mangos are awesome. i aspire to be as annoying as possible before i expire from life. i like stars.

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one day bernard will fail the test that is my patience and i will punt him off a bridge

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·3 days agoText

Allison: can you please STOP committing first degree murder?

Klaus: yeah! we’re gonna get banned from starbucks!


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mentallyunawareofpapaya·9 days agoText

if i make a depression joke, they get annoyed.

if i say im an incredible sexy human being, they call me arrogant.

stop denying me forms of humor, fuckass

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·10 days agoText


Bitch hang on a damn moment, i just recently started up Misfits because i love Robert Sheehan but Nathan is a more or less i can’t decide anyway! HE IS KLAUS i mean give it some thought my friends. One he is a somewhat junkie in the show well not really but hey,two he can see the dead,three he is the Irish version of Klaus i mean the signs are all there and i love it. Does that mean Robert Sheehan is not acting and he is really a Klaus Nathan mix

its the third time robert sheehan has played a dude who can talk to ghosts

he has a type

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·10 days agoText


the fact that the sides literally just follow thomas around talking all day makes me want

its been like three days and i only just realised i didn’t finish this fucking post

i meant to say ‘the fact that the sides literally just follow thomas around talking all day makes me want klaus hargreeves and him to meet’, but some people reblogged anyway which makes me worry about y'all. u ok?

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·12 days agoText

i think the reason i have no social tact in real life is because i use all my awesome talking skills on tumblr

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·13 days agoText

the fact that the sides literally just follow thomas around talking all day makes me want

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·15 days agoText

anyone remember when somebody posted a photo of some dude crying by the road next to a dropped bag of doritos and it turned out to be thomas sanders and thomas sanders replied to the person who identified him screaming about how sad he was about dropping his doritos

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·19 days agoText

au where klaus figured out he was immortal at like the age of 6

and god took pitty on him because he was so small and weak so she was actually nice to him

so klaus, at six years old, sees this 13-14 year old girl be really nice to him and helping him when he gets hurt, and immediately thinks ‘thats my big sister’

so god keeps helping him and comforting him, and because its klaus he keeps accidentally dying (maybe reginald find out and does his 'training’ but forces klaus to keep it a secret from everybody else) and they keep getting closer

even when klaus is an adult he still sees god as his big sister

so one day all the siblings randomly find out that klaus considers god his big sister and that all freak the fuck out

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mentallyunawareofpapaya·19 days agoText

the worst thing about having tits is that when i lay down in front of my tv they block the screen

like how tf am i supposed to watch adventure time if i have fleshy milk squirters in my way those things should be detachable

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