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mosqa·6 days agoPhoto

D&D — Remanence, tiefling cleric of the Raven-Queen (Grave Domain)

This is my roommate’s character, Remanence. She is a cartographer cleric of the Raven Queen, exploring ancient ruins and forgotten regions to map their tombs and other graves and “resurrect” their culture by studying history.

I drew her with all her magic items (a lot are homebrew, I love to create stuffs…)
- malachite scimitar
- gloves of swimming and climbing
- ring of the raven familiar
- spirit lantern (I do not own this design, see the talented Mr James Gifford)
- snake-whip (I do not own this design, see the talented Mr James Gifford)
- the Deathkeeper Breastplate

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mosqa·12 days agoPhoto

Varech, my best friend’s dual wielding “Depthstalker” Ranger, a water genasi drowning himself in alcohol, with a knack for trophies from enemies the party encountered. The team is called the Wet Watchers (sic.) partly because of him.
Items : Spite (a magic sword inspired by Mr James Gifford’s work), a Flaming Scimitar, an Adventurer’s Armor (a homebrew common magic item) and a bunch of trophies from defeated adversaries, including his Displacer Cloak : a Yuan-ti’s skin, a T-rex fang, a manticore claw, an Erymanth tusk and a Sea Hag finger, amongst other.

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mosqa·4 months agoText

The DM of this game I made a poster for convinced me to print it and put it in a frame. I’m not one to really display my own art in my own home, but he’s advocating for my self-confidence. So I followed his advice for now, I terribly framed it and even made terrible selfies for good measures 💅

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mosqa·5 months agoPhoto

Vermilion Bloom is the name of my current campaign, happening in a city of dangerous plots and lurking vampires: “Il Susurro”. The name of the campaign comes from the treasure of the italian-like land, the Red Leaves, a powerful and prized hallucinogenic spice.
Staring 3 charismatic boys :
- a Vengeance Paladin of Kelemvor, the half-elf Aero, who notably tamed the demonic dancing dagger Kernolis, and has had emotions, once. (This dagger is a redesign of Mr James Gifford Dancing Devil)
- the Valor Bard goliath, Baru, a honest clumsy party boy full of good will with a talent for double hammer-dances.
- the Archfey warlock / rogue tabaxi, Cheat-with-Cards, played by me, a sneaky liar abusing deceptions and illusions.
One of our player (the bard) is leaving for Berlin, we’re gonna miss it so much, and this campaign have been very important for me, helping me deal with my PTSD after last year’s agression. I wanted to celebrate my MJ’s talent and all the fun we had.

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

DnD — Kazu, Tieffling Rogue

Kazu is our party’s rogue, my sister’s bf character. He found a magic sword recently and has a mysterious cursed arm… also, he seems scary and badass (he’s quite agile for sure) but is actually so freaking dumb that my cleric character sometime hesitated to heal him…

I mean, he set on fire the room we were stuck in…
We had a good laugh.

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

D&D — Rana, Halfling druid

This is Rana, my best friend’s halfling druid (circle of shepherds) and Tchip, his pygmy marmoset buddy. He has elven ancestries, a thief background and a friendly but moody personality.

He recently acquired a lightning enhanced sling, which he can use his magic stones with. It is called the Dynamo-Sling, and it has the property to amplify each round. It does 1D4 bludgeoning damage (1D6 with Magic stones) +1D4 lightning as a base damage. Using your bonus action, you can start turning it around on your turn (and do something else with your action, like cast a spell or take the dodge action). Each subsequent turns, you can use your bonus action to keep charging it. It gains 1D4 lightning damage for each turns you keep charging it without attacking with it, for a maximum of 6 turns. If you take damage while charging it, you need to perform a concentration check or loose the charges.

While certainly impractical, it has the property to be fun to use.

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

D&D — Tot Rog-Roh, Goliath Monk

My little sister’s goliath monk, whose name come from a triple typo she made while making her character… she seems dextrous, full of grace and delicate, but my sister is more of an elephant in terms of subtility, and Tot’s reckless and sweetly dumb behaviors have become a meme in our party…

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

D&D — Ædonys, Aasimar (protector) “Hexadin”

I wanted to build a divine character who wasn’t a cleric. I liked the idea of a Hexblade Aasimar whose pact was made with their own guardian angel, with whom they also make an oath later to become Paladin.

