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How does it feel being one of the most amazing people on earth 🫶
yo you tryna kiss? i love you smmmmm rem 🫂🫂🙅🏽‍♀️
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The horror of our love - Ludo
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Why Freddy Is A Child Killer And Nothing More.
SO! I am fucking sick and tired of seeing this shit over and over again so I think it is high time I make a post addressing this formally. Freddy Krueger is not a pedophile, child molester, kiddy toucher, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. 
You might be saying “Well Bex! I heard that originally Wes Craven-” Yup. Originally Wes Craven played around with the idea of it but it was cut early on and did not make it into the final script and nothing pertaining to that was ever shot either. 
Next you might say, “Oh but what about the 2010 remake? He was totally a fucking pedo in that!”
You are right in the 2010 remake he was! Okay. So. I am gonna say this next part loudly and clearly.  
Fuck the 2010 remake.
Wes Craven has literally nothing to do with it. In fact they did not consult Wes on the remake at all and he expressed his displeasure over that fact as well! The remake is not fucking canon to me and many others due to that fact alone. The vast, vast majority of people you see on here, myself included, who love Freddy are talking about the OG 80s and New Nightmare Freddy played by Robert Englund.
Speaking of Robert Englund! He is very important to this conversation. Now why is that? Because he played the character for twenty years? Yes I think that does give him a good amount of say in this conversation. But more than that he literally made the character who is. After A Nightmare On Elm Street back in 1984, the first one, Robert asked for more money and better billing when ANOES 2 was going to happen, the studio said fuck that, the makeup is the most important part! And they recast him! 
They got two weeks into shooting before they realized how hard they fucked up and asked for Robert back, meeting his originally, extremely fair, especially considering his role, demands.
Freddy is not just saying bitch, it is not corny one liners and it is NOT just make up, there is a fuck ton more to him, there is depth and Robert? Clearly understands that to the point that the studio agreed no one else could play him in the original franchise’s run. So I think we can agree what Robert thinks about Freddy is clearly important, leading to my next point.
As for what Robert actually has to say on the matter, and I quote from this article published on Bloody Disgusting in 2015 of what he said when asked for his thoughts on this by some fans at comic con.                                       
“You can imagine Freddy to be anything you want,” Englund began. “My theory is the word “child killer”, there’s something darkly…darkly poetic about that. It’s a very frightening phrase. Child killer! That should be enough. And I think there’s something symbolic about being a child killer. He kills children because children are their future and there’s no place for Freddy in the future. And it’s revenge on the parents! It’s the most painful thing a parent can do is to lose a child before they die. I mean, I can’t imagine how anybody…how any adults or parents survive that, the death of a child. So that’s nasty enough!”
I mean that says it all to me. He has been asked on many occasions and I have seen him even refer to the idea of Freddy being a molester as “gilding the lily” basically, it is wholly unnecessary like a hat on a hat. Freddy being a child killer is enough. Wes thought so. Robert thinks so too.
And for me? That is more than enough. I hope this clears up shit for a lot of people.
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Tumblr media
ABOUT ME ・ 。゚☆ pen name; DI. any pronouns. minor (fourteen). Gujarati Indian (South asian). sag sun. infj. the neighbourhood #1 fan.
NAVIGATION (LINKS) ・ 。゚☆ who I write for. request rules. masterlist. ( more links will be added soon / in the future but im too lazy rn )
REQUEST STATUS ・ 。゚☆ open. please go request shit.
OTHER SOCIALS ・ 。゚☆ wattpad - nightmareonelst. ig - psychosloomis. tt - nightmareonelst.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
FANDOMS I WILL WRITE 4 ★。/|\。★ scream (1996), marauders era, you (the Netflix show), don’t breathe (2016), halloween, spider-man (all of the movies), shameless (USA), the end of the fucking world.
Tumblr media
REQUEST RULES ★。/|\。★ you can request anything for the following fandoms listed, any characters, unless told no. the requests are currently open, so request in my asks! you need to be descriptive with what you want so I can fulfill your request properly.
Tumblr media
WHAT I WILL NOT WRITE ★。/|\。★ sexual assault, abuse, rape, incest or step - cest none of that alabama shit. i just do not feel comfortable as some of these are triggering for me to write about.
