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luna--cat · 71 days ago

Can we get some headcanons about juuzou's physical appearance?

ooh interesting! while we already know what he basically looks like I’ll give you some of the headcanons I love to think are secretly canon•°☆

  • juuzou naturally has dark hair, he just spent a lot of time maintaining the really striking white he usually sported after it changed colors like kaneki’s hair did when juuzou was being raised by big madam (going from black to white hair due to extreme trauma and stress)
  • as his hair got longer (and he started to step away from his past) his dark roots began to come back,,he dyed it black to keep it even
  • his hair is soft most of the time and leans towards being more wavy/curly rather than just being straight
  • he doesn’t wash his hair everyday which is good but he brushes it every morning and night,,that’s why it’s so soft :’)
  • I love to imagine that juuzou has some slight freckles on his nose and cheeks and even some on his shoulders :’((((
  • juuzou is vvvvvvv pale, poor babie needs some sun
  • juuzou actually doesn’t react to the sun too well, he burns easily and while he may not feel too much pain, he hates having to constantly put lotion on his shoulders and back
  • juuzou is short babie :’)
  • he’s not tiny tiny but because his growth was cut short at a young age, he just never really grew much taller
  • juuzou is also very slim,,while he is definitely strong in order to wield jason around, he just doesn’t develop muscles as much
  • juuzou has looong, slender fingers
  • honestly his hands are very attractive and slim yet slightly calloused and scarred
  • he has amazing hand eye coordination and it’s mostly natural too
  • he’s always been very nimble and quick and that helped him a lot in both his childhood and adulthood
  • his body is crazy flexible,,like this babie sits in the weirdest positions and sometimes his squad will find him practically twisted like a pretzel and he’s just like “hey guys what’s up”
  • he has long legs and long arms so honestly his body was basically born to be flexible and twisty-bendy
  • he is practically never EVER shirtless but if you happen to blessed then you’ll see that babie boi is so flipping tiny
  • however!
  • juuzou has amazing collarbones holy cow
  • sharp and angular and smooth
  • speaking of smooth, his skin is very silky smooth and even
  • he’s got that milky white babie soft skin God bless he’s so cute aH
  • his eyes are pretty big and round and his mouth is smol and cute,,he sometimes has really big bags under his eyes :’(
  • he definitely is the type to have piercings,,lip piercing, ear piercings, eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing!
  • he’s not too crazy about tattoos but he really loves piercings
  • he even gives himself piercings with ease which is kinda scary pls don’t try that at home alone kids
  • juuzou is definitely all about the aesthetics,,actually he is naturally aesthetic and he doesn’t even know
  • bandage aesthetic, grunge aesthetic, heck even pastel aesthetics work on him
  • he doesn’t say it or mention it bascially…ever but he does actually think about the outfits he chooses
  • he loves patterns and bright colors but he’s down for more muted things as well
  • babie boi does n o t blush,,well at least not easily
  • compliments don’t do it, physical touch doesn’t do it,,it’ll take time to make him flustered in any kinda way
  • however, when he does blush, because of how pale he is, the red in his cheeks is instantly noticeable and it travels up to his ears and down to his chest
  • but he literally blushes once every year so good luck tryna see it for yourself
  • juuzou knows how to braid and do hair but he still prefers someone else to fix his hair for him juuzou I volunteer pls! I’ll do your hair all day everyday
  • juuzou tends to bite the inside of his cheek or his bottom lip whenever he’s bored or thinking
  • he used to bite his nails but after he saw what his nails were beginning to look like, he decided to stop
  • juuzou has small ears that fit his round, small head perfectly and he definitely knows how to move his ears without moving his face or head
  • juuzou has a lot of scars on his back and chest from his childhood
  • he doesn’t mind them too much but somedays looking at them is all a bad reminder of what happened to him
  • overall, juuzou is truly a small, short, slim babie with crazy amounts of strength one could never guess he had
  • kiss his bare, scarred, freckled shoulders and he’s putty in your hands uwu :’(

Thank you for asking!! Hopefully you like this!

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luna--cat · 97 days ago

Idk if you remember this one ask i sent you about Serial Killer!Yoriko, but like. I have ideas. Basically she starts killing because she was super upset that Touka was throwing up the food she made, so she asks the grandma at a local bakery what she can do to help her friend. At first Yoriko thinks it's an eating disorder, but when she describes what happens to the grandma, the grandma says "well dear, it sounds like your friend is a ghoul. Just add some blood, yours or someone elses, and she'll scarf whatever you make down like a starving dog." And she says it all with a wink.

Yoriko gets ideas after that. She knows about the spot where people commit not-alive, everyone does. She goes there first, cuts off just an arm, and takes it back to her kitchen. She tries to make use of all of it, all the bone and skin too. Until finally she manages to make something like dumplings, and brings it to Touka.

