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Damijon Secret Santa Applications Are Open!

What is a Secret Santa?

A Secret Santa is a gifter who has a giftee– and their giftee doesn’t know who is giving them their gift until the day of! As a Secret Santa, you will be provided the wishes your giftee left for you, and from that, it’s your job to create something damijon-related based on those wishes! Don’t let your giftee know who you are– it’s imperative it remains a secret for the fun of the game ❤️ You’ll get your own Secret Santa, of course! Nobody creating a gift will be left without one on Christmas Day!

Any questions?

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Damijon Secret Santa Applications Are Open!

What is a Secret Santa?

A Secret Santa is a gifter who has a giftee– and their giftee doesn’t know who is giving them their gift until the day of! As a Secret Santa, you will be provided the wishes your giftee left for you, and from that, it’s your job to create something damijon-related based on those wishes! Don’t let your giftee know who you are– it’s imperative it remains a secret for the fun of the game ❤️ You’ll get your own Secret Santa, of course! Nobody creating a gift will be left without one on Christmas Day!

Any questions?

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Sailor Moon Costume Redesign

You thought you had seen the last of me hehehe but no! Sorry to @kichimiangra because I wanted to post this before but life happened. I’m back this time with ideas of the redesign of the main characters because. As always you can find all my rambling at #sailormoonremakemanga

-Usagi Tsukino: the buns stays because it wouldn’t be Usagi without them also they are cute as hell. A deeper hair colour however would be better, maybe some light brown of a really dark blond. Curvyyy! Usagi eats a lot and exercise little so I think she could have some nice curves and not be a table board.

-Sailor moon: now if Usagi has a darker hair colour her transformation could have her completely blonde and then people would not realise that it is indeed Usagi in disguise. I would keep the red orbs on her buns as she can use ultrasounds with it and probably the tiara because is cute but I will totally add the mask she has a the beginning only maybe doing it a bit like a Robin domino mask. The bow on the chest will stay but I will put kind of like a Shera skirt, like a flowy navy skirt over some dark pants so she can kick ass without worrying about perverts. I will add some wrist guantlets as she usually attacks throwing something so she doesn’t get hurt, again like the Robin from the image.

-Ami Mizuno: I kind of want Ami so be short in comparison to the others. Probably still Asian but with real black hair, not blue. The hairstyle is cool but probably will have it shorter kind of like these really trendy buch girls. She will starts without the piercings and then probably shortly after her first transformation she will add several piercings in her ears.

-Sailor Mercury: blueee haiiir, I seriously adoree her hair so it’s a bit difficult for me to see her in any other style. A visor over her eyes like when she uses the computer thingi me but always, along with an ear piece to communicate. Transparent sleeves as her element is water (like the draft), and a long skirt that kind of emulates water so it has a frilly white end with blue degrading upwards into white or transparency, similar to the sleeves from the image but with less white and more delicate. Bow and tiara stay the same (maybe change the brooch) like the piercing on her ears.

-Rei Hino: so Rei is supposed to be the heir of the temple so I imagine her being kind of traditional in her clothing, mostly dark colours, but little by little adding some colours (because of Minako influence). Still long hair but she probably keeps it in this super long ponytail or even a tight bun when in archery practice.

-Sailor Mars: I kind of see her with a dark black hair but with dark red highlights or even red locks with a crow feather pin on the side. As I said I will keep the bow and tiara because they are such iconic items. I want her uniform to look similar to her priest outfit so probably a white top with really wide sleeves kind of like the image of Kagome. Probably several paper charms stored somewhere on her hips so she can throw them to her enemies and the brooch she wore in the first versions of her dress. Her red hight heels are compulsory, they are awesome, but add some stocking. For the bottom part probably wide short pants (like the image) or a skirt that opens on a side.

-Makoto Kino: she is tall, like really tall and kind of buff because this girl is strong as hell. Maybe mixed race (Latino maybe like Elena from Star Tinkle precure). Brown hair is okay but the green ball hair tie is a bit boring so I suggest flowery scrunchies and a curly ponytail. Usually baggy clothes and with a punk vibe because let’s remember people were kind of scared or her but she is actually a sweetheart. Rose earnings of course. Maybe she even skates because it will be interesting if she has flowery skates.

-Sailor Jupiter: so her hair becomes longer and bigger with little leaves forming a crown around her head. The antenna in her tiara is always out but can extend to make her attacks. Kind of like a military jacket form for the white top with green and pink details and the bow on her chest, same shape like the image but with less embroidery. Around her hips she has the chain with the glass sphere with different flowers she can use against her enemy. Green trousers for her with maybe a back skirt flowing a bit behind her like the yellow cape in the orange skirt. Combat boots because this lady is fierce and will kick you in the mouth.

-Minako Aino: so my baby is a black Nubian princess and you cannot convince me of her being anything else. Also more curvy than Usagi. Black hair with braids and colorful beads. She wears colorful clothes and a lot of accessories like rings, bracelets, etc. She is very good at gimnastics and can dance the house down so she also wears some flashy dance outfits sometimes.

-Sailor Venus: shiny blonde hair of course. Braids on the top part that joint in the red bow and then the hair falls like a cascade like the image. A microphone similar to the one the star fighters have because she can use her voice to attack. Frilly sleeves kind of like a princess dress. Same with the orange skirt, two frilly capes of pure fluff like the Cinderella dress or those cute ballerina dresses like the image. The golden chain on her hips with heart links but I will probably have it rolled on a side like wonder woman with her lasso of truth.

