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moemoemammon · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Dunno why this is being asked here LMAO
(Tw medical)
Anyway, try this link. Not sure if you're doing it because you don't want numbing, or if you can't afford it? But I don't think that's even an option. You literally have to be numbed or you'll move during the procedure. You can YouTube videos of the procedure and get a good idea of what's gonna happen and what your pain level would be.
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moemoemammon · an hour ago
Writing prompt
I have this headcanon that Daikon and Mamon look vaguely similar that at a glance they get mistaken for each other. Both realise the potential of this and shenanigans ensue.
I am trying so hard to decipher this because while they’re both the same height and similar complexion, their hair style and color’s different along with the clothes they wear-
BUT in the scenario that they somehow DID get confused for one another pretty often, I can only imagine how many awkward situations the boys would get into. Especially considering how bold some of them can be.
Please consider:
Lucifer suddenly gripping ‘Mammon’ by the hair when he thinks he’s acting particularly suspicious. He’s passed his office four times now without a single word, clutching something in his hands. “Maaaammoooooonn....... What have you done this time?! No, I don’t even want to know. I’m stringing you up and-” Cue Dai turning around and immediately punching him in the di-
Levi finally gathered up the courage to try kabedon on ‘Daikon’. He's been working on a foolproof plan for weeks, and now was the time to put his strategy to the test..! He creeps up on him... And suddenly slams his hands on either side of the wall, trapping him there! It isn’t until ‘Dai’ turns around does he realize it’s actually his least favorite person in the entire world and now they’re both screaming. They’ve made a pact by blood to never speak of this.
Satan has a glint in his eyes when ‘Mammon’ passes, immediately snatching up the nearest blunt object, that being a book, and lobbing it at his brother. “I KNOW it was you who broke my music box. Let me guess, you were trying to sell it on Akuzon? Not only are you going to fix it while I watch you, but you’re going to pay me back, too. And don’t even think about-” Satan has never seen such a look of betrayal on Daikon’s face in his life. No amount of apologies will heal the bruise on Dai’s ass.
Asmo bursts into ‘Daikon’s’ room without warning! He wails, throwing his arms around his beloved human. “Ugh... it’s awful! My luck has been AWFUL! Not only did the cafe get my order wrong, but I spilled it on my.... brand new shoes-!!! I’ll never get the stain out! What do I d-” “If it means that much to ya, your big bro’ll get ya another pair!” Asmo looks up to discover the guy he’s been clinging to is his gross older brother. He always knew he’d have to kill Mammon some day, and it looks like today was that day.
Beel is so hungry and enraged that he can’t even think. Someone ate his pudding, and the culprit can only be Mammon...! Once the scummy second-born has been spotted, Beel hoists him up by the collar like a wet rat and gives him a shake for emphasis. “YOU.... You ate my pudding...! The Royal Honey pudding I’ve been saving for months, to bring out the best flavor...! And this is the THIRD time..! I’m going to eat you...- Ah.” Daikon isn’t the type to cry, but there’s something about being lifted several feet in the air that gets to a guy. 
Belphie’s sleepwalking usually gets him into mishaps, so it’s understandable when there’s a case of mistaken identity. Dai managed to escape his clammy clutches in the middle of their nap together, but Belphie can’t sleep without his hostage body pillow. So he’s gone off in search of him, and ends up dragging the 'human' back against his will. It isn’t until Daikon’s thrashing in his sleep leads him to elbow Belphie in the face does the Avatar of Sloth realize... his bed has been tainted by Mammon.... He attempts to smother him immediately.
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moemoemammon · an hour ago
I'm gonna cry I've been spending the last twenty minutes working on a headcanon iVE ALREADY DONE NOOOOOO
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moemoemammon · 2 hours ago
I am discovering more and more Daikon simps as I clean up my askbox hmmmm 🔫
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moemoemammon · 2 hours ago
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moemoemammon · 14 hours ago
Things have happened and my old age is creeping up on me. Unfortunately we'll have to reschedule 💦💦
Sorry for those who were lookin forward to it (I feel bad uWAUGH...)
