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morgansunflower · a day ago
Time Is Very Precious
Batman/Bruce Wayne X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings:suggestive content
This is a chapter from my MOM!! Book on Wattpad. Thought you all would enjoy! BTW this is inside Batmom's phone. Also the Batkids are Reader's and Bruce's blood children. The link to my Wattpad account to the MOM!! Book is down below.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arthur's notes: thank you for reading! ❤️❤️Hearts and comments are always appreciated!! I am still working on my story with Tim Drake X Wayne! Reader with Reader has Damian's full blood sister. Love to know your thoughts;)
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morgansunflower · 5 days ago
My mind is pondering on Tim Drake seeing it's his birthday lol.. I was wondering if anyone would reading enjoy a fic I'm thinking of working on. In which Y/N aka reader is Damian's full blood sister and she falls in love with Tim? I'm thinking of adding some heavy angst. Please tell me your thoughts!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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morgansunflower · 14 days ago
You Found Me 1/2
Bruce Wayne X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings:child neglect and abuse.
Child!Terrance McGinnis abandoned by his neglectful father. Cop! Batmom gets influenced by her Batman and takes care of little Terry.
Tumblr media
The rain poured hard. Mid evening. I walk within the alleyway hearing rustling. A small animal? Damian will be back in my hip pocket for a while. I grab my flashlight that was on my holster and turn it on. I shine the light in the direction I hear the sound. My heart sinks to my gut. I see a very small child. His legs bent upward and he curled up in a ball. His hair black, eyes shut tightly and his little body shook. His little shirt torn with dirt and shoes worn. Bruises along his arms. Ran away from his abusive parents, perhaps? He's not going back to that life. I won't allow such. I take my jacket off and kneel down with my flashlight in hand. I remember Jason having panic attacks.. I was so lost on how to help him. Though I did some honest research. No upper hand movements. Be calm and reassuring but careful not to make them feel weak.
"hi buddy.. I'm officer Y/N" I cooed "I'm here to help you sweetie"
He shakes his head "t-t-take me to orph-oranage"
"no sweetheart I will take care of you. You'll be safe I promise I won't hurt you or let you go to a orphanage" I smiled
He lifts his little scared face to me. I offer my hand. He takes it. I put my jacket on the young boy wrapping it around him. I hold the little boy. I'm gonna try to give his parents his the benefit of the doubt and maybe they got separated? I hold the adorable little boy. I step out of the alley and to my cop car. I hear soft thunder within the distance. I swiftly open the car door and sit on the driver's seat. The little boy looks at me amused. Then the rain begins to heavily fall.
"oh" he chuckled with me
I move him to the passenger seat and buckle his seat belt. I buckle myself and drive to the police station. As a loud thunder and bright lightning soon follow, the little boy gasped.
"hey! Don't be scared! Don't be scared!" I try to ease his mind "it's just.. It's just rain it can't hurt you. You're safe buddy"
He nods I pull into the police station. I clap my hands that startled him. My heart shattering. Shit.
"I'm so sorry buddy I didn't mean to scare you!" I softly said
He nods "it ok" he adorably said
"alright let me carry you inside and you may get a, little bit wet but you'll be fine ok"
He nods once more. I take his seat belt off along with mine. I take him into my arms wrapping my jacket securely around him. I step into the station uncaring of the rain soaking my clothes. I step inside countless phones went off for dispatch, people at the desk and officer's stepping in and out. I step into my office and shut the door behind me. I sit him on my chair. I search for missing child's reports though none matched the little boy. I kneel down to him.
"can you tell me your name sweetie" I cooed
"Terry M-c-c-Ginnis" he stuttered
I stand up and type his name in my computer. I then step grabbing the blanket I had on my desk. I take the jacket off the little boy. I wrap the blanket around him like a burrito. He chuckled I gave him a pencil and paper.
"want to draw me a picture" I cooed
He nods with a adorable smile. I hear a notification on the computer. I read while Terry is distracted.
~Terrance McGinnis.
Child of Warren McGinnis, & Mary McGinnis.
Born: August 18, 2018~
I continued digging. His mom died in childbirth dad has three DUI's. Teachers reported him to the police after finding bruises on the young boy. That was 2 weeks ago... I continued my research. Apparently before files could be charged Warren left Gotham and then left the country. What an asshole! No one reported the kid missing. How could anyone be so cruel? I hear my door knocking. I lift my head seeing Jim. I nodded, he steps in.
"Y/N.. who's this little fella?" he asked smiling to Terry
"Jim this is Terry. Terry this is my old boss Jim"
Terry waved Jim waves back and then looks at me.
"you're husband has certainly made a influence on you. What is this kid number thirty?" he joked with a gruff "honestly you two should consider running an orphanage. Just make sure they keep up with the normal lives" he smiled wider and I wanted to elbow his gut
"oh, kiss it!" I defend shoving his shoulder causing a amused smile to form on Terry's face.. Then I start thinking... Grayson, Jay, Tim, Cass, Steph, Dami, practically Babs.. Jim smirks seeing my wheels turn "well the more the merrier" I added with admiration in my smile
"just don't expect me to keep up with the boy's name"
After getting us something to eat. I brought Terry home. I carried him upstairs. I open my bedroom door. I step to my bathroom and shut the door behind me. I sit him on the toilet lid.
"ok Terry let's get you a bath and some new clothes ok"
He nods. After getting the dirt covered kid a bath. I let gave him some of Damian's old clothes. The black shirt going down to his ankles. I am surprised I've avoided all of family. I kneel down drying his wet hair with a towel
"off-y Y/N" he adorably said with a sleepy voice
"oh call me Y/N" I cooed
"Y-Y/N..." he yawns and began to rub his eyes "I'm feelin' weepy"
"well that's certainly understandable. Would you like to lay down? I can go get you a blanket?"
He swiftly grabbed my hand in fear "no! No! No p-w-ease don't w-eave" he fearfully begged as his eyes swell up
"Aww sweetie I'm not going to leave you" I hold him close "I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to protect you, ok?"
He began to cry in my shoulder. I gently shush him with soft kind whispers of reassurance. I can't let him go. I am signing the adoption paperwork as soon as I can. He needs to be loved. He needs me. His crying soon subsided. I kiss his forehead. He soon falls asleep emotionally and physically exhausted.
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morgansunflower · 14 days ago
You Found Me 2/2
Bruce Wayne X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings: anxiety, fluff, and so much wholeness
Batmom brings little Terry home without a encounter of course this does not last long
Tumblr media
With Terry still sleeping in my arm's. I step through the hallway to the linen closet. I halted as I see Alfred. He gently smiled. To be honest I'm sure he's used to this.
"Ms Y/N may I assist you?"
"thanks Alfie" I gratefully whispered
He takes a small blanket the same blanket that everyone loves. The children will fight for..literally. We step into the family room. I sit on the chair still holding the sleeping boy. Alfred lays the blanket on us. He smiles and then departs. I gently rub his head. My daughter Stephanie steps in. She gasps covering her face with the widest smile ever. I swiftly put my index finger to my lips telling her to be quiet.
"he's so so so cute! Where did you find him? Are we keeping him? Please tell me we're keeping him!" she whispered with enthusiasm
Cassandra steps in she gently smiled and waved to me. I wave back.
"Cass isn't this the most adorable little boy you've ever seen! I mean I sure as hell hope he won't threaten to stab me" she chuckled as I tilt my head to her giving her the 'be nice' look.
"precious indeed" Cassandra softly said with a genuine smile
Both my girl's sit on the couch. I then hear footsteps and see Jason steps in his eyes widen, as if he recognized the child. He clears his throat forcing a straight face.
