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Not really an ask but I’m SaltyLettuce on ao3😅 hi!
Oh hi!! :)
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No because Uzui Tengen was looking mighty fine in those flashbacks with his hair down, though I’m a loyal bitch so Kyojuro will always have my heart but like….
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Look at him 🥰 he is so fine!
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Rengoku’s memories flashing before his death at the end of his one shot.
My favorite one is when he’s holding Sanemi back from Giyuu 😂 knowing Sanemi, Giyuu probably just breathed and he got irritated.
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Demon Slayer NSFW headcanons - part II
♡  Tengen Uzui
God of festivals? Maybe. Deity between the sheets? For sure. Tengen doesn’t let anyone leave his bed without having given them at least two orgasms
Despite the obvious worship kink, in bed he actually focuses more on the other person, treating them like royalty and making them feel extra confident
Not really into degradation or quickies - Tengen loves spoiling himself and his partner, so he’s more the kind of person that will start the night with wine and a nice dinner, maybe a bubble bath... anything sumptuous, and then get into business
He still loves being begged - being called daddy gets him lust drunk, but truth be told it’s the physical cues that he finds most flattering. Verbal praise is nice to hear, but it’s his partner’s facial expressions and moans that really make his head spin
Has a navel piercing; the jewellery matches the diamonds dangling from his headband
Has definitely thought about getting his dick pierced too, but rejected the idea immediately after learning that he should have practiced abstinence for minimum two months
Massive length and girth, to the point of being intimidating. Cleanly trimmed
Infinite stamina thanks to his Hashira training - loves tantric sex when he has the time
When he’s out of his Sound Pillar uniform he looks even prettier, but he just feels stronger and more confident when he’s dolled up with makeup, nail polish, and hair all done
Willing to try everything at least once, definitely a switch if the situation calls for it
Loves being tied up! Rope marks remind him of what you’ve done to him the night before and arouse him at the most inappropriate times. Does not hide them – in fact he loves receiving awkward looks and questions, even more telling the whole story and seeing the horrified expression plastered on the face of the person who dared to ask
Unsurprisingly, he’s very vocal in bed. His moans have been object of complaint from his neighbors, other Hashiras, literally anyone who wasn’t involved in sexual activity with him but had the ill luck of being in a 100 metres radius while he was enjoying himself
This man literally studies the kamasutra in his spare time. Butter churner? Piece of cake. Mating press? A cinch. Upside down sex? Hell yeah.
PET NAMES! Kitten is probably his favourite, but he’ll also go with Dollface, Angel, and many more ;)
3 wives, many girlfriends, countless lovers. Tengen’s marriage is very open – who is he to deny his wives some harmless fun while he’s away for months during missions?
Boob guy, as you might have guessed. One of the perks of his polyamorous relationship is that more often than not he gets to wake up with at least one pair of tits smashed in his face, and definitely doesn’t mind having more than three pairs within hand reach
Will spank enthusiastically prior consent except with Aoi apparently, loves the thought of his partners going around with his handprints on their asscheeks hidden underneath their clothes like a signature
LOVES receiving oral, especially by more than one people at once.
♡ Giyuu Tomioka
Boy looks cold and aloof from the outside, but underneath the thick façade he’s just incredibly fragile
He acts rather avoidant, and seems absolutely incapable of showing affection or any emotion
Did not get the slightest hint of you taking an interest in him in the beginning - literally just saw you as a valuable ally with whom he’d really enjoy training, but nothing else
Unsurprisingly, you initiated your first kiss – he was obviously in shock at first, but quickly relaxed and grabbed your waist gently to pull you closer
PDA? No way in hell. It took him a while to warm up to physical forms of affection, but after the first time you slid into his bed at night, cuddling came pretty natural to him as long as no one is around
Your first nights in the same futon were spent just kissing and falling asleep one next to the other, with you clinging to his back like a baby monkey – it was cute at first, but after a while you realized your body craved more
When you agreed on having sex for the first time, his breath was shaking, but as soon as your fingers brushed his erection from over his clothes he literally melted in your hands
You could feel him silently begging for you to touch him more deeply, skin to skin, and even muttered a soft “please” in your ear in the hope your hand would actually plunge in his underwear and grab him
His hips bucked against you, his hardness grinding against your palm, and you just knew what to do
His eyes literally roll to the back of his head when he penetrates you - he usually lets out a few groans and buries his face in your neck, only to pound you mercilessly until he’s out of breath
He’s not super vocal, but will show his appreciation by emitting muffled grunts, biting your neck and just huffing against your skin, clearly holding himself back from moaning loudly
Very protective – the boy has had his fair share of trauma, will never allow anything to happen to you. He doesn’t sleep well when you’re far away from him, he can only relax when he’s feeling you snuggled up against him.
