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I have been born so much and twice as much have suffered in the memory of here and there. ~Alejandra Pizarnik

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memoryslandscape·7 hours agoQuote
Greg Sellers, from “Elegy with Sky & A Closed Casket,” work-in-progress (20–); For a dear loved one that I lost yesterday … Requiescat in pace.
There’s a quiet bereavement of fireflies
that always fades at summer’s end
with a ritual burning of leaves.
And there among that ash smoke
of loss, blackbirds will gather
along the high lines.  They’ll
lift and fall, a mourner’s veil,
while dusk softly closes a lid
over the darkening Delta.
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memoryslandscape·7 hours agoQuote
Henry Taylor, closing lines to “Learning the Language,” The Flying Change: Poems (Louisiana State University Press, 1985)
Imagined air unweaves
our losses and dissolves
ourselves into ourselves,
scatters us into leaves,
and you and I become
whatever words we may
have come so far to say.
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memoryslandscape·2 days agoQuote
Anne Sexton, letter to Alfred Sexton, 27 September 1963, A Self-Portrait in Letters, eds. Linda Gray Sexton and Lois Ames (Houghton Mifflin, 1991)
To live and know it is only for a moment … that is to know ‘the soul’ … and it increases closeness and despair and happiness … My life with you increases all things because I value it so much.
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memoryslandscape·3 days agoQuote
Catherine White, from ”Distilling the Landscape“ ; visit Catherine White’s creations here.
My experiments in imaginatively interpreting the landscape challenge my habitual ways of looking and creating. It involves an acceptance of risk and a leap of faith that I can find a different interpretation that will ‘speak.’ I must have faith that a circular process–in which intuitive making alternates with critical judging–avoids digging a circular rut, but spirals into new insights.
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