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musing-rose·3 hours agoText

Yang: *setting up camp* Just a few more days…

Pyrrha: And then what? You’re just going to trade your soul for your sister’s?

Yang: That’s the plan.

Pyrrha: And how do you know that Raven will accept it?

Yang: I dont.

Pyrrha: *confused* Then why go through with this?

Yang: *sighing* Because I’ve seen how my dad has been since Ruby’s passing.

Pyrrha: So you just want to give yourself up to save her?

Yang: Isnt that what you’d do for your siblings?

Pyrrha: ….I’d rather let a few of them die.

Yang: *rolling her eyes and finishing setting up camp*

Pyrrha: Well, if you’re planning on making these next few days your last among the living, then maybe we should make it… special.

Yang: Special how?

Pyrrha: *smirking and using a little magic to create a mist* Anything your heart desires.

Yang: *taking in the scent of the mist* I… cant…

Pyrrha: *walking over to Yang and wrapping her arms around her* You can tell me everything you want to experience. And I’ll make all of your dreams come true.

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musing-rose·a day agoText

Weiss: *sitting on the airship, quietly reading*

Pyrrha: Weiss?

Weiss: *sighing* I’m fine…

Pyrrha: I know you didnt want to be here with all of us-

Weiss: I said I’m fine.

Jaune: You dont look fine.

Weiss: *glaring* And how is fine supposed to look?!

Nora: You dont need to yell at him.

Weiss: *going back to reading*

Jaune: *sighing* You miss her, dont you?

Weiss: *closing her book and sighing* You’re really not going to leave me alone about this, are you?

Ren: We’re working as a team. We need to be on the same page.

Nora: And we know what happened between you and Ruby. She was worried about you-

Weiss: She didnt want me anymore. End of story.

Jaune: And now you feel guilty?

Weiss: *hesitating* That’s… that’s not…

Pyrrha: It’s okay if you do. But what happened was not your fault.

Nora: *nodding* We’ll find out who did this and we’ll make sure they pay.

Ren: Assuming this lead isnt a dead end.

Jaune: Where are we going anyway?

Weiss: *sighing* We’re going to Vacuo. Something about the headmaster there having found someone that might be tied to Ruby’s killer.

Pyrrha: They’re all hiding information from us, arent they?

Weiss: *shrugging and taking a sip from her flask* No idea. Although… could be linked to the girl who attacked me before.

Pyrrha: Cinder?

Weiss: *nodding* She wanted to kill Ruby.

Jaune: Any reason why?

Weiss: Nope.

Nora: Then we check out this lead and if it doesnt go anywhere, we find Cinder, right?

Jaune: *nodding* Sounds like a plan.

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musing-rose·6 days agoAnswer

This is for drunk wiess au I wanted to see what was happening to Ruby right now has she finally met Salem yet?

Salem: *walking around Ruby, gently placing a hand on her cheek* Yes, Ruby has met me. 

Hazel: *walking into the room* Are we going to deal with her now?

Salem: Not quite. I have… other plans for her right now. 

Hazel: *grunting and walking off*

Ruby: *struggling to get free, mouth covered* 

Salem: Dont struggle dear, you arent getting out of here. Not yet at least. Since it’s been made clear that I cannot get rid of you silver eyed warriors, then I’ll have to figure something else out.

Ruby: *stopping, confused*

Salem: *looking at Ruby curiously* You didnt know? That’s certainly a stroke of luck. Too bad though, you wont ever get to use them for the intended purpose.

Ruby: *hesitating as Salem walked off* 

Salem: *picking up a small grimm and walking back over to Ruby* But for now, I think it’s about time we find out the real limits to these powers .

Ruby: *trying to struggle away again*

Salem: *calling forth grimm hands to hold Ruby still as she ungagged her* Now, why dont we put you through a few tests.

Ruby: *spitting at Salem* I’ll never help you.

Salem: *pushing the grimm into Ruby’s mouth, letting it slither down her throat* You dont have a choice.

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musing-rose·7 days agoText

Hazel: *watching Ruby* Is… everything okay?

Ruby: *sighing* I’m just jealous that Cinder and Merc and Em are all having fun and I’m… stuck here…

Hazel: You have a lot you need to learn-

Ruby: But they’re going out to explore! Why cant I go with them?

Hazel: Its… not that simple. You see, there’s a few things that we’re doing that you… shouldn’t be involved in. At least, not yet.

Ruby: *going back to her books* Fine…

Hazel: *pulling out a picture and sighing* You remind me a lot of my sister.

