moon-spirit-yue · 15 hours ago
Vi when she was devouring that weird looking tentacle after Caitlyn busted her out of jail:
Tumblr media
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moon-spirit-yue · 16 hours ago
Vi, yawning: I think I want to be a caterpillar in my next life
Caitlyn: so could I have some elaboration on that?
Vi, shrugging: eat a lot. Sleep for a while. Wake up beautiful
Caitlyn, raising an eyebrow: you also know they have the lifespan of like, a week right?
Vi, nodding: ah yes! Another highlight!
Caitlyn: darling no-
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moon-spirit-yue · 16 hours ago
Raya, scowling: I hate you!
Namaari, smirking: I thought you loved me, dep la!
Raya, smacking her arm: I’m multitasking!
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moon-spirit-yue · 16 hours ago
Raya, sighing dreamily: most people would die to catch a glimpse of Namaari’s smile. It’s me. I’m most people-
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moon-spirit-yue · 16 hours ago
Raya, grumbling: I hate whenever I walk into a room Namaari will pat her thigh and give me this stupid “c’mere girl” smile! You know, the one she gives to her serlots?! She acts like I’m a cat!
Sisu: maybe she would stop if you didn’t always go and sit on her lap literally every time she does it
Raya, frowning: but that’s my seat!
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moon-spirit-yue · 17 hours ago
Academic rivals au:
Sisu, smirking: you two look tired, what have you guys been doing?
Raya, sweating nervously: w-we had sex! Lots and lots of sex!
Namaari, sighing: I wish. We were just studying. Calculus has been killing her so she asked for my help
Raya, glaring at her: you’re ruining my reputation!
Namaari, snorting: you chose to date me. Your reputation was already ruined
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
Literally what even was this scene:
Tumblr media
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
Caitlyn: *is drowning*
Jinx: I would save her, but who am I to play god?
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
omegaverse version. Namaari chasing Raya and Aulia. Buwan is overprotective and loves Aulia (he understood the truth)
Sometimes cats just know it’s crazy: 
Raya: *snoozing with Aulia resting in her chest*
Tuk Tuk: *on watch*
Namaari, cooing at the sight: look at Raya with that cute little baby! They’re just adorable! *kicks Raya’s shin* alright wake your ass up!
Raya, groaning: what the hell- *sees it’s Namaari* why am I not allowed to live peacefully?
Namaari: because you’re annoying
Raya: your face is annoying- *they proceed to childishly argue*
Aulia: *I must pet the kitty*
Bubbles, waddling over to her: *the tiny one is my new favorite*
Aulia: *shoved her entire face in the serlot fur*
Bubbles: *loud purring*
Raya, pointing at them: look! Your cat is trying to suffocate my kid!
Namaari, rolling her eyes: as if! Your kid is probably trying to throttle my cat
Raya, swatting at her: my sweet little baby would never!
Namaari, raising an eyebrow: so she’s yours huh? Whose the other parent?
Raya, sweating nervously: wow that’s such an interesting inquiry you have for me there Namaari! Anywho, I think I’ll just grab my kid and we will hit the road! *reaches down to grab Aulia*
Bubbles: *hisses and swats at her*
Raya, deadpanned: oh so now you won’t give me my child back? Typical
Bubbles: *licks Aulia’s cheek*
Raya, huffing: okay fine that was kinda cute BUT STILL-
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
Red string of fate soulmates au because I think it’s really funny:
Raya: *mindlessly messing with her string while she’s on Boun’s boat*
Sisu, yawning: hey where did you get that string? I’ve been meaning to ask you
Raya, surprised: you can see it?
Sisu, nodding: yeah, can’t everyone
Raya, shaking her head: no, humans can only see their own string. I guess dragons are different
Sisu, shrugging: looks like it! So, why’s yours attached to Namaari
Raya, sighing: I try really hard not think about it
Boun, overhearing the whole conversation: wait wait wait, you and Namaari are soulmates?!
Raya, blushing: no! We just happen to have strings attached at the pinky that only we can see! Big deal!
