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madegeeky·15 hours agoText


“I think there’s a rich ream of horror, from The Haunting of Hill House to Ghostwatch, that delves into the idea that certain places can simply go wrong – and once these bad environments have been established and ostracised by society, they can’t be exorcised. They simply keep accruing power through the individual stories that play tragically out in their shadow.

“I mention a real-life example of that kind of bad architecture in one episode; the Pope Lick Bridge in Kentucky, a place that looks and feels so sinister that it developed its own local folklore about a goat-man who attacks people who stray too close to the edge – and which has ended up resulting in deaths as visitors peer over the side trying to get a peek at the monster.

“I find this kind of stuff fascinating, because it plays into my own paranoia about environments, and my dislike of ghost stories with explicably human antagonists. Like David says in the first episode, people aren’t frightening. Places are frightening.

“If I’m sitting alone at home on a dark and stormy night, and I glance nervously up towards the bedroom doorway, my fear is not that my house is being haunted by a spirit called Mabel who died in the 19th century at the age of fourteen and is constantly seeking her favourite teddy bear… because all of these details both humanise her and make her ridiculous.

“My fear is that there will be something standing in the doorway, because the doorway is where things come to stand.

“Because unoccupied spaces, in our imaginations, must find something to fill them.”

— from “The Saturday Interview: ‘I Am in Eskew’ podcast”

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madegeeky·21 hours agoText

Some of the outfits I’ve made for Love Nikki in the past months that I’ve really liked. That last one is a play on Phantom of the Opera. I think it came out pretty well, considering the limitations I had.

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Oh shit lads, look what’s finally getting an anime adaptation!!!


Y'all, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this manga, you should absolutely check it out. I don’t remember laughing that hard in a long time.

If the anime is even ¼ as funny, it will still be one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.

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madegeeky·7 days agoText

You know, now that the SOMA ranting has been done and the anger and frustration have burned themselves out… Mostly I’m just sad.

I loved SOMA’s story. It was so well written and it used the sci-fi aspect not as a gimmick but as a way to explore what it means to be human. It was probably one of the best pieces of sci-fi media I have ever experienced until the ending.

I wish I could get past the ending. I really wish I could because there is so much amazing stuff in this game. There is so much I loved and some of which I can’t help but still love. There are some scenes in this game that still haunt me, that’s how good the writing was.

But the ending undermined so much of what I thought was amazing about it and I can’t get past that.

And it makes me legitimately sad because I know, with a different ending, this would have been in my top 5 games. I would have been recommending it left and right. It would have been one of the best sci-fi stories I’d ever seen. It would have been a story I came back to, again and again.

But instead there’s just… this.

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madegeeky·8 days agoText

Me: Okay, it’s been years now. Maybe I would disagree with my past self on the ending. Maybe it’s not actually that bad, and I was just being a drama llama.

20 mins later, after having watched the ending: Well, I’m less mad but still pretty mad. I had actually forgotten how bad it was. How it completely undermined its own message of how moving forward means leaving things behind, including parts of yourself. How we don’t always realize what we’ve left behind before it’s too late, if we ever notice at all. How the things we leave behind keep going, even if we’re not there to see them. How sacrifice can be both a past thing as well as a present thing and how sometimes we move past it and sometimes there’s nothing to do but live with it. How sometimes the people we leave behind are the people we used to be and how that’s both a tragedy and a happy ending all at once. How people can walk the same path but, in the end, still come out with different endings. How choices are never simple black and white, that morality is complicated and there’s no right answer, and how sometimes you will never know if a choice you made is the right choice or the wrong one. There’s nothing to do but move forward and leave the consequences of our actions beyond us and pray that we have done right by the people we left behind. It’s a story about what it means to be horrifically gorgeously human and how being a person is constantly being a past, present, and future self all at once. And it pulls its punch at the very end for a happy ending despite the fact that another key theme of this was the fact that sometimes we don’t get a happy ending even if we do something that is the right thing. That sometimes we just get left behind and that’s just a part of life and we can rage all we want but it doesn’t chance the truth of it. SOMA was an absolutely amazing and thoughtful game that ruined everything it was exploring by having the ending it had. And it would have been so easy to have fixed the issue, it is maddening.

And I know there are people who disagree with me and that’s fine. But, for me, it was so fucking good and then they decided that they wanted a happy ending even at the destruction of all the ideas and themes it has previously explored.

