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Matters of the heart
Season 2 Episode 11
Only Shards


{Open to a ship docking at a pier as ocean waves splash up against it; a few sailors lay down the gangway off of the ship and some men begin unloading wooden crates off of the ship; Pan up to Isaiah looking at everything from the Quarterdeck}

Isaiah: Wow…

Captain:  Welcome to the dark kingdom, my boy.

Isaiah: The dark Kingdom?  my grandfather used to talk about this place.

Captain:  used to be abandoned for a long time. only within the last decade or so did it start becoming a normal Kingdom again.

Isaiah:  it’s truly amazing…

{the captain drops a bag of supplies at Isaiah’s feet}

Captain: I truly wish there was more I could do for you. that bag there should have enough supplies to last you a few days but it’s not much sorry.

Isaiah: you’ve done plenty for me!  you gave me new clothes, you let me stay on the ship until you reach your next port, you even let me work for a small amount of pay. Honestly what more can I ask for?

Captain:  I wish Corona was our next port so I could just take you home. You gave us quite the scare.  you injured yourself pretty good.

Isaiah:  you’ve done more than enough for me.

{Isaiah bends down and picks up the bag: showing his bandaged leg}

Captain: at least let me tell you the lay of the land so you don’t get yourself lost.

Isaiah: well that could certainly be helpful.

Captain: Right now we’re in the Gorge that connects the main town of the dark Kingdom to the outside Forest Area.  after the black rocks in the gorge disappeared it allowed ocean water to flow through here creating a new port and opening trade for the dark Kingdom.  there should be a gondola to take you out of the Gorge.

Isaiah: thank you sir but I think I’m going to explore the port a little bit and try to find a ship to Corona. hopefully, the captain will be as nice as you.

Captain: let me tell you something my boy ships are always looking for help.  as long as you work hard you shouldn’t have a problem finding a way home. also,  be careful about your wounds they’re still healing. I know by now they’re only a couple of cuts and bruises but even still that leg was really banged up…

Isaiah: I promise I’ll be careful. it was truly an honor to meet you captain and thank you for everything.

Captain:  the pleasure was all mine, Isaiah.  tell your old man he did a good job raising such a fine young man. also if you ever need me or my crew just send for the captain of the SS. Salvator.

{Isaiah salutes him; The captain laughs and salutes back; Isaiah walks off}

Isaiah: Don’t worry dad… I’m coming home.

{cut to old Corona; Varian stands coldly with Zapada sobbing into his shoulder; around him are Lance, Adira, Akina, Rapunzel, an exhausted-looking Eugene, Lily and her Siblings, Catalina and Keira, and Nathaniel; they’re all wearing black and watching as a preacher blesses a headstone with Isaiah’s name on it}

Nathaniel:…I can’t believe he’s gone… I keep thinking I’m going to hear his obnoxious laugh anytime now…


Cyrus: It’s alright lily…we’re all here for you.

{Rapunzel walks up to Varian and places a hand on his shoulder}

Rapunzel: Varian? you’ve hardly said anything, are you all right?

Varian:… what’s there to say? My son is dead… I Have Nothing Left to Lose.

Zapada: Iubirea mea…

{Varian walks away from the service}

Zapada: Varian!

Eugene: it’s alright, Zapada… I’ll handle it.

{Eugene follows him}

Preacher: may this boy rest in peace, Amen…


{Varian is on the edge of the river tossing stones in}

Eugene:…Varian I-

Varian: We didn’t even have a body for the service…

Eugene:… I know…

Varian:  we just… set up a headstone for him.  that’s all I have of him now. a stone with his name carved in it.

Eugene: Varian…

Varian: Haven’t I suffered enough? but it just keeps piling on… I Fall In Love… I lose her…my family starts to become whole again… I lose my father… I become a leader,  my wife is expecting our first child together,  and I finally have a way to get rid of the cult for good…and then…

{he throws the rock harshly into the water; Eugene flinches}

Varian:  my son is taken from me… the one thing I had left of Estelle.  every time I looked in his eyes I saw his mother.  it made every day a little more bearable because part of her was still here.  and now he’s gone.  it’s all gone…

{there is a moment of silence between the two with nothing but the sounds of the countryside before Eugene walks over next to him}

Eugene: … I’m so sorry.

