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ms-m-astrologer·16 hours agoText

Friday, October 30, 2020

I think most of us are bigly stressed out. Between the imminent US election, and the spread of coronavirus, I don’t see how stress can be avoided if you’re conscious. What’s making it worse is that two of the retrograde entities, Mercury and Mars, are beginning to slow down. We feel stupid (Merc Rx) and impotent (Mars Rx). And although we know intellectually that these are temporary conditions, it’s still tremendously difficult to function inside them. So, let’s take the Moon moving into Taurus as our cue to find some way to relax. Yours truly can fondle some yarn, while listening to loud music, because that’s how I calm myself down: natal Venus in sensory Taurus, square Uranus for the “loud music” part. Check your own natal Venus for clues.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: Gibbous Moon (tweak, adjust, pour more energy into it)
  • Moon/Aries
  • Venus/Libra semi-sextile Vesta/Virgo, 9:34 am MDT
  • Moon/Aries void of course, 10:12 am MDT
  • Moon enters Taurus, 3:19 pm MDT

Looking ahead to Saturday: trick or treat

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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ms-m-astrologer·19 hours agoPhoto


NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Has a Close Encounter with Jupiter : A multitude of swirling clouds in Jupiter’s dynamic North North Temperate Belt is captured in this image from NASA’s Juno spacecraft. (via NASA)

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ms-m-astrologer·2 days agoText

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Rather more difficult than yesterday, thanks to the Aries Moon neither giving nor receiving much support. It’s more like - given her conjunction to Mars and subsequent squares to all the glowering Capricorn placements - we may be tempted to do something wrong, or something bad, deliberately, so that the entire world will be forced to acknowledge our anger. How to avoid that temptation? Spend as much time alone as you can (Aries likes to be independent), and burn off any excess frustration with some physical activity (Aries is a physical sign). Maybe think about how throwing tantrums because your ego hasn’t been stroked, is something Dolt 45 does, and don’t get classed with the likes of him?!? It’s best to just put your head down and get on with the day’s tasks - the sooner it’s over, the sooner you get to move on.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: Gibbous Moon (tweak, adjust, pour more energy into it)
  • Moon/Aries
  • Sun/Scorpio sesquare North Node/Gemini, semi-square South Node/Sagittarius, 9:54 pm MDT

Looking ahead to Friday: toughing it out

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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ms-m-astrologer·2 days agoPhoto


A Desert Eclipse : A good place to see a ring-of-fire eclipse, it seemed, would be from a desert. In a desert, there should be relatively few obscuring clouds and trees. Therefore late last December a group of photographers traveled to the United Arab Emirates and Rub al-Khali, the largest continuous sand desert in world, to capture clear images of an unusual eclipse that would be passing over. A ring-of-fire eclipse is an annular eclipse that occurs when the Moon is far enough away on its elliptical orbit around the Earth so that it appears too small, angularly, to cover the entire Sun. At the maximum of an annular eclipse, the edges of the Sun can be seen all around the edges of the Moon, so that the Moon appears to be a dark spot that covers most – but not all – of the Sun. This particular eclipse, they knew, would peak soon after sunrise. After seeking out such a dry and barren place, it turned out that some of the most interesting eclipse images actually included a tree in the foreground, because, in addition to the sand dunes, the tree gave the surreal background a contrasting sense of normalcy, scale, and texture. via NASA

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ms-m-astrologer·3 days agoText

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

These Aries Moon days are so fucking annoying. (My natal Moon is in Aries.) All the Capricorn placements ganging up on her…! Like a whole team of Eeyores. This whole year is such a downer for us feisty Ram types. But this time it helps (somewhat) to realize that there are only two more lunar transits through Aries which will feature so much Capricorn raining on the parade - this one and the next one (November). After that, the more positive Aries traits will have an easier time expressing. So, let’s gird our loins (if we have loins) and get through this. Rams never give up! We also need to take every opportunity to cheer on our comrades. Positive feedback and words of encouragement work miracles, if we want.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: Gibbous Moon (tweak, adjust, pour more energy into it)
  • Moon/Pisces void of course (from yesterday)
  • Moon enters Aries, 2:45 am MDT
  • Sun/Scorpio inconjunct Chiron Rx/Aries, 3:32 pm MDT
  • Mercury Rx/Libra trine Ceres/Aquarius, 7:31 pm MDT

Looking ahead to Thursday: attitude

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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ms-m-astrologer·3 days agoAnswer

Did you see the moon is wet?? I think that's why people aren't handling things well

i found out like this

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ms-m-astrologer·3 days agoText


I’m wishing new homes and apartments on everyone that sees this post!!! It’s already yours!! CLAIM IT 🧿🧿🧿

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ms-m-astrologer·3 days agoText


Good Things About Mercury Retrograde

- People show you their true colors so you know who needs to be removed from your life.

- Delays and setbacks set you up for bigger and better things.

- Exes come up so you can receive closure and let them know how much they screwed up.