"holy shit you found him" he said with a relief to his voice
"start explaining Ginormica!" Stephanie demanded
"a few weeks ago I ran into the kid.. Long story short we got separated from each other. I've been looking for him for a while" he explained with a gruff, because he truly let his sweet side show
Jason plopped on the couch with the girl's. Then Damian enters the room with an utterly shocked look on his face.
"say hello to your replacement kid" Jason mocked
I scold Jason by pinching his hand. He extended his hand upward in pain. I look at my youngest and hold his hand. He remained stiff.
"sweetie he was alone in the rain.. No one was there for him. Don't think for a second anyone is getting replaced" I assured with a softness to my tone
"tt" Damian simply said "I understand fully mother"
He departs from my hand and sits by Cassandra. Then my second loudest and oldest child enters the room. He scoffed as Barbara steps in.
"a new member of the Batfamily and you guys didn't tell me!" Grayson explained
"shhh!!" everyone but Grayson said
"my bad" he whispered "he's really cute Mom"
"he's so adorable" Barbara mumbled "I can't believe there's gonna be another little guy around"
"are you really that surprised? It might as well be normal now" Grayson softly laughed
Both Babs and Grayson sit in the loveseat by the couch. Then coming from his room finally Timothy. He gently smiled and chuckled.
"you weren't kidding babe" he told Steph
He steps to Steph and takes her hands. He sits back on her spot and sits her in his lap. Timmy then gently waves to me, I wave back. All my children here with a little one to hold. I like this. Their all quiet. That's a miracle. Just watch I think that and then two of them get in a fight. Terry will wake up and freak out with all the people in the room.
"how come he gets THE blanket" Jay offended with a smirk and extends his arms upward
I gently chuckle shaking my head. I can't stay mad at any of them. As night came my children depart for patrol. Each of them telling me goodbye in their own way. I slowly feel myself falling into a deep sleep. I force my tired eyes open. So sleepy. Alfred enters the room.
"I have been requested to assist Master Bruce and I've taken the liberty of preparing the bed for you and the young chap" Alfred said gently as to not wake the sleeping child.
"Alfred you are a saint of a man. Thank you" I gratefully said
"your quite welcome. Please tell me if needed be of anything Ms"
"I will" I nodded with a yawn
"have a pleasant night's rest Ms Y/N" Alfred said
I smile in response, he departs. I stand before I fall asleep. I take him to my bedroom. The room dark with the only source of light from the lamp on my nightstand. I lay Terry on the bed with the blanket. I can't imagine how long it's been since he's slept this good. Out there in the streets all alone in the rain. It makes my heart sick. I kiss his forehead. I grab my folded pajamas on the end of the bed. I step to the bathroom. I really hope he doesn't wake up. I swiftly change and come back. Terry sound asleep, I let a breath of relief and turn the lamp off. I lay under the covers. He yawns turning around and snuggled up to me warming my heart. I wrap my arms around him his head rested on the crook of my neck....... I feel movement in the bed, little Terry not laying with me. I turn the lamp on. I open my eyes and sit upward with Terry. He frightfully grabs my arm tightly. My heart sinks. I look seeing my husband. Bruce's eyebrows scrunch and eyes wide and face agape. He wore his bat-suit without his cowl.
"don't get used to that funny looking face" I told Terry with a laugh, resulting him to relax a slight bit more
Bruce's expression remained in utter shock. He then closes his mouth and gazes to me. What is he thinking? Why is he always so hard to read?
"hey you told me I should learn more from you! I can proudly say that I have" I defended, then my husband surprises me again as he smiles
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morgansunflower · 21 days ago
When You Wake
Bruce/Batman X Kent/Kryptonian!Reader
Clark Kent X Sister! Reader
Warnings:menstrual cycle
Y/N is not like most earthling women in one fact her period. It's near the same however it happens once a year and when it does she's in so much agony. So much that she is extremely vulnerable.
Arthur's notes :mood board is about reader and her brother as well as her love for Bruce! Plus of course her period.. Hope you all enjoy the read!
Tumblr media
Clark's P. O. V
"again?" Bruce mumbled with a bewildering look
"excuse me?" I asked. Batman confused, that's a first.
"again. She's done this every year precisely on, July 7th"
This is so awkward "Ohh huh right. Trust me I know she's fine Bruce. She probably is just needing a break every once in a while" I began to chuckle "maybe you could learn from her"
He grunted in response I step to leave
"take care Bruce"
He made a small grunted noise. I then look to my brother in arms. I knew he loved her. It was obvious the way his and Y/N's heartbeats became faster when they were near each other. The way she smiles to him. He's endlessly trying to keep her safe in the face of danger. I respect him for doing so. Hell I've even seen the Batman smile, because of something she does or says. As young Robin would say 'I ship it'.
"oh and before you begin to let your wheels turn too quickly. She's not seeing anyone"
"I'm not..." he hissed I touched a nerve!
Y/N's P. O. V
After a nice steaming shower to sooth my agonizing cramps. Laying on my king size bed. I wear my loose fitted nightgown that went down below my knees. A thin sheet laid on my body above my chest. Wearing my underwear with my pad/tampon. My hair down and messy.. Way too tired to brush my hair right now. I lay on my bed as I rest my head on the long body pillow with my legs rested between it. I have a heat-pack on my lower back. I had my phone laying in front of me in case of a world ending emergency or Bruce wants to.. Talk to me. Damn I'm being so hopeful. I should feel better with the painkillers pillow and comfortable gown... But no. I feel like absolute shit. My abdomen is on fire with my back feeling as if it's getting punched repeatedly by Doomsday. My migraine worsened with each second passing. The pain nearly draining all my energy. I physically can't take care of myself. I remember the first time I had my period and I passed out when I was spending time with my brother when we were teens. It scared me even my family more so. I feel a sharper pain and inhaled sharply. Owe! I exhaled steadying my breathing. It's only a few days but then another day or two of recovery. I'll be back to normal.. Soon. I absolutely hate being so damn weak. Really right now what would make this easier, cuddling with Bruce. I allow my exhausted eyes to shut. I hear my window open. I listen carefully Clark. He's always so worried about me.
"baby Sis" Clark said just loud enough for me to hear "I brought you some snacks"
I unintentionally made a pained humming sound in response. He flew into my bedroom. He held two grocery bags. I softly smile. I wanted to say 'thank you' but am unable to feeling another agonizing sharp pain. I squint my eyes tightly shut. I feel my brother rub my shoulder. I let out a harsh wince. He gives me a light snack with five ibuprofen pills. I put the pain pills in my mouth then drink the water.
"oh nooo!" he said with a heavy sigh
"I have to go" he kisses my shoulder "please rest baby Sis"
I nod softly. He steps to leave then turns to face me. His face saddened to me.
"I'm ok" I whispered
"maybe I should call someone? Ma? I know Pa is a definite no" he chuckled "Bruce? He's really worried about you"
I dramatically shake my head no. I do not want him to see me like this. Though I am beyond flatted he cares about me.
"ok I love you I'll be back to check on you as soon as I can" he sincerely said
I nodded my head. Clark leaves. I then wince sharply from another sharp pain though this time in my back. I groan in pain. My damn heat pack is no longer hot. I hear my phone ring. Who on earth? I look a text from my Ma.
(Ma) -I'm gosh darn sure this is you I'm texting and not your brother again. Darn electronics. I wanted to say how sorry I am I can't be there for you my angel daughter. Please don't respond to this and salvage all your strength. Your Pa and I love you ❤️❤️❤️😘-
I then see a text from Bruce. I swiftly open his message.