Varian: it doesn’t matter now…

Eugene:  …one of the cult members was wounded… we captured him and he is currently waiting for us in the dungeon.

{Varian looks up at him}

Eugene: We might be able to get some answers out of him… maybe you’ll get some closure.

{Varian gets up and starts walking away}

Eugene: Varian?

Varian:  I’ll meet you at the dungeon later today… be there and be ready.

Eugene:..uh..Okay!…ready for what?

{cut back to the dark kingdom trading port; Isaiah is still walking around he finds another ship docked at the pier and runs up to a sailor by it}

Isaiah: Umm… excuse me.

{the sailor snores and Isaiah groans before taking a deep breath}

Isaiah: EXCUSE ME!!!

{The sailor yelps and falls over}

Sailor: what ye’ going and doing that for!?

Isaiah: look I’ve been walking around all day and I’m exhausted… I’m trying to find a ship that will take me to Corona I’m willing to work to stay on board.

Sailor:  Corona? Sorry, Lassie. But the next ship to Corona isn’t going te’ be here for another 3 weeks.

Isaiah: What do you mean 3 weeks!?

Sailor: I mean 3 weeks, lassie! The trade ship for Corona won’t be comin’ ere for 3 more weeks!

Isaiah: What am I supposed to do for 3 weeks!?

Sailor: I don’t know, lass…maybe some odd jobs around town…maybe an inn…ye’ seem like a resourceful kid.

Isaiah: no I can’t wait 3 weeks I have to go home…

Sailor: Corona is a 4 day trip on foot…

Isaiah: i’ll…i’ll need a map…and I need to heal my injuries…

Sailor: That’ll take coin. You need te’ work for that. As for te’ injuries…that’ll take time.

Isaiah: then..i’ll need a place to stay for the time.

Sailor: more coin, Lassie!

Isaiah: You are literally no help! And stop calling me Lassie I’m a Laddie!

{They stare at each other before the sailor starts walking off}

Sailor: I think I’ll be needing a pint…

Isaiah: HEY! G-Get back here!

Sailor: Good grief, Laddie! What do ye’ want?

Isaiah: You know you could be a little nicer!

Sailor:  I could be but I choose not te’ be… look this town isn’t very accepting of newcomers and strangers.  and if ye’ truly have te’ wait a while before setting off I suggest ye’ find a way to survive.  this is the real world. There isn’t a mummy or daddy here te’ protect ye’. Figure it out, kid.

{the sailor leaves and Isaiah walks away looking nervous; he looks around a bit before sighing and walking towards the gondola. He steps on and quietly rides his way up}

Conductor: all departing!

{Isaiah steps off and notices most head for the bridge connecting the kingdom to the outside forest. He looks from the bridge to the forest and starts walking for the forest. As he’s walking there his eyes flash in colour for a moment}

Isaiah: AUGH!

{he falls to the ground and grits his teeth waiting for his episode to pass; once it does he whimpers and curls in on himself; cut to the entrance of Corona’s dungeon where Varian is waiting}

Eugene: You’re here earlier than expected.

Varian: let’s get this over with.

{Catalina and Keira walk up}

Varian: And what are they doing here!?

Catalina: moral support.

Keira:  I just want to get a good look at the guy who dared to touch a single blonde hair on that boy’s head.

Lance: that’s my girls…

Rapunzel: They just want to help, Varian…

Varian: …fine…

{Eugene walks over and unlocks the door to the dungeon; they all start walking down}

Keira: so what do you think this guy is like?

Catalina: anyone willing to hurt a kid is probably a piece of crap.

