How would the Floy Leech react if he threatened MC but they started asking him to do so and saying stuff “please, kill me!” And other stuff and going a bit too far
Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
Yes, Floyd would threaten you often.
Especially when he wants to hug you but you’re not excited about it.
It had always worked well.
But now you were tired of this demanding eel.
So the next time Floyd tried to force you to hug you decided to try a different strategy.
"Shrimpyyyyy Give me a hug or I'll have to squeeze you."
"Okay, do it. At least that’s how I get rid of the clinging eel. Well are you going to squeeze me or not? Do I have to make an appointment or something?"
And now Floyd is really confused.
Shrimpy wants to be squeezed voluntarily?
Floyd really doesn’t understand your dark humor in this situation.
He's probably going to tell Jade that "Shrimpy is behaving strangely."
You know this is something you shouldn’t joke about and that jokes often go overboard.
But if that’s the way you get Floyd to stay away from you, it’s worth it.
Floyd probably would be afraid of you.
He has never met a human who is not affected by his threats.
And Floyd doesn't want to be near you when you're "acting weird."
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I get new cactus
Tumblr media
I hope this one won’t die.
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what would yandere platonic Tanjiro and yandere platonic Nezuko look like with a s/o that looks like their mother
Yandere Tanjiro & Yandere Nezuko Kamado
Tumblr media
Tanjiro and Nezuko saw you for the first time during the mission.
They were passing through the city when Nezuko noticed you.
And of course she started following you because Nezuko wanted to know where Mom was going.
Tanjiro, on the other hand, quickly realized that his sister had disappeared.
It took a while to find Nezuko.
Nezuko had managed to catch you and she hugged your foot happily when Tanjiro found her.
You stroked Nezuko's head and tried to find a logical reason why a completely unknown child hugs your leg and calls you a mom.
You were really relieved when you found a person who knows this child.
You thought for a moment that you could get out of this embarrassing situation.
But no...
Now two completely unknown children hug your legs and call you a mom.
However, Tanjiro’s brain quickly realizes that you can’t be their mother.
He detaches from your leg quickly and apologizes for the situation.
Tanjiro tells you a sad story about how their family died and you remind a lot of their mother.
After that, Tanjiro and Nezuko continue their journey.
Even if it takes ten minutes for Nezuko to take her grip off your foot.
Do you know the feeling when you try to go to sleep but your brain decides to fear something and it prevents you from sleeping?
Because that's what happens to Tanjiro.
Tanjiro doesn't want Muzan to kill you.
He couldn’t protect her own mother but maybe he can protect you.
It doesn't take long for him to get Nezuko to agree, too.
You could never believe that two children could kidnap anyone.
But since it happened to you you have to believe it.
You may not be their real mother but Tanjiro and Nezuko promise to protect you from everything.
They really love you (platonic way)
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Yandere Diavolo but he is your big brother.
Tumblr media
Diavolo would be a really overprotective big brother.
He really doesn’t want anyone to hurt his sibling.
Plus, you're the only "friend" Diavolo has had.
That’s why Diavolo doesn’t want you to spend time with others.
He believes that "others" are not good enough for you.
However, you are really free to be with Diavolo.
Diavolo doesn’t check your phone (because Barbatos knows when you’re going to do something forbidden.), You get to move really freely and you usually get almost anything you want.
But he treats you like a child.
Diavolo also tells you about how hell is a really scary and horrible place.
( What would be true if you were human but probably no one would dare hurt you. )
However, you do not know that.
The only people who can meet you besides Diavolo are Lucifer and Barbatos.
Diavolo knows they won't do anything against him.
Diavolo really cares about you a lot and he wants you to be happy.
There is nothing wrong with that, is there?
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I would like to request a Zenitsu comforting his small titty gf. Who is over all a tomboy but sometimes feels like they aren't girly enough to be his s/o. Thank you!
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tumblr media
Zenitsu would be really shocked when you became quieter and more distant.
He thinks you don't love him anymore.
And that makes Zenitsu really worried and sad.
Because he really doesn't want to lose you.
This is also why Zenitsu can become more clingy than before.
You really need to talk about this.
Zenitsu is happy to listen to your uncertainties and problems.
He loves you and wants to make sure you feel comfortable.
You can expect many hours of presentation on how breasts are just one good feature among others.
Zenitsu is red throughout this presentation.
( There was not much talk about such things at the time. )
And since you are talking about such Zenitsu you are sure to get married later.
He will also hug you if you need it.
Zenitsu cries for happiness too because you don’t want to leave him.
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What if Sebastian Michaelis was in love with someone Even if it’s the same or different species
Sebastian Michaelis x demon reader
Tumblr media
At first, Sebastian would be a little hostile to you.
He doesn't want any other demon to steal his "lunch."
I mean Ciel's soul.
But when he realizes you’re not a “threat,” he becomes kinder.
Sebastian really can be the boyfriend of dreams.
You understand each other in a special way.
Now Ciel has two skillful demons in his mansion.
Your existence really reduces Sebastian’s stress.
Your relationship starts quickly and passionately.