Anyway, I’m not as angry as I once was but apparently I will never stop being bitter and I will die at least somewhat mad about it.

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I know it’s stupid as fuck to be insulted that Mars’ teacher implied that I lost her two math books. I know it’s stupid because she doesn’t know me that well, so it’s entirely reasonable for her to assume that I’ve misplaced them.

But I am incredibly organized when it comes to Mars’ schooling. I have fucking labeled folders and everything is in only two specific places. I have worked hard to make sure everything is and stays organized.

So when she was like “oh, maybe you misplaced it” I got incredibly annoyed and, honestly, still am.

Again, I know this is stupid as fuck but also, this is absolutely the school’s fault and I’m annoyed at the implication that something they did is my fault.

See, look at this fucking bullshit I deal with every day. And none of this shows the binder and notebooks I also have on hand every day and the basket where every other single school supply that sits by her chair every day.

Again, I know this is stupid but also how fucking dare

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madegeeky·17 days agoText

I know it’s stupid as fuck to be insulted that Mars’ teacher implied that I lost her two math books. I know it’s stupid because she doesn’t know me that well, so it’s entirely reasonable for her to assume that I’ve misplaced them.

But I am incredibly organized when it comes to Mars’ schooling. I have fucking labeled folders and everything is in only two specific places. I have worked hard to make sure everything is and stays organized.

So when she was like “oh, maybe you misplaced it” I got incredibly annoyed and, honestly, still am.

Again, I know this is stupid as fuck but also, this is absolutely the school’s fault and I’m annoyed at the implication that something they did is my fault.

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madegeeky·21 days agoText

@rhiorhino They’re showing Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which is why it turned into date night instead of family movie night. I don’t really want Mars to see someone’s face melt off quite this soon. XD

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madegeeky·21 days agoText

Mr. Geeky and I are going on a date tonight!

A car dealership near us is doing a drive-in movie with optional food delivery from a local restaurant. And since my Mom is visiting, we’ll have access to a car as well as a babysitter for Mars!

Everything just aligned amazingly and I’m so happy to be able to be able to do something like this.

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madegeeky·21 days agoText

One of the worst things about having anxiety and having gotten covid is you know that during an anxiety/panic attack you often get the same “I’m breathing fine but somehow can’t get enough air” feeling as you did during covid. Which, of course, only increases the anxiety which of course ratchets up the whole “can’t get enough air” feeling and so now you’re fighting against a feedbook loop of the feeling and it’s just like

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madegeeky·25 days agoText

Another thing I hate about covid is how you can’t get sick and/or have a cough anymore without it being A Thing.

Causes here’s the thing. Not only do I get really weird allergy symptoms but when I get a cold I get a nasty and long drawn out cold. Like, we’re talking 2 weeks of cold. (I joke that my immune system like to go party in the Bahamas without me.)

And you can’t just get allergies or a cold anymore. Now it’s a whole Thing where everyone you see you have to reassure, “no, it’s just my weird ass allergies” or “no, it’s just that my immune system likes to fuck off so I get a cold for two weeks”.

Anyway, my allergies are acting up and we’re on our way into cold season so fuck my life.

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madegeeky·a month agoText

Apropos of nothing: I have strong feelings about Final Destination 2 and how it really explores and expands on the premise of the original one in a way that few sequels to any other movies do and how all sequels to movies should look at it as an example of what sequels should do with the themes of the movies that came before them instead of just retreading what came before it.

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madegeeky·a month agoText

The amount of money I would pay for a Jaws dress is probably distressing but seeing as how no one appears to want to make one, I will never know.

(Brought to you by continual disappointment when Hot Topic sends me an email about having horror movie clothes and the only dresses they offer are t-shirt dresses.)

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madegeeky·a month agoVideo




Ball lightning is a rare electrical phenomenon. Scientists aren’t certain what creates it, and once disputed that ball lighning existed at all. Some argued that it was simply the electromagnetic field of an electrical storm causing visual hallucinations by exciting neurons in the brain, an effect called transcranial magnetic stimulation.

However, recent high-definition video proved that at least some instances must be a real physical effect. Spectrograpic analysis of this images suggests that ball lightning is made of vaporized silicon contained within a self-contained electromagnetic bubble, effectively making a naturally occurring electric arc lamp.

Laboratory experiments successfully replicated the glowing ball of plasma, which hovered for several seconds.