Ruby: *looking up* You have a sister?

Hazel: Had.

Ruby: Oh…

Hazel: I could teach you a few things about fighting.

Ruby: You can fight?

Hazel: *nodding* How’s your hand to hand combat?


Watts: *frowning* What were you both thinking?!

Ruby: *wincing as she got bandaged up* Professor Rainhart was teaching me- Ouch!

Watts: *applying a splint to Ruby’s broken leg* We’re all lucky you werent hurt any more than this.

Hazel: I wanted to make sure she could handle herself.

Watts: And breaking her leg was the best way to do that?

Ruby: *looking away* That was an accident…

Watts: *groaning* Let’s make sure Salem doesnt hear about this…

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musing-rose·7 days agoText

Yang: *packing up her bag and making sure the cat was situated* Still no sign of Blake…

Pyrrha: Maybe we should give her one more-

Yang: No. I… I’m already behind with that detour you took us on. And I didnt want to spend another day here. I need to make it to the underworld to speak to my mother.

Pyrrha: Alright…

Yang: *putting the cat into a small harness on her chest* And I need to keep this little guy out of trouble.

Blake: *struggling to get out of the harness* I’m right here!

Pyrrha: I dont think it likes that.

Yang: *putting her bag over her shoulder and walking out of the room* Too bad.

Pyrrha: *walking behind Yang* Maybe I should carry it.

Yang: And risk losing it? No way!


Salem: *smiling as she looked in a small pond, watching Yang and Pyrrha argue* This is going much better than expected.

Summer: *slowly walking up behind Salem* You wanted to talk?

Salem: *smiling and looking over at Summer* I did. I wanted to tell you that I know who has your daughter right now.

Summer: This better not be-

Salem :Dont worry, it’s not a trick. *body turning into a mist as she wraps around Summer* Raven has your daughter’s-

Summer: I’m aware-

Salem: I’m not finished. She has your daughter’s soul. Your daughter’s body, on the other hand, I know who has that.

Summer: *narrowing her eyes at Salem* What exactly are you getting at?

Salem: *smirking and holding out the book Blake retrieved for her* I can help you get her back.

Summer: And the price?

Salem: Nothing major. Just… a favor.

Summer: *hesitating, weighing her options* And that favor?

Salem: To get rid of a… couple of problematic adventurers that are plotting the downfall of the gods.

Summer: I’ll… think about it.

Salem: *pulling away from Summer and disappearing* Dont think too long.

Summer: *shaking her head and grabbing her bow* I’ll try things on my own first.

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musing-rose·8 days agoText

Weiss: *walking into Atlas Academy, taking a drink from a flask* And now to-

Pyrrha: Weiss? Is that you?

Weiss: *sighing* What are you guys doing here?

Nora: We’re here for a mission. To figure out Ruby’s killer.

Weiss: *nodding and walking off* I wish you luck.

Jaune: That’s it? You miss her funeral, and now you just… dont care?

Weiss: *sighing* She didn’t want me anymore… why should it matter?

Pyrrha: *taking a step closer to Weiss* Because you’re her friend.

Weiss: Im taking the General’s lead and going on my own. We’ll figure out who did this-

Nora: We’re going together. All of us.

Jaune: *nodding* We’re worried about you, Weiss. And… we’re not going to let you go through this alone.

Weiss: *sighing* And then what? After we figure everything out, am I supposed to leave?

Pyrrha: *shaking her head* We’ll be here for you. And we’ll make sure you get the help you need.

Weiss: I dont need-

Pyrrha: *frowning* You really think Ruby wants you doing this to yourself?

Weiss: *sighing* I'll… go with you guys. But after that, Im done. I wont be your problem.

Jaune: *watching Weiss walk to the General’s office* We tried.

Pyrrha: *sighing* We’ll need to try harder.

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musing-rose·9 days agoText



Misguided au

Swapped at birth

Ancient greece au

Schneehaied au

Another faunus au

Broken weiss

Disarmed rose au

Thief and princess au

grimm rwby

Reincarnation au

Im not evil au

Grimm control au

Drunk weiss

Infiltration au

Mermaid au- finished

Tarnished silver au

Silver eyed maiden au

Created a masterlist of aus. Feel free to request or ask about them

Feel free to request or ask about. You can even ask the characters questions

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musing-rose·10 days agoAnswer

Not an ask, but rather a thank you. I know the INE au is a popular one but I do still appreciate that you keep on giving it updates anytime I ask for it. I do like all your work and I wanted to make sure you knew that. Keep up the good work and remember "Have Fun With It."