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Tumblr media
🪓🎭🦷 SCREAM (1996).
billy loomis — below.
how they would react to somebody hitting on you. — multi hc
stu macher — below.
how they would react to somebody hitting on you. — multi hc
randy meeks — below.
how they would react to somebody hitting on you. — multi hc
tatum riley — below.
how they would react to somebody hitting on you. — multi hc
sidney prescott — below.
how they would react to somebody hitting on you. — multi hc
Tumblr media
james potter — below.
strangers once again (angst).
sirius black — below.
strangers once again (angst).
remus lupin — below.
none as of yet.
lily evans — below.
none as of yet.
( + more marauders characters (e.g, dorcas,
marlene, regulus, etc.) will soon be added )
( alongside with more fandoms will be
added as soon as I write for them )
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includes stu macher, billy loomis, tatum riley, sidney prescott, randy meeks. (go easy on me I’m new to this shit (+ fandom).)
this is jus my opinion, idgaf if you disagree, just dont be mean and annoying about it.
( requests are open. )
Tumblr media
• I feel like stu is the type to just go and give the reader a hug from behind meanwhile sending a nasty sarcastic smile at the person who was flirting with you. His love language is for sure touch and public display of affection so he won’t hesitate to make out with the reader right in front of the person, to the point where the person in front of you both is extremely uncomfortable and ends up leaving defeated with a frown painted on their face.
• if the person would still have the audacity to continue flirting with you despite your obvious uninterested responses, they might just end up dead with their intestines wrapped around their neck the next day. You never know.
Tumblr media
• he knows you can handle the person so he leaves it up to you, unless the person gets physical. which is where billy steps in, ready to knock the dipshit out. other than that, I feel like he would just stand beside you or either watch from faraway at you turning down the person with your snarky comments and obvious death glare on your face which the person was oblivious to.
• if the dumbass still doesn’t take a hint, just like stu, billy will gladly gut them out like a fish with zero hesitation. he’ll return home with drenched in blood and smug smirk painted on his face.
Tumblr media
• pissed. i know many may just think that she would be chill since she’s pretty laid back but I feel like she would be pissed. ends up in a heated argument with the person, yelling in their face meanwhile you hold her back with a smirk on your face, secretly enjoying seeing her pissed.
• it can get very physical if you can’t step in between in time and drag tatum out of here. she’s willing to beat the shit out of the asshole. she’ll still be pissed on the way home, arms crossed over her chest like a little child. she’ll eventually calm down after you reassure her that you only want her.
• she, of course, already knew that. tatum is not insecure, at all. she just hates how the person looks at you up and down like a pervert, that was what got her heated. disgust was mostly what caused her to be so angry.
• I really hope this one makes sense.
Tumblr media
• she trusts you with her entire heart so she isn’t that bothered. might step in if necessary but she knows you’ve got it covered so she’ll continue doing whatever she was doing. however her eyes can’t help but eye the person up and down, annoyed.
• there’s not much to say because, like I said, she trusts you and she’s pretty laid back. but just in case she’ll look over at you and searches your face to see if anything escalated. if there is then that’s where she steps in. she’ll be polite at first but if the person isn’t willing to back off, she’ll get mean.
• also I just imagine mostly all of these taking place at like a mall or a shop, you know. or just a public area in general.
Tumblr media
• he’s a little insecure cause he thinks that you deserve better and all that bullshit so he’ll step in and wrap an arm around your waist, glaring holes at the person. the person flirting ignores him, acting as if he’s not even there which makes him pissed so he’ll be like, “hey, im randy. y/ns BOYFRIEND.” this little piece of shit will take any chance to show you off and let everybody know that you’re his.
• if the person backs off after taking a hint, he’ll turn around and check on you to see if you’re alright. if not, then he’ll just drag you away from the scene. or similar to stu, just kiss you right infront of the person to try and make them as uncomfortable as possible.
