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King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and when King Laugh come he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the churchyard, and tears that burn as they fall - all dance together to the music that he make.

                                               -Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Quite a few reblog tags mentioned vampire!Louis fics so I am now shamelessly sending this post to every single fellow author I can think of off the top of my head in the hopes that A) maybe it’ll spark some inspiration! (You can never have enough 1D supernatural fics in my opinion) and B) you may send me any good vampire!Louis fics you know of! I’d like to make a post with them all for people to find! 🥰🤩 (Also I apologize in advance if anyone is triggered by blood. I have no idea if you do and no way of warning with this reblog! And I also hope it’s ok to tag you even if you have no idea who I am. I’m pretty new to tumblr and weird like this and want to be friends with every single fellow author in the fandom. 🥰)

@soldouthaz @twopoppies @lululawrence @louloubabys1992 @zannithinks @scrunchyharry @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed @dinosaursmate @loubellies @disgruntledkittenface @bearmustard @rainbowsedge @dinosaursmate @vintageumbroshirt @comebackassholes @28finelines @2tiedships2 @absoloutenonsense @allwaswell16 @becomeawendybird @lads-laddylads @falsegoodnight @femstyles @daffodilsforlou @voulezloux @slowlyseducedbycurls @makethebestofwhatyouget

(Please tag anyone else I’ve missed!!! This really was off the top of my head and a quick scroll through my tumblr.)

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#1dhalloween - day 3

Welcome to the Final Show! This book will take you on a nightmare journey throughout Halloween week. Each day a new creature arises and the haunting begins. Be prepared for the terror, for he is on his way. Get ready for the horror, shes lurking and waiting to emerge. Lock the doors and close the windows whatever you do, dont fall asleep.  

harry - liam - louis - niall - zayn - 1D - insp.

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Just wanted to say thank you for reblogging my fanart/manip post! It means a lot to me! 🥰 (and now that I’ve seen it on a phone screen I fixed the funky layout!) Thank you thank you thank you!!! 🤩

hello! ofc it was so good i loved to see it!! thank you so much for sharing your art with us and for tagging it so we all got to see it!!! It’s so good!!! 

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Hi so I know lots of people have their own tags they track based on user, but too many tags can get confusing (and also too many hides a post) so we decided to make a tag for ANY kind of art people make. It can be related to 1D (solo or not) but it definitely doesn’t have to be - if you write a poem and want to share that is definitely welcome under this tag! Basically, anything you create that is either 1d related in any way or not related to any fandom but is just like anything else you created (a drawing, a poem, a short story, a photo, etc) is welcome on this tag!

It’s #TracksintheAM and @theparisinterview @tomlinsno @cloudslou @home-compass @quelsentiment @essercipertuttienonperse @thelouistomlinson  @thechampagnelovers @chrysopon and I all track it - anyone else is welcome to as well :)

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Hi!!! I saw your name in Sus’ response to my seven sentence Sunday post! Author to author I love your writing!! Just wanted to let you know it’s brilliant! 🥰

thank you so much, love! it’s lovely to “meet you”! <3

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King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and when King Laugh come he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the churchyard, and tears that burn as they fall - all dance together to the music that he make.

                                               -Bram Stoker’s Dracula

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Was tagged by my queen @mercurial-madhouse to post something quite a while ago and its about time that I get over my writer’s block and kick it to the curb. Here’s a snippet from my @bottomlouisficfest

‘’Welcome to my office,’’ Harry says, voice catching him off-guard. He’s stood behind the chair pushed into the work table. The surface of said table is covered in inked paper and a laptop.

Harry’s work place, the place where he writes his masterpiece, is right there, for Louis to see.

‘’You were serious?’’ Louis finds his voice. ‘’About me being your illustrator?’’

‘’Yes,’’ Harry replies definitely. ‘’But before we talk about that, I have some things I want to say first.’’


‘’Like the fact that I like you so much,’’ Harry says, voice slightly trembling. ‘’and every time I tried to open my mouth and say something about it, I just couldn’t. For some reason, it was just easier to tease you and work you up instead.’’


Wait a minute….

‘’That can’t be true,’’ Louis denies. There’s a wide space between where he and Harry are standing but it feels wider, like an ocean apart. For all the years that he has worked for Harry, there has never been a sign or even an indication of what Harry is saying and Louis has been looking. He can’t have been so blind.

‘’It is true,’’ Harry says, affronted.

Hope this makes your day :D

I tag @fallinglikethis to post a snippet from any of your WIP pretty please :D

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the way this river runs

E | 27k | b!L

It’d be so easy to just open his mouth and plead with Harry, to scream I’m sorry until his voice disappears, but he can’t. Be it his pride or his ego or his insecurities, he just can’t do it. The worst part is that he knows Harry would probably forgive him.