Tumblr media
Watch me romance all of these asylum goons tomorrow (10/26) at 8pm EST xoxo
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moemoemammon · 14 hours ago
Hi, new comer here (kinda) how would you feel ‘bout me making you a drawing
You don't HAVE to, but my heart would be so full... even the gesture's got the doki folks coming in full blast....
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moemoemammon · 16 hours ago
18 years of age
No I'm 23
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moemoemammon · 17 hours ago
Haha, my obnoxious comment from before was a little insensitive. I hate my voice and basically hardly ever talk in public, I mostly whisper. So I completely understand about not being comfortable with your voice. Maybe do a stream once per week instead of every day? Would that feel a little easier? Don't strain yourself, though!!
Tumblr media
Don't worry about it! I mean honestly, I WANNA get a mic. You'd get to hear my war cries of absolute dominance in real time, after all. But I'm just like... ya kno
Still appreciate the understanding, and support! I'll keep streaming regardless (cuz it's fun), and I hope you'll tune in!
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moemoemammon · 17 hours ago
Did you know it's illegal in Britain to buy scissors until you get 18
18 what
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moemoemammon · 17 hours ago
I'm worried about you burning yourself out with doing games every day till Halloween, but I definitely would love one or two Halloween streams!🎃🍫🍬 Hearing you destroy our eardrums would be great, but I totally understand being weird with your voice. The jumpscare screenshots are amazing too, so don't feel pressured on having to get a mic. 💕
You're sweet I'm.... 🥺👉👈❤️
Maaaybe a stream everyday is a little ambitious. I'll take it day by day, and see how it goes!
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moemoemammon · 19 hours ago
How would the brothers react to MC going up to them and being all
“I brought you a flower!”
But it turns out the flower is lethal as heck or not lethal but has a weird effect like making them purple for a week.
I Brought You a Flower!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Humans were always too curious for their own good. Take Adam and Eve, for example. Or in this case YOU, who insisted on plucking a beautiful flower you crossed paths with on your way home.
As flattered as Lucifer was to receive a gift from you, he couldn’t ignore the fact that you were..... blue. From head to toe, like you'd painted yourself.
He assumed you hadn’t noticed it yet, but there was no way he could hold back the troubled look on his face. You were blue. BLUE. What would people think? Or more importantly, what would DIAVOLO think?
Thanks to his gloves he easily takes the flower from you and puts it in a vase, but now he needs to focus on fixing you. A good scrub won’t get that off, so he’ll need to find assistance elsewhere...
“In the meantime, I’d like for you to refrain from leaving the house. I don’t want word spreading around about this, so stay here until I’ve found a solution. I’ll write a note for your professors tomorrow...”
Yo who let a giant smurf in-  WAIT MC WHAT HAPPENED???
He lets you slip outta his sight for five minutes and you already went and got yourself into trouble?! Geez... eugh, wait. Now he kinda sounds like Lucifer...
Whatever! This is why Mammon always tells you to let him walk with you when you go places! If you’d let him walk you home, you wouldn’t look like you’ve just been dipped into a vat of blue dye!
Ngl he doesn’t even notice the flower because he’s too busy laughing.... what an ass.... 😔
“GAHAHAHA- W-wait, this happened because ya picked a flower?? I told ya about the time Beel ate on o’ those things, didn’t I? And now look at ya! Pfft, but don’t worry. Mammon’s gonna fix ya! Can’t have ya walkin’ around lookin’ like that.”
UWAH! A BLUE ONI HAS BURST INTO HIS ROOM TO ATTACK- Oh, its just you. Wait hey what the fu-
MC??? Did you somehow get into a magical mishap? Oh, you picked a flower for him?? Th-that’s....
A-Anyway, that’s not important right now! Do you even realize the kind of power you now hold?! When it comes to characters with blue skin..... You can cosplay ANYONE!
You know how much of a pain body paint can be, right? With the smudging and smearing, caking and flaking.. But you’re invincible now! With that naturally blue skin, there’s nothing holding you back! S-So... Do you mind cosplaying with him? You’re gonna be stuck like that for a while, so he wants to make good use of it!
