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my-marvel-opinions·3 months agoText


i just realized there’s a for real possibility daniel thinks coulson is actually daisy’s dad since she called him dad in front of him and he may not have realized it was a joke

I see no downside

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my-marvel-opinions·3 months agoText



AIDA had taken Simmons instead of Fitz? She was interested in having a bond as strong as Fitzsimmons’ and *vaguely gestures trying to explain idea* it’s possible??? I guess??? I would think that robots have no concept of sexuality so she could’ve taken either of them into the Framework. 

Idk guys work with me

I have thought of this. My guess the regret fixed would be realizing she was in love with Fitz sooner, maybe even at/just after the academy. The Fitz she loved it the Framework was killed in the Cambridge Incident or a similar event Hydra blamed on Inhumans and Shield. Ophelia was close to them (they were a famous trio at the academy) and was her rock after their loss, eventually transforming into the star-crossed lovers the real FitzSimmons are.

Instead of her anger stemming from this stranger claiming to be the love her life, she is enraged that this subversive dares to have the face of the man she loved and lost. She is determined to catch the real Fitz and learn how he stole her Fitz’s face. Is he an inhuman who can shape-shift? If so, is his shape-shifting ability only limited to humanoids, or can he shift into other animals? Plants? Inanimate objects? If not, did he use tech? Is it a mask like Hydra uses it something more advanced like the Chronicom’s erasers? Needless to say her rage and scientific inquiry means there is no way we want her near Fitz before she wakes up.

On another note, what would the Adia/Jemma ship name be? Jadia? Madame Id? Jemaida? Simdia?

Ooh, that’s really interesting

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my-marvel-opinions·3 months agoText

AIDA had taken Simmons instead of Fitz? She was interested in having a bond as strong as Fitzsimmons’ and *vaguely gestures trying to explain idea* it’s possible??? I guess??? I would think that robots have no concept of sexuality so she could’ve taken either of them into the Framework. 

Idk guys work with me

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my-marvel-opinions·3 months agoText

It’s centered around Mack and Deke, so let’s see my thoughts:

  • Poor Mack…
  • The Changs are kinda like the Koenigs
  • Deke plagiarized. Again.
  • Lesbian! I suspected, but I did not expect Deke. Oof for him
  • Coulson’s back! ofc he is
  • and I know they’re building him another body
  • That Russell guy was really weird
  • Also NATHANIEL’S ALIVE UGHHHHHHH but Sibyl’s “I know we’ll make a  perfect pair” hopefully means that she’ll kill him
  • Gosh I just love Philinda banter
  • This episode was ok. Not my favorite.
  • I really can’t wait till next episode!
  • YoutubeTV had the summary, “blah blah blah elite team of agents” or something which means they’re heading back to present day. The picture, wait for it, was of THE SEASON 1 TEAM!!! Ward included :P
  • And apparently they’re going to Afterlife
  • Yoyo’s powers are still out of whack
  • I didn’t see Sousa or Daisy that much, maybe Daisy’s still healing and Sousa stayed back to…idk just GIVE ME THE DAISYSOUS. PLEASE. GIMME GIMME GIMME
  • Anyway Jiaying’s here and I’d really like for Sousa to meet her it’d be funny
  • Apparently the actors were love interests in another show so xD
  • yeah maybe they’re going to Afterlife during Season 1?
  • I just want to see the Season 1 team again


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my-marvel-opinions·3 months agoChat
Pre-serum funniness
Sarah Rogers: Steve, you need to stop picking fights with people bigger than you.
Bucky: Everyone's bigger than Steve.
Steve, rolling his sleeves up: Looks like it's your time to die, Barnes.
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my-marvel-opinions·4 months agoText



I knew something was up when they used the “fake-engaged trope” but AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH IT’S SO CUTE

Don’t come at me they’re like 4 or 5 years apart

They’re really messing up the timeline :P

Nathaniel shouldn’t be alive??? 

at least he didn’t die by Hive

I was scared for Deke but he’s ok now

rIpPlEs NoT wAvEs

that’s a whole lotta waves


Enoch is such a cinnamon roll xD

I’ve been looking up daisysous and I’m living for the Quakerider shippers who have been converted (aka me)

are there any fanfics yet?

poor mack’s parents…

RIP Freddy but not really

By KotLC logic, Melinda May is now an Empath (minus the whole not-feeling-anything)

I bet they’re gonna build another robot body for Coulson, I’m not worried

Frick Whitehall

what happened to grandpa Koenig?

So I saw something about how the policeman Steve yelled at in Avengers 1 was the same actor as Sousa but that could actually be him thx to the fricked up timeline

yeah gosh I love this season

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my-marvel-opinions·4 months agoText

Anti team cap can frick off, I don’t want any arguments on my blog. 

If you hate:

  • Steve Rogers
  • Sam Wilson
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Clint Barton
  • Wanda Maximoff
  • Scott Lang

I will not hesitate to block you

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my-marvel-opinions·4 months agoText




ok but can we talk about how Ward is canonically ticklish??? Please can we talk about this? 