This is all im going to send over ask for now, but it is an Idea that I must get out 😆

I do remember when you sent that! And I truly love it, so here you go~ ! ♡


“Yoriko, seriously, you don’t need to make me anything. I’m good! I promise!” Touka didn’t want to be mean and she definitely didn’t want to make Yoriko feel like she was doing anything wrong, but Touka honestly couldn’t take anymore human food. Not only were her stomach and throat all messed up and sickly, but her strength and kagune were suffering as well. She loved Yoriko and she loved every bit of effort she put into trying to feed and take care of her, but Touka began hitting her limit.

“This one is different!” Yoriko held the small bento box out in front of her. “Please…Touka-chan~” She gave her biggest puppy eyes to a very conflicted Touka. Yoriko inched closer to Touka, now looking up at the ghoul from beneath her eyelashes. “Touka-chaaann~ eat! Please! It took me foreeeever to make this. It’s totally different from what I’ve made before!” And a lot weirder too.

Touka only rolled her eyes and scoffed. But her eyes make their way back to Yoriko’s smiling, small face and she smiles despite herself. “Ugh, the things I do for you…” Touka grumbles then laughs a little.

Yoriko giggles and hops up a little bit. “Okay sit, sit!” She practically pushes Touka down into the dining room chair, the one Touka always picked to sit on whenever she came over.

“Here you go,” Yoriko places the bento box before Touka and pops open the top. Touka is instantly taken aback by the smell. It actually smelled pretty…good? Touka could feel her mouth watering and her confusion grew louder and heavier in her still conflicted head.

Why was she reacting this way to human food? Was all the previous human meals she had forced down really affecting her that badly?

Touka stared down at the cute little dumplings in the box. Five in total and all had a little flower drawn on the top with something red. Red? Yoriko sat down across from her and watched carefully, hopefully.

“I know I’ve made a lot of meals for you and, honestly, you’ve been too kind to try to eat them even though you really shouldn’t be,” Touka froze. Did Yoriko know? Was Touka becoming careless? “Y-Yoriko…” “So I wanted to try something different. Something more up your alley.”

She motioned to Touka to eat and Touka obliges. She quietly and slowly picks up a single dumpling with her chopsticks and brings it closer to her mouth.

The smell was tantalizing. Wait, what?

Touka sucked in a big gulp of air and stuffed the dumpling in her mouth. Please go down. Please go down.

Touka was fully prepared for pain and disgust and she was ready to fake happiness for the person who held all her hope in her little, delicate, hard working hands.

But all she felt as she bit into the soft dumpling was warmth and a strong delicious taste. Her eyes widened and she shot her head up to look at sweet Yoriko, who was already smiling back at her.

“Yoriko, this is amazing! This is-” Touka stopped and Yoriko’s bright smile paused for a second. “This is…” Yoriko’s heartbeat picked up and she felt nervous all of a sudden. “Yoriko…what is this?”

Yoriko bit her lip.

“Touka-chan, I just want to make sure you’re happy and well taken care of. I want to give you something you’ll like, not something that just brings you pain. I’m so sorry I couldn’t catch on earlier. So forgive me, but honestly, seeing your face light up like that makes everything worth it. And for you I would do anyth-”

“Yoriko!” Touka stood up abruptly, angrily. Not at Yoriko but at herself. How could she make Yoriko do…that! “I didn’t kill anyone!” “YORIKO!”

Yoriko, flustered and shy, fumbled for words to explain as Touka mentally screamed and rubbed her temples.

At the end of it all, Touka finished the dumplings and Yoriko cried a bit, and while Touka would never admit it, she might have fallen a little bit in love with Yoriko right in that moment.

“Yoriko, please. Never do that again.”

“But Touka-chan! I lov-”

“Yoriko! No!”


Thank you for reminding me about this! So very adorable and soft 🥺

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luna--cat · 143 days ago

haise meets hide

“Wow, dude what happened to your hair?”

Haise snapped his head up so fast one would think his head would come right off his neck. Not truly recognizing the voice, it catches him off guard when he’s face to face with a man, his age, staring affectionately and wholly at him and a sense of nostalgia hits.

Haise has always been on the more timid side. Not quite as much as his former self was, but timid nonetheless. However, he’s always seen himself as a man of meek confidence and friendly disposition. A man with his head held high and shoulders rolled back. A man with strong purpose and standing in full stability and consistency. Well, at least that’s what he thought he was like.

All of those qualities he believed he possessed now abandoned him and he was left feeling flustered and nervous. His body felt fidgety and tingly and his face felt very warm and full. The thought of his face, red and blotchy from nerves and unwarranted embarrassment, only rushed more blood up into his pale cheeks.

