Once you go Negan, you never go back.

Hi there. I'm Lupienne. I write and draw and I really like Negan from the Walking Dead Comics. My Fic Masterlist

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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

lupienne·an hour agoText

Tomorrow is the first day of my new job and I’m already crying from the fucking anxiety. Tomorrow morning is going to be the worst. I’d rather be dead then have to deal with anxiety anymore

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lupienne·12 days agoText

Yesterday I got startled by a damn raccoon getting at the garbage. This motherfucker jumped onto the deck post and tried to scoot up while staring at me. Then he slid down, fell on his ass and went under a bench where he refused to leave some greasy napkins he’d pilfered. Lmao. My dad finally poked at him enough for him to finally speed-waddle away XD I’ve actually never seen a raccoon up close before. Our other house probably had them but I never saw any. We did have a skunk (that sprayed our dog Ellie one year and damn did that stink stay around!) and also opossum. So it was neat to see a raccoon even though I know they’re a pain in the ass XD

At the back of the new house is a large long grassy area with woods at the back and sides. My mom has seen deer (I haven’t yet). So tonight I had the dog out and way back at the treeline I saw two animals come out. I quietly called the dog in. They didn’t look like deer… I’m pretty sure they were two foxes! They chased each other around and went in and out of the trees. But way too far back to really tell (plus it was getting dark)

Now we just need to find the game cameras we bought at the other house (and only ever saw bunnies) and put them back there. Maybe I’ll post any cool pics if I get any. XD

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lupienne·13 days agoText

Made it safely to my new home. I went a different route and it was a beautiful drive. I’ll probably post some nature pics later XD

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lupienne·17 days agoText

This has been the worst move ever, I hate this new place, I just want to go far away

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lupienne·20 days agoText

Final stages of moving with my folks… This week is gonna be terrible Lmao

Monday, packing last of our stuff (most of it was moved to new place on Friday) and cleaning

Tuesday, work. I have to train a woman to replace me… I hate training, my socially anxious ass is awkward and I suck at it, and my anxiety before going to work is always fucking awful. Then come home and probably clean and do more shit

Wednesday: same as Tuesday but I’m training her in the other dept I work in. Another long and anxiety filled day… Yay.

Thursday: packing a truck, driving 3 ½ hours to new house, unloading it, driving back 3 ½ hours

Friday : work again, same as Tuesday. The closing date for the house is today, so it’ll be the last day I’ll be in it. Go to work. No house to come home to, had to get a hotel for the next three days. There goes half my weekly paycheck lmao My parents will be at the new house

(am looking forward to three days of solitude in hotel though… XD)

Saturday: work, maybe my boss will train the newb today, go ‘home’ to hotel. Hope they don’t do some dumb 'going away’ thing for me

Sunday : last day of work, go to hotel. Drive to new place next day and have two weeks off, start new job on the 1st.


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lupienne·a month agoAnswer

I'll read it. I'd need a link, though. Lost all my bookmarks...

Thanks. It’s not done yet but I’ll be posting it on my Tumblr for sure when it is. :)

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