Keira: he’s been running with this weird cult crew for a while I heard…

Catalina: I don’t care who he ran with… the point is he was directly involved in Isaiah’s death. I’ll never forgive him for that…

{Eugene opens the Cell door to reveal Noremoth tied to a pole in the middle of his cell with his shoulder bandaged}

Catalina: *gasp*

Noremoth: …Catalina…

{Catalina shakes her head slowly in shock}

Noremoth: Cat…please let me explain!

{Her lip quivers and she runs out of the cell in tears with Keira close behind her}

Keira: Catalina, wait!

Lance: Should I be concerned about that?

Noremoth: it’s none of your concern…

{Lance get close to him }

Lance: oh I think it is…

Eugene: Lance is Catalina’s father.

Noremoth: * gulps*… you’re her father? Well then. Do what you must. Though do aim for the neck please that’s the quickest way.

Varian: We’re not going to kill you… yet.

Rapunzel:  Or in general! nobody’s killing anybody!  we just want to know some information.

Noremoth: of course you do.

Eugene: If you cooperate we’ll loosen your restraints.also I’m going to need to take your helmet and any weapons you may be carrying.

Noremoth:… fine…W- wait a minute. why didn’t you just pat me down for weapons when you threw me in the cell?

Lance: We were a little more concerned with the fact that you were bleeding out.

Noremoth: fair enough…

{Eugene walks over and takes off his helmet and takes his weapons; he eyes the nordic necklace around his neck and lifts it up to look at it}

Noremoth: Not that!

{everyone jumps}

Noremoth: please not that…it’s all I have left. It was given to me as a baby. The orphanage said I was dropped off with it…please…Y-your majesty.

{Eugene lets go of it; Varian narrows his eyes}

Eugene: don’t worry I’m not taking it.

Noremoth: Thank you…

Varian: enough of this…you’re going to answer our questions whether you like it or not, Noremoth.

Noremoth: I never said I wasn’t, Varian.

Lance: he knows you? You know him?

Varian: He was the one that stole the blueprints to the device all those years ago.  he’s also larkspur’s right-hand man.  he’s been a collective pain in my side ever since.

Noremoth: I could say the same about you…

{Varian puts his hand into his satchel}

Varian:  tell me Noremoth… do you know what it’s like to lose people you’ve loved? people you swore to protect?

Noremoth:… not really. never had anyone care about me in my opinion.

Varian: Well then, let me enlighten you. you have to wake up every morning realizing that no matter how hard you tried they still died.  and now I have one of those people responsible for the deaths of those that I loved in front of me right now.  give me a good reason why I should show you any Mercy.

Noremoth:… I can’t think of one.

Varian: no you can’t, can you?

Rapunzel: Varian…

{Varian takes out a flask with a glowing yellow liquid inside}

Rapunzel: *gasp*

Varian:  do you know what this stuff is?  It’s a chemical solution of my own design. it grows at an exponential rate and encases everything it touches… I wonder what would happen if I were to… inject it into someone.

Eugene: VARIAN!

Varian:  you can tell us what we want to know… or you can possibly go through a long and agonizing death. your choice.

{Everyone is silent but Noremoth blankly stares at Varian and then slouches against his restraints}

Noremoth:…do it…

Varian:  what!?

Noremoth: do it… honestly I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  in your mind I killed your son even though I wasn’t anywhere near him when he went over that cliff. none of that was supposed to happen. I tried to stop her… but it was already too late. her mind was made up. I’ve never held any real power in the decision-making. the fact that they all left me behind should prove how much I actually meant to them. I’ve never mattered to anyone so what’s the point?

{Noremoth looks up into Varian’s eyes}

Noremoth:.. do it…

{Varian trembles slightly before Eugene runs up and grabs his hand}

Eugene: Don’t!

Varian: Y-You heard him! He-

Eugene: Varian, Your king commands you to stop!

{Varian looks downward}

Varian: …My apologies, your majesty.

{He starts to walk away out of the cell}

Noremoth:  for what it’s worth… I’m very sorry for what happened to your son. please understand… it was never our intention.

