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She//her/馃嚤馃嚢/muslim 丕賱丨賲丿 賱賱賴/ emt/ I don't follow a certain aesthetic, I just reblog stuff to which I relate - deal with it.

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is anything as pure as a mango. is anything as humble and good and forthright as a mango, i ask you.

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THE headline of all headlines

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鈥淎ct justly, love mercy and walk humbly.鈥

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inspired by Animal Crossing, I鈥檝e started doing this thing where I mail my best friends a framed picture of myself and then never speak to them again

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this聽鈥渂on appetit鈥 meme has turned into some sort of bizarre telephone game where each incarnation sounds more and more different than the original. in what way does聽鈥渂on appetit鈥 sound like聽鈥渙steoporosis鈥

i don鈥檛 know but it鈥檚 cracking me up every time i even think about it

guys guys guys

鈥榦steoporosis鈥 is a disease in which bone mass decreases

so they mean fucking

鈥淏one Atrophy鈥

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Mobs of angry white people, protesting for their right to [checks notes] get a haircut鈥攊n the middle of a pandemic鈥攜elled at cops, shoved them, threw things at them, and were nowhere near being respectful or peaceful, but for some reason, police officers didn鈥檛 mace them, didn鈥檛 shoot rubber bullets at them, didn鈥檛 tear gas them, and didn鈥檛 kneel on their necks and choke them to death. Qwhite interesting how differently white people are treated even when they disrespect the police and even when they riot over things like [checks notes again] their sports team losing or hell, even winning a game.


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鈥淎 few years ago I was working the graveyard shift at a hotel in Orlando. It was 鈥榯hat鈥 hotel, the cheapest one in the area. The place where people go for an hour to do the things they need to do. And not only was I working there, but I was living there too. Because my wife was pregnant with our second child, and it was the only place we could afford. Late one night I鈥檓 sitting in the lobby with the owner鈥檚 son. It was just the two of us. He was from New York. He graduated from college and worked at a hedge fund. But I was still holding my own with him. I was able to challenge some of his beliefs. Because even though I鈥檓 working at a cheap hotel, I still know a lot of things. Then at one point he looks me dead in the eye, and says: 鈥榊ou know what? You鈥檙e probably right. You deserve more. But why would I ever give it to you, when I can get you for this?鈥 And that broke me. Because he knew. He knew what it all comes down to in the end. He knew he was going to drive away in his Tesla. And I was going to leave my desk, and go back to my room, in the hotel that he owned, which I couldn鈥檛 even afford with the money he paid me. He knew my wife was sick. And my child was about to be born. And that I had no other options. And it鈥檚 just so hard, man. It鈥檚 so hard to live in a world that wants you to be weak. That wants you to be an angry black man. Especially when you work your ass off every day. And you love people. And you tell your kids to be a good person. But I will say this, man. I鈥檝e never buckled. A few weeks ago I lost my job. I just lost my home. It was just a room in some guy鈥檚 house, but it was where we lived. And we lost it. But I鈥檓 not going to fall down now. Because I鈥檝e got to keep fighting for my family. Nothing else in this world matters man. They are god and my world. I鈥檝e got a wife who treats me like a hero when we鈥檙e sleeping on the floor. And I鈥檝e got the sweetest, most innocent kids man. They are just so sweet. And it鈥檚 so hard. Because they don鈥檛 deserve any of this. So I鈥檝e got to keep fighting. I don鈥檛 need money or cars but they don鈥檛 deserve any of this. So whatever it takes. Oh shit, man. I鈥檓 so sorry. I鈥檓 so sorry. But it鈥檚 just not right.鈥

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my komputer: *beep*

me: o im fine thank u how are u

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Cute music terms to name your children:

  • Viola
  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Cadence
  • Carol
  • Hymn
  • Celeste
  • Clef
  • Agitato
  • Oboe Player
  • F Sharp
  • Barbaro
  • Plagal
  • Smorzando
  • ii鈾 6-4
  • Canon in inversion and augmentation
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