(Bruce) - are you injured? -
Way to shoot it straight. I groaned my head throbbing. I turn the brightness down. I super-speeded texting him I'm ok. I yawn and shut my eyes. Painful minutes went by. I hear movement I listen carefully. BRUCE!! Oh shit!! I half-open my eyes and see him with his feet rested on my windowsill in his Batman uniform.
"you lied" he accused
"hmm sorta.. didn't want you to see me like this" I admitted
He steps to me and inspects me. I pat beside me inventing him to sit down
"you truly think I give a damn if you are in no condition to take care of yourself?" he carefully sits on my bed resting his legs across. Bruce takes his cowl off revealing his very attractive face.
"sorry" I mumbled
"Y/N" he sighed "I am going to ask you questions you will either nod yes or no" I nodded yes "is this why you leave every year during this time?" I nodded yes again "is this a form of Kryptonian disease?" he said with a saddened face. I shake my head no
"it's uh female Kryptonian version of a menstrual cycle" I softly said
"I see, have you taken any medication?"
I nodded yes and then shrug my shoulders. I can take more. Bruce sympathetically placed his hand on my shoulder.
"allow me" he leaves my bedside going to my dresser "this is not as affective as what I have"
He opens his utility belt grabbing a small pill.
"Bruce you don't--" I'm cut off by a wince
"shh" he mumbled "this is the double dosage of pain killer they give for amputations. It won't stop the pain but make it more bearable"
I take the liquid medication. Bruce takes the empty medication bottle from me. He then removes my now, cold heat-pack. I then remember when Bruce's back was broken by Bane. Then I consistently beat the hell out of him for hurting Bruce. Bruce was resting on the stretcher. I was cleaning his face, he muttered my name. With eyes shut he had lifted his shaking arm. I had quickly taken his arm. I was going to lower his arm though Bruce had pushed me to his face and kissed me deeply. I honestly thought it was the morphine.. Now I'm not sure as his heart races and he kisses my shoulder blade.
"I recall your kindness when I was injured.." he kisses my neck placing a hand on my hip "may I return the favor?"
I softly nodded yes. I need it. Bruce then massages my lower back. I let out a relaxed humming sound. His gloves warm against my back.
"thank you" I muttered yawning.
"sleep Y/N" he whispered kissing my cheek "I'll be here when you wake"
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morgansunflower · 29 days ago
Hi there, I'm new here! If you're taking requests, could I get a Damian x Batsis!Reader fic?
she's a sweet but snarky girl who loves junk food and cracking jokes and being silly 24/7, but suffers from adhd and depression and isn't technically smart so Bruce only trains her enough for self defense and has her assist Alfred in minor medical situations. She loves her family and is very openly affectionate, hugs and kisses all day long. except with Damian, who she is always gentle and civil to but otherwise leaves him be.
this is slightly because he's intimidating but mostly because she thinks he can't stand her because of her personality, mental health and general uselessness. Damian happens to catch her in her natural state of inhaling brownies and pretending she can't feel sadness, and in his own way shows her that they're family and he cares about her well-being.
Sorry for this being so descriptive! If emotional eating is a trigger for you or someone else you can leave it out! Thanks so much for reading!
Hi I'm currently working on a lot of books and story's at the moment so I can't promise but I will try my best to write your request :)
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morgansunflower · a month ago
Ok so I have a few questions for all my fans old/new and anyone in general. I sincerely want to know!
Would you enjoy reading Batfam age reverse with damirae? With Raven as Batmom
Batwonder or BatCat?
Superwonder or Clois?
More Batsis, more Batmom or more Flashfam or Superfam?
I have some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles content if anyone is interested in reading I can certainly post it! Also some Chuck(series) and the series Bones as well.
Anything in particular you desire more of I would love to know!
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morgansunflower · a month ago
My Little Girl
Bruce Wayne/Batman X daughter! Reader
Batsis! Reader
Warnings: violence, blood, so much angst
Bruce can't do it. He's so scared she'll slip away because it's happened before
Arthur's notes! Comic below is unrelated to story but I liked it for setting the mood. There is so much angst. Also this is set between Jason's death and his eventual return!
Tumblr media
Bruce's P. O. V
The rain poured hard Joker had blurred the coms and made her location beacon unreliable at the moment. The last time I recall running this fast. The day I lost my second child. I can't fail again! I can't! I couldn't find her. I yelled 'Robin' for what felt like eternity in the rain. After what had happened to Jason.. I couldn't let that happen again. I wouldn't fail her. I'd do anything in my power just to keep her safe. Perhaps I shall ground her? No patrol for.. A while? She's too kind for this sickened world. Robin taught me with darkness there had to be light. I never intended to replace her parent's. Though, when she brings me coffee with a cookie when Alfred is more than willing, when she falls asleep on my shoulder after a long night of patrol, when nightmares awake her she'll come to me with tears causing my heart to sink and when she is so worried when I have the smallest injury. I can't help but love her as my own. She was seven when she suffered the pain of losing her parents. A pain I understood too well. I took her in giving her a home. It's been three too swift years though it also feels as if I've known her, her whole life. I continue running. I shoot my grappling gun to the building beside a old warehouse. She has to be in there! I jump swinging and force myself the window with my feet breaking it. I jump onto the buildings floor with broken glass around me. I swiftly put my grappling gun back. I search for my daughter while also looking for Joker. My heart pounding. I think back to carrying my son's lifeless body. I can't go through that again. I find Y/N her ankles tied together and wrist tied behind her back. My heart sinks further as I see a one minute timer for the bomb. Before I could diffuse the bomb, I block the crowbar that was swung to her back. Enraged I pull the crowbar and the assailant forward seeing Joker. He laughs the same laugh that has haunted me in my dreams.
"well well well! Look at who the little bird dragged in! We're all gonna go out together!"
I threw a punch to Joker. He fell back and then stood straight. He swung abruptly left I dodge. I then realized what will happen to me and my most importantly Y/N. Suddenly Nightwing comes barreling in. He's going to start panicking, again.
"Aww no!" he exclaims frantically "dammit! No! No! N --"
"focus!" I demanded to my son. He's here just in time. Like always.
"right the bomb!" he ran to the bomb "hold on baby bird, big bird is here to the rescue!" he told his sister
I continued to block and dodge Joker's blows. I glance to Nightwing as he attempted to diffuse the bomb. As Joker swung to my right. I threw a non toxic smoke bomb. I move away from his line of sight. I punch his jaw harshly. Blood falls out of his face. I thrust kicked him to the ground. I put my foot against his throat. He laughed that wickedness that ran deep within him. I wanted to end him right then and there. For nearly taking Barbara's life, for attempting to destroy Jim's life.. For taking my son and for hurting my little girl. I hear a soft whimper. Y/N! I leave Joker unconscious. I cut her wrist restraint and ankle. Her hands weakly reach to me. I lift her into my arms. I look one second and everything would change. Just as my eyes shake Dick diffuses the bomb. I blink the tears that desire to fall I did not allow to fall.
"dad" she mumbled. My heart physically filled with warmth. The first time she ever referred to me as 'dad'.
"shh" I softly demand forcing my emotions further back. I wanted to break.
How could she see me as her dad? When she nearly slipped away from me because of my actions. She rest head against my chest. She feels hot. Tears ran down her little face with sweat. She's likely suffering from a high fever and is truly frightened. I fix the intercom just then I hear my intercom ring Alfred. I answer my worried father.
-"is she alright sir?" he heavily asked
"she will be" I answered with a crash of relief
-"that's bloody wonderful to hear. I'd advise no more patrol for quite some time sir. How severe are her injuries?"