{Varian bites his lip and exits the cell; cut to the edge of the forest where Isaiah is stumbling weakly; thunder rumbles above him and rain starts to fall}

Isaiah: No! AH!

{he runs through the forest before happening on a cave; he looks around before going in and sitting down shivering; He whimpers and he sneezes before his eyes droop and he falls asleep}

Juniper: Over here, papa!

{She runs in the cave}

Juniper: Mama told you it was going to rain!  you never listen to us!  I knew it was a bad night for hunting.

{Hector walks in the cave dripping wet}

Hector: it’s never a bad night for hunting.

Juniper: Papa, look!

{she points to Isaiah}

Hector:… it’s probably a kid from town.

Juniper: what’s he doing out here?

Hector: most likely the same as you and me… hunting.. maybe Gathering… who knows and who cares.  he was probably waiting out the storm and fell asleep.

{Juniper walks over and touches his forehead}

Juniper:  he’s freezing!

{She takes off her cloak and drapes it over him}

Hector: W-What the- Juniper that is a premium fur cloak!

Juniper: and I can make another! I swear Papa you’re such a misanthrope.

Hector: And I swear I don’t know where you get this sassy attitude of yours.

Juniper: you had best be joking…brr…

{Hector rolls his eyes}

Hector: Alright enough of that… now get over here before you get sick.

{Juniper runs over to where Hector is in the cave and sits next to him; Hector wraps his cloak around them both}

Juniper: *yawn*  do you really think he’s going to be okay?

{Hector looks over to the boy and cocks an eyebrow before looking back at his daughter}

Hector:  he’ll be fine…

{Cut back to Old Corona and Varian looking up at the stars}

Zapada: Varian? I’m heading to sleep…

Varian: I’ll be there soon…

Zapada: are you ok-

Varian: I’m fine!

{Zapada jumps slightly}

Varian:..I…I’m fine..just go to bed, you need the rest.

{Zapada closes the door; Varian looks back up at the sky}

{begin song “never enough”}

Make one mistake and it paints you for life
Try to move on from all the pain and the strife
We pray that life is forgiving to all, young and old
But the thing we seem to forget is that life is
Cruel and cold
And although my heart screams to just give up
My head screams back that it is never enough
The path before me is laid out
And although it’s dark and bleak
I won’t give it satisfaction
It will not hear my mournful shriek.
Every day just brings new pain
As this grief continues to wrack my brain
I keep wondering if I should just give up
Of is it true that it’s never enough?
It’s never enough.
Never enough.

{End song “Never enough”}


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Art by @the-princess-of-corona

     Hello everyone 🦝🧪

As many of you know, we are open to OC cameos in order to give some time to shine to as many creators and supporters as possible!

     From today on, you can submit your OCs through this form.

Important note! If you have already submitted your OC via discord, you don’t have to do it again — all of your babies are safely stored in our OC database!

Guidelines can be found on the first page of the form!

     That’s all! Keep being awesome 💕

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matbenetti17·24 days agoVideo


A couple months of hard work from three dozen artists, and it’s finished! “Breakaway” is a Tangled/Tangled the Series picture music video multi-artist project that follows the story of Rapunzel and her friends through the canon of the movie and the show. This was a lovely project to work on, and everyone involved was lovely to work with! 

 Find the artists at their tumblrs under the cut: 

Continua a leggere

I-I’m not crying-

You are! *sniff*

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Tangled OC: Myra

Myra is Valerie’s mother and, just like her father, Valerie never knew anything about her. Myra was a gentle and charming dancer belonging to a nomadic tribe of merchants from a distant desertic kingdom. Stephan, a researcher and adventurer, fell in love with her and together they gave birth to a little girl. Valerie had never wondered who her parents were but after settling in Old Corona she decided to deepen her past by asking Quirin if he knew more, with no success. But from that moment She began to have strange dreams…

Age                          19 (56)

Outfit                       Lavander blouse and long white skirt  

Accessories             Purple bow, golden bracelets and belts

Hair                          Honey blonde

Eyes                        Brown

Home                       Unknown desert kingdom (formerly), Zyhrat Tribe

Occupation(s)         Dancer

Alignment                Good

Marital status          Engaged

Relative(s)               Stephan (late partner), Valerie (daughter)

Physical Appearance

Myra was tall and slender, with beautiful tanned skin, brown eyes and peculiar honey blonde hair for her ethnicity. Her face was oval shaped, her nose long (which Valerie inherited from her), thick brown eyebrows and a flaw near the neck.