♡  Sanemi Shinazugawa
Unsurprisingly, Sanemi is a sadistic fuck, although he’d never hurt their partner without consent
Really easy to rile up, he’s basically a brat tamer with a very bad temper
Sex is, like fighting, just another way to get some relief from anger. He’ll chill out for a whopping 0.3 seconds after being finished
Very much into edging, will take you painfully close and then just deny your orgasm a few times until you’re basically begging him with tears in your eyes. Can’t stand being teased in return
Needless to say, most of the time you piss him off on purpose so he will fuck you senseless :) he knows you’re doing it on purpose, and equally enjoys it
Has a thing for choking, very much into breath play
Too focused on chasing his own release sometimes, but will go multiple rounds without batting an eye until you’re satisfied
Swearwords, curses, degradation – you name it, he’s into it, sometimes even too much
Adores the sight of you kneeling in front of him, begging to let you suck him off
Definitely an ass guy - loves fucking you from behind while he’s standing and you’re bent in front of him so he can have a good view of your ass bouncing against his pelvis. Will grab and spank to his pleasure
The fucking showoff will get instantly naked the moment he sniffs the most remote possibility of intercourse. Used to tear off your clothes with zero fucks given for your garments as well, but after an accident involving very expensive lingerie that resulted in his left shoulder being almost dislocated he’s a little more careful
Loves fucking in front of a mirror, finds his own muscular reflection very entertaining
Likes the thrill of sex in public spaces, but to be fair getting caught wouldn’t even bother him. Doesn’t mind an audience
Wearing a skirt with nothing underneath really does numbers on him, and when you make him aware you’re just basically just plainly asking for it
He’ll let you mark him with scratches and bites, doesn’t mind adding more scars to the collection. As for your body, he will leave visible marks on you with 0% remorse.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second part of my Demon Slayer headcanons – reposted because I was dumb enough to use the wrong tags that resulted in my post being shadowbanned. Enjoy – and remember that my requests are open! ♡
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i need your thoughts on this but - what are some things the hashiras (whoever you wanna talk about) do that’s just. off putting. like nsfw/sfw habits that kinda kill the mood
warnings: contains sfw/nsfw, also secondhand embarrassment 😝 GN READER!
Tumblr media
giyu is so oblivious - he won't process that you're trying to talk to him, or even if you ask "hey do you like the way i did my hair today?" he'll say so confidently: "it looks the same? is it supposed to be different or something? ..."
doesn't matter how fast he's fucking you or how good the head you're giving him is - his face looks the same the whole time. he'll breathe shallowly but his face just looks like "😐" like he doesn't have a reaction? does he feel good or... ?
the use of the word 'flamboyant'. he orders his food at a classy restaurant like: "i'll have that flamboyant-looking steak. flamboyantly seared at medium rare."
won't realize how rough he's being. like the man is so unaware of his strength. he's fucking you before you both hear a creak and the bed just snaps. like fully, the mattress falls to the ground. "oops, sorry."
the snake never leaves the room. whether or not the two of you are fucking, the snake stays. that was obanai's first and only rule.