"I'm about to run an analysis"
I use my spy-contact's scanning her little battered body. My body feels heavy as I read.
Body temp: 104
Injures: right second & left third rib bones cracked. A laceration on the upper left shoulder, & right leg
Recovery time: 6 weeks-
-"poor dear" Alfred softly said
Six weeks of Alfred tending to her, Grayson endlessly spending time with her and I will find a way to make myself stronger. So this will never happen again. Her lips tremble she opened her mouth to speak. I lean down to her forehead. She shuts her eyes still struggling to speak. How could I have not been strong enough to prevent her pain?
"shhhh my little girl" I softly whispered loud enough for only her to hear. I wanted to tell how truly sorry I am but the words would not come forth.
Grayson ran to us he touches her head. His face saddened as he gently rubbed her cheek. She softly smiled in response. He kisses her head inhaling sharply. He carefully wiped her sweat away.
"dammit baby bird now I'm gonna have to take care of you. I'm gonna get fat on ice-cream and become a couch potato" he cooed, I knew he's overwhelmed with joy to spend time with her.
Ever since.. Jason's death Grayson as been home more frequently. He's earnestly been trying.
"not sorry" she mumbled with a little soft smile.
Grayson softly chuckled with a heaviness within his throat. He kisses her forehead. We should all consider ourselves lucky to have her still here. Years had past within a blink of an eye. She grew too fast. Every door that was slammed in my face, every word that was spoken of hate, every goodnight kiss and every word spoken to me of how much she cares. Doesn't come close to this very moment. I hear the soft piano playing. I'm not ready. I want to go back in time. I hear footsteps in the corner of my eye I see Y/N. She was beautifully wearing her white dress. My heart warms but with sadness. I have to let her go.
"ready dad" she smiled
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morgansunflower · a month ago
Bestie.... We about to have issues.... plagiarism isn't cute, take the stuff down or prepare to catch some hands
I sincerely apologize to anyone who believes I stole someone's ideas. I would never do so and never will. It's wrong mean and rude. I promise that all my ideas are in my head. I had no idea that someone else had the same ideas I did. I've seen multiple people who have similar ideas. I was trying to bring more beauty to the world not steal someone's ideas. If you all are not interested in my Story's. That's OK too. I'm really sorry to have offended anyone. I'm just a writer trying to write my original work. I understand that people may think I did but I promise I didn't.
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morgansunflower · a month ago
Wholeheartedly 2/2
Batman/Bruce Wayne X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings: childbirth
Batmom pushes through her labor with the help of her husband and father figure
The elevator doors open and I see my husband wearing his bat-suit. I feel my knees desiring to buckle from the pain. Bruce turns his head to me along with Alfred. Worry befell both of their faces.
"dammit!" Bruce cursed
"my dear! Are you alright?" Alfred exclaimed
Bruce runs to us and takes me into his arms bridle style. He takes me to the Medical center in the Bat-cave. He lays my flat on my back on the stretcher. He leans the bed upward to where I'm sitting halfway up. Alfred moves the privacy curtain. It was just the three of us. Alfred walks to leave. I need someone to catch my baby and one to hold my hand.
"hmm mmm st-stay" I begged my only father figure
He turns facing me with a saddened smile. "I shall be back momentarily my dear you have my word" he assured
I force a smile in response and breath through another contraction. He's tense, and rightly so. Bruce takes off each piece of my clothes.
"isn't this how we got into this mess" I joked with a tired voice, to try and ease my husband's mind
Bruce chuckled softly "a very beautiful mess of a life we have darling"
My heart warms. He is right. Bruce puts electrodes on my bare body for the heart monitor. With his cowl off Bruce kisses my shoulder blade then lips. He takes a deep breath gently rubbing my abdomen where our daughter lays for a short time. I can't believe it's time. I'm about to hold my baby girl after nine months.
"you have quite the timing D/N" he softly smiled looking at my swollen abdomen
"obviously she gets it from you" I said with a weak chuckle
He smiled and takes a hospital gown that was folded by the end of the stretcher. He carefully puts it on me. He intertwined our hands together. Bruce gently rubs my thigh. I feel another contraction. I gasp inhaling sharply from the pain worsening.
"breath Y/N I'm right here" he soothed
I nodded then my water breaks as it ends. Bruce carefully kisses my hand and inhales sharply. I bend my knees upward with my feet on the stretcher. He moves to the end of the stretcher and checks me from where our daughter will be coming.
"there's still time.. It'll be a few hours" he said sternly
"Bruce" I softly said he kisses my knee
"this not how I intended it to happen Y/N" he sighs heavily "we should have you in a hospital. We are not fully equipped"
We are but he feels I need more. He is always so worried. I reach for his hand. He extends his hand. I take his hand and smile to him. I pull him close to me. I use my other hand and place it on his face. We gaze to each other. I gently rub my thumb on his cheek. He kisses the palm of my hand.
"we have each other and we're going to be OK. That is more than perfect in my eyes my love. D/N is just to anxious to see her daddy" I reassuringly smile
He softly smiled and kisses my bump with adoration "as am I baby girl"
Grayson's P. O. V
We all were in the Bat-cave. It's been four hours since mom's been in labor. I listen to my music in my earbuds to help block out the sound of her screams. I see Damian alone crouched up. I listen to the music and heard another pained scream from our adopted mom. Damian lowered his head on his arm crouching further. I pause the song. I step to my distraught little brother.
"you ok Little D?" I asked
"leave me Grayson!" he quavered
He's been crying. I can hear it in his voice. No one really gets how deep Damian feels. How much he really cares. Besides Mom of course. I sit next to him.
"hey mom's gonna be OK I promise don't worry kid. You're gonna be a great big brother, you know?"
He turns his head away from me. I take one earbud out and give it to him. He puts it in his ear. I play the music to help get him distracted. I hear another scream from Mom. Damian laid his face on my arm. I gently rub his head.. I hate hearing her in so much pain. I honestly don't think anyone is at ease right now.
Y/N's P. O. V
"push!" Bruce demanded from the front of the stretcher, as Alfred held my hand.
"ARGHH HUHAHHH!!" I pushed feeling the impending burning pain
"her heads out take a minute to breath Darling" Bruce's voice soothing "it's almost over and then you will have her in your arms
I breath heavily the sweat covering my cheeks and tears of pain fall down my face. I'm so ready for this to be over.
"one last push dear" Alfred said softly
Bruce holds the towel and smiles to me with adoration. I smile back and push. I screamed feeling the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Then it stops. I catch my breath and I hear a beautiful cry from my infant daughter. I began to sob as I lower my legs. Bruce smiles wholeheartedly cutting the umbilical cord. The afterbirth soon comes after. He lays her on my chest. He chuckled kissing my face
"you did beautifully my love" he cooed and kisses our daughter's crying head.
"I'll inform the family that the mother and child are well" Alfred quavered with a genuine smile
"thank you Alfred" I said with tears
He smiles and departs. Bruce moves the left side of my gown to expose my left breast. I nurse my daughter for the first time. I lay my bed back taking a deep breath. I ease my breathing. Bruce tenderly kisses my lips. He parts with a soft smile on his face and his eyes water.
He cups my cheeks "thank you"
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morgansunflower · a month ago
Wholeheartedly 1/2
Bruce Wayne/Batman X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings: non
A tornado watch becomes a warning and a very pregnant Batmom is trying to deal with her daughter's impatience to arrive.
