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TEAM KAGAYA ( ALL THE MALES HASHIRAS)Kyojuro| Uzui | Gyomei | Obanai | Gyuu| Sanemi| Muichriro |Kagaya| Yoriichi| | Shinjuro | Haganezuka
TEAM MUZAN (ALMOST ALL THE MALES)Muzan | Kokushibou and as Mitkatsu | Akaza| Douma | Yushiro| Adult Rui
THE BOYS Tanjiro | Zenitsu | Inosuke| Genya
🛡 In this context none of the characters are married or minors all of them are adults.
Links: Kyojuro |Tanjiro | Obanai | Inosuke | Gyuu | Uzui | Yoriichi | Akaza
Tumblr media
"- You are all weak." Said Akaza as he looked you in the eye after killing your entire team and only you left in the middle of the blood coloring the ground. Smiling fangs tear your heart apart. "- Put this sword down woman, do you really think that after all this, you can do anything? You're a woman, I can think about letting you live."
The horrendous scene before you was an undeniable fact, the bodies torn apart only by the hands of the upper three moon didn't make you see halos of light ahead. Everything was gray. Your eyes and ears contemplate the silence that is around you.
"- Go away, I don't have to kill a weakling woman, I just need to fight the strong ones. "
Your blood boils with his words. The memories of your conversations with your best friend, Kamado Tanjiro, and how they were able to win the fight against the upper six moons come to your mind.
Akaza gestures like, "whatever you do I don't care." And before you, mocking your injuries and staring into your eyes, he scoffs at the blood that was spilled, with his face practically glued to yours.
As a Tengen-trained hashira, you became extremely fast, but until then you hadn't been fast enough. But... What would that matter now? You would only use your whole being to hurt him. You have nothing to lose.
He has his eyes fixed on your pupils, while you stare back at him without fear. That absence of fear mixed with Akaza's head. Very different to the ones screaming before dying by his hands. But he provokes anyway.
"- You're hurt, you can't beat me, you really want to die here---
Your forehead hits Akaza's faster than he could have predicted. And in a second your sword went to his neck. He is totally surprised. A similar scene came into Akaza's mind, he remembered Kyojuro... but... your forehead despite being very fast, it's not hard like Tanjiro's, and in his near victory, Akaza's shocked look is the last thing you see before the beautifully moonlit night becomes like the deepest darkness as you faint.
Akaza looks at you lying on the ground with your forehead bleeding and your hand still firmly gripping the sword. In Akaza's eyes along with the fingertips on his own neck, it showed that this last blow was unexpected. But now you are unconscious. Akaza kneels...
So many different feelings as he thinks about it right now. A more careful look reveals to him, your shapes, your face, your marks, the wind blowing your locks. You were just a defeated human ? Anyway extremely strong arms surround your being that lead you wherever he wants. But your sword stays behind...
You wake up and you can barely see, you are in a dark place. Thus gaining your consciousness back you sit up quickly. Touching the walls, you realize that everything has been sealed from the sunlight... Of course. 
"- Looking for something?"
The voice is familiar but you don't like it. You sigh in despair. Your muscles soften your heart beat fast.
"- You are weak, but you seem to have your moments of strength." You look in the direction from which the voice comes in a tone of recognition...
"- I already told you, my name is Akaza, and you are y/n, I heard your companions call you by that name."
You remain silent trying to process so many tragedies and now you are in the hands of someone who has the power to kill with his own fists. Your painting is all Akaza can hear.
"- Listen it's night already, I'm leaving and you'll stay here. You can try to escape but I don't think you'll have any success."
Akaza is deriving pleasure that comes from your agony. The smiling tone never leaves the vocal cords of the number three upper moon.
The questions in your mind. "What will he do? How will he kill you?" He leaves you in distress. You are dehydrated and without food. It's been two days, and one of the infected wounds you have presents you with a fever. Yes, you tried in every way to get out, but in vain. Finally with a high fever you collapse into bed.
After a while, Akaza breaks in the door in an attempt to scare you, but so much time away from humans has made him forget their needs. He saw you on the bed, and realized that you were sick. You were supposed to be Akaza's new "prey", but anyway he moved by instinct.
He approached you, and felt the high temperature emanating from your body. You were panting. And in hallucinations you start speaking, he goes out for some moments, and now back to where you are, at this moment even he don't know why but, Akaza already had in his hands the remedy for your illness.
He was changing the cloth on your forehead to control your temperature. In addition to telling you, "how pathetic and fragile humans are", your cough cut the words of Akaza who started to wonder now consciously worried. "- What reason am I taking care of someone who tried to kill me? " Among other things... but the idea of ​​not seeing your face anymore was not pleasing to the mighty Akaza. He is frustrated with this, and doesn't know why, but keeps doing it anyway.
Your breathing calming over time, and care strangely brought about something Akaza hadn't expected to him it was, relief.
Akaza has excellent night vision. He can see through the darkness. And now that you're recovering your temperature drops, even more so in time. Akaza notices your skin prickling from the cold, your bed doesn't have a blanket. Akaza knows what to do if he wants to play with your agony for some more time, he can... But why the fear?... Does a bedridden human frighten him?
