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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

midnite-snackin·10 hours agoAnswer
Are you okay if I dm you or do you prefer asks? Hope quarantine is going okay

You can dm me if you want

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midnite-snackin·2 days agoAnswer
It lets you cancel straight away, that’s what I’ve done anyway 😂 just in case I change my mind

Oh yay!!!

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midnite-snackin·2 days agoAnswer
I will have to have a look, I’ve seen it advertised but not watched it. And Disney has a 7 day free trail! Might be worth it on lockdown.

It’s mental honestly and kinda sad

Oooohhhhh I so wanna but I just know I’d forget to cancel 😂

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midnite-snackin·3 days agoAnswer
Glad to hear you’re keeping busy. Netflix for me too and reliving my childhood through Disney+. Other than that I am working from home so still some working hours. Binged watched anything good?

Aaaaaah wish I had Disney+

Ah fair, hopes that’s alright for you.

Yes!!! The Tiger King! If you haven’t seen it then you HAVE to watch it. It’s fucking mentaaallll

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midnite-snackin·3 days agoAnswer
Hey beautiful, I hope you’re keeping well during quarantine. What have you been up to at home?


Thank you, you too Anon 🥰 some gardening, some drawing, housework, Netflix,…that sorta stuff. Wbu?

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midnite-snackin·3 days agoAnswer
Hey there! You flolowed me back on my blog, but just so you know I went back to use my older blog again. I will delete the other one so you can follow me back on this one now if you want!

Thanks for letting me know 😊

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midnite-snackin·5 days agoText

Hi Followers

I’m sorry I haven’t been on …like at all 😂 Thank you to those who have stayed with me 😊

All this Covid19 stuff has been quite stressful but I also just find myself doing other things than tumblr now, idk why but this happens yk? I’ll probably get reobsessed with tumblr at some point.

If anyone wants to see my face and support a hobby I have, I do have a public makeup Instagram (not that I’ve posted to that either in a while, but there are many selfies on there hahaha) just message me for the @

I hope you’re all doing ok. I love all my followers tbh, and hope everyone’s dealing alright with the pandemic. I hope no ones ill but if you are then I hope you recover and feel better soon ❤️ if a loved one is ill I hope the same for them. If you’re struggling with isolation then I’m sending you hugs and love and a ‘I’m with you’ vibe. We just gotta try make the best of it yk?

If you’re being selfish and ignoring all the guidelines and going out and socialising and what not then you’re a prick and i don’t care about you 🤷‍♀️ Please think about the strain you’re putting on hospitals and health workers and people at risk. You’re complicit in the progression of covid19.

Anyway, this was really just to say hi and hope you’re doing ok. Sorry I haven’t been around. If you made it to the end of this, love you 💕

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