD) - my fav colour is red and I think by now I could use that as an aesthetic :P But also old historic stuff as I said.. art student :PPP聽
Hopefully I didn鈥檛 ramble too much hahahaha (ahh I really wanna ask these questions back ksksks)
Have a great day tho <3<3<3

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loveypetalmyeonsechan2 days agoText


I don鈥檛 mind showering.

I just hate taking off my clothes, getting in, getting out, and waiting to dry completely before I can put any clothes on.

The middle part of being in nice warm water and cleaning? Good. Totally fine.

Hate everything else. Not good sensory feeling.

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loveypetalmyeonsechan2 days agoPhoto


karl marx and friedrich engels holding hands, from an article about homosexuality and communism published in the gay liberator no. 42, december 1974

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loveypetalmyeonsechan3 days agoText



in the first movie, when leia got rescued, she was expecting some kind of actual military operatives with things like a plan and an exit strategy and a working vehicle. this is why she was so salty about instead being rescued by basically the duke brothers and an angry carpet in a past-warranty space winnebago.

like when the bad guys capture a diplomat you鈥檙e supposed to send mission impossible, not cheech & chong

Leia wanted a full D&D party, and what she got was a Rogue with no Bluff, a wizard who left his spell sheet at home, and a barbarian who made charisma his highest score.

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loveypetalmyeonsechan3 days agoText














Honestly, as a German I can not quite understand the obsession of the English speaking world with the question whether a word exists or not. If you have to express something for which there is no word, you have to make a new one, preferably by combining well-known words, and in the very same moment it starts to exist. Agree?

Deutsche Freunde, could you please create for me a word for the extreme depression I feel when I bend down to pick up a piece of litter and discover two more pieces of litter?

    • um = around
    • die Welt = world
  • die Umwelt = environment
    • ver = prefix to indicate something difficult or negative, a change that leads to deterioration or even destruction that is difficult to reverse or to undo, or a strong negative change of the mental state of a person
    • der M眉ll = garbage, trash, rubbish, litter
    • -ung = -ing
  • die Verm眉llung = littering
    • ver- = see before
    • zweifeln = to doubt
    • -ung = see before
  • die Verzweiflung = despair, exasperation, desperation

die Umweltverm眉llungsverzweiflung = 鈥

This is a german compound on the spot master class and I am LIVING

#my german is still too basic for this but I desperately want a compound word for how much these compound words piss me off

  • das Monster = monster
  • das Wort = word
  • der Groll = grudge, anger, malice, rancor

der Monsterwortgroll = 鈥


  • die Bildung = formation
  • die Imitation = imitation
    • un- = un-, in-
    • f盲hig = able
    • -keit = -ility
  • die Unf盲higkeit = inability

der Monsterwortbildungsimitationsunf盲higkeitsverzweiflungsgroll = anger about the inability to imitate the formation of monster words


  • die Linguistik = linguistics
    • die Fehde = feud
    • der Handschuh = glove
  • der Fehdehandschuh = gauntlet
  • der Wurf = throw

der Linguistikfehdenhandschuhwurf = throwing down the linguistic gauntlet

*slowly backs in fear*

@shiplocks-of-love, @thatswhywelovegermany


Monster=monster // wort=word // bildung(s)=formation

unf盲higkeit (s)=incabability聽 // angst=anxiety

verzweiflung(s)=desperation聽 // r眉ckzug(s)=retreat // ecke=corner

=the corner in which you retreat when you麓re desperate because of your fear when being unable to form monster words

*eye twitch*

But what I want to see now is two germans arguing over the construction of one of these monster words.

@shiplocks-of-love I don鈥檛 think that will happen. The words make perfect sense. I think if German is your mother tongue you get a feeling for combining words, like a聽


Monster = monster聽

Wort = word聽

Bildung(s) = formation

Gesp眉r = intuition


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