Cassandra's P. O. V
I sit in my room on my phone light on as I read my favorite book. The power has been out for half an hour from severe weather. Tornado watch in Gotham. We've been given strict orders to stay in the Manor. I hear footsteps within the hallway. Their slow and steady. Mom. Ever since she's been carrying my new baby sister, she has endured pain I hate to helplessly watch or hear. A little stuffed bear with a mini batman cowl was, on my nightstand for my little sister. I then hear Mom inhale sharply. I swiftly shut my book and leave my room with my phone in hand. I see my mother's left hand against the doorframe to the hallway bathroom. Her eyes shut, face pained as her right hand held her round bump.
"mom" I softly said to make myself known
She opens her eyes, lifts her tired head to me with a forced smile. She lovingly cradles her bump. Her body is beyond exhausted from the pain.
"hey sweetie.. How are you? Did you I wake you up?" she softly asked
I gently shook my head no and took her hand to assist her to her room. I hope she's OK. I hope my baby sister is OK. We slowly step to her room. I open the door and help her to her bed. She let's go of my hand. I move the covers before she could. She softly smiled and lays in the bed on her side facing me. I lay the covers on her
"thanks sweetie" she yawned
I gently nod. Maybe I should stay? Should I call dad? Should I see if she needs anything else? I hear a loud thunder the storm worsening. She gently nodded her head beside her. I turn my flashlight on my phone off. I carefully move to my Dad's side of the bed and lay in middle of the bed. I hear her breathing remain uncalmed. Oh no. I turn my phone on and turn the brightness down. I text my sister's in the group chat. I told them about mom and how much pain she seems to be in.
(Barbie) I'm sure she's OK. It's probably just false labor but she is do in a week though 🤔😬... -
That's not comforting.
(Barbie)- just looked at the satellite no sign of the storm calming the down anytime soon.. Where's mom? -
-in bed trying to rest-
(Steph) - Aww OK shit! Let's uh...Babs what's the plan?-
My heart physically heavies I look at mom. I'm so worried. I then hear her softly wince. She breaths painfully.
- I think she's having another contraction! -
I place my hand on her shoulder "mom" I softly said
Y/N's P. O. V
I feel my daughter's gentle touch on my shoulder. I wanted to tell her I'm okay.. Though she know I'd be lying. I breath through my contraction. I ease my breathing. I softly smile. Cassandra takes my hand.
"I'm ok now sweetheart just a little contraction is all" I'm not even sure I believe myself
She lays her head on my shoulder "no mom" she said
She let's go of my hand and moves off the bed. What is she doing? She steps to my side of the bed. She takes my hand. Then I feel another pain stabbing contraction.
"breath mom" she's so worried
I listen to her words breathing through my contraction. Shit I'm in labor. I've been like this for 45 minutes straight. The contractions lasted five minutes. It's time. I move my elbow onto the bed and sit up. I place my hand on my swollen abdomen with my other still in Cassandra's grasp. A flash of lighting provides light on us.
"I don't think your little sister is going to wait" I said with a soft smile
I make myself stand both my daughter and I lock arm's. We slowly step to the elevator that we placed years ago for Babs, when she was shot and was in her wheelchair. I hate remembering that. I hear more footsteps and see all my children with their flashlights on from their phones.
"whoa mom you don't look too good!" Dick exclaimed
"what are you all doing out of bed?" I asked, no! No! I don't want them to be there. They'll be helplessly worried for hours on end.
"there's a tornado warning safest place is in the Bat--" Barbara stammers as I squint my eyes as a contraction comes again "Mom are you in labor?"
"where is Father?" Damian asked
"fuck Mom why do you always worry about us first?!" Jason asked with rage, he's so worried
"Jay cool it!" Barbara demanded
"well it's obvious she's in a lot of fucking pain and ain't gonna get any prettier" he added
My contraction stops "because I love you all" I softly answer
Tim folded his arms taking a deep breath. Jason was angered as he popped his knuckles. Barbara turns her flashlight off and steps to me. Damian lowered his head unable to look at anyone. Dick gazes to me with his eyes narrow and face saddened. Stephanie held Tim's arm. I hate to cause my children so much anguish.
"everyone let's cool down. Girl's you stay here with Ma and help her to the cave. Damian, Tim and I are going to get lots of towels and..." Dick stops and looks at me sympathetically
"diaper bag on my dresser" I answered
"got it! Now go lay down on the stretcher or whatever and we'll take care of everything for you mom" Dick assured kissing my head
The boy's all look at me one last time and then run off. The girl's and I make our way to the elevator that was hooked to the Bat-caves power. We step in. Cassandra types the code to the cave in. As it lowers I feel another contraction. Both Cassandra and Stephanie hold my hands. I softly squeeze their hands from the sharp pain. I breath through the contraction. I need to lay down right now!
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morgansunflower · 2 months ago
Dancing Away With My Heart
Clark Kent/Superman X Batman! Sister Reader
Warnings: suggestive content
Gotham newspaper was the talk of the city. Y/N was offended they wrote Clark as a low social status man and was only after her money. Clark was offended they wrote Y/N as desiring a one night engagement. Bruce was offended that Clark dared to dance with his baby sister. Selina knew she was going to have to deal with her husband's disapproval to which she disagreed. Alfred was delighted to see his adopted daughter found solace even for just a dance
Arthur's notes - Thank you for reading! The story is based on the movie Gotham By Gaslight. Reader's middle name is Martha after her mother.
Tumblr media
Inside the dining room of my home Wayne Manor. I sit among the chair wearing my f/c casual dress. Alfred, sits with me as we enjoy a cup of tea. I hear the entrance door open and slam shut. Bruce, is home and is likely beyond mad about me dancing with, Clark. I honestly wish he could be happy for me, the way I'm happy for him and Selina. He's so protective of me. I understand why but still it hurts how much he doesn't want me to be with Clark.
"Miss Y/N may I offer you a bit of advice"
"oh, dear you're not happy with me too" I sigh in defeat preparing for my sassy father figure try to point me in the right direction. Because he loves me.
"not a bit Ms. I wish only you ease your brother's mind by telling him that you care for Mr Kent" he said with a gentle smile
"oh dear how did you know?" I sigh as I regrettably feel my cheeks redden
"some thing's are clearer than others. I saw the genuineness in both your eyes. Try as you may to deny to yourself or anyone for that matter miss Y/N. You have been in love with him for quite some time and you have my blessing"
My heart melts, remembering the night perfectly. Alfred was right, again. Days past. My mind would only think of Clark. How strong he felt with his hand on mine and on my waist. I'd do anything to dance with him again. His smile that melted mine into a soft smile. I still regret not seeing what kissing him would feel like. Though I probably wouldn't have stopped. As well as my overprotective brother might actually would have killed him. The beautiful evening sun shun as I sit outside on the swing that was tied to the upper branch of the oak tree. My adopted nephew Grayson steps up. He holds the rope on the swing, leaning his head on the rope.
"evening Grayson"
"evening auntie Y/N... So have you written your boyfriend?" he smirked
"boyfriend" I chuckled gently shaking his chin "where'd you get a funny idea like that lad"
I lower my hand as he grinned
"honestly auntie I'm 13 years old. I know what love is.."
"you wouldn't happen to be referring to Miss Zatanna" I asked chuckling
His cheeks turn bright red causing me laugh. I kiss my nephew's head. Jason, carries Tim on his back as he steps to Grayson and I.
"greetings boy's" I smiled
"hey auntie" Jason casually said
"greetings auntie!" Tim delightfully said
I chuckled "how are you my boy's?"