“I’ve got all the outfits, too! Oh, you could try **** from ****, or ****! I bet we could even win the prize for ‘Best Costumes’! Uwaah, I’m so jealous of you...! No one will be able to look away-!”
As soon as he sees you, Satan chokes on his tea. He almost thought he was being attacked by the evil blue spirit from the series he was reading, until you happily presented him with a flower. It didn't take long for him to understand what happened.
It’s not like you knew any better so he was trying his best not to laugh, but you can still see his shoulders trembling....
EHEM. That aside, he’ll whip up a remedy for you. He’s got plenty of botanical and medicinal books to use for reference, so he’s sure he can find a cure to your.... predicament. 
That is, if you don’ t mind being a guinea pig! In the meantime, he’ll happily press that flower for safekeeping. Totally not so he can figure out how to use it against Lucifer or anything.
“Don’t worry, I’m confident I can find a fix for this. You don’t mind if I take a picture, do you? It’s for reference, of course. Hm? Why am I opening Devilgram?”
D-Don’t panic! He’s got foundation that has AMAZING coverage! All he’s got to do is find your shade and... buy about a gallon’s worth. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to hope for a miracle, too..?
But seriously, what HAPPENED? He appreciates the lovely flower, but now there’s no way he can accept it! Can you imagine what would happen if HE turned blue?! The world would end!
You poor thing... Why don’t you just toss that flower out the window and let Asmo take care of you? Ooh, he can ask Solomon for help!
“Uwaaah... I can’t believe you were so careless! Then again you didn’t know about it... But don’t worry! I’ll still love you no matter what color you become! I know, shall I wear something to compliment your new complexion?” 
Ah, no... It’s just MC... Wait, MC? Are you okay..?
HUGE concern. Beel remembers the time he ate one of those flowers, and not only was his mouth stained blue for a month, but... Well, he’ll leave out the more personal details.
He’s guessing the blue must be more potent for you because you’re a human... But don’t worry, he’ll find some help! Beel doesn’t think he can leave you that way for long anyway. You’re starting to make him crave a blueberry tart...
"MC, let's go to Madam Scream's. I think if we both have something sweet, we’ll be able to come up with a solution easier. Ah, but I guess you can’t really go out like that... Um.. Maybe you can wear my jacket? It should be big enough to cover you up.”
Belphie is just waking up, and the first thing he sees is an infamous flower... And the blue hand offering it to him. He glances up a little aaand nearly has a heart attack.
Wait... This is that flower Beel ate that one time, right? Are those things in season again? He’s gotta remember to get one of his brothers to get rid of them. Anyway uhhh what the fuck lmao
You watch the bastard bury his face into his pillow, and it doesn’t take you long to realize that he’s laughing, from the sound of the wheezing. Seriously, were you always this naive?? He guesses it’s kind of cute how you can’t help but stick your nose into everything... 
Well, since you won’t be leaving the house anytime soon, why don’t you spend the day with him? There’s a movie he and Beel were gonna watch. And don’t worry, he won’t let Beel eat you. ❤️
“Okay okay, I’m not laughing anymore. But really, you’ve got to be more careful. Not everything in the Devildom is so forgiving, you know. There are plenty of things that could be deadly for a human like you. But I’ll keep you safe, so it’s fine if you keep up that carefree attitude.”
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moemoemammon · 19 hours ago
Obey me brothers react to MC turning into cheese
MC Becomes Cheese!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Beel eats you immediately before he can even think. You died. That's it.
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moemoemammon · 20 hours ago
Guess Mammon and Levi aren't the only men I'm pining for 💦💦 They might have to step up their game and start learning how to bake, or who knows what might happen... 😳👉👈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@moemoemammon your prize for driving in the rain!
Daikon getting some kiss kiss fall in love bake a pie action over here
opossum is next
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moemoemammon · 23 hours ago
I had my first weeb dream that Levi and Satan were talking about VR and Satan said "ah yes, virtual meowlity." and Levi got so mad he broke a vase
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