In case anyone was wondering, it was in season 1 episode 4 when Skye was trying to take the glasses off of Ward and he flinched really hard

I just re-watched that one! Someone should have written about when Skye told the others he was ticklish and tickled him to prove it!

Maybe I’ll write something about it…

Context: this is set just after Season 1 Ep. 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye had found out on the mission that Ward was ticklish.

Amador had just been escorted off the Bus by a team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents and Skye and the others were feeling both drained and relieved after successfully capturing and freeing her from the bomb that was in her eye. While Skye went to go and talk to Coulson, the others sat on the sofas in the Bus’ main area, even May had put the plane on auto pilot to join the rest of them for a few drinks. The team hadn’t been together for long but they’re friendship had started to blossom, as they toasted to another victory.

“Here’s to another win,” May announced, raising her glass, clinking it in the centre of the group with Ward’s glass.

“We saved Amador’s life,” Jemma breathed, raising her beer bottle, cheers-ing with May, “I can’t even imagine how hard her life must’ve been before.”

“Because of us,” Coulson interjected, walking down from his office, Skye just behind him, “she doesn’t have to worry about nay of that ever again.”

Skye was always going to Coulson’s office at the end of mission and, at first, the team were sceptical about her spending so much time with him, but now, they accepted that he was, like a father to her. Skye was, by a fraction, the most inexperienced consultant that the team had ever seen. Yet, she fit in so smoothly with the others, making it her mission to become everyone’s friend. Even Ward had taken a liking to her, despite the fact she had become another variable to his complex problem, and he was loving every second she was around.

“It’s a shame we could catch whoever was doing this,” Ward took a sip of his drink, talking to no-one in particular, “would’ve been nice to break the guy’s nose.”

A glimmer of mischief made its way into Skye’s eyes, as she remembered he most important information she had gathered on Ward. Being one of the more closed off individuals on the team, besides May, Skye made sure to take a mental note about every new thing she learnt about her robot team mate. At first, she told herself she was just trying to get him to open up but, as more time passed, the more she started to realise she wanted to know him on a personal level. Although she would never admit it, Ward was anything but her type and, yet, she felt this strong attraction to him. I guess it’s true when they say oppositions attract.

“You know,” Skye started, grabbing a bottle and making her way to sit next to Ward, “you always make it sound like you’re really hard to fight, but I think I could take you.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” Ward turned to face her, a mixture of humour and stubbornness contorting his face. Everyone else had raised their eyebrows, completely confused as to where Skye was headed, besides on the floor after losing the impending fight.

“Yeah,” Skye shrugged, smile tugging the her lips, causing an involuntary smile to reach Ward’s, “because I know your Achilles heel.”

“I don’t have an Achilles heel,” Ward scoffed, downing the rest of his drink before turning his entire body to face Skye’s relaxed one.

“Yes, you do,” Skye argued, leaning in closer. At first, Ward had thought that Skye had seen through his act and knew that he was slowly falling for her. Despite his hardened face, his heart was beating quickly the further she leaned in and his mind raced through every scenario that was about to happen. Every scene, except this one. Swiftly, Skye brought her hands to his neck, causing Ward to tense up at the feeling, but her hands were wedge in and she wasn’t going to move them away.

“Did anyone else know that super spy is ticklish?” Skye laughed, as Ward involuntarily chuckled and tried to escape her hands.

“No way,” everyone muttered in shock, while Skye followed Ward’s reclining body. Only a few moments had passed of him trying to remain his usual collected self, recoiling away from Skye, until he was laying down on the couch and she was on top of him, mercilessly tickling him. At some point, his will to get her off him melted away and Ward was laughing heartily, a sound that had barely left his lips since he had boarded the Bus. Ward’s laugh was such a foreign sound to everyone’s ears, as he was almost never happy, let alone laughing. Skye couldn’t help the giggles that slipped her lips, as she watched Ward’s emotionless face turn to one of joy. His eyes were half-shut and with hooded eyes he watched Skye, whose hair was starting to tickle the sides of his face, as she leaned over him. Skye and Ward were so close together that Ward could smell her perfume, which smelt like flowers, possibly it was a Daisy perfume, while Skye inhaled the light smell of Ward’s fresh linen shirt.

“Okay,” Ward chuckled, trying to grab Skye’s hands, “okay, enough!”

“Is that an order?” Skye smirked.

“Yes,” Ward confirmed, grabbing her hands in his, “that was an order.”

Despite the fact that Skye had halted her attack, neither Ward nor herself made any attempt to move from the position they were in. Her legs were straddling him and her face inches from his shining eyes and smiling lips. The pair had stared at each other for such a long time that Coulson had to cough to bring them back into reality, forcing them to quickly bring themselves back to a seated position.

“Ward? Ticklish?” Jemma attempted to speak in the awkward silence, “Who would have guessed it?”

“Clearly, Skye would have guessed it,” Fitz mumbled, folding his arms while looking at the floor.

“I am not ticklish,” Ward defended himself, bringing everyone’s attention from the ground below them to him, where a tint of pink had set on his face, “I was just laughing at the intrusion of personal space.”