No, no... You're just a human... But…let's say…a beautiful human... Akaza feels the heat on his cheeks as he undresses your body, and sees every part of you shivering with the temperature, the vision he has for the first time of a woman,  not just a human hypnotizes him.
But, you need heat or you're gonna die... Focus Akaza...Focus... He lies down next to you, his skin against yours make he feel different. And being slightly bigger he covers you. Your body heats up.
For you it's like a medicine in the right dose that will guarantee your survival, for Akaza...It's another story, the smell that comes out of your nostrils to him, the smell of your skin, the touch of your whole body glued to his, are a new desire awakened, so damn addictive to him.
In Akaza's arms, he hears your sigh that reflects a calm, as if you've found your home in his arms... oh he can't describe the feelings. It's something strong...Hate??? Or something so close to that? His hands act on their own.  He caresses your face, pulling the hair off your sweaty forehead.
Akaza...you already warmed her up, you can go out now...But…He refuses....
You are a "weak human"... "Akaza's weak human… and it's clear as water….you need him, look at you... so fragile, impotent,  if you weren't in his arms right now you would die y/n." You lose y/n... He repeated this on his head again and again...
Who are trying to convince, Akaza?...
The day dawns and you open your eyes and you are feeling in the darkness a body enveloping you, you know who is...
Without realizing it while sleeping, you hugged him back, leaving him even more bewildered about what he should do. Your wild smell makes the number three a prisoner. 
As you are awake you try dialogue.
"- I need to go, please, Akaza." You say in a weak voice to the strong predator that chains you in an enveloping embrace, warm and tender.
Would it be the embrace of death?...
"- You are so soft." Akaza whispers as you said in such a sweet way the words to him...
You feel that he could know this fact by running through your entire being, with the strong hands he has. But actually he tried to refrain himself many times, but with his fingertips,  slowly and with delicacy he knew you all by his touch.
You said tou need to go, but why don't you even try to move y/n?
A burst of flashes pass through your mind. You were fed, hydrated and cared for in every way possible. You have among your fever illusions the memory of the care that that "terrible" oni gave you.
You were better, the memories along with each description of the beautiful designs and colors that adorned Akaza's face and body weren't any help. "- I do not see anything, it's so dark."
A dim light is placed near you. The look you can see now penetrates you like the sharpest blade the best blacksmith could not make. And...Oh damn...the creature before you is terribly charming.... Yes y/n, just admit it darling, you stupidly fell in love with who you never should.
"- Never." He said.
You frown in an attempt to understand.
"- Never, it's the day you can leave my arms y/n. Listen weak woman...You became mine when you lost, for being so weak, for not being able to beat me, this will be your punishment, and you will suffer the consequences."
After some hours of silence of both of you and of stillness, you finally become aware and could not fight against it anymore...
"- I thought you didn't like weaklings, Akaza."
He responds with surprised and proud eyes. "- I don't, so you'll pay for it, having to stay here."
With a slight smile on your lips you look at him all over his face. As if admiring the skies and stars on a starry night.
"- Akaza... You need a better plan than that. Because in this warm embrace of yours, suffering is the last thing on my mind."
In shock and amazed and finally bewitched by you,  Akaza has no reason to hold himself anymore and kisses you deeply, passionately, and in all your "suffering" you accept the punishment that has been assigned to you... And you are willing to suffer even more for all what you have done wrong for being so "weak"...
Thankzzzz my dears...Tell me ur fav, maybe we can write about it next ^^
Taglist: @aztecdragonwarrior @madamxrose @kiwinfinity @cherryblossomsenpai
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Man she is the best writer, this girl absolutely rocks!!!!! Can't wait... OH MY, my L fanfic 💓💓💓🍰🍰🍰🍰 *rolling on my bed*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She is adorable 😌
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Ok... L phase now, the emo sweet boy just got my entire being...🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
Imagine run the fingers all over his hair 😑😑😑💓💓💓🍭🍭🍭🧚🏾‍♀️🎼🍨🍬☺
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Yo, future father in-law out here showing his tiddies again
Tumblr media
Cmon dude, his child it's hungry... I'm the child
... Look at ur boy. He is like Demi Moore.
Tumblr media
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when I read your posts (in fact, Giyu is my man) I get butterflies in my stomach. you're just a wonderful little kitty. so glad i found you ^33
Awwww!!! Man.... just can't...my heart it's so full of warm feelings for this!!! Darling , you are so nice, I'm really happy that I could reach out your feelings, this is like a trophy to any writer. After the end of the series, feel free to ask anything about your man, I will answer, trying my best to get your expectations...to keeping bringing the butterflies with beautiful colors to dance inside of your lovely being.
I'm really grateful for your words! 🙏🏻💓
Tumblr media
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takes 2 seconds to write a spoiler warning 😐
YEAHHHH!!! Generous "anon" ... " I believe with all my heart that you are sooooooo honestly, sincerely, candidly, in the name of justice, interested to the ones who have not seeing these finals"... No ones knows what happened in these animes right? "I'm sure that u are worried with them, and not cause u want argue"😉
pff... Oh my...
But anon... as your command, I put a warning anyway on the post. In consideration with ppl who never heard about Death Note...KNY...Naruto...Cowboy Bebop etc...
*I bow in reverence to the boss anon*
It's incredible how anons are so virtuous. 🛡
Man...I never needed do nothing as anon...
