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Love Monochrome/Checkmate (Blake x Weiss) and am a fan of pretty much anything related to Rooster Teeth

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monochromeweissa month agoPhoto


Trying to develop chibi style, so bear with me while I鈥檓 on a roll鈥.critical one!

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monochromeweissa month agoPhoto


And the (critical) role goes on! Caleb Widogast had to be my experimental tryout for male chibis (鈥.go figure I do them better than females, even tho I don鈥檛 draw males鈥.at all)!

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monochromeweissa month agoPhoto


Welp, that鈥檚 it鈥.for now. I just needed to produce some simple art fast, so this was fun :3

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monochromeweissa month agoPhoto


Got my hands on a (used) wacom intous pro tablet! So to celebrate (test) it disastrously, have a disaster monk XD

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monochromeweissa month agoText


Alright, I’ve kept you guys waiting long enough, time to not be lazy and post King Boo!Ryan

This might be my favorite so far tbh. I literally spent two hours trying to draw the pattern on his sash before saying “fuck it, square brush.” Enjoy, lol

Some stuff about this spooky boi:

  • Remember back in like 2015 or whenever it was when Ryan was real weird and not as Dad as he is now? A real unhinged weird guy who we all fucking loved?? (And still do because it’s Ryan, like c'mon) Yeah, think back to those times. That’s basically this version of Ryan.
  • Does indeed have sharp teeth, two of which are slightly longer like fangs. Literally just like King Boo himself
  • Usually can be found outside of races with one or two normal Boos floating near him, like henchmen
  • I debated giving him legs and just making him float but uhhhh Ghost Tail
  • I imagine his voice would have a slight echo
  • Seeing as he is still a Boo, he gets a bit shy when ya look at him, but instead of covering his face in fear, he just kind of gets quiet and a bit timid

That’s all I have for this guy. Hope you guys like him, sorry for the wait, school’s just been kicking my ass lately and I’m very tired lol. Jeremy will be up sometime within the next week! 鉁岎煉

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This was a bitch to design but, here’s character design #2: Link!Michael :D

It was interesting to try designing him without changing too much of Link’s og design, while also somehow incorporating enough to make it look more like Michael instead of Link with different hair lol, but I’m pretty happy with how simple it is!

Some things about this Lad in the AU:

  • Basically imagine Michael, but if he wasn’t as uh, vocal about his anger. Pretty much the same, and he is still vocal, but just not as loud! Still a cheeky and lovable asshole. Also a bit sassy, because Link totally is a lowkey sassmaster and none of you can convince me otherwise (actually so is Michael now that I think about it)
  • I incorporated a lot of references to Mogar/depictions of his MC skin, because the only thing I could think about while coming up with his design were that Link and Mogar are both natural born warriors
  • Traded out his blue earrings for some nice red ones (but I like to think he has multiple pairs of different colors)
  • Peep the bear fur on the underside of his shoulder strap 馃憖
  • Also why the TND button: I was literally drawing it and was like “hmm, boring” so uhhh now the canon is he got a custom made button for his straps. It’s the in-universe substitute of his TND tattoo!
  • Why the random bandages on his arms and boots? Simple. I’m a bitch for things having bandages that don’t need bandages. It’s peak warrior aesthetic

I’m loving how these are turning out ^o^ Now that Team Nice Dynamite is done, the Battle Buddies are next, starting with Ryan! So look out for those within the next few days 馃挌鉁

Looks great!

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Making some custom Uno cards for RTX to give out as Rimmy. And on the back of them I’m writing little notes as if from the crew members.

I need more notes so if you have suggestions feel free to share! (Especially who says what and if they put it on someone else’s card)

Also I’ll post about this again closer to the con so you guys can keep an eye out and possibly get a card or another secret goodie!

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Finally, after like two days of being lazy, I give you the first character design for the AH Mario Kart AU: Dry Bowser!Gavin!!

It was pretty tough deciding which Dry Bowser-like features I wanted this feral looking fellow to have, but I think I’m satisfied with his design overall!

Here’s a bit more info on him in the AU:

  • Despite his appearance, he’s (basically) still the same ol’ Gav. (Honestly this will probably be how it is for most of the others as well, give or take a few things about each person.)
  • Keeps his face clear of any facial hair! Why? He can breathe fire, just like the character from the game, and a burnt beard is never fun to deal with
  • Yes, only his left ear has piercings, it’s not just perspective
  • Pretty much all of his hair except for his bangs is tied back (This may seem obvious to some of you but to me it seemed sorta hard to see what exactly is goin on with his hair) And his bangs fall directly between his horns
  • This version of Gav actually has a bit of a temper at times, and he gets fired up pretty easily during a good race or any competition really
  • His nails stay sharp and are as hard as bone. He just keeps em painted black for aesthetic reasons lol

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say about him in this post, but I hope you guys like him!! (I personally love his design, I’m very proud of it, the art however not so much lol) As always, I’m accepting any questions you might have over him, the others, or just the AU in general, so don’t be afraid to drop an ask, this AU is a ton of fun so far 馃挌

(Edit: yes I’m aware of the shite quality, I’m just too exhausted to do anything about it. Suffer with me this once, wont you)

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monochromeweiss2 months agoText

Edit: Playlist has been updated, please take a look at the 鈥渋ndex鈥 to see the update!

I made an FAHC Spotify playlist. I used the Songs from AH the Musical as clear dividers, they鈥檇 all come at the end of that particular Achievement Hunter鈥檚 part (excluding Jack, Team OG is at the End OC Geoff鈥檚 Section, and Trevor Also doesn鈥檛 have Hard 2 Breath, it鈥檚 at the end of Alfredo鈥檚 section.)

(Highly recommend NOT using Shuffle. Highly recommend Playing in order.)


- the Intro (Syncing song, What are we doin geoff, GTA V opening theme, and a few establishing/ world building songs)

- The Vagabond鈥檚 Section (Ryan)

- The Purple 420 Sniper鈥檚 Section (Ray)

- The Animalistic Brawler鈥檚 Section (Michael)

- The Chaotic Goddess鈥 Section (Lindsay)

- The Shark Mage鈥檚 Section (MYATT)

- The Lil Cowboy鈥檚 Section (Jeremy)

- The Momma Bear鈥檚 Section (Fem!Jack)

- The Kingpin鈥檚 Section (Geoff)

- The Golden One鈥檚 Section (Gavin)

- The Brain鈥檚 Section (Trevor)

- The Sauce鈥檚 Section (Alfredo)

- The French Bombshell鈥檚 Section (Fiona)*

- Fake AH Crew鈥檚 Section

(*= Fiona鈥檚 Section goes from 鈥渨ake up, get up, get out there鈥 to 鈥淏ad guy鈥)

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monochromeweiss2 months agoPhoto


Penny, the Winter Maiden聽

Looks phenomenal! Great job!

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monochromeweiss2 months agoAnswer
Fahc Ryan gets arrested in full vagabond getup and as they’re interrogating him at the station he *insists* he’s just a really good cosplayer


ryan: [rolls nat 20 on deception]聽

ryan, opening his eyes real wide and hunching his shoudlers: 鈥渙fficers, look at me! do i look like i could really be the vagabond?鈥

cops: [grumble among themselves because the vagabond is most definitely not this talkative or polite]

cops: okay yeah you can go, sorry for wasting your time. maybe next time tone down the realism? other cops might not be as understanding.聽

ryan: i鈥檒l definitely remember that, sirs!聽

geoff, through the earpiece in ryan鈥檚 ear: i can鈥檛 believe that fucking worked

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