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The reason giyuu never respond to tanjiro is because of his grandpa crow...
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Can we take a moment of appreciation how hot angry tomioka giyuu is?
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Eternal Mood
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pairing: tomioka giyu x reader warnings: mentions of needles (stitches) genre: fluff wc: 1,799 note: here i am again… back on my pining shit…
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Touching is a must for your job at the Butterfly Estate. Whether it be medicine, laundry, or gardening tools, your hands show the years of wear and tear of working beside Shinobu. Touch is especially important for working with patients. Your dextrous hands are vital for stitching, cleaning, and treating various wounds.
You’ve touched countless patients during your time, but the way your fingers yearn for one man will likely be the death of you.
One Tomioka Giyu, who, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think was the clumsiest person in the Demon Slayer Corps. The power and agility he possesses is obvious, but the exponential amount of visits he’s made in the past month alone has left Shinobu exasperated and you confused.
As much as you care about him, seeing him every other week for injuries he likely could have handled himself was not good for your heart. Nor was the steady gaze he watched you with, attentive and quiet as an owl as you worked.
It was like a game of sorts, each day you awoke, expecting to see that familiar head of thick, raven hair, and each time he showed up, eyes tired, body clearly aching for rest, you would greet him with a smile.
Touching Tomioka Giyu should have been like any other patient. It should not have left you breathless, hands aching to cup his face, to hold his hand, a single finger, even. As much as you hated to admit it, you enjoyed seeing him there. It was distracting, he was distracting—without even lifting a finger. But you never let it disrupt your work—you’d sooner drink one of Shinobu’s secret poison concoctions before you let a man interrupt your flow of work.
Maybe you were overworking yourself, but sometimes, when the light was different or when the day was feeling particularly long, you thought you could see him getting distracted, too. His words, facial expressions, even his actions were slight, subtle to an impossible degree, and you don’t recall ever seeing him show outward signs of pain or discomfort. But when it was just the two of you, his face would soften, it would change, and you think once he was even leaning closer to you as you applied salve on a particularly nasty wound.
“Being a slayer must be tough,” you muse to Shinobu one afternoon, grinding dry plants in a stone mortar and pestle. “Everyone seems tense and so busy all the time. People would probably benefit from a hug every now and then. Especially Shinazugawa-san, maybe he’ll have less of a chance of getting permanent wrinkles.”
“Perhaps,” Shinobu smiles, stirring a beaker of translucent grey liquid. “I don’t believe many of the Hashira would be comfortable with hugs. Ah, except perhaps Mitsuri-chan and Rengoku-san.”
Your mind drifts to Giyu. “I see. Too bad.”
“Do you have someone in mind?” Shinobu asks, smile widening. You grind the herbs a bit harder.
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@muzanswaifu @serenevenene @adoriable @diaphanoso @zasaka-studio @machiiiiv thank you
to all the fic writers out there who have made 2021 bearable and have given us all countless hours of happiness and escapism, thank you so much
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Here is another gif
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It’s Nezuko Day!! ~~Youtube Link~~
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