It's ok to be anonymous, if ppl want make a request, that's fair...but as u, who comes just to get into an argument...😴😴😴
Man ppl like u make me lazy as f ...
Now get out of here, I don't like u...
anon "brave" person behind the device.
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Darling 💜 how are you 💜💜💜 I JUST LOVE YOUR YANDERE SERIES SO MUCH, please don’t forget to tag me specially when you ge to the Akaza one! Ugh you know how much I love that pink demon 😩💜.
Hugs and kisses 💜💜💜
Hey u sweet thing, so you liked??? I'm flattered now, my chest it's like Uzui's chest lol!!!!
OF COURSE I will tag you 💓💓💓
And as you asked... So, Akaza will be the next one, k?
I'm really glad that u liked, so happy with this message, makes me feel that I'm writing to some ppl who really appreciates!!!
Thanks my sunflower lots of love to u !!
See u on Yandere Akaza 😏
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I'm into 2D man...
And dead ones...
Plz help
Spoilers ahead ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
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Heyy, how are u? Just wanted to check up on you just because 💕
I'm great, sweetheart, u r checking cause u r a lovely creature 😗💓 N yourself? All good there ??
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This is me when I read your stuff 👀👀👀
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LOL you don't know how hard I laughed here dude 🤣🤣🤣 ... Let me guess... Yandere Yoriichi???? Right???
Or Enji?...
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Long Live Coppy Patch
Long Live Coppy! Here’s a patch! For you! Don’t say we don’t spoil you.
2.68″ wide x 4″ tall. Custom woven with a heat seal adhesive on the back. Ready to ship in mid-March.
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Tumblr media
Why, hello dear, how are you?
I have seen that my father has been a little bit… not to open about your approaches, but I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman!
And well, that is something that no one can deny!
But if you ever want to go for a cup of tea or coffee, you will make me a very happy man if you accepted my invite…
If you catch my drift.
I hope you have a wonderful week, darling🔥!
WHATTT!!??? An invitation??? From Kyojuro ???
Tumblr media
*Pretends be shy to hide my evil intentions with this boy*
Tumblr media
Ohhhh, how lovely...Don't make me blush like that, Rengoku-San... That's not fair...
Of course I accept it.
Tea, coffee...hugs and kisses, bites e etc... lol... And...Regarding your dad... Oh Well... Who needs him when... as your brilliant friend, Tengen would say... "You are by far, much more flamboyant."
*Thinking out loud* : I'll get that flame boy uhull 😆😆😆
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PART 7 /YORIICHI TSUGIKUNI oh this yummy man...
Kyojuro| Uzui | Gyomei | Obanai | Gyuu| Sanemi| Muichriro |Kagaya| Yoriichi| | Shinjuro | Haganezuka
Muzan | Kokushibou and as Mitkatsu | Akaza| Douma | Yushiro| Adult Rui
Tanjiro | Zenitsu | Inosuke| Genya
🛡 In this context none of the characters are married or minors all of them are adults.
Kyojuro/ Tanjiro/ Obanai/ Inosuke/ Gyuu/ Uzui /Yoriichi (This one) /Akaza
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What is left ?  Only death as a companion, as the lot of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was day after day fulfilling his self-imposed duty.  kill onis.  The last color Yoriichi remembers before seeing the world in white, black and gray was the vivid red of the bodies of his loved ones on the ground.  From then on, Yoriichi would have clouded vision and the thirst to see the same vivid red, even more sparkling under the moonlight that would be Kibutsuji Muzan's. 
The hands like light feathers lightly handling the red Nichirin sword to send the heat of the sun moves with each confrontation in a sure way, by the gift bestowed on him, to see through living creatures, any of them, even the king of the onis. 
In his purpose Yoriichi joins the oni hunters.  Assessing each one's condition to teach their unique breathing technique.  There is someone who cannot be evaluated, you.  Why y/n, why the only creature that can't be seen through you is you?  Yoriichi is led to assess her by looking at her condition from the outside. 
Correcting your wrong moves, Yoriichi needs to grab your wrists, direct your punches, while one instruction and another where you are attentive Yoriichi's gaze finds you.  He deflects back to his wrist, which he seems to be contemplating. 
The night is coming, everyone goes to fight. 
Yoriichi is walking alone, just like you.  But what tightness in the chest is this?  It's true that pain is part of Yoriichi's journey, but when did something other than ordinary, chronic sadness invade him?  Anxiety is not a common thing for the warrior who can beat anyone.  Even though Yoriichi doesn't like to refer to himself that way, he knows he's been blessed with a gift... But... What gift is this?  Which doesn't let you see through someone "ordinary" for the first time... You're human for sure... Aren't you?... And since when are there more than three colors?... Because your iris is the fourth element ?  Just to start... As you approach the forest, without realizing it, there are steps next to yours. 
"- Yoriichi!!!" 
There is no smile, or expression of sadness.  There is no reaction.  He just exists...
In the same night you move your Nichirin to attack the oni, but your company when you realize it has already made them a thing of the past. 
"- Yoriichi, thank you, but I think we'll do better if we go in different directions. You seem to be able to take good care of everything."
  Yoriichi looks at you and continues where he is."
