Hi! My names Morphy! I like: gijinkas, drawing, Hollow Knight, Godzilla and other kaiju franchises, Mogeko Castle, Happy Tree Friends and Kirby! Thanks for stopping by my page!

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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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For @georgetheblob-art ! Their godzilla art is what got me into the godzilla fandom, and even inspired me to create a Mothra gijinka, so thank you 馃檹 馃槉 This is a thank you for all the wonderful art you have created! Keep it up!

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Able-bodied people and not-chronically-ill people are encouraged to reblog this, whether or not you’re panicking over coronavirus.


The panic over COVID-19 causing people to hoard shit unnecessarily means I can’t find medical supplies (like disinfecting alcohol wipes) without paying an obnoxiously exorbitant amount.

Generally healthy, able-bodied people don’t need masks, exam gloves, or alcohol swabs to protect themselves against COVID-19. But chronically ill people and their caretakers do need those supplies to live their everyday lives.

Calm the fuck down and wash your fucking hands, ableds.

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*inhales* Hollow Knight is the best game ever and it has creepy crawlies (I may be exaggerating, most of them look pretty huggable to me 馃憖) so I just HAD TO make a Bug-sona or Hollow-sona (idk). Abelle belongs to me. Please do not reproduce, copy, trace, or steal. Thank you 馃槉

Name: Abelle. It comes from the French word for 鈥渂ee鈥. Species: Bee Gender: Cis Female Ordination: Homoflexible Pronouns: She/Her or Him/He, either one is fine. Backstory: Abelle鈥檚 parents were once renowned sorcerers and lance-wielders within the ranks of the Hive, who have turned against their former queen, Queen Vespa, for presumably unknown reasons. Queen Vespa, enraged and saddened that her once loyal protectors abandoned her, she ordered them to be executed. But after they received the news, they had a plan to keep them living on forever, and their little girl being kept safe. Mustering up their most powerful magic, they implanted their souls into a Locket, that they have given to their daughter as gift beforehand. The Locket would keep their souls dormant inside of the Locket, until it senses a threat, then it would glow a whitish hue and transform into the Loved-Ones Lance. Since nobody else knew how to use the lance at the best of it鈥檚 ability, the Loved-Ones-Lance would puppeteer (consusually) Abelle, controlling all of her movement until the threats or enemies are completely neutralized. With her fathers strength and form, and her mothers elegance and speed, their beloved daughter would surely grow up into beautiful and healthy young lady. And she did. Fun Facts: Abelle never lets ANYONE touch her Locket. It鈥檚 one of the few things that can get her furious. Many foolish bugs haven鈥檛 lived to tell the tale of what happens of when you do… Abelle is completely aware that her mother and father have sacrificed themselves in order to protect her, and is grateful (in a good way) that they do. Pronounces the letter 鈥渟鈥 like 鈥渮鈥. It鈥檚 a bee thing 馃悵 Can do some healing spells and can fly, but all of her other powers come from her locket. She loves all kinds of sweets, if you give her some, she鈥檒l stay loyal until the end! (Unless your obviously evil then N O P E) Her locket is only functional when there is a threat nearby, and no, it doesn鈥檛 decide to attack random strangers. Abelles parents had powerful intuitive powers too 馃槈 Current crushes on: Hornet, Lace, God Tamer. Oh Abelle, you silly hopeless romantic! Likes to daydream, imaginative
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