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Camilo x Reader
Synopsis: You are left alone with a baby while Camilo goes and comes back very quickly without you knowing.
Warnings: none!
He/him pronouns for Camilo, and She/her pronouns for the reader.
Tumblr media
You were busy with some chores during the morning, but when you finally got rid of them you rushed to the bench where Camilo used to be to take care of the kids.
When he saw you he started waving at you with his left hand and holding a baby wrapped in a yellow blanket with his right arm.
You made your way to them, being saluted with a giggle from the baby after Camilo tickled him on his belly.
You, Camilo, and the baby remained on the bench for a little while, greeting people that passed by and chuckling at Camilo's shapeshifting ability.
But then, Camilo said that the baby needed to be fed now in the afternoon. He slipped the baby onto your arms, and you knew right away that it was a big mistake. You had zero experience with babies.
But hey! It couldn't be that hard! After all, it's just a baby, a happy baby! Well, a happy baby before Camilo vanished.
Camilo ran to his house to look for some milk, and the baby instantaneously commenced crying.
His expressions changed from happiness to sadness very quickly, letting you uptight. But this let you with no doubts about Camilo’s fame among parents and kids from the town.
He surely had the amazing ability to take care of children and to make them adore him, and occasionally you wondered how good of a father he will be someday. You surely will know.
“Ok ok, calm.” The baby was weeping loudly and you weren't sure of what to say or to do.
You stood up from the bench and began to walk back and forth, repeating the sound “shhh” gently.
You started calmy wobbling the baby in your arms like you saw Camilo doing many times. The sobs of the baby were slowly dying, but he still looked sad.
Maybe you are just not good with kids. You never were, and probably never will. That's why you didn't like being left with a kid in your arms whilst Camilo is gone.
Suddenly, after brainstorming some ideas, you remembered one of the songs that your mother sang for you every night when you’d go to bed. She still sings it sometimes. It helps you to sleep like a sheep. Maybe that would work to make the baby sleep.
Even if your voice wasn't the greatest, and you feared to make the baby more scared of you, you started singing, more like whispering.
“Strangers in the night
Exchanging glances
Wandering in the night
What were the chances
We'd be sharing love
Before the night was through?”
The baby stopped crying, still slightly sobbing. Yet, he gave you a little smile that contaminated you.
“Something in your eyes
Was so inviting
Something in your smile
Was so exciting
Something in my heart told me I must have you.”
Your arms stopped swinging as the baby started to close his little brown eyes. After all, your voice was a successful way to calm a kid, and you were glad that it worked.
“Strangers in the night, two lonely people
We were strangers in the night
Up to the moment when we said our first hello
Little did we know...” Your forefinger touched his little nose, and his reaction made you melt. The baby had his eyes closed with a small smile that warmed your soul.
You went on singing, smiling softly at the look of the sleeping baby, even forgetting that Camilo went to his house a long time ago.
“Love was just a glance away,
a warm embracing dance away.”
You looked to the baby one more time seeing him sleeping. You wrapped the yellow blanket a little more around the infant, smiling like a fool.
More like Camilo, too. He couldn't interrupt this scene. This was the first time he heard you sing, even if he couldn't hear very well because of the distance. Regardless, it was just like he pictured. Perfectly beautiful.
Camilo left the corner where he had hidden himself walking in your direction.
"Camilo!" you exclaimed seeing the boy. You regretted it because of the baby, but fortunately, he was still sleeping.
“I didn't know you had such a good voice.” Camilo said smirking.
“It wasn't that big of a deal. I just didn't know how to calm the baby,” you told him, slightly embarrassed by what he had said.
“Well, it seems like you did know.” Camilo looked to the kid in your arms before looking at you with a comforting stare.
You saw a baby bottle in Camilo’s hand, he probably took a long time to find it.
“You've been missing for a long time, you know? That's why the baby didn't stop crying.” You sited down on the bench again, patting the place next to you, indicating Camilo to seat too.
“Well, actually the baby bottle wasn't hard to find because I helped my dad arrange Antonio’s things.” He explained while sitting beside you.
“I just took some time there in the corner,” He pointed to the spot “to listen to you.”
You felt awkward, you disliked singing in front of people. Well, except for your parents. You and them even sing together sometimes.
“I didn't sing that loud, Camilo.” you looked at him, you didn't sing that loud because you are surrounded by houses, and you would be terrified if someone heard you.
He avoided looking at you, a red tone appearing on his cheeks, and that made you laugh. How cute!
“Maybe I just stood there looking, you were so lovely while singing and wobbling the baby!” Camilo almost yelled, his voice breaking sometimes in the middle of the sentence.
He covered his face with his hands, resting his elbows on the legs, and sighed.
You looked to your left, still with the baby in your arms, but not looking at Camilo because of your face. You were red as pimento. And he was probably in the same situation.
You breathed in, looking at him after a few seconds. You snuggled the baby in your left arm and poked Camilo on his shoulder.
Still leaning on his body, he moved away one hand from his face, glancing at you.
“Maybe it's better to find his parents.” you let out, looking at the baby and Camilo. “The sun is disappearing.”
“Yeah, you're right.” He smiled softly. His eyes shrink always a little bit when he does that.
If you were made of ice cream, you probably wouldn't exist now. Every time that a smile appears on Camilo’s face, you melt. Your face starts hurting from smiling and from the blushing heat, and then something happens in your stomach, that it's like a nice pain.
His expressions are so adorable that sometimes you don't understand how you never said or did anything.
Phrases like “Omg how cute”, “Is this heaven?”, “Am I witnessing a visit of an angel?!”, “This must be a dream”, always fly across your mind, but your mouth doesn't move.
Letting those thoughts for later, you two stand up again and start walking in direction of the house of la família Gomez. The baby's parents.
Camilo and you didn't talk for a while until Señora Gomez appeared walking on the street, probably searching for you both, and immediately coming in your direction.
“Gabriel!” she says before carefully taking the baby from your arms, trying to not wake him up. “Grácias niños!”
“No hay de qué, señora Gomez. He's a sweet baby!” you told her.
“Yes, he is.” Camilo noted.
A beaming smile appeared on señora Gomes's face. Therefore, she leaves you and Camilo alone for the first time in the day.
You two decided to walk a little bit more around the village, and for the rest of your walk, Camilo tried to persuade you to go to dinner at his house.
The excitement that fills you when he says this type of thing is tremendous, and sometimes you even consider going along with it. But you're kind of intimidated by his family. They all have powers and are essential for the town, it's impressive.
The amazing Madrigal’s are amazing, just like the name indicates, but you're not sure if you want to dine with them. You're afraid that they wont like you. Even without knowing them first.
“Y/n, please! They would love you!”
“I don't know, Milo.”
“C’mon, princesa. I'm going to be next to you all the time!...”
You thought about it just for a little while.
“Ok, then Camilo.”
“Yes!” he shouted, raising his arms before grabbing delicately your left wrist.
“But I have to ask my parents first!” You couldn't even finish your sentence before being dragged by Camilo, running together through people and houses, in direction of Casita.
Note: I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did while writing it, and that someone out there at least thinks “mhm, not bad...” 👺 And I'm forcing myself to apologize for the song, but I would totally use it to try to make a baby sleep 😀 I just didn't remembered any lullaby and I tried to search for one but, they were too short?? Whatever, what I wanted to say is, I hope you enjoyed it and had fun :))
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