Call me Luim. Bi, Non-Binary, Accepts All Pronouns, Irish, Autistic. Mostly RWBY, but I gave up on a cohesive theme long ago. I support all marginalized people, and support the punching of oppressors.

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You can like really weird, dark, fucked-up fictional shit without having been traumatized. You don’t need to justify your preferences in fiction by saying it’s therapeutic.  1) it’s no one’s business what demons you carry around in your head, and 2) sometimes people just like things.

Also, ever noticed it’s almost always stories by and for women that people pull this crap with, and dudes are out there writing stories where women are brutalized all the goddamn time, but no one demands to see their ‘I Was Traumatized so It’s Okay for Me to Write This’ membership card?

I was thinking about this, and realized there’s another aspect to the “you can only write/read this to Heal From Trauma” narrative that I don’t love: in addition to forcing people to reveal personal information in order to be allowed to like something, and shutting out people who don’t have the correct Trauma Card for whatever the thing is, it’s weirdly devaluing to the entire concept of art and self-expression.

Don’t get me wrong; I think that healing from trauma, exorcising your demons, or working through sad or confusing experiences are fabulous reasons to write or consume stories. But flattening the entire idea of fiction into a “coping mechanism” reduces art to the status of medication. “Read three fucky fanfictions, with water, two hours before or after a meal.” It implies that the purpose of art is to fix us, and if it doesn’t or can’t achieve that, then it’s useless.

Even the stories that I’ve written that have a very close, nearly 1:1 relationship with something in my life– in the sense that I could say “I wrote this because x was happening to me at the time, or had happened in the past” and readers would nod and say ah, yes, that explains it– they’re about The Thing, but the mere process of turning something into a story makes it about more than That Thing. The process of writing means making connections that previously didn’t exist, and the process of having other people read your writing means that the solution space of “what this story means” expands to include possibilities that could never even have originated from your own mind, that are just as legitimate as your own interpretation.

So a story can absolutely help someone heal, but the magic of storytelling is that no successful story is ever about just one thing. If the healing aspect were taken away, the story would still exist and hold meaning and value.

So if your stories don’t heal shit– congratulations! The blank document was never a prescription pad in the first place.

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Reasons for watching a new show:

  • Good reviews ❎
  • Societally popular❎
  • Been on my watch list for 75 years❎
  • 5 people on my dash have been blogging about it for a couple days and I’ve read several meta posts about it that I want to actually understand ✔️✔️✔️✔️
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Power Armor is basically a fursuit for people who want to be robots

sh sshut up

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Dear aesthetic baking people of the internet,

When you post a pciture of a cross-section of your latest baked good to demonstrate it’s magnificent internal structure, please call it something other than a “Crumbshot”

Thank you,
My now coffee-deluged sinuses

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some of u guys still gotta learn what “cringe culture is dead” means apparently

like what reason is there for making fun of ppl for liking lemon demon or nirvana. what’s the point in laughing at ppl for liking furbies and putting “core” after things and liking hlvrai. what do u get out of it. you cant be saying “end cringe culture” and shit and then make fun of people for liking things.

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“Fanfiction was such a welcoming space back then” there were literal communities of people who did nothing but bully younger writers, hate women, and gleefully harass people into never writing again, and they were considered the backbone of the fandom community because they protected people from bad characterization and original female characters.

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TIL that the Plague solved an overpopulation problem in 14th century Europe. In the aftermath wages increased, rent decreased, wealth was more evenly distributed, diet improved and life expectancy increased.


I’m gonna break you over my knee like a twig

the reason this happened wasn’t because of overpopulation, it was because for workers had gained bargaining power due to a shortage of labor, as well as a realization that society could radically change (i.e., if the plague can do it, why can’t we bargain?). on mobile so i can’t source properly but here’s a couple links:

After the Black Death: labour legislation and attitudes towards labour in late-medieval Western Europe

How pandemics catalyze social and economic change | Stanford News

The sort of brain poison that makes you side with ecofascism before thinking about collective bargaining.