- The restrictions and limitations presented by Mercury allow you to meditate on decisions so that you can make the right choices.

- It gives you time to relax and think about all the wonderful opportunities the universe has granted you.

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ms-m-astrologer·3 days agoText


Jeez Louise. I may have drastically diminished the number of “wake up in pain” migraines - but I have not managed to rid myself of the “seasick” migraines. As long as I don’t move at all, I’m fine. (And there’s no pain, just some head pressure.)


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ms-m-astrologer·4 days agoText

There’s another Opportunity Period today, beginning at 11:40 UT and ending tomorrow at 08:45 UT when the Moon enters Aries. “An excellent time to dig deep and assess concepts,” says Llewellyn. We may have the sense (if not the tangible proof) that we need to make some adjustments to our plans - with a Pisces Moon, conjunct Neptune, “tangible” may not happen. People who rely more on logic are going to be pissed AF, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus enter the sign Libra, from opposite ends. This is going to make it very hard to “socially distance;” we want to go out with our family and friends, and have some fun! Just keep in mind that all those Libra feelings are going to run into the brick wall of Capricorn reality - Mercury will spend over a week square Saturn, and Venus will eventually square the whole pack of Cap placements. Don’t do something in the moment that will wreck your forever.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: First Quarter Moon (take action, build new structures)
  • Moon/Pisces
  • Lunar Phase: Gibbous Moon (tweak, adjust, pour more energy into it), 19:31 Pisces, 5:47 am MDT
  • Mars Rx/Aries sesquare Vesta/Virgo, 6:07 pm MDT
  • Moon/Pisces void of course, 6:46 pm MDT
  • Transiting Mercury Rx re-enters Libra, 7:33 pm MDT
  • Mercury Rx/Libra semi-sextile Venus/Virgo, 7:37 pm MDT
  • Transiting Venus enters Libra, 7:41 pm MDT
  • Moon enters Aries, 2:45 am MDT (Wednesday)

Looking ahead to Wednesday: reassuring ourselves

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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ms-m-astrologer·4 days agoAnswer

Hey Ms M! I have a question. I'm a Taurus sun Leo rising and I read somewhere that the next 3 years are going to be very difficult for me because of the Saturn Pluto and Jupiter transit in my 7th -and lets not forget Uranus above my head. Is it going to be so bad? Also, I don't know if it's relevant, but I've noticed that when the generational planets form Retro transits, I tend to be in my most powerful. Is it because I have them all Rx in my birth chart? Is sth that you have heard of before? Looking forward to your answers

Well, not exactly - Pluto doesn’t begin to transition to Aquarius until 2023 - at that point, Saturn will have moved on into Pisces, and Jupiter into Aries. As far as 2021 goes, however, there is a lot of pressure in the form of a Saturn/Aquarius - Uranus/Taurus square, which matures three times:

Wednesday, February 17, Saturn/Aquarius square Uranus/Taurus, 7:14 (7 degrees 14 minutes) - any/all placements within a degree of 7:14 of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will feel this, as will anything around 22:14 of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Monday, June 14, Saturn Rx/Aquarius square Uranus/Taurus, 13:07 (also 28:07 of the mutable signs)

Friday, December 24, Saturn/Aquarius square Uranus Rx/Taurus, 11:05 (also 26:05 of mutable signs)

This is the big story of 2021, in fact. Later on in the year, I usually post my “Next Year” kinds of things. If you want to get a head start on it, begin to consider (1) what Saturn and Uranus are up to in your natal chart; (2) what houses they’ll be transiting in 2021; and (3) any placements that are going to get hit. (Ms M’s natal Saturn, her natal Asc/Desc and natal Venus, and her natal Ceres. Fuck.) Blessings, XOXOXO

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ms-m-astrologer·4 days agoText

Timeline (current events in BOLD)

Wednesday, September 23, 20:55 UT - transiting Mercury enters Rx shadow, 25:54 Libra

Sunday, September 27, 07:41 UT - transiting Mercury enters Scorpio

Thursday, October 1, 15:49 UT - Mercury’s greatest eastern elongation, 4:36 Scorpio

Wednesday, October 14, 01:05 UT - transiting Mercury stations retrograde, 11:40 Scorpio

Sunday, October 25, 18:23 UT - Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction, 2:47 Scorpio

Wednesday, October 28, 01:33 UT - transiting Mercury retrogrades back into Libra

Tuesday, November 3, 17:50 UT - transiting Mercury stations direct, 25:54 Libra

Tuesday, November 10, 17:00 UT - Mercury’s greatest western elongation, 29:47 Libra

Tuesday, November 10, 21:55 UT - transiting Mercury re-enters Scorpio

Thursday, November 19, 21:04 UT - transiting Mercury exits post-retrograde shadow, 11:40 Scorpio

We have arrived back at the Libra portion of our program, and again I’m going to cite the book Mercury Retrograde by Chrissie Blaze for her survival tips for Merc Rx in Libra:

  • Don’t enter into any contracts. If you must, have the contract double-checked before you sign it.
  • Visit old friends rather than seeking new ones.
  • Be the peacemaker but don’t compromise yourself to do so. Keep your own life as harmonious as possible.
  • Meditate. Keep yourself balanced by exercising your spiritual as well as your physical self.

