This is just a Mess to be honest (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I DRAW FRECKLES THAT MIGHT TRIGGER TRYPOPHOBIA SO WATCH YOUR STEP OK Names Essy, 25, She/Her, Birthday 6th October, a Swede who is a multi shipper whore and who is obsessed over too many fandoms at once while she tries to make art but get constantly distracted by fanfics and other peoples art, charmed I'm sure~ Only SFW stuff here, most of the time OPEN FOR ASKS AND SOMETIMES IMAGINES AND SHEIT SO SEND SOME IN AND I MIGHT DO THEM DO READ THE RULES FIRST THO Not taking requests Warning: there will at times be fontcäst here, nothing graphic tho and none with the original bros or the swap bros because just nah man DO NOT REPOST MY ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION PLEASE Current Fandom obsession: Undertale and Sonic Fandoms I'm in: Undertale, Dragon Age, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Mass Effect, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Final Fantasy, FallOut 4, World of Warcraft, Yu-gi-oh, Dragon's Dogma, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, probably more Also this is my main and art blog, which is why there is mostly just reblogs here instead of art I USUALLY POST ART AND STUFF AT 18:00 PM CEST WHICH IS ABOUT 09:00 AM PDT AND 12:00 AM EDT SOMETHING

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quick reminder: if yall are trying to pick fights with a teenager on the internet over a fictional thing that doesn’t exist you people really need to find better things to do with your free time and/or life

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well shit new tumblr hit me now too, it looks fine but where the fuck is the activity on my dash???? that is like currently the only thing i care about where the fuck is it?? xD and xkit is not working either, which is understandable but still…

where the fuck do i turn this off?? i don’t want this right now grknjegjke


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well shit new tumblr hit me now too, it looks fine but where the fuck is the activity on my dash???? that is like currently the only thing i care about where the fuck is it?? xD and xkit is not working either, which is understandable but still…

where the fuck do i turn this off?? i don’t want this right now grknjegjke

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hiya! I figured id make an informational post about the little things ive noticed about being on testosterone that I found weren’t talked about a lot when I was starting my transition and even before when I was doing my research. I think that trans sexual health is an extremely important part of trans peoples lives (and that doesnt necessarily mean sex) seeing as the physical changes that happen during transition are often foreign to us. Sexual health keeps us healthy and comfortable in our bodies, so do your best to stay attentive to your body’s changes! As always, consult your doctor if you feel the need to. These are only tips ive learned from transitioning myself and from my doctor when I asked about certain things.


Fucking tumblr our here really trying to teach the world things


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So, this is a lineart belonging to my dear sweet @me-and-my-gaster, which I got through her patron since I am one of her patrons on it where depending on which tier, you get monthly goodies :>c Like colour pages, just like this one! 

So you guys who love to colour should really go and join her patron, she is a amazing af person and artist who I love so overly dearly, who deserves all of the support! You get so many awesome things in them bundles yes, would link but since this is Tumblr I kinda can’t. But just go to her Tumblr and check it out ye!

But I been wanting to colour one of these for flipping ages, and now today I finally finished this one xD which I have been working on since last year, but now it is finally done!

And damn am I happy with how it turned out, the colours turned out so frikking good and I had to much fun colouring them lines! I feel like I learnt allot from this one when it comes to colouring and it’s so interesting to see how other people do their art all up close and personal. There are some things I wish I had done a bit better, at the end I got really sloppy as I just wanted it done, but idgaf I am way too happy and proud how this turned out!

And I hope Gasty that you think I did your lineart justice UwU ❤ ilu!

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  • HEDGEHOGS ARE VERY PRONE TO CANCER! They also often suffer from fatty liver disease and heart disease
    so be prepared to have your hedgehog spayed or neutered and given care often by an exotic animal veterinarian for their 3 - 7 year life span!

they are often considered an invasive species and can spread salmonella

  • European hedgehog breeds can/will hibernate
  • they can be escape artists and run very fast
  • hedgehogs need to be entertained with good enrichment and means you will have to give them attention at night because they’re nocturnal and they are solitary


With the new “Sonic” movie hitting theatres, we suspect that there will be an influx of spontaneous hedgehog adoptions, and being as this is something we would like to avoid, I want to take a moment to give a few facts about hedgehogs.

