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musubiki·a day agoText

my aesthetic is lime being a smoothie, looking endearingly at mochi and when she notices he just winks at her and then she cant look him in the eye for the next 2 days

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musubiki·2 days agoAnswer
wait question! i noticed most of the... "main" people (idk what else to call them! i'm sorry ahaha) of like mochi, lime, coco, and taffy have like food related names but oscar doesn't– or is like oscar food related and i'm just clueless

oh yeah!!! (i just refer to them as the main cast djksnj) but yeah all their families share a name theme!!! (thats not necessarily related to their design) but yes the first four (mochi, lime, coco, taffy) were named after food!!!! but after a while i shifted the pattern a bit, so now each family has a name theme!!

cocos full name is coconut chai!! her little cousins are sencha and matcha, so her family is named after tea!!

limes family named after food, and mochis family obviously after desserts/sweets

oscars full name is oscar doryman!! his brothers are pike (older) and i wanna name the younger one guppy but i might feel bad about it LOL so his family is named after fish!! (technically oscar is kind of a food.,..ive read you CAN eat oscars even though theyre mostly kept as pets apparently) good catch though!!!

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musubiki·4 days agoAnswer
Also also, what if- Lime lets his hair grow a bit so he can have a little side braid matching Mochi's,,,,, And she teases him putting flowers in his hair,,,, SofT


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musubiki·4 days agoAnswer
A suggestion for Mochi's hair in the timeskip: perhaps a big soft braid and maybe some accessories to decorate? Flowers or pins perhaps, or flower pins (just throwing ideas in, her current hairstyle is really fitting for her ;;)

aaa thats super cute actually!!!!! i was thinking of doing something with a braid since i really also like her side-braid hairstyle!!! and adding the flowers would be adorable!!!! ;;A;;

(jkdkd it really is though., torn if i should even give them timeskip designs or just leave them as-is..,,,)

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musubiki·4 days agoAnswer
Hello! I know this is not a question (I am very sorry) and more of a complement of sorts, but I just wanted to say you are a huge inspiration for me and seeing all your wonderful stuff about the Cat Witch helped me boost my confidence in continuing my ideas for a small series of my own! Thank you very much ma’am. (Also funny thing but your character Lime’s name is similar to one of my character’s names, which is, oddly enough, Lemon!)

AA ASHUJDKF THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! UWAAAA I LOVE GETTING MESSAGES LIKE THESE!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 i was actually motivated and inspired by another artists ocs so im glad i can be that for you!!!!!!!! (also thats super cute LEMON!!!!!! )

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musubiki·5 days agoAnswer
I know it probably won’t happen for a while, but I can’t wait for Mochi and Taffy to become friends, Taffy needs more friends

HE REALLY DOES!!!!!!!! and yes!!! i really REALLY love taffy and mochis friendship..,,.

but in the meantime hes gonna be a good half-villan half-anti-hero character. theres actually gonna be an episode (or two??) where he has to team up with mochi to go save coco LMFAOOHFD. (THEY HATE EACH OTHER)

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musubiki·5 days agoAnswer
so, i remember that for taffy and coco, you said that he kidnapped her basically, but during it you said they talked and stuff and that (not sure i remember right, sorry!) that is when he develops a crush on her, but that you don't know how it'll happen, right? well, when you made the post on how pretty much all of the kids(and taffy) play animal crossing while coco plays doom, i thought, what if coco stress hums, and stared stress humming the animal crossing theme and taffy reconised it ?

AAAA THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE ACTUALLY!!!!!!!! but i think taffy is fairly out of touch with the real world when hes first introduced, and i see him playing animal crossing after coco (or the rest of the gang) introduces him to it!!!

BUT i DO have a scene where shes humming SOMETHING, sitting on the doorstep looking out at the ocean, and when he asks her why shes humming/singing (or tells her to shut up) she replies something like “Theres a 50/50 chance im gonna die in this old shack, so im gonna do what i want. bite me.” and keeps doing it, but her voice is kind of pretty, and its a nice song, so he sits on the doorstep too (a bit away from her) and just listens. soft moment

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musubiki·6 days agoAnswer
Wait why does taffy want to kill mochi exactly?

basically, taffys story is that he’s cursed with water magic, but the curse is latched in his lungs, so his lungs are slowly filling with water that he coughs up periodically like TB..,.

eventually, the curse will drown him, and the only way to kill the magic is to kill the cat witch, so he’s after her to save his own life!!!!

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musubiki·6 days agoAnswer
what are some of your favorite outfits you've designed for mochi

oh myg dojf i…i was about to list them, but as i was going through it i couldnt decide. i just love ALL the outfits i draw her in. THEYRE ALL CUTE AND I WISH I OWNED THEM

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musubiki·6 days agoAnswer
Taffy’s...... “issues”.....??

yeah!!! hes has the most issues. stuff like his toxic obsession with killing mochi (and refusing to listen to reason regarding it), his general paranoia and distrust of everyone he meets, being unable to understand/process a lot of emotions besides anger, his feeling of not belonging anywhere, or not deserving to be happy (even after everything is done and forgiven), his caution to physical contact (since all hes ever known from it is pain)

and then on his ability side, his magic is very chaotic, disorganized, sloppy, and hindered, because he never had anyone to properly teach him

on a funnier note, his social awkwardness, and on a softer note, he tends to latch too heavily onto those who manage to get close because hes never known friendship or kindness before

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