Mochii Babii

Fit to fat feedee that gained over 100 pounds in a year, surrendering completely to my new lifestyle of pure gluttony 🤤 (SW: 115) (CW: 230) (GW: None)

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mochiibabiifeedii·4 hours agoText

I looove my stretch marks for the exact reason in the second screenshot (also thank you so much!!). You can see them in all of my belly pics.

My fave angle is underbelly shots 🤤

Sometimes after big stuffings, I could literally feel them forming. I would be SO tight. Tight as a drum.

Recently since I’ve continued gaining, they started to hurt a bit, so I’m being better about putting on oil or lotion.

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mochiibabiifeedii·4 hours agoAnswer

I want to get you drunk. What do you like to drink?

Tequila 😜

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mochiibabiifeedii·14 hours agoAnswer

Excited, scared, nervous about when you finally see your friends and family that you’re a big fat person now? 😏

All of the above! No idea what to expect but it should be fun 😅

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mochiibabiifeedii·a day agoAnswer

you should drink 🍻 baby

Oh I will be 😏😘

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

Whst is you plan when quarantine ends?

I want to do more videos out in the city 😛🌃

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

About how many times have you had to wash and change your bed sheets since quarantine started😂

If by me you mean my feeder because there’s NO WAY I’m moving my fat ass to do laundry…then pretty much after every single stuffing video 🤷🏻‍♀️

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

You used to wear knee socks a lot - it was kinda your signature. Did your calves outgrow them?

I’m very lazy now is the short answer to that lmao. I barely wear clothes at all, only for videos/photos and I HATE putting on clothes now. But I’ll be sure to work some knee highs back in 😉

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

Any chance a pregnancy comes out of this feasty season you're in? That would be that much more of everything 🤰🏽

Oh I am NOT ready for that yet..let’s keep it food babies only 😉

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

It’s crazy how big you’ve gotten in a couple of months. What would you say are the biggest changes you’ve experienced with your body compared to last March?

This sounds like a job for my handy dandy feedee questions video 😉

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

Omg ur gain is so incredible I’ve been hesitant about starting a weight gain blog and actively gaining but you inspired to gain and live the piggy lifestyle

Don’t let your dreams be dreams 😘

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mochiibabiifeedii·2 days agoAnswer

I wonder what you'd look like trying to squeeze yourself into the lingerie from the sangria video....

I actually was thinking of remaking that video soon with that comparison 😈

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