You in your mind seeing that there would be no dialogue responds to yourself.
"- Ok."
You almost didn't get your hands dirty, but Yoriichi has a cut. When pointing at him and going to say something , Yoriichi makes a gesture with his index finger, as if to "silence" and then an oni that was not noticed by you appears, and in fractions of seconds it is undone by Yoriichi. He even cut his arm to attract the oni that was hiding in the darkness. You silently because it was already dawn and surely this was the last of the mission take your scarf and tie it to Yoriichi's cut.
That while you are treating him, he doesn't take his eyes off you. The enigma in the beautiful look from Yoriichi makes you blush. And although he can't see right through you, this is something that was handed to him. Bowing down, he thanks you for your gesture.
"- No need for that Yoriichi." You say touching him on the shoulder so that return to the original position. Yoriichi's shoulders are broad and handsome, as is the whole look.  break it has. 
You go back to your homes.  You bathe and are resting in your bed, after a whole night awake, fatigue is inevitable.  You have the habit of leaving your door to your garden open, now under the moonlight only the thin sheet brushes your body, your curves. 
Yoriichi has always been sweet and quiet... But something since your arrival has molded him, and it's not you who does it, but Yoriichi's imagination.  Yes...He is stalking you.
..." And if he was with Uta all the time… Would she have gotten lost?… He gave up so much for others.  And before him now bad news.  The brother turned away his mercy was taken away as something to turn against him... What if now, he could have the life he wants?... Without worrying about all the ungratefuls who gather to judge him?... But not you… Ahhh you.  Always so sweet to him, understanding… Ah, how long has Yoriichi not felt the warmth of someone?
Everybody seems to pay his good with evilness …And now, inside of him, the good and bad wolf are fighting… But the bad one is biting the neck of his essence from the inside.  After his brother chooses to become an Oni, Yoriichi is kicked out of the team….All the ones who he has spent time with, and being kind to them now, want him to commit Sepukku???
After all he's done for them... Normally, he would remain silent and inert, humble... But the animal inside him encourages his being to fight... as he is surrounded in a circle around him, full of shouts and offenses,. No more, he said to himself, standing up he points his sword at each one of them but no you, you support him, and he notices. The team of hunters. 
"- I made you who you are, look at you. Which one of you has achieved my technique? Are you frustrated that Kibutsuji Muzan ran away, and which of you would even survive an encounter with him?"
Everyone is surprised… Yoriichi was always quiet, but his words cut all of them inside. It was not in his former nature to behave in such a way.
 On his steps outside, Yoriichi calls out to you.  You are all watching.
  "- Yoriichi, please, calm down."  Everyone's posture changes with respect to who he is. 
Yoriichi blankly says he does not care with the rest, and speak just with you. 
"- I need to give you something. Come with me y/n."  Without asking again, you knew you would have to accompany him. 
Upon arriving in front of a beautiful lake, Yoriichi peacefully looking at the reverberating water speaks.
  "- Listen y/n. Marry me. You and I are going to start a life together. Away from this place."  Yoriichi's tone still sounded like a superior. 
Although yes… You had fallen for his charms, that was sudden. But this? Was it the death of his wife, the loss of his brother?  It is not known, but the change was visible.  And looking at you with the beauty of a mythical creature he affirms. 
"- That wasn't a question, y/n."
You frown.  "- Yoriichi that's how you want to court me, like an idiot? Are you going to force me, is that it? You say smiling in disbelief." 
Looking again in order to dive into your being he says. 
"- I love you. Let's be together." 
You lost your breath for a moment with his total honesty.  "-Yoriichi, I think you're in shock–." 
As you speak, he puts you on his shoulders effortlessly.  Raising your voice, you order him to put you down, while debating on his large shoulders. He lowers you for a moment you thought you were taken care of. 
Yoriichi with his index finger speaks of the consequences if you keep acting like this.  "You can go back, but just know y/n I'm going to exterminate them all. You know I'm not lying. You choose y/n, I don't care about them." 
Your eyes widen… You know, none of them would stand a chance against Yoriichi.  Then realizing that you got the real meaning, silently he takes your hand with an indecipherable gaze.  And take you with him to your new road in life.  Rules are imposed along the way… You belong to him now.  You two will have a family and you will be Yoriichi Tsugikuni's wife. 
Your eyes are wetting your face below.  He stops for a second.  Wiping your tears, he speaks.  "-Stop crying love, you know I know you want this."
You can just stay quiet...
You get married as he wishes. Yoriichi takes you as his wife, in your nights together you feel him boiling over for you. He becomes sweet and affectionate when he loves you, making you feel sure that he's the alpha man that will take you and with lots and lots of love... but he doesn't like to see clear rules broken.
After a while... In an occasion, he's at home, and Yoriichi rarely talks. Usually he shows by actions. And seating by his side, while looking at his beautiful face, you let him know you're pregnant.
Yoriichi overflows in tears. His loving arms embraces you.
"-Oh y/n, I won't let anything happen to you my love, my everything.  Not this time."
He  caresses your hair. You gaze at him, thinking,  while he stares at you with his hypnotic eyes…and deep down, you know that Yoriichi's domain is what you've always wanted..