It works out that I try to do updates for it periodically to start, but Im glad you’re liking the direction its going

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musing-rose·12 days agoAnswer

INE Crow training team rwby not seeing the point in it. Ruby trying her best and the team sees it and actively tries to encourage her. Crow being oblivious to Ruby's efforts and is her harder in training than the rest of the girls.

INE!Qrow: *watching RWBY take on training dummies* Keep it together! 

INE!Ruby: *hesitating as a grimm target came up* 

INE!Weiss: *using a glyph to freeze a few targets* You can do this Ruby!

INE!Ruby: *taking a deep breath and rushing the target, barely nicking it*

INE!Qrow: *sighing* Alright… stop…

INE!Yang: *looking over to Qrow* What’s going on?

INE!Qrow: This is all pointless. Me training you guys isnt going to be getting you anywhere. Especially Ruby.

INE!Weiss: *frowning* At least she’s trying! 

INE!Blake: In the last couple of weeks, she hasnt once tried to torture any grimm.

INE!Yang: Or hurt anyone.

INE!Qrow: And I still see this as useless. I still dont get why Oz thinks you guys being in the tournament is going to help Ruby.

INE!Ruby: *sighing and packing up her scythe* I… I’ll be in the dorm…

INE!Weiss: *watching Ruby walk off* That’s just great…

INE!Qrow: *taking a drink from his flask and heading back to Ozpin’s office* I’ll go tell him your results. 

INE!Yang: Maybe he should watch us himself!

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musing-rose·13 days agoText


“This game is not yours to win. It’s mine.” - Salem

RWBY Volume 8 trailer

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musing-rose·13 days agoText



Misguided au

Swapped at birth

Ancient greece au

Schneehaied au

Another faunus au

Broken weiss

Disarmed rose au

Thief and princess au

grimm rwby

Reincarnation au

Im not evil au

Grimm control au

Drunk weiss

Infiltration au

Mermaid au- finished

Tarnished silver au

Silver eyed maiden au

Created a masterlist of aus. Feel free to request or ask about them

Feel free to request or ask about. You can even ask the characters questions

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musing-rose·13 days agoText

SB!Weiss: *cooking with Ren* Really think we’ll need all of this food?

SB!Ren: Qrow did say he was going to look around for help today.

SB!Weiss: He should he resting…

SB!Ren: He’s got Coco and Yatsu with him.

SB!Weiss: *sighing* I know. I just… worry he’s going to hurt himself again. Or go drinking.

SB!Ren: Coco will keep him in line.

SB!Weiss: *nodding* Right…

SB!Coco: *walking into the apartment* Weiss! There’s someone here you need to see.

SB!Weiss: I’ll be there in a minute!

SB!Coco: It’s ummm… important.

SB!Ren: Go ahead and see what Coco wants.

SB!Weiss: *sighing and walking out of the kitchen* What could possibly be so important-

SB!Ruby: *smiling at Weiss* Hey sis.

SB!Weiss: Ruby.

SB!Ruby: *walking a little closer* Im sorry for how I was before. I didn’t mean for you to think-

SB!Weiss: *pulling Ruby into a hug*

SB!Ruby: *hugging back* I missed you.

SB!Yang: *shuffling nervously* Hey… Weiss…

SB!Weiss: *pulling away from Ruby and looking at Yang* Yang…

SB!Yang: *looking away* I-

SB!Weiss: *practically tackling Yang in a hug* Im glad you’re okay.

SB!Yang: *smiling and hugging back* Im sure we have a lot to talk about.

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musing-rose·14 days agoText

Yang: *knocking on a door*

Cinder: *opening with Mercury behind her* What do you want?

Yang: *holding Blake out* I was wondering if this was yours. Someone said that you typically seek out rare items and I dont recall seeing anything like this around before.

Cinder: *shaking her head* No, its not. Although, I’d be willing to purchase it from you-

Pyrrha: No. That wont be necessary. We’re just trying to find the person who owns it.

Cinder: *walking back inside* Good luck with that.

Mercury: *looking over the cat* You sure someone owns it?

Yang: Well, not really, but we found it wandering around last night and figured it has to belong to someone.

Mercury: Well, good luck with this one.

Pyrrha: *sighing as the door closed* Maybe it’s a stray?

Yang: You really think someone doesnt own this?

Pyrrha: We’ve been everywhere. No one has claimed it.

