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i draw what i like · 18 years old. she/her [please if you repost or use my art give credits!]

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maxyartwork·11 days agoAnswer

how can i get a soul mate here

if you find out let me know pal

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maxyartwork·12 days agoAnswer

will you draw men for commissions?

no sorry forgot to mention that I’m only drawing girls for now! It’s nothing personal I just think I don’t have enough practice to draw men and it will end up not looking the best.

BUT IM PRACTICING!! don’t give up on me!!!

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maxyartwork·13 days agoAnswer

will you draw more brie larson? i really enjoyed your brie drawings (also, i know it probably doesn’t mean much but your art is really amazing and i’m especially in love with your natasha ones!)

of course!!!! I miss making random drawings of her. I actually tried this idea i had 2 times but they both sucked but I’m gonna try again:) and thank you so much!💜

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maxyartwork·13 days agoAnswer

Hey! I know this is coming out of nowhere, but would you draw a request if I asked? I wouldn't normally ask you, but there has been something stuck in my head and all of your art is so so amazing I know you would make it so good, everything you draw is beautiful.

i don’t do request but I do take some suggestions here and there sometimes! but i can’t promise anything (And thank you hun!!)💜

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maxyartwork·13 days agoAnswer

Your art is amazing like literally looking at it has made my morning

thank u hunny

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maxyartwork·13 days agoAnswer

are nat’s eyes green or blue? you’ve drawn them as both. any maybe grey? does she have colored contacts?

they are green! when i did them blue i was just trying new colors and didn’t realize they looked that blue until I posted it! That’s why I changed it for the next one I did :)

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maxyartwork·16 days agoText

thank you for 18k🥰🥰🥰

btw i’m opening commissions soon, but I’ll only take 2 slots at a time this time! Will make the post with the prices soon!❤️

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maxyartwork·24 days agoAnswer

Do you watch the Super Girl television show?

I used to like 3 years ago but I got bored of it:/

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