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mentallyresharded·2 months agoText


Hope everyone’s Friday is great! Heres a lil throwback since video making has recently been hard to do while being homeless. My cat, my boyfriend and I are all trying to get by the best we can right now but it’s a struggle having to fit your life all into one car.

Missing you all though and hope you’re doing a lot better then me right now lol!

P.s… no worries but if anyone wanted to help ya girl get by a lil easier by sending some love by donations ;

Ca$hApp: $Smileyywicked🤷‍♀️🥰💝💋

Xoxo Blessed be!

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mentallyresharded·3 months agoText


Oh man, I really wish I could forget that feeling.

First, the increasing feeling of anticipation grows over you as you mix up the shot. Adding just enough water for the crystals to dissolve, crushing them with the plunger to speed up the process; stir.

Drop cotton in, slowly draw back, getting turned on as you focus on getting every last bit of liquid absorbed by the cotton and sucked dry by the needle.

Tie off, locate a ‘sweet spot’ on your arm. Anticipation is near peak. Poke, swallow saliva buildup, draw back. You are overcome with ‘Christmas morning excitement’ when you see that dark, red blood sip into the liquid through the barrel. Direct hit.

Release tourniquet, push plunger slowly. By the time you’re down to the last 5 units, you start to feel a tremble go up your spine and out your limbs. You get a chemical taste that starts out faint but quickly becomes prominent. You pull the needle out; raise your arm.. *cough*

A hot and intense rush comes swooping in; your breath is taken away comparable to getting a swift punch to the chest. Your face becomes hot, like if you suddenly opened the door to a hot oven. You feel a strong tingling sensation over every inch of your skin. Your chest feels tight, your arms and legs are trembling. You have the inner feeling as you would on one of those amusement park rides that shoot straight up in the air at great heights. Your mind is racing with thoughts that if spoken would not make much sense. When you do speak, the words you utter are babbled to a point of being almost inaudible.

You remain overwhelmed for a good 10 minutes. The feeling that your head exploded starts to de-intensify, and you’re high body temperature starts to slowly decrease. You feel inspired with creativity, or may feel extremely aroused. No matter what you’re feeling, it’s going to be a good feeling regardless. Not only is extremely euphoric as one could imagine, it also brings on a strong sense of well being and elevated mood.

When the rush wears down, you remain high for many hours. It could be 12 hours before you even consider taking another hit.

This route has made abstaining from using meth a much harder mental task, as the initial rush is just that enjoyable. I do not recommend IV injection to any meth user of other a lesser route. It just makes the negatives that much more complicated. Also, I do not recommend meth use to any who hasn’t already experienced it. It may seem exciting, but I promise you, the fun only lasts so long.

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mentallyresharded·3 months agoText

I seriously don’t understand how anyone wants to be sober like my life literally began when I took my first hit of ice and it’s been a ride since and literally having the time of my fucking life

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