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lunap95·2 months agoAnswer

Do you have.... anymore... cool sailor moon remake ideas?? Cuz I liked what you had so far...?

Hii! Yes I do! Actually I have been wanting to write a post about the changes on the uniform and appearance that could be cool but sadly right now I’m writing my dissertation and have little time to spare. Hopefully next week I will have time for then. After that I was thinking of making a post per season 🤔

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After some thought I decided to do it!

avatar-chang -> aangarchy

Mutuals pls boost

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Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better!

Tagged by the beautiful @itscinnafox​ in all her foxiness! Gods I love these games so much, let’s the party begin!

Three ships: AKAFURI (Kuroko no basket), He Tian/Mo Guan Shan (19 Days), DamiJon (Super sons, DC comics)

Last song: Okay this is totally my flatmate’s fault because she is playing “Agua” by J. Balvin non-stop and now I hear the Sponjebob flute even when I’m in the bathroom XD.

Last movie:The Old Guard” in Netflix. Highly recommend it, it has wonderful action scenes, a good plot (even though a bit predictable), super great characters and Charlize Theron kicking asses and being my lesbian dream.

Currently reading: Nothing because I have so much work to do (cries on a corner), but I do read fanfiction oneshots in the meantime. I’m trying to write something for AkaFuri day on Novembre, does that count?

Currently watching: I like to put on a series while I eat but right now I only have an 1 hour break so it needs to be something sort, ergo “The Owl House” or “Midnight Gospel”. I’m still confused by “Midnight Gospel” but “The Owl House” is the cutest thing ever and if you haven’t watch it I don’t know what you’re doing.

Currently Consuming: Unhealthy doses of coffee (and chocolate!)


Tags: ANYONE, really, you want to do it? Do it! Say that I tagged you, doesn’t matter buuuuut, as I have to put people in this (not really gonna tag 9 because I’m lazy): 

@courtingstars, @cerberosthehellguard, @dreamingspark, @kichimiangra, @el-pintor, @call-me-ala

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Sailor Moon Remake Manga - Endymion (Mamoru)/Serenity (Usagi)

As I have mentioned some things about them in the Shitennou and Silver Millenium post, this one is going to focus mainly on their relationship.

  • So Endymion lost his parents very young and had to start with his royal duties way too soon. Although while he is underage his kingdom is ruled by a council he still supervised everything and spends most time studying how to improve the conditions of his citizens. Also he really enjoys learning about the different kingdoms and their traditions inside his kingdom.
  • Meanwhile Princess Serenity has grown in a completely protected space, always with the safety of her mother close to her. Kind of like a Demeter/Persephone dynamic in which the queen protects her too much. This makes Serenity a bit insecure on her powers as she still can use the silver crystal and believes her mother thinks of her as a failure.
  • Then a great opportunity to impress her present itself. The Earth. The Queen has spent years trying to include it to her kingdom so Serenity prepares a diplomatic mission while her mother is away (to the cauldron hehehe) to convince the Earth Kingdom.
  • Cue to Endymion and Serenity arguing in several meetings because their visions are very different but secretly enjoying their debates because while Endymion focuses on the more rational side of things Serenity is pure raw feeling and talk about people well being and happiness instead of economy and benefits.
  • One night, in one of the festival’s he sees Serenity dancing around a bonfire and she pushes him to dance with him. It is the fist time he actually join the festivities and they spend s great time together. Endymion shows her the richness of Earth while Serenity shows her healing powers on a citizen.
  • They start watching each other outside meetings at night in the halls of the castle unknown to most (except inner, Shitennou and Helios). Slowly they fall in love because Endymion sees value in what Serenity is doing and she brings joy to his life.
  • BUT Queen Serenity is back from her trip to the cauldron and finds out her daughter is on Earth and she has fallen in love with the prince (because of course she caught them in the halls).
  • This sparks a huge argument between mother and daughter because PSerenity thinks Earth is beautiful as it is and QSerenity thinks this is just a plot to put her daughter against her and sees Endymion as a liar (also the queen says she is a disappointment). QSerenity hurts Endymion (nothing too serious but keeps him indisposed for a few weeks) angering the Earth Kingdom who now think PSerenity is a wicked witch who deceived their beloved prince and declares war against the Moon.
  • Meanwhile QSerenity locks PSerenity away so both of them are not present at the beginning of the war. With the help of Metallica the humans arrive to the Silver Millenium and that same day the inners free Serenity but sadly die when Metallia and Beryl try to harm her. Then Endymion sacrifices himself, Serenity kills herself, Saturn awakes and destroys everything and in a last attempt to ask for forgiveness from her daughter, QSerenity cast the reincarnation spell.

Next, ideas for the redesign of the sailors ;)

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✨Opening Commissions please read if you interested

✨DM here or use my email Twitter Aisha_kami

✨Reblogs are appreciated

✨any kind of support is more than appreciated

*if you are interested in any kind of my art that isn’t included with the sheets pls talk to me 

i am opening commissions again for this month i’ll be taking few more to help me get new ipad

Reblogs are appreciated


Guys I am so close to my goal few commissions more even if smallest one is so so so appreciated at the moment thank you

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