You just need some encouragement at the beginning…And he wants a big family with you....
taglist: @kiwinfinity @madamxrose @cherryblossomsenpai 💓
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Hawks cupid 》 Endeavor X F.Reader
My Hero Academia fandom
Tumblr media
You're walking down the street, and Endeavor is patrolling today.  Hawks decides to go along, anyway Endeavor, hardly gets rid of him anyway.  It's a hot summer day and the sight you have before you that doesn't look like it is refreshing.  Seeing two handsome heroes walk so gracefully as they fight crime makes you smile shyly, especially when you see the beautiful contrast of Endeavor's beautiful blue eyes and flaming hair. 
His presence is intimidating, while Hawks bring additional comfort.  But you look away as you approach.  But... Don't expect any attitude, however small, to go unnoticed by these two. 
You cross each other and your gaze is somewhere other than either of you.  And your body even strayed a few feet before passing the talented heroes.  When you pass by them you are just a "civilian"... That's what you would like, but... Your ears get something more...
"- Good afternoon! '' Hawks speak when crossing you, making a friendly gesture with his fingers while winking charmingly."
Enji however remains quiet, surprised by Hawks' attitude. You respond politely with a beautiful cherry face on your cheeks, and a smile, as you welcome Hawks' friendly gesture and quickly look at Endeavor.
Your steps are a bit far now.
"-Hey…Endeavor-San, how rude to even say good afternoon to the girl.  Even more so when she smiled especially at you!" Teases Hawks.
You have already passed them and breathe a sigh of relief. But your beats are accelerated.
Enji, after Hawks' words, looks back and notices your figure.
Your hair in the sunlight is not something he can ignore.  And who said that someone with the preparation of Endeavor, doesn't notice even the smallest movements of anyone?  Your face and the slightly reddened color that slowly looked into Enji's eyes, covering your skin, was detected.  Your shy smile was an added spice to behold.  Although Enji tried his best to convince himself that it was nothing to him.  But Hawks' words only confirmed his suspicion.  But getting him to admit it was something else.  "- Mind your own business Hawks." 
"- I'm just trying to help Endeavor-San."  Retorted the savior angel, with his hands on the back of his head and with the typical bored look towards the sky.
  Your quirk was very different from a professional hero.  You have the power to move small objects with your mind.  And at home this makes your life practical, but it is not a quirk that can be used to save others.  In your hands you have some packages, which, after passing by the ones what you admire so much, the now number one of the heroes, and the number two, makes you bring your stuff towards your chest, squeezing them, as if looking for protection.  As you try to calm your heartbeat.
You live close to where the heroes are patrolling today.  In fact in search of a specific clue, but that the enemy, who cannot be underestimated, knows how to hide.  Hawks, like Endeavor, are now aware that they will only waste time if they remain there, but to ensure the population's tranquility they have to continue...
"- Endeavor-San, there's something coming from that side, let's go." 
Endeavor would have noticed... But, what does Hawks know that he doesn't? So he go without resistance... The footsteps turn in the opposite direction...
Meanwhile, you arrive home, and set the packages on the table.  The house needs fresh air, your window lets the beams of light in as for a moment you take your eyes off the beautiful blue in the sky and turn to your flowers that are in the window, they are thirsty.  You, with the help of your gift, keep your objects in their proper places, but prefer to water the plants yourself.
  The aroma, the colors, and everything else, is a therapeutic moment for your day.  Your watering can in a turquoise color is pouring the liquid of life over your beloved plants.  The sunlight reflected in the water droplets is a beautiful thing to behold.  Today you seem to be more sensitive.  It may be in response to the various moments you need to spend with yourself.  But the learning of solitude was not in vain.  It's a beautiful moment.  You hum a tune as you tend your garden outside, by the window.  The street is quieter, so everything contributes to making your moment simple and pleasant.  Take care of something what can continue living, it's a pleasure to you.  "How should a hero feel about saving a life?"  Your thought asks.  Lost in your little world, a charming smile welcomes you again. 
"- Hello again miss. What beautiful flowers, don't you think, Endeavor-San?" 
Hawks could be punched right now, but Enji wouldn't do something like that, not at this stage of his life, in front of you.  "- Yes, it's a beautiful set of plants."  Endeavor's head bobs in respect as he looks at you.  The same beautiful sapphire eyes drown you. 
"- Thank you, I hope the patrol it's going easy for you." 
"- Oh how nice of you Miss?"... Ask Hawks, who personally liked you the moment he saw you, he feel people, good and bad ones.  And seeing you look at Endeavor the same way he looked at him with respect, made him trust you right away. 
Hawks knew it could be more than mere admiration.  Since usually people judged Endeavor only for the mistakes, and never for the lives he saved, he knew it, that you were special.  And your smile, especially at Enji in the previous encounter, awakened in him a "sense of duty" to introduce, Endeavor-San to you, properly.
"- I'm y/n." 
"- Aah, yes, it's nice to meet you Y/n-Kun."  Said Hawks.
  "- Our patrol is running smoothly, thank you. It's just the heat that's scorching us. At least me."
Now towards Endeavor he says. "- Endeavor-San, you don't have a problem with the heat. Do you?"  Enji feels Hawks nudge. 
"- Yes it's not an issue to me."  Said Enji. " With his communicative skills"...