"ol' Jay refused to allow me to focus on my important project until I promised to come play" Tim sighed
"it's the only way the little vampire will get some sun" Jason's joked
"I am not a vampire!" Tim defends appalled
I chuckled "he's just jealous because you have the strongest mind"
"hey!" Jason and Grayson offended
I smile to Jason "oh well Jay is the strongest willed" I then smile to Grayson "and Grayson has the strongest heart"
All three of my nephew's smiled as proudness was filled on my face. I then wonder if I should write Clark. I don't want him to think I had insincere intentions. He's so selfless and kind. He's good to my nephew's. It warms my heart in a unique unexplainable way.
Selina's P. O. V
The moonlight sky shun brightly providing light into our bedroom. Wearing my thin black lace nightgown as I lay sideways on our bed. I softly hummed watching my husband undress. He would not look me in the eye.
I sadly smile "you're still mad at me for not picking your side"
"no" he grunts "I know you care for my sister and are only looking out for her well being"
"but.." I sigh
He steps to the bed moving the covers. His arms stop moving.
"I promised to protect her" his voice heaving "I wish not to.." he stammered, his face dropping that causes my heart to ache for him.
"oh, Bruce" I tenderly grasp his hand "let me hold you my love"
I pull him into the bed and into my small arms. I kiss his forehead, and part from my husband. I hold his face with my small hands. He rest his face on my palm. My husband heavily breaths. I run my knuckles through his hair. He loves his sister so much that I sometimes think he forgets she's his sister and not his daughter. Sometimes we have conversations that sound like we're her parents. I'm grateful for that, because then I can have more faith in my life to look after those adorable boy's. I cup his face has his saddened face. His eyes swelling.
"your love for your sister is undeniable my love and she undoubtedly loves you too. Not me, not Clark nor anyone can change that. He will be good to her.." I then made a threatening look "and if he isn't then I will scratch his eyes out!"
He chuckled wrapped his arm's around me and then kisses my lips deeply.
"thank you" he genuinely said
"you may thank your beautiful wife in a other way darling" I give him a deep kiss as he lifts my nightgown upward....
Clark's P. O. V
In my home town, Smallville. The sun shines brightly. At my parents farm. I rest my head against the tree laying back. I impatiently open the letter I had received from Gotham.
~ Gotham, May. 18, 1990
My Dearest Friend,
I often dream of the night we had together. Dancing with our hearts touching. My smile never leaving my face. No matter what people will say or write I was truly happy to have your company. I ask of you, do not let the world nor my brother convince you otherwise. It has been quite some time since I have had the joy of having you in my life. Know I will forever cherish the beautiful dance we shared together and hope for you to step on my toes again
Yours truly
Y/N M. Wayne ~
I softly chuckle with a warm feeling within my core. I fold the letter. I place it within my pocket. I softly hummed relaxing as I breath in the spring air. I have to write her back! No I have to see her!
Tumblr media
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morgansunflower · 2 months ago
Ok ma’am I have a request. can you do kon Kent (reign of the supermen) with his s/o ( who is a really powerful magic user) but the reader has trouble controlling it and he helps the reader. have a great day 💕
It may take a while to get it posted but I'll try to work up some magic. Hope you have a great day too! If you have any details like you want minor angst or lots of angst, just let me know! I will definitely try to fulfill your request!
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morgansunflower · 2 months ago
Wait are you taking requests
I am off and on. It really just depends on how much time I have. Though if you or anyone would like to make a request I would certainly love to try!
If I do fulfill your request I will tag you and or message you :)
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You Don't Have To Be Alone 2/2
Kon-El X Batsis! Reader
Words: 1498
Warnings: slight angst
Requested by- @emmaleilani96
Arthur's notes-Thank you for the request! I really enjoyed writing it! Hope you enjoy reading it!
Part 2 of You Don't Have To Be Alone
Tumblr media
Kon's P. O. V
In Smallville inside my parents living room holding my sister-in-law's phone.
"Kon what are you doing on my phone?!" M'gann exclaimed
"oh just lookin' for someone's contact" I casually said
"who's?!" she asked she then gasp with a smile "is this the girl Conner told me about! I know her! Who is it?"
I ignored M'gann knowing endless jokes and questions would follow suit if I answered.
"Kon c'mon man give my girl her phone back" Conner demanded in humorous tone
"not yet" I answered
I see Y/N's contact and swiftly read it. I swiftly swipe off what I was doing and give it back to my very annoyed sister-in-law.
Y/N's P. O. V
I sit on my couch in my apartment. Mid afternoon. I contemplate calling Kon.. Or my family.. I don't know what to do. I feel so shaken. I recall feeling like this when Jason died. I can only hope somehow he'll come back. Thankfully Kon has been here for me. He checks on me a lot. We occasionally hang out together. He's truly helped me from falling down. I hear my door bell ring followed by several repeated knocks. Either my sister Stephanie or my older brother Grayson. I stand and walk to my door. I open the door seeing both my little sister's.
"Steph, Cass" I heavily said
They both nearly tackle me in a hug. I hug them tightly. I hear crying from both of them. I feel my eyes shaking.
"you were gone for too long!" Steph exclaimed
"I know" I heavily said
Afterwards tears were dried "missed you" Cass quavered with a genuine smile
I softly smile "so.." it's been so long since I've been with my sister's, I honestly am speechless
"so.. we came to bring you to the Manor for the 'welcome back Damian party'"
My heart leaps but I'm kinda not surprised. I don't if it was resurrection thing or a fake death. I honestly don't care right now. He's back. That's what matters. The three of us journey to Wayne Manor. It's been so long since I have been home. The girls and I lock arm's. Steph on my right Cass on my left. We step in sync into the Manor. I hear lots of celebration, and laughs outside by the pool. I need to take a moment to process everything.
"can you two give me a sec"
The two girls affectionately squeeze my arms and depart stepping outside. I take a deep breath before I step out. I hear slight shaking from glass clinking. I look a platter with food and drinks. Alfred eyes shaking. I use my ring and take the platter safely placing it on the table. I step to my grandfather. His shaking hands touch my cheeks. My heart physically heavies. I missed him so much. I remember when I was little. After patrol Alfred would bandage my wounds and take me to bed. I softly laugh with a stutter. His face in a broken smile. I hug Alfred he wraps his arms around me.
"you have been away from your family for too long my dear" Alfred heavily said
I didn't respond as I began to cry, I'm really in my grandfather's kind embrace. He truly isn't angry with me. After a few more tears we part he smiles to me. He holds the platter firmly. We both step outside. I see my brother's Dick, Jason and Tim in the pool with Cassandra and Stephanie. Barbara casually sitting on the lounge chair. I see Damian beside Grayson. I look seeing Bruce. His eyes went wide he then genuinely smiled. I softly smile my eyes desire to shake yet again. I whistle each head turns to my direction. Each of them ran to me, granted over half of them were about to get me soaking wet.. I don't give a damn. It's been too long. Barbara was the first to nearly tackle me into a hug. As we part she drys her tears and wipes her falling mascara away. Grayson laughed with tears and pulled me into a big hug. I feel my brother's rapid Heartbeat. He kisses my forehead.
"you're never leaving again sis" he quavered "k-k? No one is allowed to leave!" he exclaimed
I softly chuckle with tears falling down my face. He kisses my head. We part Jason gives me a bear hug with my feet off the ground.
"fuck I missed you" Jason mumbled in my ear
"you two little brother" I mumbled with a soft smile
He lowered me to the ground parting from me. I smile to Tim's crying face. He sighs likely embarrassed he's emotional. I hug my little brother. He buries his face into my shoulder. I kiss his head. As we part I smile to him. I look at Damian's saddened face his eyes locked on the ground.