Since they uses their sword with their casting ability (charisma), I imagined they could just have it float around them by magic (still takes their hand’s motions and can’t make range attack, it’s just aesthetic).

The halo blade is their Spiritual Weapon (oath of conquest).

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

D&D — Lyth, drow swarmkeeper ranger

So… I know it looks like its favorite terrain is Pornhub but, well… what’s done is done, and reading the Swarmkeeper Unearthed Arcana, I loved the idea of a swarm of spider living in a symbiotic relationship with a ranger, making him a light armor of silk and most of his equipment.

He is perfect for a Lolth ranger NPC.

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

D&D — Warforged barbarian

Clearly inspired by Bastion from Overwatch, “Gentle” is a kind and tender Warforged of loving and protecting nature. But if needed, he can reach into his fighting protocols and engage his battle-mode while raging. His face is then covered with a mask (usually kept behind his head) and he becomes a brute force of destruction.

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mosqa·6 months agoPhoto

D&D — Hamlin, half-elf bard (College of Glamour)

Hamlin is inspired by the quasi-eponymous pied-piper of Hamelin. I wanted something joyful but related to rats, and since they’re a plague-related species, I designed this plague doctor mask as a sort of flute, the beak allowing to play music, like a bird.

It is designed as a NPC for low level encounters and small quests (neither an ally nor an enemy).

The mask counts as a Pipe of the Sewers, and the cape is a homebrewed magic item :

- Cape of Feathers - uncommon wondrous item, attunement : while attuned to this cape, you can cast Feather Fall at will. You also have 4 charges, which you can use to cast the following spells : disguise (1 charge) color spray (1 charge) or fly (3 charges). You regain all charges at dawn.

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mosqa·6 months agoAnswer

Any updates with Subventure?

Hello !

Well, like I said in some art I posted a little while ago, I have experienced a “little setback” last year (stuff stolen, my face beaten, nice PTSD and other fantastic events). I had lost a lot of my work, and I have been actively working on rewriting / rebuilding for a couple of months now. Before that I was too depressed and distressed to be actually efficient. DnD has been a big help in reconnecting to my passion for RPG (and exteriorizing my demons).

But Subventure is coming back, and it is better than before actually. Some stuff have changed, some stuff are new. There’s now a clear definition of class which actually helps get into the world : Cultist, Occultist, Psycker, Mercenary and Ingeneer. Each with various subclasses (I could be more precise if you want but I don’t want to make my answer too long…) There’s also a new system for some stuff, I’ve made a new character sheet layout and there’s a new race : androids.

I’ve been planning some arts but with my job I easily tend to just do DnD doodles, which are quicker and less ambitious ^^

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mosqa·6 months agoText

I recently had the chance to do a shooting photo for my job with a gigantic cuddly Chewbacca, which was the giant hairy hug I needed at the time.

My friends have offered me a sweater and a pillow so that I can still hug him haha

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mosqa·6 months agoAnswer

Do you think the teifling fiend pact warlock is an overplayed trope?

Well it’s a bit monotonous, in the sense of obvious. I don’t care about the fiend pact actually so…

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mosqa·6 months agoAnswer

Since you're bored, make a new D&D class in twenty seconds

Class is hard, but subclass ?

Artificer - Fortress Knight

Your intelligence has built and incredible armor of mechanical or artisanal construction. It takes half of your damage and makes you one size larger while wearing it. You can use your Intelligence modifier for weapon attacks and Athletic checks.

I might take more than 20 seconds to develop on that actually…

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mosqa·6 months agoAnswer

Heard u were bored 😉 what’s ur favorite animal, movie, book, and dnd class

- i love anything from the depths, and frogs, but I’ll admit it… I just love cats the most.

- the Neverending Story

- I love poetry. « Le parti-pris des choses » by Francis Ponge is one I often come back to. But I really loved His Dark Materials as a kid.

- Warlock and Cleric

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mosqa·6 months agoText

Hey everyone… ask me stuff I’m bored :D

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