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marisatomay·2 hours agoAnswer

Not bc of ur post lol but I just set up my first ever therapy appointment 😳 any uh. Idk . Tips? Tricks? I'm nervous

finding the right therapist can take work so come to your appointment with questions for them as well (what they usually specialize in, family, if they have suffered from mental illness/disorders/trauma themselves) to get a better sense of if you’ll get along — if you get an immediate bad vibe then don’t force that second session and find someone else but generally i suggest giving a therapist about 5-10 sessions to see if you really mesh well and if you don’t then you can find someone else — a therapist isn’t a contract so it’s okay to shop around until you find one that’s right for you — i went through 3 therapists before i found the one i see now and i’ve been seeing him for 6 years now and when you find a therapist you click with that’s when the real progress starts

but the best thing my therapist has ever said to me is that i need to be patient with myself because my trauma and coping mechanisms didn’t form in a day or even a year so how can i expect to move beyond them instantly

so be patient and kind with yourself and be open to suggestions and always be honest with yourself and your therapist during sessions but just know that even when it’s hard you’ll feel lighter every time

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marisatomay·5 hours agoText

ed markey’s new ad………..theydies it’s terrific

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marisatomay·6 hours agoText

jon lovett cooking on ig live 🤝 uncut gems

the more chaotic and stressed the man on my screen gets the more calm i feel

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marisatomay·7 hours agoText

“would that i” by hozier just played on the shuffle and the way it hit means i need to call my psychiatrist

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marisatomay·a day agoText

jon lovett cooking on ig live again

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marisatomay·a day agoText

gotta say theydies this whole trauma thing sure is funky

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marisatomay·a day agoText

modern art

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apparently at some point when my now-girlfriend and i were flirting with each other but not quite in a relationship, she asked me how i felt about pet names, to which i replied “well you have to call them something” 

the fact that i have managed to end up in a relationship is really testament to my girlfriend’s patience 

#your girlfriend is a moronsexual op

please don’t call my girlfriend a moron :( 


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marisatomay·a day agoText

wish he wasn’t such a weirdo!!

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marisatomay·2 days agoText

dogs are like “i’m going to take up this whole human bed”

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marisatomay·2 days agoText

what else am i supposed to do at 1am except make memes about how will mcavoy would be a member of the lincoln project

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marisatomay·2 days agoText


why is everyone so horny for that timothee guy he looks like a starving victorian child

heard someone call him a “tuberculoid waif” once and i have not stopped thinking about it

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