Mercury’s function in our charts is to serve as our inner computer program, which we can boil down to: 

Input -> Process -> Output

That means we can equate Mercury’s retrograde periods to “debugging,” or to upgrading the software. Something about the ways we learn, think, and communicate needs work. If you think about Merc Rx this way, it’s much easier to deal with! Specifically, in Libra - the Scales - what’s going on is that we have to recalibrate our Mercury processes. In the words of the Cambridge Dictionary online, we have “to make small changes to an instrument so that it measures accurately” or “to change the way you do or think about something.”

It may not seem that Mercury is up to much, during its second stay in the sign of the Balance. There are only two non-lunar aspects. However, the final aspect will be exact for about nine days.

Thursday, October 29, 01:31 UT - Ceres/Aquarius trine Mercury Rx/Libra, 28:55 (28 degrees 55 minutes)

Second of three. If you can think back to September 27, the first time these two were trine, you may get some clarification on whatever issue it raised. Back then, Mercury was direct, and Ceres was retrograde; now they’ve traded places, with Mercury Rx and Ceres direct. Your perspective on some issue is somehow freshened up - you’re giving and receiving verbal support and encouragement, to and from others. The final trine between Mercury and Ceres happens when both not only will be direct, but will also be in water signs. If we’re lucky, what was something we consciously (air) had to seek and give, is now automatically given and received (water).

Placements affected lie between 27:55 and 29:55 of the yang signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius..

Sunday, November 1, 19:06 UT - Saturn/Capricorn square Mercury Rx/Libra, 26:15

Second of three, although that is a deceptive way to think about it. This square will remain very close, within a degree, for over a week: between Saturday, October 31, and Sunday, November 8, to be exact. That time period encompasses the US elections, and I can’t help (as a US citizen) to relate this square to the crappy choices we have to vote for. I would dearly love to be able to vote for Bernie Sanders, or for anybody who shares my left-of-center politics. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the US is stuck with a choice between right-of-center and far-right-of-center candidates. I also hate being forced to vote for the right-of-center person, because the far-right-of-center person is a fucking malignant narcissist, a cheating maniacal sociopathic bully who won’t be happy until he’s killed us all. Anyway, as I keep having to remind myself - sometimes in the real world, none of the choices are good ones. I think that’s been the real message of this particular Mercury Rx. How about you?

Planets/Points affected lie between 25:15 and 27:15 of the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn; and between 10:15 and 12:15 of the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

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ms-m-astrologer·5 days agoText

A quiet day, thank goodness - we all can appreciate that! The Pisces Moon is just sort of wafting along, taking some unusual side trips perhaps (as the Moon will sextile Uranus Rx/Taurus). If you’re tuned in properly, you could get some sudden, practical insights into your problems. It isn’t really an intimate kind of day; we’re just too spaced out and detached to connect with one another. Pity. And Mercury Rx makes such an interesting (timing wise) sextile to Vesta, too. Mercury is about to regress into Libra; what this final aspect may give us (again, if we’re open to it) is some insight into why the way we were “doing” Mercury/Scorpio wasn’t working. Too hyper-fixated on something? Too determined to be pessimistic? One or both of those options is probably at fault. Tomorrow, when Merc ducks back into Libra for a bit, we’ll be able to recalibrate. (Libra = scales.) We may not have a choice but to recalibrate.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: First Quarter Moon (take action, build new structures)
  • Moon/Pisces
  •  Sun/Scorpio sesquare Neptune Rx/Pisces, 4:33 am MDT
  • Mercury Rx/Scorpio sextile Vesta/Virgo, 10:16 am MDT
  • Venus/Virgo inconjunct Ceres/Aquarius, 8:10 pm MDT

Looking ahead to Tuesday: transiting Mercury Rx and transiting Venus enter Libra, from opposite sides

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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ms-m-astrologer·5 days agoAnswer

Today’s been real tough emotionally. I’ve cried buckets. I’m feeling trapped with somebody I’ve begun to hate and they’re icy when I’m upset. He tuts when I cry or when I’m ill. I’ve got Mars trine North Node today. Does it mean this pain is my North nose?

I am so sorry. (((((((((Anon)))))))))

Mars trine your North Node may “just” mean it’s easier for you to express your anger, hurt, and frustration. Trines are flows - for good or for ill. You may also want to look at your 12th House for feeling confined during times of coronavirus. Everybody is very defensive right now, with Mars retrograding in his own sign, and having just finished the second of three total squares to Pallas Athene, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Hopefully all these 2nd-time squares brought us some clarification on our issues. Blessings, XOXOXO

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