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Love Monochrome/Checkmate (Blake x Weiss) and am a fan of pretty much anything related to Rooster Teeth

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monochromeweiss·8 days agoText


In this house we love and respect Geoff Ramsey and Trevor Collins, both of whom didn’t deserve to have to come out publicly about their private lives and struggles just to give details to the community which we did not have privy to

we also hate R for forcing everyone in this situation, the people that considered him family, to put their lives and the trauma and hurt they’ve had to go through on blast like this just for the community to trust them

We support good people!

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monochromeweiss·8 days agoText

I made The FAHC in The Sims 4 (or at least my own personal takes on them.) Due to the limit of Sims you can make in one household, I had to make The Twins into one person so allow me to introduce you to Alfedor Dollins!

(Also Geoff is not included in this because I like imagine that FAHC Geoff has retired and is living off the Grid or he paid off the Goverment and is currently living peacefully in a mansion!)

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monochromeweiss·19 days agoText


Listen, if you’ve been in the fandom since before AH became its own actual thing, like I have, we still have some hope for those that remain.

Geoff owns up to each and every mistake he makes. He grew up in a hard ass life, he knows what accountability is.

Jack wants nothing more than to make people happy.

Michael and Lindsay met because of this company, and they know damn well who they can and can’t trust (if you noticed, as soon as all this shit with R came out, Lindsay unfollowed him on everything).

Gavin has been interacting with this company since he was a teenager. He’s like Geoff’s son. Geoff will literally make him hold himself accountable for anything.

Jeremy, Matt, and Trevor were LITERALLY part of the fandom before the company picked them up.

Alfredo had his own public streaming career before joining achievement hunter, which he still has, he doesn’t let the attention go to his head.

Fiona, dear sweet Fiona, is literally one of us and has exhibited time and time again she will fight tooth and goddamn nail to create safe spaces for people who need them.

We’ve watched this company grow, and it feels like we might be watching it fall, but we need to keep up hope.

It’s better to have loved and trusted, and been hurt, rather than to have felt absolutely nothing at all. Emotions are hard. Being a person is hard. That’s why we’re pack animals. We’re here to help one another through times like this.

Please, reach out. It’s okay to feel scared, hurt, angry, sad, whatever. Just don’t bottle it up, and don’t take action with those feelings.

Just talk to someone, even if that someone happens to be a notepad or piece of paper.

You’re not alone.

Exactly, this community will rebuild!

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monochromeweiss·19 days agoPhoto


This Goes Out to the AH Community (Art/Writing/Cosplay/Etc.) 

Who Still Want to Use The Vagabond (and Other Characters Like Mad King)

I’ve Seen Many Post They Will Continue to Use These Characters in Works.

Ryan Didn’t Make These Characters, We Did, as a Community.

We Don’t Support His Actions, But Many of Our Community Have Spent So Many Hours and Years Making Content With These Characters.

We Separate Characters from People.

Respect the Community, and Be Strong.


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monochromeweiss·19 days agoText


I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but would like to make this very clear:

Do Not harass the rest of the company about this. This includes:



•Stream chats


And for God’s sake have some common decency and leave his family ALONE


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monochromeweiss·a month agoText The Raging Fiona Nova In the list of FAHC Playlists of mine (while there are some songs that aren’t really like her personality, it’s what I picture would play when she goes into a rage.) also the song “Fire and Gold” is supposed to be referring to The Duo of Gavin & Fiona. (Purely platonically)

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monochromeweiss·a month agoText

Hey so I’m trying to update the FAHC playlist a bit because Trevor doesn’t have that many songs in comparison to the rest, could take a look at this playlist and tell me some songs that sort of fit this playlist: (please look at the rest of the FAHC playlists I’ve made so you don’t suggest a song that’s already in one of the other playlists)

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monochromeweiss·a month agoText

You can’t convince me that, if Joker (or any other Persona Protag) has a theme song, it is anything other then the F•R•I•E•N•D•S theme song (“I’ll be there for you” by the Rembrandts) with the amount of confidants they have?! They’re like walking Therapists!

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