• hedgehogs are solitary creatures. They do not want or need companionship with other hedgehogs, and in fact, they can and will most likely fight.

• hedgehogs are nocturnal—they are asleep all day and are awake all night.

• hedgehogs live an average of 3-7 years.

• they are prickly, and if not given plenty of attention, they will remain as such for the duration of their life time.

• hedgehogs require a variety of live insects in their diet, so if you don’t like bugs, these aren’t the pet for you.

• hedgehogs absolutely MUST stay warm, and require a lightless heat source.

• hedgehogs poop A LOT.

• the cost of vet care for a hedgehog is very high, due to the fact that hedgehogs are exotic, and with exotic pets comes exotic vet prices because not all vets are very knowledgeable about hedgehogs.

• hedgehogs are illegal in many places, so if you live in a place where they are illegal, PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE.

• hedgehogs are not rodents, and should not be treated like or compared to your beloved hamster. Their needs are VERY different.

• did I mention that they poop a lot?

PLEASE SHARE THIS. My goal is to educate as many people as I can, and if that means we save the life of at least one hedgehog, then my job has been done.

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Hey, everyone! Due to the sudden influx of viewers on AO3, the site has had to modify some things, including the experience of guest users and how hits are counted on the site. This is not the fault of AO3 (they’re doing their best to keep things up and running for all of us), but if you’re a guest user following stories on AO3, PLEASE make sure to leave kudos for your authors to see. We understand it can be difficult to get an account on AO3 (probably more now with COVID-19 leaving people in their homes), but sudden drops in statistics can be inexplicable and disheartening.

Keep your heads up, people. We’re gonna get through this.

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Opening commissions for March-April

What I will draw:

  • Undertale, Deltarune, Homestuck, She-Ra and their respective AUs
  • Original Characters (monstersonas, DnD characters, furries etc.)
  • Ships (canon, fanon, alternate universe, self-insert, OCs)
  • NEW: Tarot cards (more examples here)

What I won’t draw:

  • NSFW, nudity, gore, hate art, fetish art
  • Complex designs like mecha (I’m not good at it)
  • Ships between family members (born or raised or ectosibs)
  • Ships with minors

Additional Information:

  • The more reference the better, but I can work with descriptions too!
  • The finished picture will be posted on social media, HD version of the picture goes to you for personal use only (like printing on a shirt or as a poster)
  • Do not remove my signature/link; Do not edit the drawing in any way; Do not repost it unless we agree otherwise
  • I will ask you whether I can use your commission as a Step By Step Patreon Tier reward (you will receive the file no matter if you’re my patron or not)
  • Payment first, via PayPal only
  • Don’t be afraid to ask me if you’re not sure about what I will and won’t draw!
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My brother and I found a stray cat, they are in super bad condition. Their hair is super matted and they are skin and bones. We already have 4 other pets but this one would have died if we hadn’t gotten them. We are still unsure if they will make it. Any money you can spare would help greatly.

Here is my ko-fi:

Buy Kuroshiro101 a Coffee.

Any help would be great and if you can’t donate, please reblog this post.

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since i only ever send rick rolls to ppl i figured id just post one for all my followers for april fools day this year to save myself the effort

happy april fools y’all

how bad could it possibly be

this is it.  this is my favorite tag on this post

it’s time. its been a whole year since i made this post

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Hellu bb UwU ❤ while I do not get or understand at all the whole thing with the god tie pyjamas, so am I gonna join anyway and ask once more for the Boney boy, in pyjama seer with the light colours, the orange one's, as I feel it could fit him and he would rock it good yes

Pajama Doodle - Day 1: Seaswap Papyrus as a Seer of Light

It’s ok! The thing isn’t easy bby! But you’ve picked a very pretty color scheme for our most beautiful pirate in the world. Orange suits him, of course! And I think he would enjoy the golden/sun hues of his outfit.

Also, every time I think about this outfit, I hear this amazing music.

My Patrons get doodle priority!

Event Rules HERE

🎃 Patreon  ☕ Ko-Fi 🎨 Commissions

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