Hawks doesn't hide his disappointed expression when looking at Enji. His face looking at Endeavor it's the essence of boredom.
You, realizing it, in an attempt to break the tension says.
"- Number one Endeavor-San and number two Hawks-San, it would be a pleasure to serve you some fresh lemonade."
On the outside you are centered and balanced, but on the inside you have a level F5 hurricane dancing with all your senses. Hawks' face lights up and he heads towards your door.
" - We don't want to bother you y/n-Kun." Speaks Enji with his amazing deep voice."
  "-Please Endeavor-San, it will be a pleasure. And just call me y/n. Please."  You seal with a smile. 
"- Come on Endeavor-San, don't make fun of Miss y/n's fine manners. She invited us."  So Enji goes to meet Hawks at your door.  As you open it, you can see how tall, imposing and handsome Enji is.  But your effort to keep yourself in a state of sanity is incredible.  After all, who normally welcomes the two most important people in the country into their homes?
  "- What a lovely home y/n." 
"- Thank you, Hawks-San. Please have a seat, you too Endeavor-San."  
"- No, just Hawks and Endeavor, please,  no worries!"
Enji looks around.  There are no signs of a family, or anyone other than you, taking up the space.  You don't use your gift to do anything in front of them.  You prefer to use your hands, again.  The two thank you and sit down.  Hawks is always breaking the silence while you answer, but Endeavor remains silent.  You have your back to the table, but you are being watched. 
You wash the fresh lemons and unhurriedly cut each one.  The citrus aroma rises in the air.  In your presence both Hawks and Enji feel something they forgot a long time ago.  The feeling of peace.  The sounds of objects delicately moved by your hands are different from the noises of explosions and screams and all the terror they need to witness constantly. 
You finally open the fridge and get the ice water, and even Enji's lips smile discreetly at the sight of your ice-cold, kitten-shaped form.  The glasses are beautifully decorated for a simple lemonade.  The table is covered with a tablecloth with a soft strawberry print.  The glasses with the refreshing juice are placed in front of them along with the pitcher.  And cinnamon rolls are positioned together so they can be eaten. 
"- I don't know if it's too sweet for you, but I think the lemonade matches the warmth of the cinnamon."  You say joining them, justifying yourself. 
"- You did much more than necessary y/n. Thank you very much."  Said Endeavor, with a full sentence full of gratitude."
Hawks looked at him surprised, for finally he show some sympathy. "- Y-yeahh, I agree Endeavor-San, this is more than we deserve." Hawks says with a tender smile.
You thank them. And sipping from your own lemonade you, without looking them in the eye, responds. "- Well…You save people's lives, you deserve much more than this."
The absence of judgment. And the feeling that despite being heroes, they also have the opportunity to be seen as human beings, with the desire to help , make them feel relieved, of all the lives whether it's for time or any other reason, they've lost.
" - Is this your quirk?  Y/n?  To be someone so nice?" Asks Hawks...
You moving the ice in circles in number two's glass while smiling shows it's another thing. Looking at the little swirl in his lemonade, Hawks opens his eyes. Enji is watching.
"- What a cool quirk." Watch Hawks."
The lemonade was finished.  Just like all cinnamon rolls.  But... Let's not forget the little glances exchanged during the time when Hawks and Endeavor were with you.  Enji's blues ran through your eyes, face, smile.  What did you put in this drink, y/n???... You are poetry to the number one. 
Enji's flames are directed, in the sense of wanting to extinguish, any cold that is inside or outside your being.  And also the desire to know.  "What would your texture be, your aroma? Your taste?"... Enji shakes his head at the sight without him being able to perceive his own intrusive thoughts arriving.
  "- Ahhh, I'm pleased and grateful y/n, it was a pleasure to meet you. If you need anything, here's something. I know you won't share it with anyone, I trust you!"  Hawks speaks, writing his number and handing you the paper with the series of numbers that many girls would want.  But he knows, you're not just any girl and he is not the one that you wanted. 
"- Oh, that's so kind of you, thank you, Hawks."
"- If you're in danger, don't hesitate, to let me know, ok?" 
"- Of course, of course... Thank you again."  Your gentle smile is welcoming to Hawks but hypnotic to Enji. 
Accompanying them to your door you say goodbye.  "- Thank you Hawks, Endeavor. Come back whenever you want fresh lemonade. Have a great patrol."
  "- We thank you for your hospitality y/n. Have a nice day, see you later."  Said Enji. 
With that, they are gone... As you close the door, you lean back and whisper the words that echo in your mind...
"- See you later..."
Your deep breath fills your lungs, which were tight before.  The heroes are back on patrol, but Endeavor's senses are different... Slightly distracted.  Hawks looks at his mentor, and smiles closing his eyes.
"- You owe me one, and you know it's going to be expensive." 
"- You're very cheeky, breaking into a civilian's house like that." 
"- Stop pretending you're not on your knees, Endeavor-San." 
"- It's going to be expensive, because I'll tell you... It's worth it!" 
Enji looks to Hawks with the hope of a boy who forgot he was a long time ago.  "- When we saw her for the first time, you know... I saw you guys, exchange glances." 
" - I just looked at her like any other person, like any civilian---." 