Yang: *sighing and petting Blake* Yeah…And Blake didnt show up either last night. Think she’s mad at us?

Pyrrha: I wouldn’t blame her. We have caused her a bit of trouble…

Yang: If she’s not back by tomorrow morning, we’ll need to leave without her.

Pyrrha: You know, while she’s away we could-

Yang: *walking off to the inn* Pyrrha, I’m not in the mood for anything like that. I just want my friend back.

Pyrrha: *groaning* Even when she’s not here, Blake is still getting in my way…

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musing-rose·15 days agoText

Winter: *walking into Weiss’s room* Sister?

Weiss: *packing a bag* Winter, please just leave me alone…

Winter: Where are you going?

Weiss: I… talked to General Ironwood. He has a few missions for me to go on and I’m going to take them.

Winter: In your state? Your friend just died-

Weiss: I know!

Winter: *going silent*

Weiss: *sighing* I… just want to be alone for a bit and it’ll be easier for me to go on a few missions by myself. The General thinks he has a lead on the person who attacked me anyway, so that might lead us one step closer to whoever killed Ruby.

Winter: ….her funeral is tomorrow.

Weiss: I know, but… I’m not going. Blake and Yang will understand.

Winter: *walking off* Just be safe.

Weiss: *rolling her eyes and finishing packing her gear*


Blake: Any word from Weiss?

Yang: No…

Jaune: We could go see if we can find her in Atlas.

Yang: *sighing* Maybe its for the best she doesnt-

Nora: You know that’s not true. Ruby would want her here.

Pyrrha: Maybe we could let Weiss know we have a mission from Ozpin in a couple days.

Yang: You guys have a mission?

Ren: We were going to tell you sooner, but with how everything turned out…

Jaune: Ozpin thinks he has a lead on who attacked Weiss beforehand and thinks they might be the same person that killed Ruby. Him and General Ironwood and trying to set up a couple teams of hunters to check out the lead to see what’s going on.

Blake: *starting to look concerned* That many for a single lead? And why didnt he tell us about it?

Pyrrha: He’s afraid you both were too close to Ruby for this. And from the sound of it, he seems concerned. He wont tell us much right now, but whatever is going on has him and the other headmasters on their toes.

Nora: Even Goodwitch seemed a bit off.

Yang: Keep us in the loop then when you figure out what’s going on. I’m planning on visiting the old apartment again and see if I can find anything more than before.

Jaune: We… dont want to get your hopes up, but we’ll tell you anything we find out.

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musing-rose·17 days agoAnswer

(don't care which AU) a soft moment between Pyrrah and Ruby because I like the ship and want to see more of it even if it is a small moment between the two.

[A few months ago…]

Ruby: *smiling at Pyrrha* Hope you do well in your match.

Pyrrha: You know I will.

Ruby: Yeah, but, if you end up against Yang, you’ll probably lose.

Pyrrha: *kissing Ruby* And you’ll still root for me, right?

Ruby: I dont know… I love you, but Yang’s my sister…

Pyrrha: I know.

Ruby: *kissing Pyrrha again* I know you’ll do well.

Pyrrha: And after the tournament, we can finally go on that date.

Ruby: I cant wait.



Pyrrha: *sighing*

Jaune: *sitting down next to Pyrrha* So, what do you think about all of this?

Pyrrha: Magic? Relics? A woman controlling the grimm? It all seems-

Jaune: Confusing?

Pyrrha: *nodding* 

Jaune: Everything will be fine. We’ll find Ruby and get her back. I promise.

Pyrrha: *leaning against Jaune* I know…

Jaune: Tomorrow, Qrow is planning to look around for help. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will have seen our girlfriend.

Pyrrha: Hopefully. 

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musing-rose·17 days agoText



Misguided au

Swapped at birth

Ancient greece au

Schneehaied au

Another faunus au

Broken weiss

Disarmed rose au

Thief and princess au

grimm rwby

Reincarnation au

Im not evil au

Grimm control au

Drunk weiss

Infiltration au

Mermaid au- finished

Tarnished silver au

Silver eyed maiden au

Created a masterlist of aus. Feel free to request or ask about them

Feel free to request or ask about. You can even ask the characters questions

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musing-rose·18 days agoText

Ruby: *sighing and putting in her contacts* Ugh… I hate this…

Weiss: *putting in a contact into her left eye* Why not just get glasses?

Ruby :O-oh.. Well… It’s just… I dont really have trouble with seeing…

Weiss: Then why wear the contacts?