Boun, spluttering: that is the exact definition of a soulmate!
Raya, frowning: no
Boun, throwing his hands up in exasperation: how on earth have you escaped her for so many years?! She can find you at like any time ever!
Raya, groaning: it takes effort, Captain Boun. A hell lot of effort
Sisu, confused: what can’t you just like, cut it?
Boun, shaking his head: nope! The string of fate isn’t corporal, you can’t just cut it!
Raya, nodding: yeah, what he said! It’s not corporal, no chance of cutting it!
Sisu, deadpanned: you already tried cutting it, haven’t you?
Raya, slouching: with every sharp object I can find. Once I got so desperate I tried slamming a rock on it. Obviously, my attempts were in vain
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Harry Potter au:
Namaari, arguing with Raya: oh please, that doesn’t even make sense! On that note, you should take a shower! You reek you little troll *stomps off*
Raya: *offended gay witch noises*
Sisu, laughing: didn’t you literally just clean up?
Raya, in distress: yes! Look, my hair is still wet from the shower!
Sisu, grinning: man, she really hates you
Raya, pouting: I don’t know why. I’m an absolute delight. And I smell wonderful! Like flowers! How can she not like how I smell?
Sisu, smirking: and why do you care?
Raya, huffing: no reason! I will smell irresistible to that jerk if it’s the last thing I do
*after several failed attempts*
Sisu: alright, here it is! Perfectly brewed Amortentia!
Raya: *dunks her head in the pot*
Sisu, rolling her eyes: this is becoming an obsession
Raya, shrugging: sacrifices must be made. I’ll be back
Sisu: if they don’t start dating soon I may lose my bet
Raya, skipping up to Namaari: heeeeeeeey dep la! Like the new perfume I got?
Namaari, scoffing: you smell exactly the same as you always do, dumbass
Raya, narrowing her eyes: now you wait a damn minute-
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Silco when he watches Jinx severely hurt and kill people regularly:
Tumblr media
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
I’ll never shut up about this scene:
Tumblr media
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Namaari: I would never chase a woman. But, if she had long back hair, beautiful brown eyes, light freckles, had a pillbug for a best friend, and was a princess of Heart, I might do a lil jog-
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Horny Namaari and Aggressive Raya:
Raya, scowling: you’re scum of the earth!
Namaari, wrapping an arm around her waist: so basically you think I’m cute
Raya, jamming her elbow in Namaari’s side: whither away, binturi!
Namaari, smirking: you look so pretty when you give me death threats
Raya, slamming her fist on the table: I can’t take it anymore! Why do you have to be attracted to everything I do?!
Namaari, ruffling her hair: what can I say, you just do things to me
Raya, throwing her hands up in exasperation: I mean honestly, whatever happened to good old fashioned bitterness and hatred!? WE NEED TO BRING THE OLD WAYS BACK!!
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Atitaya: *playing monopoly and lands on one of Namaari’s houses*
Namaari: pay up sucker
Atitaya, huffing: I hate this game *throws the money at her*
Sisu, laughing: lighten up, general! It’s just a game
Raya, excitedly: my turn! *ends up landing on one of Namaari’s houses*
Namaari, smiling: it’s okay Raya you don’t have to pay
Raya, kissing Namaari’s cheek: love you!
Atitaya, eye twitching: okay that is just downright unfair!
Namaari, shrugging: don’t I have the right to choose who pay rents in my houses??
Atitaya, rolling her eyes: so why doesn’t Raya pay?
Namaari: because she’s cute
Raya, nodding: that’s actually very true, Atitaya. I think she got you there
Atitaya, throwing her hands up: why do I even bother playing games with you two anymore-
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Benja, very amused: Namaari?! Princess of Fang Namaari????? You’re dating that Namaari?!
Raya, nodding: correct
Benja, now absolutely cackling: Oh, this priceless! Virana is going to hate this!
Raya, smacking his arm: it’s not funny! When I infiltrated Fang she totally wanted to kill me!
Benja, wheezing: I know! Oh this is almost as funny as when I told the elders I was going to marry a poor girl!
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