Sebastian must own and keep the other demons as far away from you as possible.
It is a natural instinct.
You too can be the propertied of his relationship and that’s totally ok in his opinion.
By the way, it occurred to me that what are you doing during the night? Demons don't need sleep right.
( Add nsfw thing here. )
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Hi! I wanna ask a yandere Shinobu, douma and a demon of your choice with a s/o that is afraid of them and just keep quiet, do whatever they want and just hide on anywhere they can to feel safer, but then they let a door or a window open/unlocked they run like there's no tomorrow (also they know how to unlock doors)
Yeeeee Douma yandere Douma... I love to write for him. Also I choose to write Yushiro. Surprisee!!! I don't think you see it was coming.
Yandere Yushiro
Tumblr media
Yushiro would be deeply shocked that you were afraid of him.
He is a worshiper type yandere who believes that his loved one is perfect.
So if you are scared Yushiro believes that is his reason and he should make you feel more comfortable.
At first, Yushiro tries to make it as comfortable as possible and shows that he is not an bad demon.
But it really doesn't help because you're still afraid of him.
And the day Yushiro realizes you’re lost is the worst day of his life.
He would like to find you as soon as possible.
Yushiro really doesn’t want any human or demon to have time to hurt you.
However, he blames himself for the situation and tries to do better in the future.
You are really dear to him.
And he does his best to keep this from happening again.
Yushiro will also do his best to make you much happier.
But he really won't let you go anymore.
"Y / N-sama I finally found you. Are you okay? Didn't anyone hurt you? I am sorry. I promise to do better. Forgive me. Please."
Yandere Douma
Tumblr media
Douma would probably intentionally give you a chance to escape.
He would like to explore what emotions it evokes in him.
Emotions are new to Douma and because you get them done he wants to find out what new emotions your actions can cause.
So Douma is a ship excited about this opportunity.
Plus, the fact that you’re scared of him all the time doesn’t cause a lot of new feelings for Douma anymore.
In addition, this is a way to test your "loyalty" and reactions.
Of course, you never have a real chance to escape from him.
So when Douma hears "surprise" that you've escaped he's just sitting and waiting for a new feeling.
And he gets a new feeling but it really doesn’t feel good.
And this is where Douma fucking shit logic comes in.
You did something that affects his "feelings"> The feeling didn't make him feel comfortable> It's your fault he feels bad and thats why you needs to be punished.
Douma is sure to find you really fast.
He'll just catch you and start carrying you back "home."
After that, Douma wouldn't let you get out of his arms.
That is your "punishment" in this situation.
But if you do that trick again (especially if Douma hasn’t planned it) you will get a more severe punishment.
"Y/N I found you my dear *Douma grabs your hand and starts carrying you in bridal style* Did you think you could escape me? You’re so sweet when you’re so stupid.”
Yandere Shinobu Kocho
Tumblr media
Oh Shinobu would certainly be prepared for this.
You really wouldn’t get far if you tried to escape.
Her sisters will also try their best to find you.
Probably her sisters don’t know about the true things they think the demons kidnapped you.
So they start looking for you right away.
Shinobu knows you won’t be able to go far due to the “sedative medications” and lack of food given to you.
Also, if you ask other people for help, it is likely that no one will believe you.
After all, no one in Demon Slayer corp (or Shinobu in particular) can do anything like that.
Maybe you're confusing her with some demon.
And when Shinobu finds you you can be sure you won’t run away anymore.
The soothing drugs in your body and the new shackles placed on your feet will prevent it.
But Shinobu will not punish you in any other way.
She will also be happy to take care of your needs if you are unable to take care of them yourself.
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Hello, hope you're having a great day !!!
Can I ask you to make a writing about the "wedding day" for those characters?// it can be small headcanons\\
William James Moriarty
Albert James Moriarty
Sherlock holmes
William and Sherlock are here.
Albert James Moriarty
Tumblr media
Your and Albert’s wedding day would surely be something unforgettable.
They would be really luxurious and a great celebration.
Actually, you have two weddings.
One to whom Albert (as the eldest son and member of the nobility) is bound to invite all important persons.
It is more of a political occasion than a real wedding celebration.
And Albert hates it when he has to spend time with these people.
Then you have a more private wedding party to which you just invite family and friends.
It’s a much more relaxed and fun occasion.
Albert would refuse to see you before the wedding ceremony.
He would be a traditional man.
Since these are "informal" weddings William serves as a priest.
It's a really important day for Albert.
And he wants to make sure your day is as happy as possible.
And that night too is as happy as possible.
If you understand what I mean.
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Damn your blog is so perfect 😂✨
It always lightens up my mood, thank u so much💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aaaw thank you. Lol I am the cutest frog in the world.
That lightens my mood ;)
Tumblr media
I give you... neck hug XD
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Could you make one of yandere gyutaro with the person he likes to find him handsome?
Yandere Gyutaro
Tumblr media
At first, Gyutaro really wouldn’t believe you.
He would think this would be a way for you to cheat on him and try to escape.
It would be hard for him to accept it at first.
But if you tell him your opinion many times, Gyutaro will start believing you.
