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If you don’t think Woody is the cutest cowboy in the world you can just unfollow me

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Too logical for #MAGA — view on Instagram

I work with kindergartners. I’ve been in the classroom during active shooter drills.

Most of them don’t understand. They get antsy. Understandably, they don’t like being crowded into the back into the coat area and forced to sit on the floor and be silent.

Meanwhile my brain is terrified: If this were real, we’d be all be dead, because some of these kids cannot stop goofing off and making noise. They’re five and they don’t get it yet.

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Dear YouTube Algorithm,

Stop asking me to take a survey for Trump. I can see very well that it’s sponsored and paid for by Trump’s reelection campaign. Ergo any negative opinion I have is going to be ignored, thrown out, or changed entirely, lest the baby’s feewings be hurted. Here’s my survey answer:

Copy and paste for each question. Take it and shove it up your chocolate cake.

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There is no right way to protest because that’s what protest is.

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Okay so I doodled these immediately after watching toy story 4 which is one of the reasons they aren’t fantastic but I still like them. I liked the idea woody would kinda change up his look like Bo when he become a lost toy okay? He’s an outlaw now!

I’m planning to post much more toy story content in the future. Blame @doobler

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Because what else would I do while listening my favorite podcast about serial killers than draw beautiful characters wearing lingerie.

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it’s just fucking SICK how white men can show up to public buildings with guns and police just stand and stare … white women will scream at minorities and protest for their rights to get haircuts and police won’t do anything … but say that black people should be treated like people and fucking tear gas and rubber bullets come out. when people say black lives matter, it’s a reminder because police keep acting like black lives are meaningless. every fucking day.

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I know Ranma and Akane are endgame but I can’t be the only one who actually prefers her with Ryoga, right? This is a guy who regularly takes advantage of his curse to sleep in her bed, and he still treats her better than Ranma. Ryoga not only respects Akane as a person, he defends her and won’t let Ranma talk bad about her in front of him, and he actually likes her cooking. Even before he tries it, he’s just so darn excited to be trying something Akane made. After? He can’t stop praising it. That’s a sign of true love right there.

I haven’t gotten to the episode with the alternate future where they’re married with three kids, but I have a feeling I’m going to count it as canon.

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Since Avatar The Last Airbender made a comeback I’m bringing back my favorite alta tik tok

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This characterization is definitely emphasized with Ty Lee’s acrobatics, flexibility, and ability to hit pressure points. There’s a level of subtlety and precision that is required for such skills. She had to know her own body to be able to bend it in such ways, and she has to know other people’s bodies to be able to disable them.


One of the best twist moments in Avatar is when Ty Lee suddenly and dramatically turns against Azula at the Boiling Rock. Azula was completely convinced that Ty Lee would obey her without question forever, but Azula wasn’t the only one fooled. Mai is just as shocked when Ty Lee rebels as Azula is. Ty Lee’s survival instincts were so sharp that she never let anyone know what she was thinking, not Azula, not Mai, and certainly not Zuko.

Zuko really believed that Ty Lee didn’t understand who he was at all. He completely bought into the act that she’s just a puppet for Azula, who lives in her “little Ty Lee world where everything’s great all the time”. But the thing is, Ty Lee is one of the most perceptive characters in the show, and she’s excellent at keeping that on the down low, but she sees a lot more of Zuko than he thinks, and a lot of what she sees is very familiar to her.

Overshadowed by prodigious siblings?

Wanting to be acknowledged for the talents you have rather than the talents you don’t?

Kept in line by fear?

Spending your whole life bending over backwards to fit the persona the royal family has set for you?

So yeah Zuko. She knows you.


people with bad taste are always like “yurr hurr The Beach is about zuko and mai and how they’re a great couple” while intellectuals know that Actually The Beach is about mining any and all of the untapped friendship potential of this striking exchange

And pretty much from the moment you meet her, it’s fairly clear that there’s more to her than her lighthearted, bubbleheaded persona, long before she uses her battle skills. Look at what happens when Azula recruits her. 


Azula used blatant intimidation tactics to get Ty Lee to comply, ordering the net to be set on fire and all the animals released (which, for the record, would not only have endangered Ty Lee but the circus creatures themselves–I bet Ty Lee was attached to them, and that would’ve been a double threat in itself). Ty Lee is visibly terrified, but instead of calling her out or letting Azula see that she was intimidated, she says this:


Instead of endangering herself by pointing out that Azula crossed a line, Ty Lee falls back on her talk of “the universe” and “auras,” talk that canonically gets her indulged or dismissed but never taken seriously. 

She knows that Azula’s dangerous. There’s no way she doesn’t know that Azula is threatening her. But if she can keep Azula from realizing she knows that, she’s a little safer. 

Because she’s one of maybe two people Azula never considered as potential enemies–even (especially, but that’s another thread) Ozai is a threat in her mind, but Mai and Ty Lee are the closest thing Azula has to trusted friends, right up until their betrayal. 

Ty Lee’s spent a lifetime cultivating a personality that not only allows her to stands out among her siblings–it protects her from being treated as a threat. When you’re friends with Azula, that is an essential facade to maintain.  and she does it consistently enough that no one ever sees through it.

All of the Fire Nation kids are so messed up. Zuko’s just the one who gets in the most trouble, because he’s the only one who doesn’t have a mask.

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I don’t see why I always have to be the damsel in distress. It’s not like I can’t take care of myself.

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Maui: Yeah…It almost sounds like you don’t like me, which is impossible because I got stuck here for a thousand years, trying to get the Heart as a gift for you mortals so you could have the power to create life itself.

Moana: Mortals don’t need the Heart. We’re perfectly capable of creating life on our own.

Maui: Oh really?

Moana: You see, Maui Demigod of the Wind and Sea…

Maui: You forgot Shapeshifter.

Moana: When a Mommy Mortal and a Daddy Mortal love each other very much-

Maui: GAH!!! I didn’t mean create life in that way!!!

(Mini Maui is making Bow Chika Wow Wow noises and dancing seductively)

Maui: At any rate, with the Heart I could have saved you nine months and at least eight hours of labor. (To Mini Maui) You can always tell which ones don’t have kids yet.

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Okay, so I just got shampoo in my eye (luckily my blind eye; it could have been a lot worse) and as I was grabbing said part of my face in complete agony, it hit me…that’s exactly how Zuko got his scar. Not the ‘shampoo’ bit, the ‘grabbing the face’ bit. Ozai put his hand to Zuko’s face is what I’m getting at.

I guess part of me always knew that, because his scar does look a lot like a handprint:

But still, whenever I thought about the agni kai, I’d imagine Ozai standing over his thirteen-year-old son and firing haphazardly like:

But no, I think he brings his hand right up to Zuko’s face. 

Which would explain, you know, this:

At first, I thought that he backhanded Zuko, like Azula does here.

But when I looked up these photos, it hit me (no pun intended) that we’ve probably seen the exact move that Ozai made:

Just at a different angle, because I imagine that he was standing over Zuko, due to the whole symbolism of height differences.

Still, I think he slowly brought his fire-encased hand up to Zuko’s face and held it there, burning him, just like he was about to do with Aang. The difference being that Aang is able to deflect the attack:

Which he was able to do, because he learned from Zuko.

I swear this show has more circles than a cheese grater…

That could also explain the way Azula mimicked him!! She’s using her right hand, which normally might be a little strange if you’re covering your left eye, but this way it looks like she’s using the hand that hit Zuko


And she would know!!!

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