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I just caught my first shiny
Tumblr media
Look,I was trying to do the stark mountain quest in my shining pearl(my first Pokémon game) so I got a wild encounter and there it was in all his shiny glory!,next to a machoke...,so on the turn I ok’d it buck used earth power and it did half health,BUCK YOU GOD FORSAKEN IDIOT!
It’s ok,I caught his in my first pokeball
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Steven:*sees a rock*
His brain:take
His brain:because
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Altérnate au gym leader changes!,by this I mean stuff like changing the ace Pokémon of a gym leader,or just something that I don’t like because canon is just a,crappy,suggestion in my mind!
Surges ace is electrabuzz
Falkner’s ace is murkrow
Will’s ace is espeon
Karens ace is umbreon
Wattson’s ace is manectrit
Phoebe has a shedingja (idk how to spell it)
Fantina’s ace is driftblim
Volkner’s ace is magnezone
Lucian’s ace is brongzong
Lanora’s ace is deerling
Skyla’s ace is braviary
And that’s it,I might add Kalos or Alola just in case I come up with a better idea for an ace but we’ll just have to wait
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moxetranpoxe · 2 days ago
Darn everything this is the best thing in the world
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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moxetranpoxe · 5 days ago
Welp just finished the first two chapters of my new encanto fic,lead my way home,about a hole new family to explore in that is dealing with their own miracle,I don’t know if this ruins some of the charm but idk,I just wanted to write something encanto related,plus expect encanto oneshots eventually,I guess
(P.s. tumblr wouldn’t let me link it,so just search up ‘lead my way home’ on Wattpad I guess)
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moxetranpoxe · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Yes you do, Lian.
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moxetranpoxe · 7 days ago
Isabella,taking of heart shaped sunglasses:I beg you stupid pardon!
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moxetranpoxe · 7 days ago
Younger Camilo:can we get donuts?
Félix:did you ask your mother?
Young Camilo:she said no
Félix:why are you asking me the?
Young Camilo:because your the better parent
Félix:it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap
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moxetranpoxe · 7 days ago
Alma:you remind of the ocean
Alma:so freaking salty
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moxetranpoxe · 7 days ago
Cynthia: *puts salt in coffee* *passes coffee to Lance*
Lance: *drinks the entire thing*
Cynthia: Didn't it taste weird?
Lance: A bit of salt actually helps eliminate bitterness while enhancing other flavors.
Cynthia: Fuck.
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moxetranpoxe · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Holy heck-
I am getting very lucky with sync pairs the time around,and I didn’t even want Lucas I just wanted to use gems
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moxetranpoxe · 9 days ago
Dolores:hey camilo!want some leftovers?
Camilo:what’s that?
Dolores:how do you not know?
Camilo:because I’m not a quitter
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moxetranpoxe · 10 days ago
Aw yeah and you can kinda hear the ballad of the wind fish in hyrule castle in botw
GOD I've figured out what a leimotif is and I love it so much I wanna analyze Zelda music
Like,,,Zelda's Lullaby popping up in a lot of memories in breath of the wild,,
Saria's Song and the Kokiri Forest theme is a leimotif for anything related to the Lost woods or the Kokiri
My favorite is the Twilight Princess main theme being a leimotif (showing up in the field theme, when Ilia gets her memories back, etc.)
I just. I love it so much 😭😭 ignore my 11:30 pm ramblings this probably doesn't make much sense
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moxetranpoxe · 10 days ago
Mirabel walking into the kitchen to Isabella on the counter:why are you on the counter?
Isabella:what?are you expecting me to sit in a chair like a hetero?
Mirabel:where the spider?
Isabella:under the counter.
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moxetranpoxe · 10 days ago
Camilo:I don’t get paid to make sense,so I dont
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moxetranpoxe · 15 days ago
Altérnate au sexuality headcanons!(main series):
Gen 1:
Red:gay asexual demiboy
Blue:pansexual cis boy
Green:straight cis girl
Gen 2:
Ethan:gay cis boy
Silver:agender bisexual
Lyra:Lesbian cis girl
Kris(she appears a lot later):bisexual demigirl
Gen 3:
May:bisexual demigirl
Brendan:pansexual asexual cis boy
Wally:bisexual nonbinary?(a lot of people refer to them as ‘they’ but others still call them he)
Gen 4:
Dawn:asexual bi demigirl
Barry:gender fluid pansexual
Lucas:trasmasc gay
Gen 5:
Hilda:bi demigirl
Blaire (Hilbert):transmasc bi
Cheren:bi demiboy
N:bi nonbinary
Bianca:aro ace cis girl
Hugh:pansexual gender fluid
Rosa:bisexual cis girl
Gen 6:
Serena:bi demigirl
Shauna:lesbian cis girl
Cálem:pan cis boy
Gen 7:
Selene:straight cis girl
Hau:bi demiboy
Lillie:pan demigirl
Gladion:bi asexual gay
Gen 8:
Victor:gay asexual cis boy
Hop:gay demiboy
Gloria:bi cis girl
Allister:pan demiboy
Marnie:straight third wheel(until Wally comes)
My fan game concept:
Natasha:bi demigirl
Carter:bi demiboy
Kaskade games:
Wren:pan cis girl
Lark:straight demiboy
Jay:he’s just ten,he doesn’t need to know yet
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moxetranpoxe · 18 days ago
Fourth gym leader of the emaren region and normal type specialist:Valentina
Name origin:just a normal name,and derives from valentine,because she’s a sweet old lady
Personality:a sweet old lady who will be nice to the player and owns a library
Looks:grey hair and tan skin,always wears a fishing hat because fuji is notorious for fishing and seafood,and a white,classy,sleeveless cloth blouse,and jeans.
Gives you:simple badge
Team:first battle
Togekiss (i know it’s not a normal type,but it used to be plus I think she’s the kind of person to raise a togepi and not care that it’s a fairy type and just use it)
Kahghaskhan (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
Emaren rapidash
Rematch team:
Girafarig (with trick rune)
Emaren rapidash
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