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meh-aen2 months agoText


PSA: I would die for Mammon 馃憦馃徏 I would die to defend Mammon 馃憦馃徏 I would die to protect Mammon.

That is all.

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meh-aen2 months agoText


Moodboard for me specifically after hearing about mammon and diavolos fiance

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meh-aen3 months agoText


gifted kid burnout things that no one seems to talk about:

  • the raw panic of hearing about your potential, positive or negative
  • a weird brand of imposter syndrome where you genuinely think you鈥檝e fluked your way through every success and you鈥檙e gonna be Exposed as a Fraud
  • never having learned how to study and having no idea where to start now that you need to
  • reading college level books as a kid but being basically illiterate now
  • dismissing your struggles as irrelevant because other people have it harder and i should be smart enough to handle this
  • feeling like you鈥檝e lost all control over your life (maybe manifesting into depression, anxiety and disordered eating in a grasp for control over something)
  • being unable to decide on a career path because you could have had everything, only to watch those opportunities disappear as you fail to commit
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meh-aen3 months agoText

People are more interested in showing they have been to a certain place, by the glory and the status that it gives them, than to understand the soul and magic of said place or monument.

I would like to get lost in contemplation, like I did that time, when I was in front of theat girl with the earing. Before someone pushed me to take a picture of her eternally surprised face. Why can鈥檛 they feel it ? The love and melancholy that the painter put in her eyes ? Was it the reflection of his own soul ? How can we know if we never stop blinding her with our flashes ?

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meh-aen3 months agoText

The reason I don鈥檛 go out is not because I don鈥檛 like outside. It is because rare are the old bookshops, coffee house or museums that aren鈥檛 filled with people all the time. Gothic churches have lost their atmosphere of crushing and dramatic but emphatetic power, cemetery have now so many people coming to pray their respects to famous dead people without caring about the grave without name with the angel crying and the tree growing. You cannot walk alone in the forest anymore without fearing that, not an evil spirit or a faerie will play a trick in you, but a human will attack and harm you. I would like to be a ghost in this time where no one else can go out. So I could walk through the streets at night and not fear to be attacked, or run in the empty Greek aisle of the Louvre. Walk trough the Tuileries garden in the rain to take a look at the Nymph茅as while my heart would think in it鈥檚 most primitive language, poetry.

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meh-aen3 months agoText


social distancing is okay for me bc ive been touched starved since the 15th century. im used to it.

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meh-aen3 months agoText


Write they say…

My head is filled with images and words yet my depression and anxiety hold knives and teeth at my throat and head telling me my words are not worth it.

It hurts each night not knowing whether my art is worth the time of a soul in lands far from mine let alone souls a few doors away.

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meh-aen3 months agoText


I always wanted someone

to read between the lines

to ask why I chose that word

in that place -

someone who considers those kinds of things

is a rarity,

at least in my world.

they’re a burning torch

in dark times

I can see

a little better

these days.

it’s not so dark

with all this fire

around me

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meh-aen3 months agoText

My friends are my lovers. I woo them, gift them flowers, write letters for them to find when I鈥檓 not here and they鈥檙e lonely. I read books they鈥檙e interested in, I plan holidays in places they like, I teach them to bake, we drink tea under the stars. I wake up if they call me at 2 am saying that they need me, I go out in a rainy Sunday dawn to bring joy on their faces. I treat them right. Like every beautiful person deserves to be treated. And if people can鈥檛 understand how much I treasure them, I don鈥檛 care . They are the lovers of my mind. They inspire my poetry, they nourish my soul, make my heart warm and shine like the pigments of the aquarelle on my palette.

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meh-aen5 months agoPhoto










鈥 view on Instagram https://ift.tt/39UbApi

Text from image:

鈥渃o-quarantined with an abuser? worried about having to self-isolate from #coronavirus in a dangerous home situation?聽

Please reach out 鈥 contact @ ndvh National Domestic Violence Hotline:聽

CALL 1-800-799-7233

TTY 1-800-787-3224

Chat at thehotline.org鈥澛

end description聽 聽



@official-lucifers-child @friendlywolfgirl @yoshiyoshikage-tira-munchakoopas

i know you tagged me because i can signal boost this but鈥 this is me? and i鈥檓 actually thinking of calling this number?

This is why singnal boosting and tagging is important.

@midnight-spectrum-again @panpotterhead3000 please signal boost this

S i g n a l B o o s t

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meh-aen5 months agoText

Me : *dancing on glee covers in the dark at 2am*

The ghost haunting my house : *vibing with me *

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meh-aen5 months agoText


Human, minding their own business in their room: Oof..I’d sell my soul to the devil for a buttered croissant right now.

Diavolo, bursting into their room from a portal of fire with a plate full of them: BONJOUR! *wiggles brows and smiles*


His seven rulers have been too occupied with MC so he鈥檚 doing the job himself

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meh-aen5 months agoText



levi but with slightly curly/wavy hair鈥.. bc鈥. his straight hair just looks like all the boys in middle school who straightened their hair every morning聽

The Holy Trinity of Leviathan鈥檚 hair.

Curly + undercut + shows forehead a bit

You mean this holy trinity ?

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meh-aen5 months agoText


Why is everyone so mean to Mammon? Seriously, he still has feelings! Sorry for the bad quality, don鈥檛 know what鈥榮 up with that


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meh-aen5 months agoText


All I want is to rule the world next to Mammon and give Beel and Levi the hugs they deserve, is that so much to ask?

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