But Louis doesn’t want phony forgiveness. He doesn’t want Harry’s soothing words and pity embrace, thinks he might just break altogether if he was offered them. He feels like he’s made of glass recently and it’s to the point where he kind of wants to tip over the edge, just to see if he’d shatter. Just to see who’d be there to pick up the pieces if he did.

(Louis is provided a chance to start over. He takes it.)

for @yvesaintlourent and @behisoneandonly 💛 with a lovely, lovely moodboard by @lovelylou ! ✨

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“It smells like what I imagine Joan Didion’s house to smell like.”

Harry glances from his laptop screen, where the bewildered interviewer is fish mouthing at him over Skype, to see if he succeeded in making Louis laugh. It’s a game they’ve been playing all morning; Louis doing his level best to maintain a straight face while he works while Harry tries to come up with the most ridiculous answers to the boring questions he’s being asked over and over, just to see if he can get Louis to crack. To his dismay, Louis is distracted by a notification chime on his phone, so he turns his attention back to the interviewer and tries to make up for dicking around.

“I like a fragrance that has some emotion behind it, don’t you?” Harry ignores the sigh of relief he gets in response, continuing, “The triggering of memories from smell is really strong for everyone. My mother has always worn the same perfume. It smells like roman candles and jasmine. So like anytime I smell it, I feel like a kid again. I feel like everyone has those.”

“Thank you, Harry, I couldn’t agree more. Now let’s chat a bit about your history with the brand. Since the start of Alessandro Michele’s reign…”

Harry can’t help it, he glances over at Louis again and this time Louis is looking back. He holds up his phone, turned so that Harry can see one of the photos from the perfume campaign displayed, the one with Harry resting his head on the shoulder of a fellow model. He thinks the reason Louis’ jaw is dropped is because the model is wearing the head of a vintage rabbit suit atop their Gucci ensemble. Harry smiles and shrugs. Might be a bit weird, but he likes it.

“Um, my history with the brand, yeah,” he says, unsure how obvious it is that he has no idea what the interviewer’s actual question was. “I used to wear all black, thinking you know, serious actor stuff, right? And not just that, but also, like, um a blank canvas kind of? So people don’t confuse me with the characters I play. But I think ultimately, you know, it’s okay to express yourself and just have fun with fashion, right? I wore this amazing suit that Gucci sent over a few years back, this black and white with the legs flared, and I had never really done flares before, and it was just really fun. I just kind of started wearing more and more of it, and at the same time just becoming a lot more comfortable in myself.”

This time when he looks over, Louis is looking back with a fond smile. He smiles back, toying with the pearl necklace he’s wearing beneath his robe, and almost forgets the interview entirely.

“…thank you so much for your time, Harry. We got some great stuff, I’ll be sure to send the final draft to Nick.”

“Thanks, thank you! Bye!” He does jazz hands at the laptop screen, flashing a wide grin to go with, and the interviewer laughs before ending the call. Just one more Skype call, and he’ll be done answering questions for the day.

The call from the next interviewer comes through almost immediately, no doubt due to Nick and Aimee’s highly efficient scheduling system, so Harry plasters another smile on his face and clicks accept. 


He can see Louis out of the corner of his eye, flicking through photos on his phone, he thinks, and he assumes that a Google Alert for the campaign came through. He’d sent Louis a few selfies that week, but he doubts they captured the free-spirited, hippie vibe of the shoot. Nick’s already texted asking why it looks like he’s joined a cult, but Harry loves what they worked on. 

The final interview starts with questions about the perfume, and Harry gives his standard answer about how it transcends gender, and how proud he is to be a part of the brand’s first universal fragrance. Learning lines has always been the easy part of his job, and he stifles a chuckle about how he can’t help but refer to Memoire as a perfume mentally when it’s been drilled into him by the PR team to call it a fragrance.

“But do you really wear it?” 

“I do wear it, all the time,” he says, flicking his eyes over at Louis as he adds, “I sleep in it.”

Louis looks up at that, a bit scandalized. He mouths the word “liar” at Harry, shaking his head, and Harry decides that his reaction is worth the headlines that quote will generate.  

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“Harry’s eyes were trained on one thing, and one thing only.”

“What is that?” he says, eyes wary as he takes in what’s in Louis’ arms.

“It’s a fennec fox,” Louis says with a grin. If Harry didn’t know him as well as he does, he’d probably have missed the way Louis’ grin is just slightly tense, as though he knows what he’s done is testing Harry’s limits.

“A fox,” Harry repeats, tone flat.

“A fennec fox,” Louis corrects, his grin turning slightly more strained. He holds the animal out towards Harry as though showing off a price.