Maybe this isn’t just a new way to try escape?
Maybe you can really love him?
This is another example of how special you are.
You can even consider a "ugly monster" like him handsome.
Now he is becoming even more clingy.
Gyutaro loves you and the fact that he gets the approval of his loved one means a lot to him.
And since you don’t feel disgusted with him, there’s no reason why you can’t be much together.
Actually, Daki is the biggest reason why it doesn’t work out.
And since you like him, why not become a demon so you can be together forever?
That wouldn't be a problem, would it?
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Yandere Gyutaro
Tumblr media
Gyutaro is an insecure, jealous and clinging yandere.
At first, Gyutaro thinks no one can love him.
( So in a romantic way. Daki is a different thing. )
And then you come.
You really don’t know who he is and you’re kind to him.
A simple smile is enough to activate yandere mode.
He would kidnap you quickly because Gyutaro doesn't think you could love him voluntarily.
In addition, Gyutaro is really easily jealous of other men and women who get to be near you.
Gyutaro's skin is full of scratch marks because he is jealous.
The fact that you are upset and hate him is perfectly normal for him.
But that still makes him a little bitter.
Gyutaro shows his caring in a physical way.
For example, when he tries to make similar food when you eat as a human being or when he tries to get you your old stuff.
In verbal love, he is real shit.
He says things really directly and might seem mean.
It's best for you and Daki to get along.
Because you’re going to spend a lot of time together and you really can’t leave them.
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Actually we‘re not the same anon-
Oops... sorry lol I’m the wizard hat anon
Can I steal your hat??? I REALLY WANT IT! aI give u five imaginatio dollar's.
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My condolences for the spoilers...
*removes wizard hat*
Lol no bad feelings... I just don't like when pepol spoil things that I want spoil myself... to me XD
U didn’t know.
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Hi new follower here! Firstly, I wanted to ask if your finger is okay now.
Secondly, just wanted to chat. Who's your fave obey me, twst, haikyuu characters? If you have faves xD It's so difficult to choose sometimes.
Well hello ny new follower. Yes my fingers are fine but I'm sure that fucking porridge will try to attack again today. >:( I am sureeeee.
My favorite character's are Leviathan (obey me), Idia and Malleus (twst) and Oikawa (haikyuu)
Haikyuu came up with a not so funny story about when I bought it for the first season for myself physically.
I tried to watch it from my computer ... but my computer was like "smell the fuck" and didn't let me watch it. I fight with my computer for an entire hour.
And it sucks. I paid € 40 to get 13 episodes of anime and so I can't watch the last episode.
Luckily I finally got them viewed on a playstation but fuck.
And I buy physical anime because maybe sometimes I have friends and then I can rub it their face that I have physical anime and they don’t.
Yeah I am asshole.
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Fuck I hate people who dry their laundry in you turn and then they won’t pick up their laundry and you have to go tell them to get pick their stuff so you can dry your own laundry.
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Yandere neige x s/o who is honest, curious,
and unpredictable who knows that obsessed over them so they try to dodge all his attempts and act clueless about his feelings
Yandere Neige LeBlanche
Tumblr media
Neige would have fallen in love with you because you would be so honest and curious.
He would think it would be really lovely and sweet.
And Neige loves you really much.
And it really shows.
He doesn’t even try to hide his overflowing love.
It bothers you a lot because Neige knows how to be really obsessive.
So you just decide to present the innocent and hope that he gets bored and surrenders.
It really doesn't work.
Neige will only become more obsessive and determined.
He just thinks you’re sweet and would try to act more clearly.
Lots of love tensions (that you throw away because "you don't understand what they are"), gifts (that you ignore because "you're not sure they're for you") and flowers (that you give away because "you don't like them")
It’s like a twisted dance where you look at which party gets tired first.
And Neige knows how to be both incredibly patient and determined.
And Neige can be really patient if he wants to.
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Hello hello. May I request a muzan with a gn reader who has really high function adhd? ( also, can reader v]br for, our time period) thank you for considering. With love, anon
Gif doesn't mean it's a female version of Muzan... I just wanted to use it... but this writing doesn't mean it's a male version either
U choose.
Btw reader is basically just me lol.
Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
Muzan thinks this would be both a blessing and a curse.
He thought it was a blessing for you to know what would happen in the future.
But the fact that you make every possible "Muzan is Michael Jackson" memes that you know is a curse.
Muzan want's to kill Michael Jackson part2
Muzan would try to find a way to help you control your ADHD tendencies.
If the Humans of the future know it, then it should not be very difficult.
However, it turns out that “surprisingly” making drugs without technological advances and years of research is not so easy.
Now Muzan is even more frustrated.
But he finds a way to somehow get you focused.
You’re something Muzan hasn’t met before and that would interest him.
Muzan would like to know if your "special qualities" are of any use to him.
He would like to know how you react to different situations.
That would be interesting.
Muzan also enjoys how “smart” his little human is.
Otherwise, it is useless to dream of getting home.
Muzan has chosen you as his own and he will not let his "property" leave.
But if you behave well maybe he can make you a demon.
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