"- AS I WAS saying... I noticed the exchange of glances, and I left my feathers on her, without her noticing. As she passed us, and the best part is...her heartbeat accelerated." 
"- But It could happen to anyone, it's not because of us Hawks."
  "- AAANNND... before she crossed us... As my feathers when I saw her looking at you, detected vibrations totally different from when her eyes were on me. Whenever you looked at her or talked to her, the heart fluttered. It was a beautiful song. find such a melody it's a privilege Endeavor-San...Anyway, you owe me..."
"- Hawks you shouldn't do this with someone without their knowledge."
"- I know...But, it was for a good reason. Or are you a bad thing to put on her way?
Enji, as he listen, has his beats to miss too. Your delicacy and kindness, would have the strength to break every bone in Endeavor's big and powerful body. Ahhh... He wants to hear this song composed just for him...
Hawks finishes going to his home...The sky... "- Bye bye, Endeavor-San."
After your shower, you try, but you can't hold back.  With your phone in hand, you sigh, you just can't. 
The ringing of the message reaches Hawks' keen ears.  As he reads, he smiles. 
"- 👋🏻 Hello number two, lemonade lady here! Ps. I'm not in danger. Thank you." 
Hawks immediately sends your contact to Enji.  "- You owe me your life Endeavor-San. Here's the lottery number." 
Looking at the series of numbers that will make it possible to talk to you again, makes Enji swallow hard.  He can incinerate the strongest of enemies, but what defenses does he have against you?"... Why Fear Endeavor?... Don't you remember how to type anymore? What if... What if... ??? So many thoughts in his burning mind... But his fingers stiffen and there he does.
"- Good night Y/n, this is Endeavor.  Hawks shared your contact, I hope you don't mind.  I also want to make myself available for anything you need.  Thank you for the fresh lemonade and all the rest."
Now under the shower looking at the phone, Enji waits for an answer. The phone is out of the stall fogged up as water runs down Number One's tense body. But, he's never seen himself in such a great expectation.
After the shower, let's  eat big guy… and yeah, he goes, but his eyes don't blink during dinner.
Todoroki and Fuyumi are intrigued.
The father in total silence, which is common, but looking at his cell phone with his eyes practically dehydrated from not holding his eyelids together , it's something new."- Any important case from the agency?" Asks Todoroki, chewing the food that Enji hasn't even touched.
"- Y-yes." He says surprisely to be so obvious like this...
The brothers look at each other, as Enji's insecure answer is something new.
Well, you in your sweet home, was finishing the email to your boss 🙄, which took you ages. And your cell phone was in airplane mode so you could focus on work. At least you've tried…So... how to know that those eyes, flames, arms etc... that from time to time passed through your mind during your work, sent you a message? 
Enji eats fast, brushes his teeth and lies down on his huge bed.  A deep sigh invades him.  "Does she already have someone? The monologue begins... Occasionally looking at other work messages, but always returning to your painful silence.
Your arms stretch out, finally that damned email was sent... End was the end of your expedient.
Bye bye airplane mode... "Wait....."...... "WHAT????"  ..."Where is the air, how can I breathe??? "....
You want to regain your senses... Look at you y/n... What a mess, huh? The words you read, are they a dream?
..." He had send it hours ago... "
You won't make him wait any longer. 
Enji is seated now.  It's late, normally he would be sleeping.  But today, the peace he had found in your presence had forsaken him. 
He had gotten used to the sound of messages in the last few minutes, but it was Hawks' part that was reassuring Enji that everything was ok, that you would answer soon.  But it definitely wasn't working. So Enji's eyes are on his wall, gazing into nothingness.  But after so many messages from his friend resounding, he decides to look...
The blues in Enji's eyes stir, like the waters of a raging ocean... It 's YOU... Enji's strong chest is in rage...
" - Hello Endeavor! It was a pleasure having you with me. Your company was extremely pleasant and thank you for your kindness in offering me help. I want to offer whenever you want lemonade or maybe tea... If you want, of course." 
Enji, wonders how in just one day, you were able to melt his heart, more than any of the techniques he would use on an enemy. 
The answer is quick, Enji won't have the luxury of missing the opportunity to hear a beautiful song as you. 
"- Yes, for sure, I would like to repeat the great moment we had during the afternoon." 
You no longer have the strength to stand up and sit on your couch as you read his words.  With one of your hands over your mouth.  Your chest rises and falls... But you make an effort. 
"- I also enjoyed… a lot." 
Enji now, has an expression that you wouldn't allow anyone to see, not even you. 
"- Would tomorrow be too early?" 
...YES....he wants to cause you to have a heart attack.
  "- Tomorrow would be perfect."  ...
"- I'll be there. Thank you y/n. Have a great night." 
"- Anytime. For you too, sweet dreams." 
Enji doesn't usually have sweet dreams... And needless to say, none of you slept. 
Expectation was what hung in the air. 
Hawks was constantly looking for answers, but as Enji didn't answer his messages back, Hawks just used the hack system he had installed on "Endeavor-San's cell phone, for his protection." ... Hawks don't know the word limits...
"- Uhulllllllll, a date!!! Good shot Endeavor-San hahaha." He sends.
  This time, Enji sent a voice message to Hawks, with unflattering words, after discovering he was hacked. 