“A fox, Louis,” Harry says, voice hitching. He runs his hand through his hair in frustration. Bloody hell, he thinks, this is what he gets for marrying a vet. “A bloody fox. Dogs and cats we said, remember?”

“But–” Louis starts, only to be interrupted.

“’Harry, love’, you said,” Harry continues exasperatedly, “’We’ll just shelter cats and dogs until someone nice is ready to adopt them’, you said. ‘Leave the exotic animals to Brian’, you said”. 

“But–” Louis tries again.

“No, Lou, I love you,” Harry sighs, trying not to look too much at the fox – sorry, fennec fox – in Louis’ arms. It really is rather cute. If he looks too long, he’ll be won over and Louis will have won. Like they both know he well in the end anyway. “I do. So much. But we agreed cats and dogs.”

“Actually,” Louis says,”Fennec foxes are commonly considered a mix between a cat and a dog, so technically…” Louis trails off, offering Harry that tentative grin that makes him look more 22 than 32, throwing Harry right back to when they met at uni.

Harry half-groans, half laughs. His bloody ridiculous husband brought home a fox for them to shelter, and somehow Harry can’t even be surprised. At least it’s not a tarantula. Then he might have had to file for divorce. He says as much out loud, earning a grin from Louis.

“Never, my love,” his husband says, taking a step closer and resting his forehead against Harry’s. “I would never.” And, luckily, Harry knows it’s the truth.

“Just foxes,” Harry says, leaning into Louis’ touch, looking down at the sleeping fox between them.

“Just cats and dogs and fennec foxes,” Louis promises, kissing Harry’s forehead.

“It is rather cute,” Harry admits reluctantly, reaching down to stroke it between its ears.

“I named him Ham,” Louis says then, handing the fox to Harry for him to hold. It barely even stirs, just continues sleeping in Harry’s arms.

Harry groans. “You are not getting any say in naming our children and that’s final.” His husband might have terrible taste in names but at least life is never dull with him. “But you will get to keep the fox.”

“That’s a compromise I can live with,” Louis laughs, leaning in to kiss Harry, the fox nestled between them.

The five-sentence-fic-meme ✨

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I’ve been tagged by @runaway-train-works@haztobegood@kingsofeverything@comebackassholes@jacaranda-bloom@bearmustard​ and @hazzabeeforlou​ to post lines from my WIP – thank you, lovelies!! Here are six-ish lines from my Grace Kelly AU:

Before Harry can launch into a tirade about how he’s the better driver of the two of them, a FaceTime call comes through from Louis and he accepts it without bothering to say anything to Nick.

“Hi, Lou,” he says, angling the phone so that he’ll be able to see that Harry is wearing the floral scarf from their last night in Paris looped around his neck. 

“Harold,” Louis replies, his voice only slightly strangled. “Is that–”

“Mm-hmm.” Harry gives him a trademark crooked grin. “I kept it.”

“You naughty, naughty–”

“Hi, Louis! Hello, hi, Nick Grimshaw here! Nice to see you. Hear you, I mean! Please don’t finish that thought, I am begging you.”

I’ll tag you all back!! 

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Last Line Challenge

@lululawrence tagged me to share the last line I’d written. 

Here’s three: 

Zayn nods, smiles sadly with the corner of his mouth. 

“Bye, Lou.” 

He leaves out the front door, doesn’t look back. 

I tagggg: @disgruntledkittenface, @jacaranda-bloom, @choface, @cocoalou, @londonfoginacup, @reminiscingintherain, @indiaalphawhiskey

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It’s Sunday in the UK so I’m counting it lolllll I was tagged by @femstyles, @haztobegood, and @kingsofeverything to share… well all of them were to share a snippet but for various things. I’m just calling them all Six Sentence Sunday cause why the hell not. lollll this is for my lockdown tomlinshaw fic!

“But what are you on about with moving in together?”

“Yeah, well, I hadn’t thought about it, but then the news continued on and some fancy health official I should probably know the name on came on and said that for people who are just starting to see each other or aren’t already cohabitating, that you have to make a decision. You can either not see each other at all during the stay at home order, or you move in together.”

“And you figured we should just move in together?” Louis asked, rubbing his eyes. He mentally wasn’t nearly so tired as he had been before, but his body was still trying to shut down on him. “Nick, what the fuck even are we?”

Wheeeeee haha And now I tag… @tempolarriefix, @bottomlinsons, @jaerie, @absoloutenonsense, @allwaswell16, and @becomeawendybird!

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fics i want to write but haven’t for various reasons

(or don’t know if i ever will)

Thank you @allwaswell16​ for the tag! I already have an extremely long wip list with fics I’ve started/outlined but for this prompt I decided to pick the fics I’ve either not started or outlined at all or fics that aren’t even on the list!