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thinkin about a baby of my acquaintance & how when her parents are hanging out & chatting, she’ll almost fully participate in the conversation–politely watching who’s talking, saying something approx the same length & tone of what her parents are saying, occasionally using a questioning cadence & looking at someone specific for an answer, laughing when they laugh–doing everything except actually using any recognizable language

this baby also once tipped me a granola bar at work. she’d been watching everyone in line very closely & when it was her parent’s turn, at exactly the right point in the transaction for a tip, she pickpocketed her mom’s granola bar & shoved it in the tip har

This baby has better social skills than me

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luimnigh·a day agoAnswer

I hate to ask but you were posting about bad rwby fanfic and youve mentioned that youve seen the real bad parts of the fndm. Whats the deal with this fandom's obsession over incest? never seen another fandom this bad for it

Oh honey, this is definitely not the worst fandom for incest.

My advice to you is, stay out of the Thor fandom, the Big Hero Six fandom, the Frozen fandom, definitely the Supernatural fandom, and the Game of Thrones fandom (though that one should be obvious).

And that’s just off the top of my head.

I don’t know why it’s a thing, but a lot of fandoms over the past decade have had a trend of it.

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Back in Season 1, they found a ruined grocery store where the milk had expired in October 2020.

But the Karaoke machine in Season 2 says the song “Heroes on Fire” was produced in 2088. 

So whatever apocalypse happened to cause this world started in 2020, but the world was intact enough to have a music industry and karaoke machines in 2088. 

Coming back to this after Season 3, and the casual reveal that the rise of Mutes brought down the human world, it makes absolute sense that the downfall of man was a slow affair.

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i literally forget among us is about voting out a killer alien/killing crewmates like i get so caught up in my tasks its the whole game to me. like fuck yes wire simulator 3000 this is it baby

Whenever someone calls a meeting I’m like seriously? I was in the middle of my work.

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luimnigh·a day agoText

I’m watching Hot Fuzz, and I just realized something:

During the Village Fête scene, in the buildup to Tim Messenger’s death, the movie switches styles.

As opposed to Wright’s preferences for quick, kinetic cuts, instead the scene plays out with rapid cuts with constant camera movement, and shots aimed upwards or downwards to emphasize size.

Or, put simply:

A perfect recreation of the cinematography of Michael Bay.

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source-text Robin Hood mythos be like “fellas, is it gay to admire the natural beauty of the oiled muscle of broad and lusty youths, manfully engaged in sporting bouts of play at staves, displaying their mastery with mighty blows of their hard and weighty staff”

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i think that i need carefully curated rwby fic if i ever decide i want to read much of it because hooooobbooooyyyy i just took an unfiltered glance at ao3 and it’s… let’s say a lot

yeah, no, the price we pay for having a show that’s actually good is that the average fic quality is…No

RWBY fic is significantly above the curve in terms of percentage of fic that is straight up out-and-out unreadable.

It’s depressing.

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I don’t know what neurotypical needs to hear this, but “you don’t look autistic” is not a compliment

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i posted my first rwby fic today and i tried to pull up the salem & cinder tag (which only exists because i started it today) and one of the pairings that popped up was salem/jaune… pray tell, who is shipping salem with JAUNE!??!

To put it very simply: there are a lot of writers out there using Jaune as a stand-in for power fantasies and harem fics. 

So there are a lot of fics where Jaune-In-Name-Only is sleeping his way through the female cast. Salem, unfortunately, included. 

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luimnigh·a day agoText


me: rwby doesn’t spoon feed audiences, so i shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of people don’t see the nuances

also me: *angry about people not understanding the nuances*

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So I think that among us is actually a really good game for kids to be playing? Like it teaches people so much about misinformation and how it spreads and how bad actors can influence the whole, AND it really emphasizes the importance of voting, bc if nobody votes it’s rlly easy for one or two bad actors to highjack the vote…

Idk man, I just think it’s not a coincidence that this game got popular at this particular time…

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i literally will never forgive comic fans and in turn comic writers for hyping up joker so much. there’s a batman villain who can make people face their literal worst fears, someone who is still torn between two personalities and who used to be a close friend of batman, another one who builds death traps involving riddles and that’s just off the top of my head. but no. i’ve gotta watch joker use some clown gimmicky bullshit on batman for the 200th time and, AND he has no style. what the fuck. purple and green? go fuck yourself

Joker is also treated as if he is a good literary foil/opposite side of the same coin batman is on and its just not true.

You know which villain could be? Honestly truly it should be the penguin. Bruce Wayne is old money, Oswald cobblepot is old money, they both use an animal motif, they have very opposing views on how to use their wealth. Penguin written really really well could be an amazing literary foil for batman and a much more interesting “two sides of the same coin” character for batman. But comic people are cowards who want to write a crazy murder clown instead.

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