( if you feel any of these characters are portrayed inaccurately, don’t careeee. don’t bother to comment. this is MY version of them + based off of what we see them act like in the movies n shit. you’re allowed to have your own version of them and shit, idc. like stated, don’t bother commenting mean shit about it. thanks. BY THE WAYYYY requests are open. )
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing — james potter x fem!oc, sirius black x fem!oc
warning — angst, no fluff, bad writing
summary — perhaps some things are not meant to be.
Perhaps it was the branches of the lanky trees which flew in the chilly air like a unsung melody which sent shivers down his spine. Or possibly the sight in front of him which caused his heart to drop to his stomach. He didn’t know. Tears were begging to form. Yet he did not once let them take over him, he didn’t let the air around him suffocate him.
But the sight in front of him made it harder. Every time he saw you flash him a small grin, it made him want to look away - it felt so wrong to be staring at you like this. Not when you were getting married to the man he had almost know for his entire life. He wishes he was the one holding your hand like that, one who wished to caress your cheek with such care and affection. But he fucked up. James knew this was his fault.
But he prayed that maybe one day you would have forgiven him. Perhaps he should have put his hands together in a praying gesture and dropped to his knees in front of you. Maybe he should have told you to not leave one more time.
You stood there, covered in a white silk gown, which hugged your body like a warm blanket. Your eyes travelled to find his. Once they found his blue ones, you smiled. It was a genuine smile. You wanted him to know that you had forgiven him. You were kids. Kids make impulsive decisions. James being one of those impulsive decisions you made. It was harsh, yet no far from the truth. You had loved him. Loved. Past tense. But it didn’t make you weak to your knees every-time he would flash you a smile or make your heart flutter every time he would glance your way. Sure, it was nice receiving such attention from a being. Love was a strong word.
You liked James. Nothing more. You never once regretted dating James. He was the sweetest soul. But maybe one part of that soul of his never really stopped loving liking Lily Evans. He tried so hard to forget her, and he eventually even thought he had. When he first asked you out and when you had agreed he felt like the luckiest man on this planet.
Seven months into the relationship. It went downhill. Gryffindor had won their first quidditch game of the year, everyone was cheerful, the marauders had planned a party in the Gryffindor common room. Everybody was invited. Even slytherin. Which meant you were going to be attending. But nothing a few drinks and a red head can’t fuck up.
You never blamed Lily for the drunken kiss. It was James who you had trusted with your heart, you had given him your entire heart in the palm of his hands and what had he done? Thrown it to the side like a piece of meat. If you hadn’t caught them red handed by the astronomy tower, maybe you would’ve still been with the potter boy. Maybe he wouldn’t have remembered the events of the previous night and pretended as if nothing had happened. Maybe everything would’ve have been fine. If only.
Yet, here you were. Both of your hands interlaced with his best friends’. Your white gown shining in the dark as the waves of the beach sun in your ears like a lullaby. Sirius black stood in his black tuxedo, his long hair which had previously been in a bun now let down, the wind blowing it in his face here and there causing the shorter male to brush the black strands out of his face constantly.
It was Sirius who had been there after the breakup. After you had yelled, cursed and cried to James. He denied it. He said he didn’t remember. And you thought bullshit. You broke up with him. And Sirius was there for you. After all, you were his best friend. But over the few months spending endless time with the oldest black, you had grown closer than ever. You knew it made James jealous, but you couldn’t care. You were finally happy and you weren’t going to let him wreck it. You started dating Sirius in your seventh year.
It had been many years. You lot were out of Hogwarts. Grown. Adults. More mature. Which was when the realization had hit him. The first war had ended. Voldemort was gone. But a piece of James still felt missing. And that was you.
But he paid the consequences of his jealousy, for lying, and for cheating. He felt like somebody had wrapped their hands around his heart and clenched it, spilling all poison from it. As he had been feeling so guilty right now. And the smile you threw in his face hadn’t made it any better. A part of him wanted to run over to you, snatch you from the arms of his best friend. To hold you and tell you how much he loved you. How sorry he was.
But it was not worth it.
He watched Sirius wrap his arms around your waist, like he once used to do, and pull you closer to the warmth of his body and pressing his lips against yours. James bit his lips. He wanted to scream. Yet this was his fault. There was no going back.
And now, they both felt like strangers again. Their story had ended where it begun. Strangers once again. Only this time, it hurt to even glance her way.
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