Her outfit consisted in a short lavander blouse, a long white skirt opened on the front. She wasn’t used to wear shoes but she loved to show off the many gold jewels created by her father. And she always tied her hair behind her back with a large purple bow.


-Myra was inspired by many other characters from other media: Falbalà (Asterix), Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Jasmine (Aladdin), Samah (Princesses of the Kingdom of Fantasy: Book Series), Emilie Agreste (Miraculous Ladybug), Iduna (Frozen), Amalthea (The Last Unicorn) and Dawn (original character).

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matbenetti17·a month agoText

Tangled OC: Carole


Carole is the nice and cheerful mother of Dean. She lives with him in Old Corona and like him will become a great friend of Valerie, and even a landmark for female matters. Although she has gone completely blind soon after her husband Malik death she doesn’t like to lose heart or cry on herself, she has a sprightly temper and she never misses an opportunity to embarrass her son, even unwittingly.

Age                        52    

Birthday                6th March

Personality           Cheerful, sarcastic, tattler, gossipy, a little proud and touchy

Likes                     Tea, cozy armchairs and to stitch

Dislikes                 Summer hot days, feeling a burden on others and being called “old”

Outfit                     Red corset, long red skirt and black ankle boots

Accessories          Red bandana, chocker and wedding ring                    

Hair                        Curly black (turning grey) chignon

Eyes                       Brown (gone blind)

Home                     Old Corona

Occupation(s)       Seamstress (formerly)

Alignment              Good

Marital Status        Widowed

Relative(s)             Malik (late husband), Dean (son)

Friend(s)                Valerie, Quirin and Varian

Voice Actress        Phillipa Soo

Physical Appearance
Carole has curly black, by now turning grey hair, tied in a messy chignon. Her eyes were brown before becoming blind, her skin is a deep bronze tone, she has thick eyebrows and lips. 

She is quite short and thin with small hands and feet.She wears a white shirt, a red corset, a long red skirt and black ankle boots. She also wear a red bandana on the head, a choker and her golden wedding ring.

-Carole was inspired by many other characters from other media: Eudora (The Princess and the Frog), Sarah (Treasure Planet), Tiarè (Princesses of the Kingdom of Fantasy: Book Series), Sabine Cheng and Alya Césaire (Miraculous Ladybug), Pam (original character).

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matbenetti17·a month agoText


I have this headcanon that the reason Edmund started voicing all his thoughts out loud is because he was so used to sharing all his thoughts with his wife. After she passed away he just kept sharing those thoughts with her. It must’ve been pretty lonely for Edmund to be holed up in that dusty old castle with no one but a bunch of ravens for company, but imagine how much more lonely he would think her spirit would be, with absolutely no one to talk to (well, other than the ghosts who live in those statues, but we don’t talk about that side of the family). So Edmund just started saying everything he was thinking and feeling to keep her in the loop. And in having that ‘person’ to talk to, it probably helped Edmund to stay (relatively) sane for all those years.

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“Just give me back my cape Varian.”

Imagine them living together

A fight a day at least :’D

You can’t see him but outside the frame there’s Quirin wondering what he did wrong for having to babysit these two

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A small episode from when Valerie was little: sometimes she enjoyed playing with the armors of the palace and one day Adira caught her but their complicity between “sisters” was really strong :‘3

Adira was for Valerie an example to follow, the woman she wanted to become in the future: brave and tough

But she also wanted to resemble the Queen: for her kindness and patience

Who knows if she will succeed to be everything like that

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