"don't tell me your status is too high to hug your big sister"
He grunted in response. I touch his shoulders. He hugs me tightly. I run my fingers through his hair. I began to sob. He's really OK. My family is OK. I feel my heart is finally mending back together. I hold him tightly. After I part from Damian before telling him I love him. I step to my dad. He takes a deep breath. I hug his, neck. He tightly wraps his arms around me. Moment's later I sit with my sister's in the family room.
"I can't believe you were alone out there" Stephanie sadly said
I clear my throat remembering Kon's embrace "umm well not really"
"not really.." Barbara smirked as Cassandra smiled to me
"oh no! No! You got your heart on someone!" Stephanie exclaims clapping
"no I don't" I lied
"yes you do! You're blushing! Wow never thought a guy could meet up to your standards" Stephanie smiled
"what's that suppose to mean!" I defend
"Y/N you deserve more than you get. Any guy who's got you blushing redder than my hair.. He must be absolutely amazing to you. I hope" Barbara said with a genuine smile
That night Kon and I sit in my couch. I just told him my baby brother is alive. His wheels seem to be turning in his head. It was quite entertaining to see, him speechless.
"actually no your family kinda has a reputation" he laughed
I raise my eyebrows "your brother"
"oh please you have four and each one of them has plus your sis" he defended
I shake my head "mm hmm two fake deaths doesn't count"
"please please I beg of you let me win at least one argument against you" he playfully begged making me laugh
"not a chance" I chuckled
He squint his face at me "you truly are Batman's daughter. All you bat-fam have been out to outsmart my family since the beginning of time"
"well Lois doesn't count because, well your Ma is my favorite out of all of you" I chuckled picking on him, it was a lie
"that was savage Y/N" he smiled
I playfully shove his shoulder. The room became silent though oddly enough it was peaceful. Though with the peace settled the deep desire for more.
"you know I never told you how much it meant to me.. That you were there for me... The night I told you about what happened to my little brother"
He scratches his neck uncomfortably, did I say too much? "yeah, I get what it's like to feel like you're not strong enough to save those you care about" his sighed resting his head on the couch
"but you are" I said softly, he turns his head to me and softly smiled
"thanks that means a lot coming from you" Kon said with a soft smile
I take a step further and touch his cheek, he softly smiled.
"it's the truth Kon you are not only physically strong and muscular. You are in many other ways to" I sincerely said
"I better go" he stands my heart sinks, I pushed too far.
He grabbed his jacket that was on the coffee table. He puts over his shoulder. He steps to the door. I swiftly follow him.
"Kon.. I-I-I didn't mean to" my words refused to further explain
He turns away from the door looking at my face. I feel my rapid Heartbeat. He takes a deep breath.
"Y/N you don't want.... Me. You deserve so much more" he heavily said
"don't say that!" I cried "I don't want you to go" he stares at me his face truly broken, in disbelief "please stay"
Please don't leave. I did not smile because I am scared, scared of rejection from someone.. I really love. I am completely out of my comfort zone. Just as I feel my eyes shake. Kon rushes cupping my cheeks into a deep loving kiss
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morgansunflower · 2 months ago
You Don't Have To Be Alone 1/2
90s Superboy/Kon-El X Reader
Batsis! Reader
Warnings:temporary character death, and heavy angst
Words: 1368
Y/N is the only Green Lantern in her family. She was chosen by the ring now she is with her team of hero's. Though her world comes crashing down after one devastating phone call. Can her frenemy help her through her heartache?
Arthur's notes! Hope you all enjoy the read! Just so you know Kon/90s Superboy is Clark Kent's blood son and Conner's(Young Justice) brother. Thanks for reading!
Tumblr media
A million miles away from home. In a ship for, 3 years now. I'm the only green lantern on the team. I lay in my bed. The palm of my hand covered my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobs. I feel my tears falling onto my hand. I wouldn't, couldn't let the team hear me. How could I of left? How could I have been so selfish? I could have saved him. This is my fault. He didn't deserve such cruelty. He died in pain. I can't stop myself from falling deeper. I have to get out of here before I wake someone up. I step out of the corridor. I walk through the hallway. My arm's crossed. I step into the lounge just as my hands began to shake. My knees weaken by each passing second. I drop down onto the couch. My heart beating swiftly. I let my sobs be heard to myself. I didn't hug him goodbye when I left. I hear footsteps. In defense, and unaware if it's someone intending me harm. I swiftly put on my uniform with my ring and stood stepping back. I stutter under my breath forcing my tears back. It was not a intruder but the last person I want to deal with. Superman's son, and Conner's twin brother Kon-El Kent. He stood behind the couch. I dry my tears with my hands consumed with humiliation. I take my ring off changing into my pajamas. Why'd it have to be him? I hated being so vulnerable in front of Kon. We never saw eye to eye, constantly getting on each other's every nerves. He was reckless, and irresponsible. I was responsible, and thought through thing's before jumping into them. We were polar opposites. He wore his sweatpants and no shirt, his biceps completely on display. Why did he have to be so damn hot? Why do I think he is?
"is there a meeting?" I bitterly asked. Why is he here? Damn I hope he didn't hear, me crying.
"uh.. No.." he scratches his neck nervously "w..why are you upset?" he awkwardly said
"I'm not, I'm fine" I lied with a bitter tone
"uh no you're not" he said with a annoyed look
I folded my arms enraged "don't use you're damn powers to read me you hot jerk!"
"you're cheeks are stained from your tears, I heard you crying and plus I saw you leave the corridor" he defended, then he smirked "you think I'm hot"
I scoff rolling my eyes "if you're here just to ridicule me I--" his face appalled as he cut me off
"whoa ohh slow down there beautiful. Don't judge me for being a decent person. My Ma, would kill me if I left a girl cryin' all by her lonesome. I may be a jerk but I'm a gentleman to" he finally admitted he's a bit of a jerk
I sigh "I won't tell your Ma Kon. You can just leave me alone" I shrug my shoulder "besides don't you kinda hate me"
He sadly smiled "I never hated you, Y/N. Just cause I tend to intentionally make you irritated or piss you off, never meant I had any hatred towards you. You're honestly kinda cute when you're mad or annoyed with me"
I don't like he's making me feel more comfortable around him. I want to tell him my troubles, and rely on him. Why? I have no damn clue.
"I don't hate you either" I softly said that was true and I needed him to know that
The silence begins to linger between us. I really hate this. I could break the air and tell him. I hate crying more than anything. He steps in front of the couch within inches of me.
He sympathetically says "so you want to talk to me about, what's wrong? I may not ever keep my mouth shut, but I can if you need me to"
He's being so kind. I sigh deeply if I keep this bottled I'm gonna blow. Maybe this can be the beginning of a friendship? Will he tell me to stop sulking. Either way it'll get it off my chest.
"my little brother died" I blurted out as I choke sobs back.
I hug his chest wrapping my arm's around him, wanting, needing a since of comfort. I didn't care from who.. Maybe a little. It took a second but he wraps his strong arm's around me. For the first time since my heart sank to my gut, feeling like I failed my baby brother. I feel safe. He feels so.. Comforting.
"there is nothing you could have done, Y/N"
I stutter looking him in the eye "H-how did you know?"
His face saddened "I lost my grandma... believe me when I say not a damn day go's by that I don't regret not being able to save her"
"I'm sorry" I genuinely said not just for what happened to his grandma but for everything hateful thing I ever said to him.
I close my eyes holding him a little tighter and rest my head within the crook of his neck.