Unfortunately, other lab experiments create similar visual effects using wildly different methods, including electrically-excited nanoparticles, water shocked by capacitors to simulate lightning, and a bubble of ionized gas fuelled for many seconds by a vast atmospheric energy field.

The varying size of that energy-pumping field would conveniently explain the unpredictable size, duration, and electrical power levels observed in ball lightning.

So we’re still not sure what that thing in the video really is, but it may be possible to create something like that in a dozen different ways.

I would lose my mind like a 15th century peasant if I saw this walking down the street

I’m a 22st century peasant and I’m losing my mind rn

The video is fake.

I don’t normally note stuff like this, because thinking this is real isn’t going to hurt real people. I’m making an exception for this because the creator, Andrei Trukhonovets, is understandably annoyed that his creative work was stolen and passed around the internet as though it were real. In his original video, posted on youtube, he specifically notes that it’s CGI.

Ball lightning is a real phenomenon that is currently unexplained, though there are lots of different theories and experiments as to what causes them. You can read a brief, easy for layman to read summary of all these experiments and theories on Wikipedia.

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You know, I’m generally ‘whatever’ about remakes by and large, and I am generally the same about a remake of The Craft. I love that movie and watch it every Halloween. In more recent years, I’m a bit sad that (spoilers) the movie ends on a note where it feels more or less like Sarah isn’t going to maintain any of her friendships. Of course that’s a bit vague, and there are plenty of ways to read the branch falling at the end, but I am often a pretty literal person (I know it is a bit of contradiction that I do love it when media doesn’t have to state things outright leave me alone but clearly sometimes I kind of do? Or perhaps the issue is that I take the impression it leaves me with as more literal than I should whatever shut up me XD). It just feels like the thread of what they had is severed completely. On reflection, I think perhaps that leaving Nancy where she is at the end, and closing with that as the finals shots (if I’m remembering correctly I could be wrong here) leaves on a tone of, even while they may grow and change, where they are now in their relationships is where we’re leaving it. 

I wish I could better remember the other two girls’ names because at least I guess we could say they have each other, and we do lave with that, and honestly I’m kind of talking myself into being happy about that. Sarah’s really our POV character, so it feels like we should end with her having a maintained friendship, and I guess the point of this whole post is to say that I could really dig a remake that makes room for that without pretending that Girl Power is Everything and All Girls just Rock and are Empowered when we are not a monolith and especially as teens are going to make often cruel mistakes. 

Whoa what  tangent. I don’t think you’ll mind Geeky but in case you do sorry haha. 


I was like, why the fuck am I seeing a clothing collection from a movie that came out in 1996.

And, after googling it, of course it’s because a remake is coming out this summer.

Gotta admit I was immediately like “ugh” but apparently it’s written and directed by women. And it’s hard to not be a touch hopeful that a story about the complexities of relationships between women will be even better when written and directed by them.

But also also while I guess HT has the tone more or less okay on the fashion, it still feels really off and I’m wondering if they’re images from the remake they’re using for this??? Honestly the makeup feels the most true to the movie than anything else in this shot? I don’t know. Don’t mind me. la de da 

Actually, I’m pretty sure that outfit on the left is an entire outfit Nancy wears. At the very least, that’s definitely the jacket she wears all the time in the movie, though maybe a bit more fitted? It has been a year or two since I watched it, I just remember seeing it and being like “well, I guess we’re just going to rip entire outfits from the move then”. XD

I have mixed feelings about the ending. On the one hand, it would have been nice for Sarah to stay friends with at least one of the girls. But considering the next time that she sees the two non-Nancy girls it’s made very clear that they’re only attempting a reconciliation because they think she might still have powers, it’s not surprising and it would honestly be unhealthy for her to be friends with them. She was right to refuse their fake attempt at reconciliation.

And I think that’s why I don’t mind the end as much. Yeah, it’s rare to show female friendships that are healthy and supportive. But I think it’s just as rare for movies to show any friendship as unhealthy and then acknowledge that they’re unhealthy. To acknowledge that unhealthy relationships aren’t all bad, that there is good there, and that’s why people often stay. (We talk a lot about this a lot in regards to romantic relationships but incredibly rarely when it comes to friendships.)

Instead of portraying their behavior as just what friends (especially female friendships) are like or that people should always forgive the people they love (even friends) no matter what they do, it just straight up says, “this is not okay”. That it is not acceptable for them to treat Sarah the way they do and she is absolutely right to establish her boundaries with them and then push back when they ignore those boundaries. This movie shows the complexity of female friendships and that include how sometimes those friendships are unhealthy and even abusive.

