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maiden-born-in-snow·2 days agoText


When piling onto a post about a specific situation to try to “cancel” others whose content you dislike, keep in mind that there are people who make teenage OCs–particularly if they’re younger/teenage players. The accounts I’ve seen people make comments about state the characters have a 2 year age difference. Teen romance as a genre is different from dark fic portrayals of adult/minor interactions.

I watched Twitter tear apart a teenaged actual live human girl cuz she dared to ship her teenage OC with a Leveilleur twin so people called her, a child herself, a “p*do”. Like, do y’all want a literal child to be lusting after and writing content about getting into it with the adult characters if she wants to write romance? Teenagers have those feelings and relationships, folks. I know for some of us those years were long ago, but young people having such feelings are still valid in this wild year of 2020.

People have their timelines move forward through the expansions from ARR to Shadowbringers, putting months to years between expac events; that’s going to include characters aging in one’s fics and RP, but the 2 year age difference doesn’t change for those young characters. Just like it doesn’t change for the adult characters when writing timelines moving forward. A problem with FFXIV is the lack of definitive timeline and the time bubble preventing in game aging, as opposed to WoW where time passage is tracked and embraced, so characters like Anduin Wrynn get new teen and now adult models after literally growing up over the course of the story. The FFXIV devs have stated this is on purpose to allow players to make their own timelines.

Also hate to break it to you, but all those young adult novels/comics/shows/movies/plays/songs about teenage romances and coming of age tales, many of which are your own favorites or were instrumental in your own youths? Written (mostly) by adults. Including the teen media involving sex, however oblique or explicit they could get away with. Usually for teenagers to consume, and if we’re very lucky, especially for marginalized teens to see themselves and their experiences represented in said media.

So unless you’re advocating banning all media that don’t portray teens as innocent pure virgins who never have a romantic, let alone lustful, thought before their 20th birthday, and put half as much energy into fighting professionally published creators and media conglomerates who produce that material, consider not going after fandom creators’ age-appropriate ships. Especially on a post more concerned about a 30-something year old man being purposefully, visually placed in suggestive situations with his teen daughter showing up without warning in the characters’ searches/tags.

One group is creating teen-focused romance, which is normal and mostly harmless as a common genre. The other is creating an inherently unhealthy and abusive story situation, for whatever reasons they have (that should be put below cuts and tagged better if they’re going to insist on making it so we can avoid it).

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maiden-born-in-snow·2 days agoAnswer

9. Is your muse attracted to any features in particular?


“I find forearms rather attractive when it comes to men. There’s something attractive about experiencing the absolute strength of a man’s arms. As for women, well, there are a variety of features. My attention tends to be drawn to the eyes. There is an immense sensation of how desire shines in a woman’s eyes.”

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maiden-born-in-snow·2 days agoAnswer

Where is your muse most sensitive? 👀

“The base of my horns is one spot. The base of my tail is another. But the truly sensitive spot? My neck. It gets the most reactions out of me.”

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maiden-born-in-snow·2 days agoAnswer

5. Is your muse comfortable with public displays of affection?


“Most definitely! No matter how minute the affection is displayed, it gives me such butterflies when others can see how well cared for I am by my partner. I am also prone to giving such displays as well!”

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Vanilla Sunday Meme

For muns who aren’t into explicit sexual content, but don’t mind approaching the topic.
Feel free to cross out any questions you aren’t comfortable with!

  1. Is your muse a romantic? Do they dream of love and marriage?
  2. Is your muse a deviant? Are they overly flirtatious or forward?
  3. Is your muse good at kissing? Are they experienced?
  4. Does your muse initiate a lot of physical contact?
  5. Is your muse comfortable with public displays of affection? 
  6. Does your muse steal clothing from their partner?
  7. Is your muse the big spoon or the little spoon?
  8. Is your muse comfortable with, or proud of their body? Are they insecure?
  9. Is your muse attracted to any features in particular?
  10. Have their crushes been mostly male, mostly female, or evenly split?
  11. Have their partners been mostly male, mostly female, or evenly split? 
  12. Is your muse easily flustered? Do they blush, swear, etc.?
  13. Where is your muse most sensitive? 
  14. Is your muse more submissive or dominant in a relationship? 
  15. Would your muse ever tempt their partner, e.g. flirting, wearing tight/sexy clothing?
  16. Does your muse initiate heated/sexual contact, or do they wait for their partner?
  17. Does your muse leave hickies? Do they ask for them?
  18. Does your muse like to be pinned down, or to pin their partner? 
  19. Has your muse reached first/second/third base? Home run? 
  20. Would your muse be interested in engaging with multiple partners?
  21. Would your muse ever send a sexual text message? Would they send pictures?
  22. Does your muse read smut, own magazines, or watch p-rn?
  23. Is your muse the type to discuss their sex life or sexual prowess with others?
  24. Is your muse a top, a bottom, or a switch? Do they have a lean?
  25. How interested is your muse in sex and sexual activity?
  26. Do they have sex frequently, occasionally, or rarely?
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