1. enchanted au - single dad harry, prince louis who’s soon to be married but is pushed through a portal into the wildly confusing and unfamiliar world of new york… 

2. the little mermaid au - basically just an excuse to get harry as prince eric which we never got in real life :’( 

3. yuri on ice au - one of my favorite shows <3 i actually did do a short word prompt for this already and i’ve began thinking about how i’d go about the story but i have no idea when i’ll get to it, if at all. 

4. sky high au - this would actually be a college au so i can age the characters up but new college freshman harry with plant powers, misunderstood and mysterious louis with fire powers, and a villain on the loose (if anyone has seen the movie - i am not keeping that antagonist, don’t worry <3)

5. swan lake au drabbles - not a fic, but i had three drabbles for this world outlined and i even started one… only to abandon it for four months ahhh. one day, i’ll get to them! i have faith!!!

6. ghost harry fic - i don’t know why but i’ve always been obsessed with fics where harry or louis is a ghost and i actually intended to write a ghost harry fic this halloween but it ended up being entirely different haha. maybe next halloween!!

7. an alex (dunkirk) x louis fic - the idea i had for this one has changed dozens of time but the point still stands: i will write a fic with this pairing!!

8. rival debate team au - college au, enemies to lovers, rival schools, lots of sexual tension in the room, fun times <3 i haven’t decided if it’d be ndt (national debate tournament) format or parliamentary (even though tbh i think louis would flourish with that). i’m also thinking side ziam so louis and zayn on team and harry and liam being their biggest rivals.

9. california ranch au - okay this one i’ve been thinking about a lot more recently, but it’s actually somewhat based on real life events. one of my best friends lives on a ranch in southern california and me and a couple of my other friends go down and visit her during the summer as much as we can. in 2019, we went down for half a month. her family had just hired this ranch hand/gardener to help out in the summer so they could focus on the oranges so of course i thought of the obvious fanfic concept there. unsatisfied with life and needing to get away, louis visits his old college friend at his/her (idk) ranch where he intends to spend a relaxing month… you see where i’m going with this, right? 

10. enemies to lovers fencing au - okay i lied - this fic actually currently has about 5k already but it’s entirely smut and i have no idea of what the plot is going to be (it also needs to be rewritten because it’s a m e s s) but one day i’ll pick it back up again! i used to fence so i have knowledge on the topic and i always love a good sexual-tension-filled sports rivalry <3

there’s a couple more that could fit the prompt but i’ll stick with these ten for now! thank you again anitra for tagging me!

i don’t know who has and hasn’t done this but i’ll tag @yvesaintlourent, @zanniscaramouche,  @loubellies, @tiredeyeslou, @raspberryoatss, @mugglemirror, and @thepolourryexpress if any of you haven’t already done this but want to!! no pressure, of course!

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Hello Darling

As CEO, Mr. Tomlinson is used to spending more nights curled on his office coach than his bed, but this time it wasn’t an impending merger or new client deal keeping him hibernated on the fortieth floor on Christmas Eve. 
A city wide blizzard warning, a power outage, and a dismal lack of tea leaves him hours away from what he expects to be one of the more pathetic Christmas mornings of his life. 
That is, until the new bright eyed intern scares the living crap out of him.

Larry - CEO / Intern - Christmas - WIP 

To be Posted in December as part of 1D Christmas Fest

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Six Sentence Sun… Wednesday?

From my BLFF fic On the Edge ❅⋆*+·゚:⋆*·゚

“Sir, our pre-flight can’t begin until all passengers are seated.”

Louis holds up a hand. “A moment, yeah?”

When he turns back the man in his seat is scanning him up and down. Louis’ never felt frumpier than in his loose flight trackies and he thinks really? You’re going to check a stranger out while we’re in the middle of a public argument?

thank you @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed for the tag ♡ I totally missed this on the weekend!! I just finished the first draft of this thing and the weight off my shoulders is ginormous despite the heavy revision it still needs.


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Hello! This is a blog to collect au concepts and fic ideas for writers who are looking for inspiration! 

Everything will be tagged with appropriate content warnings and helpful information so it’s easy to use and when this blog grows, there will be a more detailed navigation!

Feel free to send in anonymous asks, message privately, or submit a post (especially for longer concepts). Also feel free to send links to other posts with au concepts so I can collect them here for easier access!

If any writer sees a prompt they intend to write, let me know and I’ll add a note to the ask/post so that anyone who sees it can see it’s being written and anticipate it! 

Note: Even though this blog will predominantly hold HL pairings, feel free to send in prompts for any 1d-related pairing (only requirement is that at least one character of the main pairing is one of the ot5!)

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