Ruby: Because Yang-

Yang: *walking in* I dont want people thinking she’s different for having silver eyes. They aren’t exactly a common color to see.

Ruby: Y-yeah.. That…

Weiss: Well, blue does suit you pretty well.

Ruby: *sighing and looking herself in the mirror* I guess you have a point…

Summer: *in Yang’s head* School certainly hasnt changed much over the years. Still as boring as ever.

Yang: *under her breath* Especially Port’s class…

Summer: Even as a TA, he still didnt really understand how to teach.

Yang: *giggling a bit*

Blake: *looking over at Yang* You okay?

Yang: O-oh, yeah, I’m fine. Just… remembering something that was said the other day.

Blake: *shrugging and going back to reading*

Yang: *sighing and walking out of the room* Mom, you cant keep doing this. If we’re both going to survive school, I need you to be quiet when I’m around others.

Summer: You’re always around others.

Yang: I’ll find an excuse to get alone. Promise.

Summer: Alright, I’ll be quiet. But dont forget to study-

Yang: I know, I know. Study for the test on monday.

Ozpin: *over the intercom* Miss Xiao Long, please report to my office.

Yang: *sighing* Oh… this cant be good…

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musing-rose·19 days agoText

Cinder: *sighing and moving a box* Why are there grimm caged up?

Merlot: You’ll find that answer later.

Cinder: *frowning* And what’s stopping me from leaving?

Merlot: Absolutely nothing.

Cinder: *rushing for the exit*

Emerald: Should I… stop her?

Merlot: No. Let her see for herself.

Cinder: *getting to the exit and stopping as the door opened* What the hell…

Cinder: *backing up from the ledge*

Merlot: *walking over* Unless you can fly, you’ve got no where to run.

Cinder: *forming her bow, aiming an air at Merlot* And if I kill you?

Merlot: *smirking* Why dont you find out?

Cinder: *hesitating*

Merlot: I know all about you. You dont have it in yourself to kill me.

Cinder: *lowering her bow*

Merlot: Now, follow me. I need you to move more grimm.

Cinder: *sighing* Right…

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musing-rose·20 days agoAnswer

How are yang and ruby doing at raven's camp (swapped at birth)?

SB!Yang: *glaring* What are you hiding?

SB!Ruby: *sighing* Forgive her. But, you clearly know something that we dont.

SB!Raven: *pouring some tea* Are you sure you’re ready to know?

SB!Ruby: We do. I… I need to know who attacked Beacon, and why.

SB!Raven: You should just forget it. Helping Qrow and Ozpin will just be a death wish.

SB!Yang: Ozpin’s dead. What does he have to do with it?

SB!Raven: If he is dead, he wont be for long.

SB!Ruby: *frowning* Are you done talking cryptically?

SB!Raven: Magic… is real. And Ozpin reincarnates. And the person who attacked your school, its a death wish to want to fight her. She cant be beat. Although… the two of you could stay here. Join my tribe and I can teach you how to be strong. And you two could be sisters again. 

SB!Yang: You kidnapped me! Why would I want to join you?

SB!Raven: To survive. 

SB!Yang: *eyes going red* And why-

SB!Ruby: *putting a hand on Yang’s shoulder* We need to do this. Dad told me how everything works for you. Please just take us to Qrow.

SB!Raven: *standing up and walking out of the tent*

SB!Yang: She hasn’t told us anything.

SB!Ruby: She’s told us enough. We’ll ask Qrow about everything else when we get to him.

SB!Yang: *sighing and walking out*

SB!Ruby: *following Yang, seeing a portal next to Raven*

SB!Raven: This is your last chance. If you both go through, then the next time we meet wont be as pleasant. 

SB!Ruby: *walking through the portal* I’ll take that chance.

SB!Yang: *hesitating for a moment* If… if you’re really my mother, why didn’t you come after me?

SB!Raven: Why should I have? By the time I noticed, it was too late. But you can stay now. You’ve proven yourself to be strong. 

SB!Yang: *sighing and silently walking through the portal*

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musing-rose·21 days agoText



Misguided au

Swapped at birth

Ancient greece au

Schneehaied au

Another faunus au

Broken weiss

Disarmed rose au

Thief and princess au

grimm rwby

Reincarnation au

Im not evil au

Grimm control au

Drunk weiss

Infiltration au

Mermaid au- finished

Tarnished silver au

Silver eyed maiden au

Created a masterlist of aus. Feel free to request or ask about them

Feel free to request or ask about. You can even ask the characters questions

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