you ask obanai to degrade you, and he gets way too into it accidentally. it's nice at first until it's borderline rude when he calls you a "disgusting piece of shit"
he cries when he cums. like every time. you feel his cock twitch before he cums in your mouth, and look up to see tears streaming down his face and all he has to say is: "thank you for your service."
gets pissed too easily. you walk into the kitchen, dragging your hand on his back and saying dirty nothings in his ear until he screams out a "fuck!" because he can't open the pickle jar in his hands. "it's fucking glued on, fuck them. fuck this. fuck the pickle company. never eating a fucking pickle again."
ignores you mid-conversation regardless of how important it is because she saw a cute dog walking by, running in a full sprint to pet it and leaving you behind
dirty talks in a baby voice. like the way she talks to infants and dogs is the same tone she uses with you in bed. "who's my good wittle baby? you are!"
he's so loud all the time?? completely unaware of his volume. he's in the drive thru at a fast food restaurant and you just hear "AND A LARGE SPRITE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
Tumblr media
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Don’t be a Tease
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro x afab reader x Uzui Tengen | 735 words
*✧ Warnings: 18+ only mdni | face fucking, edging, teasing, fingering, oral (reader receiving), slight choking, hair pulling, slight dacryphilia, threesome
*✧ Summary: You had been flirting with both Hashira for a while, when they caught wind of it they decided the teach you a lesson
*✧ Rory’s note: I’m down bad for Rengoku and this was fun to write
Tumblr media
A warm hand trailed down the curve of your ass, fingers leaving something almost akin to fire in their wake. It was intense, especially since you knew what was coming.
“You really thought you did something back there, didn’t you, princess?” Tengen’s voice was leaking with condescension so thick it nearly made you nauseous. “Awe what’s the matter? You had all that fight earlier. What do you think, is our little girl embarrassed?”
Rengoku watched greedily as the other man opened your legs further, exposing your pretty laced panties even more. He couldn’t help his thoughts wander at the growing wetness soaking the thin fabric.
“Mmm, you might be right.” The blonde grinned at the feeling of your soaked panties. The sudden pressure of his fingers drawing out a gasp from you. Tengen wasted no time in pushing his thumb into your mouth and pushing down your jaw.
Continua a leggere
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Demon slayer challenge: watch Mugen Train without crying
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demon slayer NSFW headcanons
DISCLAIMER - All characters here are AGED UP to +18. Minors don’t interact with this post or my blog in general.
♡Tanjirou Kamado
We all know Tanjirou’s personality is sweet, compassionate, generous
It only makes sense that his personality stays the same between the sheets – Tanjirou loves to give, and always puts your pleasure before his own
Hunting down demons and training take up most of his time, and he was never really interested in girls before he met you
He wasn’t experienced at all at first, but enthusiastically saw his first sexual experiences as a great chance to grow and learn new things
He has amazing self control, but his eyes always give away his hunger
Communication is always open with him; he’s very careful, maybe sometimes even too careful, would never want to hurt you inadvertently
Very patient, loves taking his time with you. Doesn’t enjoy quickies that much because they don’t allow him to savour you the way he wants
Literally lets out a sigh of relief the moment your naked chests clash into each other after he undresses you
ADORES eating you out. Your scent drives him crazy, not to mention your taste
He can literally smell your arousal even when you’re fully clothed
He feels like he can finally let go when you touch him. He practically melts in your hands when your hand wraps around his cock
He’s not super vocal, but that means that when you finally draw a loud moan out of him, it’s incredibly satisfying
He’s not really into dirty talking either. The few times that he does that is because you ask him directly, he would feel horrible afterwards otherwise
Average sized, shaves down there because it gives him a feeling of cleanliness. Doesn’t have any preference on how you keep your body hair, but of course he can tell if you shaved by your smell
Naturally, he’s the sweetest after sex – he enjoys cuddling you to sleep, kissing you in the sweetest way, or carry you to a hot spring nearby so he can wash you
His favourite spot to cum is inside you, but he doesn’t mind your stomach if that isn’t possible
Inosuke Hashibira
Inexperienced, insecure at the beginning
Boy has the highest sex drive you’ve ever witnessed, especially in the early morning when everyone else is asleep
LOUD as fuck; loves making you scream as well, especially his name, but also loves slapping a hand onto your mouth and hearing your muffled moans.
