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amanda. 26. she/her. brazilian. wcif friendly

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

mandy-sims13 hours agoAnswer

eu instalo ele direitinho sim, mas o ts4 não abre de jeito nenhum tipo não aparece janela de erre nem nada mas tbm não abre o game :(

alguma coisa deve estar errada, porque o reshade funciona de boas no jogo pirata 馃 tenta reinstalar de novo do 0 :( o reshade s贸 n茫o funciona em computadores da apple.

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mandy-sims16 hours agoAnswer

oii, tudo bem? se não for incomodo seu ts4 é pirata? ☠ kkkkk é que eu não consigo fazer o reshade funcionar no meu piratão :(

oiii, tudo sim e a铆? hahahah 茅 pirata sim, e o reshade funciona normal 馃馃 ser谩 que voc锚 est谩 instalando direito? porque na instala莽茫o voc锚 precisa escolher o arquivo ts4_x64 certinho. se precisar de ajuda, pode falar 馃

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mandy-sims18 hours agoAnswer

hello I hope you're doing well!! I love your blog so much would you consider doing a sim dump anytime soon?

hey anon! awww thank u so much聽 鈾 i鈥檒l consider it聽

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mandy-sims2 days agoAnswer

hello! could you tell me wcif the vines and the big poster with the hand from this post? post/635607633892638720/part-2-were-better-together thank you love!


starlight painting recolor by @honeypoticns聽 / i couldn鈥檛 find the link for the vines :(

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mandy-sims3 days agoAnswer

Hi! WCIF the dress and top in the fifth picture and the trousers in the last picture in this post:

Thank you!


overalls / top / pants

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mandy-sims6 days agoPhoto

Life鈥檚 a song that I鈥檝e never heard
How am I meant to know the words?
Everyone but me knows the melody perfectly
I don鈥檛 know how I got this far
When did life even get this hard
Everyone but me sings in harmony perfectly

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mandy-sims6 days agoText




Let鈥檚 start a simblr love chain:

Reblog with the name of a simblr that you really admire, and why. It can be a friend, a stranger; anyone, for any reason!

@rusty-cc - I love how classic all of their pieces are. They take MM to the next level with their textures. 馃グ

i know way too many amazing simblrs aaah but here鈥檚 a few that i can think of (in no particular order) from the top of my head !!

so first and foremost 鈥 @rootlet 鈥 for being my favorite person to have ever existed, for being the best friend ever, always; for always having my back, for always encouraging and motivating me; ally inspires me to be a better person overall every single day and im so grateful to have ever met her. im the luckiest person alive just being having her as a true, genuine friend ;-; <33

storytellers; simblrs whose stories i genuinely enjoy + read over and over again, especially when my days are bad :,-)

@softpine @uglysim @cassgoths @harinezumi-sims @cosmosim @intramoon

builders; these simblrs make the most amazing builds + blogs that i frequently check for inspiration <3

@peonypyxels @honeypoticns @moonaive @rusticottage @viivarium @queenofvraquin @flirtyghoul @fernw00d @simmerberlin @fairybarn @simserely @sikoi @goldenhour-s

generally amazing; the absolute sunshines of the simblr community + content i enjoy with the entirety of my heart

@cherries-jubiles @madbanners @sleepymoodlet @talentedtrait @simmsys @honeyviesims @lamatisse @mariiseol @simnosa @alexxgoth @druidsim @orphyd @dettea @sojusimmer @boogey-studios @aradiantmoon @silverspringsimmer @surprisepeach @radioactivedotcom @an0nymousghost @moonsolariss @servegrilledcheese @simpeachie @hesitantpixels @bonecoil @mandy-sims @depthofpixels @solstice-sims @moonclover @herpixels

Hi what the heck andi!! You鈥檙e the cutest person every ily 馃ズ

I haven鈥檛 been here for long but some of my faves (aka amazing human beings) in no particular order are: @indecisivewhims @talentedtrait @hazelsnakes @fernw00d @fairybarn @mandy-sims @uglysim @rusticottage @bonhomie8 @dettea @simoodlet @alcearosea-sims @oxalisim @sunlight-reversal @viivarium @faunesims

omg i wanna thanks @mochieo @sleepymoodlet @sierragracedesigns @higrumpysims for the mention, you鈥檙e all very kind, ily 馃

so, i know so many incredible people/blogs, but i鈥檓 always so happy when i see posts from @uglysim @rusticottage @flauratea @orphyd @moonaive @melody-n @mossviol [i can鈥檛 imagine my dashboard without you guys,聽you rlly make my day] 馃

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mandy-sims7 days agoAnswer

aw sorry 🤎 i thought Cora was the blonde girl in this post:


i answered about the tshirt here聽- and the skirt is from here.

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