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moiraodeorainswife·11 minutes agoText


ok. u forget chris pratt is a republican every month but i forget who chris prat is every day. we arent the same

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moiraodeorainswife·8 hours agoAnswer

whats happening with crisp ratt

SO basically someone posted this on twitter:  


and everyone picked pratt that he started trending lmfao 

(and then people found out about him being MAGA/belonging to a church that supports conversion therapy)

SO NOW the marvel PR clown brigade is writing dissertations on how nice chris pratt is (like??)


and people are rightfully upset bc WHERE was this energy for people in the marvel cast who were actually harassed like


and ALL this was over a twitter joke about which ‘chris’ is better lmfao

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moiraodeorainswife·8 hours agoText


alright somebody add the ‘you can excuse racism?’ meme

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moiraodeorainswife·9 hours agoPhoto


Ultron knows that Oedipus doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, right? Like, not the dude you’d want to pattern your life after. This comic is, as is usual for Wednesday’s comics, chosen by my Patrons. Speaking of…

Check my Patreon out if you’d like to support the comic, even a little bit helps. Or just to check out the reward tiers, there’s some neat bonus stuff and I tried to make them fun: https://www.patreon.com/waitingforthet

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moiraodeorainswife·a day agoText





I love that the death animations seem random each time like sometimes the imposter’s chest opens up n eats u and sometimes they just snap your neck. sometimes its a knife or a gun. like imagine if the xenomorph in alien was sneaking around and eating ppl but he also had a glock. that would be sick as fuck i think

that’s also interesting bc it implies some imposters are like monster creatures and some are just nasty people. you arrive to your sabotage job with your glock in hand and your coworker is like “yeah can’t wait to eat these guys” and you just have to be like “👀 damn for real? me, uh. me too, man.”

Now I love this proposal because it implies they’re hired hitmen, but each from completely different species, or even have different motives


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moiraodeorainswife·a day agoAnswer

my mom is saying that the mikmaq are purposefully aggravating things by fishing out of season and that since they’re breaking laws by fishing lobsters out of season it’s “not one sided” and that’s it’s about conservation laws. obviously i wouldn’t agree that this allows hate crimes and attacks and threats,but what would you say to this?

It doesn’t matter whether they’re out of season.

The Supreme Court has said that the Mi’kmaw have a right to fish and earn a moderate living.

If these fishers were concerned about fishing out of season, they should cut back on their yearly catches. A small indigenous fishing fleet is going to have basically no impact on conservation, and Scientists back this up:

‘Not a conservation concern’: N.S. Mi’kmaq won’t deplete lobster stock, says expert

Also it doesn’t matter if they provoked the white fishermen, Mik’maw aren’t setting vehicles on fire and sending death threats, that’s on white folks, and this kind of both side-ism upholds white supremacy.

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moiraodeorainswife·a day agoText


Hello friends, 

My debut novel, DEAD DEAD GIRLS, is officially up for preorder and to be listed on Goodreads!

I would be so grateful if you were to do either of those things. If you’re in Canada, I implore you to order from one of my favourite indies, A Different Booklist. If you’re in the States, I implore you to order from your favourite indie!

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moiraodeorainswife·a day agoText


hey lads i have just found out that my parents are literally going to stop feeding me once i turn 18.

like, all the food in the house is “theirs” and i will not be allowed to eat any of it.


i am trying to save up some money before then so that i can Not Starve. so if you want some art or something my commissions are Extremely Open and my commission post can be found here

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