It was just one comment from one random stranger, why was his body reacting this way?

Hide only smiles, his eyes closing slightly and cheeks raising up making what one could see of his face appear smaller and rounder. The smile rests all in his eyes, still finding it difficult to truly move his mouth and jaw the way he wants to. But Haise would never know- or rather, have a hard time remembering- just why he would find the bottom half of Hide’s face and neck covered at all times. Hide’s head tilts to his left a little and he makes some sort of attempt to giggle at the very flustered Haise.

“You’re such a dork, you know.”

Haise was thrown off by this comment. How this blonde, carefree guy seemingly poked fun at him with such ease and comfort. As if he had known Haise for months, for years. Haise felt conflicted and utterly confused. But nonetheless drawn.

“I-I’m sorry? My hair…” Haise trails off, his hand coming up to run through his curly, white and black mess. Hide’s eyes flicker for a moment. Sadness, maybe. “Oh, oops sorry haha didn’t mean to say that out loud! Wrong person! You remind me of someone else!” Hide smiles and rubs the back of his head. So he really doesn’t remember.

Haise chuckles awkwardly and hesitantly. His eyes meet Hide’s and he pauses. “Sorry, I don’t think I got your name…” Hide’s smile falters at Haise’s words and he clears his throat- or what’s left that is. “Hideyoshi, just Hide is fine, though. That’s what my friends used to call me.” “Used to?” “Well,” Hide shrugs. “People come and go, right?” Hide laughs quietly. Haise nods, still staring curiously. Hide laughs a little again a little louder and he can’t help but cringe at his own mechanical sound.

“Nice to meet you, though. I’m Haise Sasaki.” He holds his hand out to Hide and smiles his signature bright Haise smile. So formal. So strange. But mostly, so distant. Hide takes Haise’s slim hand and grips a little too tight. Haise notices but doesn’t say anything. The hand shake lingers longer than a hand shake would normally and Haise feels warmth fill his face once again.

They let go of each other.

Haise…” Hide repeats, mostly to himself.

“That’s me!” Haise laughs and then mentally punches himself in the face. What a stupid thing to say. Haise snaps out of it.

“You know, you have the same exact eyes as my friend. Who knows? Maybe you and him are one in the same haha!” Hide laughs to feign ignorance. Haise’s mouth twitches and for a moment he’s stunned, unable to talk. The little ghost in his head felt very present and overpowering, sitting at the forefront of his racing mind. “Man, CCG investigators sure are gloomy, aren’t they?” Hide tries to joke off the tense air.

Haise looks down for a moment and tries to laugh along, but his head is fuzzy now.

“Well, anyways sorry about that Haise!” The name felt sticky on his tongue, unnatural. “It was really nice meeting you, plus meeting you was like something, I don’t know, nostalgic? Like fate, I guess.” Hide forces a smile and another mechanical laugh. Dear God, this sucked.

Hide looks Haise straight in the eyes almost willing the old friend he once knew to come out. To come home. But Haise just blinks and smiles at the blonde, masked boy. “I’m glad I could help in any way…Hide.” Hide smiles and shoves his shaky hands in his pockets, forcing nonchalance and casual air. “See ya!” With a slight nod to his head, Hide walks off and through the RC scan gate. He turns around to Haise once more and shakes his right shoulder as if to wave without his hands, “Sorry about the misunderstanding, by the way! You’re Haise…I’ll remember that!” and he’s out the front doors of the giant building. 

Haise is left standing there just beyond the gate that only tells lies. Like a barrier between Haise and who he once was. A barrier between him and the last 20 years of his life. Was that guy a part of his past? Well, even so, that past was not his. He told himself that he is Haise and he always has been, past or not. What came from Ken’s past had nothing to do with Haise. Ken only lived inside Haise not the other way around. But still…


Haise turns and walks further away from the front doors and from Hide. He was already late to his meeting.

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luna--cat · 153 days ago



c o l o r f u l 

 O D I O 

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luna--cat · 154 days ago


Kaneki: “Hide, how dark do you want your coffee?”

Hide: “As dark as my soul.”

Kaneki: “One cup of milk coming right up.”

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luna--cat · 194 days ago
And… I hate to admit, but even I’ve ended up having to rely on you. There are countless ghouls out there that have no choice but to rely on you. And all of them… for your sake… they’re all holding on because they have you to rely on.
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luna--cat · 195 days ago


he mad as hell

40 frames of hell based on this

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luna--cat · 242 days ago


From Ishida’s side twitter (X):

Had no choice but to adjust it.

(referring to cropping off the Choujin X part on the version posted to his official account)

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