Hawks doesn't even listen, he just feels satisfaction for his friend. Spinning around the air Hawks feel like the cupids himself…
The sun rises.
  You have dark circles under your eyes, so you obligate yourself go back to bed and take at least a nap to try to restore some of your vivacity.  And after thousands of beauty rituals, skin care, hair, nails and etc...etc... You are ready to receive him. 
You've provided several things this time, to try to find out what Endeavor likes most.  And finally, your perfume on you, to finish off your look.  A beautiful dress that draws your body lines. 
Enji didn't say anything about it, but let everyone envolved on his work know in advance not to bother him at the time he would be "very busy"...
Three knocks on your door, the time is set, and punctually answered.  When you open it, you simply marvel even more than you see.  There are no flames or uniforms.  Just a wonderful man, a shirt that highlights the handsome muscles he possesses and a pair of jeans that outline the beautiful marble legs. You can see his face with no flames. And it's just so adorable.
"-Hello Endeavor! Glad you came." 
As he reenters your home he turns to your beautiful figure. 
"- I would never miss it. And today I would like to ask you to call me just Enji... please, y/n.
You intoxicate him with your smile in return.
"- Alright...Enji."
His name uttered by the your lips is even more beautiful. In the hero's wide hands, you see that he didn't come empty handed. He has a beautiful vase of flowers. Your eyes visualize all the beautiful colors dancing with each other.
"- I hope you like it, y/n." He extends the gift to you."  Your smile widens even more.
  "-Oh, I loved it! How kind of you, thank you, Enji! Your excited eyes made him smile inside. Something so simple causes you such a reaction. He is thirsty to know everything about your personality.
You place the vase in a centered place so that it is seen as something important.  And he notices from afar.
  "- Today I made more than lemonade, I want to know which of these you prefer." 
Turning to the lovingly prepared table he feels appreciated, Enji returns to your beautiful eyes.
  "- Whatever you want to know, I'll tell you."  You stare at each other for a few moments, because you both feel it's not about food…the tension in the air increases.  The attraction is incredible, but you are pleasantly and painfully exploring yourselves. 
Enji get the seat and starts to eat everything on the table.  And he reveals that he likes salty food, but that everything you've prepared is delicious. 
You talk about your lives and little by little you start to relax in each other's company. 
You don't even get an idea... But, every toast with a blackberry jam you put in your mouth, coloring it, makes Enji's mind go wild. He admires your lips.  Your gestures, the street tone of your voice.  It's like he puts it next to the menu for tasting. 
And in one of the sentences, you both talk about Hawks, laughing about it.  And with that you two realize how much you identify. 
Enji was holding back, but he doesn't need to anymore... The low table allows him to "crawl" towards you. 
Your heart it's messing with you again as you see him doing THIS...
In a sweet whisper now on his knees before you he thanks you.  Placing his hands on your cheeks and holding your gaze on his, you always look away, but he doesn't  allow you this time, you can feel the warmth of Enji's calloused hands. You are silent. 
You place your hand over his and look at him fondly.  Enji approaches slowly, as if handling a porcelain vase of the oldest dynasty, and gently touches his lips to yours. 
Repeated pecks are started, until Enji reciprocates the feast to you...  By opening his lips and joining them to yours he kisses you.  It's a rhythmic kiss, which becomes wet.
  The mixture of flavors, the smell of the exchanged breaths are the main course.  Enji takes you in his arms, not removing his lips from yours, as you wrap the number one's strong neck in your firm grip.  Enji, take a deep breath, you too.  He sits comfortably with you on the couch and entwines his fingers in your hair.  As you do the same with his beautiful red hair.  He has strong arms covering you like a blanket.  But the number one it's the one who has a warm is his heart. 
The kiss stops while you are on Enji's lap.  He leans his forehead on yours and caresses your face, while showing you a drunken look.  Enji's thumb explores your lips.  "- You're wonderful, y/n." A sweet whisper...
You didn't imagine that the previous stern look, could be so affectionate.  Gently running your fingers over Enji's scar you exchange your fingertips for soft kisses all over his face and especially on the scar he has.  You hear him moan softly.  While his eyes are closed, Enji lets himself be carried away by any of your lovely and caring movements.
And with the call of the sound, you go back to Enji's lips, which incandescently kiss you back.  The hug is getting tighter and tighter.  You love to suffocate in the heat of Enji Todoroki.
He painfully separates from your lips.  And he glues his nose to your neck.
  "- It's not fair to me y/n, you to smell so good like this." 
Between whispers and confessions, you ask with no strength inside of you.
"- Why dear?"
"- Someone else could feel it, I can't support this idea."
"-hmmm… Not like you can Enji." Your answer only stirs him up.
"- Damn, I want it all for myself.  I want your taste, I want your essence, and I want to give you my all.  Be my y/n, only mine." He says looking at you seriously, while looking for an answer between the sweet overdose of affection that messes with him.
You chuckle gently. "-Everything you touch right now is yours...Enji…And it will be."
He smile...
And kissing your neck while breathing hotly, he whispers.
"- So be it, I will ensure that your entire being belongs to me."
Bonus: Cupid Hawks heard it all ... and is giggling to himself, as he flies around town with his headphones connected to Endeavor-San's cell phone.... It's music to his ears...
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