Yes, teenagers can be cruel but that shouldn’t be used to excuse their behavior nor should other people have to put up with it. And it shouldn’t be just a narrative that we accept; it’s just as cruel and damaging as the narrative that boys will be boys. Telling teenagers that, well, teens are just cruel and we need to just accept it and move on gives them the message that not only is it okay to act shitty to another teen but that it’s okay for other teens to treat them like shit. Teens need to be shown that not only is not okay that other teens are cruel but that they should actively push back against that cruelty, especially when it is pointed at them.

I think it’s easy to see this as a Girl Power™ sort of movie but I really don’t think it is. Girl Power is usually shown in a shallow way or done through the girl acting tough (often physically) or through the girl not being emotional like other girls are. They all get magical powers, especially Sarah at the end, sure, but the powers don’t celebrate the fact that they’re women or show how women need to be in order to be Powerful. Rather it explores abusive friendships, how sometimes when a person is desperate for a friend, they’ll let things slide they normally wouldn’t, and how slippery of a slope that is. These four girls have some wonderful moments of friendship, where I honestly believe the other three really love and care about Sarah, but even at the start they’re shown as pushing against boundaries that Sarah has established. (See: shoplifting scene.)

This movie does go the trope of “the power was within you all along” which is definitely a common trope in Girl Power™ but Sarah doesn’t use it to save other people, especially as is often done, like her friends. She uses it to push back and save herself from her abusers, not for someone else’s sake, but for her own. She is allowed to save herself for no other reason than she realizes she deserves to be treated well. And this is also something we need to do badly see in media. The idea of love for others helping people overcome great odds is great, I mean, I’m a Sailor Moon fan, but people should also be allowed to overcome those odds for no one else but themselves.

If there’s one thing that I’m worried about, it’s that the ending will be changed but no enough. That the friends will be forgiven and accepted back despite their behavior with no redemption arc to be seen because Friendships 4ever! It’s all great and good to celebrate female friendships but not when they’re abusive ones. The idea that abusers deserve forgiveness and acceptance because that’s what Good People do is so damaging and, again, this is talked about quite a bit in regards to romantic relationships but almost never in regards to friendships.

All of this is doubled because women are not only so rarely shown seriously as abusers but women are so often expected to be more understanding and empathic than men and thus more forgiving.

This is a movie about the complexities of female friendship and very specifically about the complexity of abusive female friendships which is an important topic that, even now, is rarely touched upon in a serious way.

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I was like, why the fuck am I seeing a clothing collection from a movie that came out in 1996.

And, after googling it, of course it’s because a remake is coming out this summer.

Gotta admit I was immediately like “ugh” but apparently it’s written and directed by women. And it’s hard to not be a touch hopeful that a story about the complexities of relationships between women will be even better when written and directed by them.

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So, Mars, Mr. Geeky, and I have started playing Minecraft together and, y'all, I cannot recommend playing Minecraft with a five year old anywhere near enough.

It is amazing and adorable and I’ve been loving every single second of it.

This weekend I’ll try to get some screenshots of what she’s built because I absolutely need to show her building skills off.

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I’ve got to tell you all about the hilarious journey this image in having on twitter.

1) First, many mistook it for being a historical romance, which is probably the fault of the wallpaper. I also thought this, but if you look closer he’s wearing a modern shirt and the fabric of her dress is polyester or nylon something. 

2) Okay, people said. So this is a contemporary sexy femdom romance then? No. It’s some kind of psychological thriller, which nobody would have been able to tell from that poster.

3) This image is probably supposed to be scary? No one in it looks scared, at all?



Good afternoon to this film poster and this film poster only

4) Everyone promptly decided they didn’t care what the movie was actually about. They started writing inpromptu fanfic scenarios based solely on the poster in twitter. I fully expect the AO3 to have a “Cordelia (movie poster)” tag by the end of next week.


There are two different stories here, depending on who made this poster:

1) A man who is so utterly insecure in his own masculinity that when given images to depict a poster for a psychological thriller he picked an image of a woman pushing a man up against a wall and the man appearing to enjoy it

2) or a person who saw this image and thought something along the lines of “this is not what this movie is about at all but everyone else in the world needs to see this”.

If the latter, they were absolutely right, I support them wholeheartedly and I hope that they are just having the best day ever.

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