Has a kink for fucking you when you’re still half dressed
Dirty talking comes to him naturally. “Dirty little fucker” is his favourite nickname for you
When you act like a brat, he acts annoyed, but secretly enjoys taming you. Boy loves a challenge
Really doesn’t hold back when it comes to touching your body, he’s literally palming every inch of you all the time. There’s no feeling he likes more than squeezing your thighs when he’s pounding into you
Adores quickies, would fuck you literally everywhere and anytime; definitely has a thing for risky sex and almost getting caught
Literally never used a condom in his life
Used to consider foreplay a waste of energy, but that was before he felt your mouth around his dick. Now face fucking you until he sees tears in your eyes is one of his favourite past times
Adores when you swallow, but also seeing your cute face decorated with his cum
Is there any other position other than doggy? He loves to just flip you over and mount you
Very into anal, would fuck you up the ass with no warning literally any time he could, but understands you need to relax and get ready first. His massive girth certainly doesn’t make things easier
Leaves a lot of marks, literally gets off the feeling of your nails digging into his back
Not ashamed to admit that he enjoys when you inflict a tiny amount of pain to him, just so he can put you back in place and show you who’s in charge afterwards
Very jealous, but doesn’t let it show. He’s too proud for that
Refuses to shave and definitely doesn’t ask you to, but doesn’t mind if you do. He not so secretly prefers it natural though
Kyojurou Rengoku
Just like in everyday life, he’s very loud and boisterous in bed. LOVES sex as much as fighting
Very experienced – which is not hard to believe, since people are swooning over him literally anywhere he goes. His warmth, combined with his looks, make him very attractive
He knows sex is part of a healthy life and masturbates regularly. Nudity is also very natural to him
Despite his high sex drive, he has amazing self-control – unless he’s eating you out. When he does, he often gets so turned on that he starts almost unconsciously grinding onto the mattress to get some release
Not jealous or possessive at all, to the point it gets frustrating sometime. He even secretly enjoys watching you innocently flirt with other people especially girls because he knows it’s good for your self-esteem
Literally worships you and your body, showers you with compliments and attention. Loves taking care of you in any way he can and fulfilling every single one of your needs to the best of his ability
He’s also got unbelievable stamina, would make love to you all night if you both didn’t need sleep
Really likes when you slip a finger into his ass and massage his prostate, gives him a different, overwhelming orgasm
His favourite place to have sex is a secret spot with hot springs not far from the Rengoku mansion, but a comfortable futon will do. Also enjoys fucking you against a wall
EYE CONTACT! His favourite positions are the ones that allow him to look at your face – he’s literally enamoured with how pleasured your facial expressions can get. Especially when you’re on top.
Enjoys when your dominant side comes out, doesn’t mind being tied up. To be honest he’s not really into bondage or being submissive, he just genuinely enjoys seeing you being confident
Ayyy I hope you enjoyed! It’s been a while since I posted something. Feedback is always welcome ♡
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
•no one has to know what we do•
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Can i be added to your tag list? ❤️
of course :)
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Hi thereeee! Can I please be added to all of your tag lists?? I found like handprints on wet cement and fell in love, your writing is so amazing🖤🖤🖤
of course. Just a warning though, I really don’t know when any new chapter is gonna come out, I’m all out of gas regarding writing. :(
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Hi may I be added to your tag list for everything you ever write please lol. I love your writing 💜
of course! 
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is dancing with the devil ... cancelled?
no sorry, i’ve just been terribly busy with uni ;_;
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I'm loving your story Hand Prints. May I be added to your tag list please?😅
Absolutely!! 🥰
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Thank you so much for the Masterlist!
my pleasure :)
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