"me too" he sincerely said as he lays his cheek on my head
2 weeks later time to go back to earth. I don't know how I'm going to face my family. We stood in the entrance and exit of the ship, a boom-tube that lead to the hub on earth. I hold my favorite color duffle bag. My teammates with me. I glance to, Kon who was holding his duffle bag. He softly smiled to me, dammit I really want to kiss him. I smile back staring back to the boom tube. I'm so nervous. My heart would not stop racing. I step through entering the hub with my fellow team mates. As the boom tube closes I see my team with their loved ones. We've been in space for 3 years. I see Kon's brother Conner.
"hey, bro ya miss me?!" Kon asked his brother
Conner shakes his head and pulls Kon into a hug. As they both hugged each other. I feel a sense of deep sorrow with my sinking feeling in my gut. Damian, never was affectionate but I would hug him so tightly if he was here. I miss him. I wish I could hug my baby brother. To tell him I love him. I honestly can't remember the last time I hugged Damian. I step to leave. I need some time alone. I honestly am not surprised any of my family is not here.
"Y/N, wait!" I hear Kon yell
I turn he stops within inches of me. My heart races more but for a different reason. I don't want to kiss him. I need to kiss him. But I won't allow my heart to sink further if he were to reject me.
"yeah" I take a breath, please don't make this anymore harder
"listen... I know things are different now between us.. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Call me if you need me or want to hang out" he smiled
"thanks, Kon you really are a great guy"
"I try" he smirks and then softly smiled, I feel my breath hitch "take care of yourself beautiful"
I gently nod. I leave the desire for more was too much. Maybe one day? I went to my apartment in Gotham. I unlock the door with my key and step inside. I shut the door behind me. I turn the lights on and step to my bedroom. I am so not falling asleep tonight. I sit on my bed. Should I call home? Maybe they forgot? Honestly I can't blame them, it hurts, but I don't blame them for forgetting. There's a few things that I wish I could forget. Like how comforting Kon's strong, arm's felt around me. His gentle thick voice that somehow melts me. Yeah definitely not falling in love with that, selfless jerk.
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morgansunflower · 2 months ago
Mothers Day
Bruce Wayne/Batman X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings :suggestive content, some angst
Batmom has a hard day at work to make matters worse she fears her children have forgotten the very special day
Arthur's notes! Happy Mothers Day to all mothers!
At work on mother's day of all day's, none of my children have said two words to me in days. Dick is in Bludhaven with Barbara, Jason is.. Well no one knows, Cassandra is busy helping my husband on a mission, Tim is at college, Stephanie is busy doing well I'm not exactly sure and Damian is in Bludhaven checking on Dick last I heard. All while I'm stuck at work. After a few hours I finally can go home. I'm honestly a little hurt that all the kids including Bruce forgot. Though given the crazy life we live. It's understandable though still hurts my heart. I sighed and pulled into the Manor. I hear my phone and look, a text from Damian
(Damian)-mother I'm at school and no one is here. If needed it be I can walk home -
"Timothy Drake!" I exclaim to myself he was supposed to pick Dami up!
-your brother didn't pick you up😞
(Damian)-no I believe Drake, Todd, Pennyworth and Grayson are too busy to care for me -
-that's not true! I'm on my way kiddo -
I pulled out and went to pick up Damian at Gotham academy. I made it to the academy, he was no where to be found. I parked and texted him
-Dami honey where are you?-
I waited a while as my heart raced. He's perfectly capable of taking care of himself but I can't help but worry. As I really began to worry, he texted me
(Damian)-Grayson picked me up where going to the Manor -
-OK! I'll see you soon!-
"I guess Damian and Dick forgot" I sigh under my breath
Dick texted me. I really hope he texted me, happy mother's day! Surely Grayson my oldest son. The one who always made a card for me and gives me a kiss on the cheek, telling me how much he loves me.
(Dick)-Damian and I are at the Manor and I think where out of groceries..😕🤦🏻‍♂️-
My heart physically sinks. He really forgot.
-I got it 🤗
(Dick)-thanks mom!! 🤗
I went to the store. I bought groceries and looked at my phone. I had missed a call from my son Jason! I quickly called him, he answered. Please be OK! It's been so long since I have heard from him.
-"hey mom"
"son are you alright. I'm sorry I missed your call"
-"yeah I'm fine sorry I fucking scared you. I'm at home to see well, you" please say it! Please say 'happy mothers day!'. Though he didn't
Maybe he doesn't know. I don't have the heart to tell him it is mother's day or anyone for that matter. They probably wouldn't show it but they'd probably feel guilty for forgetting. I know they love me.
"well I'm glad you are home son, whose all there?"
-"uh everyone. Were just chilling at the house believe it or not"
"OK well I'm heading your way now with groceries"
-"the fuck Stephanie!"
"Honey, what's going on?" I asked worry evident in my voice
-"hey mom it's me Steph your favorite I just wanted to tell you-- " I hoped deep down that my daughter remembered
-"dammit Dick!" she yelled
-"hey mom it's Dick your actual favorite. Steph was just wanting to - to" his sentence was awkward, what is going on?
-"mom this is Barbara I just took the phone from my idiot boyfriend. Steph needs her special you know what. I'm trying to be modest because I'm in the room filled with reckless boy's"
"OK yes I completely understand. I will get that for Stephanie" I take a deep breath feeling even more worse. Barbara always remembers things like today "is there anything else I need to get you guy's before I finally head home"
-"mom offered to get us anything!" Babs announced to the family "Dick wants pizza and Jason wants ice-cream" she chuckled
"OK I guess I'll get everything and then be on my way home"
-"OK great take all the time you need"
"bye Babs I'll be home soon"
I hung up and hit my head on the wheel of the car. I almost feel has if the kids don't want me to come home. I made myself go inside and buy Stephanie's pads. I also bought a gallon of ice-cream and a lot of pizza. Afterwards holding the groceries. I walked to the car and got in. I drove home. I got a call from Bruce, I answered.
"I'm on my way home. I'll be there in a few minutes" I sighed
-"I love you" he sincerely said
My heart utterly melts he rarely says those three words "I love you too Bruce. Maybe we can have some fun tonight" I really need some love making after today.
-"humph I'd like that"
I hung up still hurt that everyone forgot. I made it to the Manor. I grabbed all the groceries and walked inside. I went in the kitchen. I put the groceries on the counter.
"kids! Alfred! Bruce! I'm home!" I yelled
I walked to the dining room the lights were off. I turned them on.
I saw all the kid's, Alfred and Bruce with streamers. I saw the cake. I laughed as I start to cry of complete joy. On the cake written, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
"oh, kid's" I gasp overwhelmed with love "I can't believe.."
"what you honestly thought we'd forget!" Grayson laughed
I hugged each of my kids and kissed their heads and cheeks. I hugged Alfred as he smiled.
"I love you all so much!" I said
I kissed Bruce wrapping my arm's around his neck
"was this all a plan" I asked with a knowing look
"yes we got Damian to fake that he was at school" Dick said placing his hand on Damian's shoulder
"and I almost told you happy mothers day but Barbara took the phone" Stephanie chuckled as Cass shook her head
"again" Cass chuckled Stephanie had quite the reputation of spoiling surprises
I laugh hugging Bruce tightly. I part from my husband with my arm across his back and his on my hip. I look at all my children.
"you do all realize this isn't my first mother's day with you all. I've never seen you all go to this extreme" I half-laugh drying my tears
"well it is your first one here" Bruce said cupping my cheek
"and we thought it was a excuse to go all out" Barbara added
"because ever since you've been in our lives you've always been our--" Dick stammers as they all say "mom"
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