“Uh huh,” Skye rolled her eyes, “of course you were, Tin Can.”


@my-marvel-opinions : I’m not sure if it’s what you were thinking about but I tried…


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Ah f*** Agent Carter has SO MANY INTERESTING SHIPS GAHHHHHH I’M SHIPPING EVERYTHING helpppppp ok let’s see:

There’s Cartinelli (Peggy and Angie) which is just SO F***ING ADORABLE IOAEHTEPIQHGIOPHA and also seems to be one of the popular ships.

There’s Peggysousa (Peggy and Daniel) which is also one of the popular ships and SO OBVIOUS gioahoepihgiogh

There’s Cartson (Peggy and Thompson) which is very interesting but I knew it was a ship! 

There’s Carvis (Peggy and Jarvis) which I can see why some people ship but Ana seems cool!

There’s Carterwood (Peggy and Dottie) which I can also see, but Dottie scares me so I don’t have an opinion about that.

There’s Angie x Thompson which is also interesting but I’m not sure if they’ve met or not. It might be a rarepair idk

There’s Howard x Peggy which I can also see why some people ship but I think it’s another rarepair 

There’s Howard x Angie which is also interesting. I read a fanfic about it and it was good!

And obviously, STEGGY! Only prominent in the first few episodes, but SHIPPPPP. 

Edit: I forgot about Jason x Peggy, but do people ship that? I haven’t seen anyone who has. 

also jackdaniels which is obviously jack thompson and daniel sousa and theyre pretty cute (and their ship name makes it cuter!!) especially if theyre besties with cartinelli aHHHHH SO FUN

ooh yesssss!!! 

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my-marvel-opinions·4 months agoText

Guys I’ve been slacking…anyway here’s ep22! I’ll try to recap the first…6-21 episodes after:

  • oh yeah daisy was asking to be taken back by hive. bleh. but didn’t this happen already?
  • hA
  • awww rip Andrew
  • f***ing wreck him Daisy
  • okie recap!
  • sad that Bobbi and hunter left…:(
  • ward sucks
  • the monolith is scary
  • what happened on Maveth?
  • who are the other Inhumans the Kree experimented on?
  • um
  • i don’t like Giyera
  • James…not sure about him
  • the primitives seem horrible, i’d hate to be a slave
  • gods i can’t think about how they’re technically daisy’s and hive’s/ward’s children. do people ship them? i hope not
  • i hated ward when he was torturing Fitzsimmons. loathed. despised. abhorred. 
  • Gideon Malick i don’t like either
  • was so mad when Talbot betrayed Coulson, but i was just sad when we found out about his son.
  • is he an inhuman? I wonder what his powers are
  • rip Stephanie
  • ok we’re back to the current ep
  • aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  • oh nvm we already watched this ep
  • rip Lincoln :(
  • got some Steggy vibes there
  • that’s f***ing right hive’s dead
  • lol daisy looked goth at the ending of s3
  • glad she’s taking care of Charles’s family
  • okie s4
  • it’s really not necessary to show us that opening
  • oh no are these the watchdogs?
  • pew pew
  • ayyyyy hi daisy
  • who’s “he”
  • that’s ominous
  • who dis new guy
  • daaaaaaaammmmmmmmm
  • fwip
  • oh wow that’s cool
  • lol my dad’s so excited to see ghost rider ever since he heard that he’s in the show :D
  • it’s also his birthday today (June 12) so :DDD
  • ew 
  • oh this is ghost rider right
  • my dad’s so happy
  • hi Robbie Reyes nice to meet you
  • that’s so cool daisy
  • gosh these shield openings are so cool
  • wow they crossed the north pole
  • the zephyr is so cool
  • lol mack loves lola
  • oof Coulson 
  • the team only has a few brain cells and mack, Phil, and may share that. Fitzsimmons are on another level
  • dang Melinda 
  • ooh ms. may
  • iT’s ClAsSiFiEd
  • ooh is piper gonna be important? i think you’re important right?
  • ~sharing is caring~
  • uh oh who’s in critical condition
  • dun dun dunnnnn
  • joey?
  • why is quake doing that?
  • oh thx Coulson
  • uh oh daisy
  • don’t hurt anyone who needs to be hurt
  • didn’t know ghost rider took hostages?
  • oh gods that sounds terrifying 
  • nO 
  • ohhhh rip that guy
  • Jemma are you dreaming?
  • lol she’s so aware in her dreams
  • wait why is Fitz in her dreams
  • oh vr
  • ooh that’s cool 
  • oh shoot the framework i’ve heard of that that’s not good
  • lol Nathanson seems like a jerk
  • lol “sadist” 
  • “wimp”
  • lovin’ these acronyms
  • oh yeah before i forget
  • wAIT Robbie aren’t you another one of Daisy’s love interests? d*mn she’s going through them like Dumbledore goes through DADA professors
  • Davis. don’t you die?
  • i’ve seen a lot of spoilers don’t judge me
  • Yo-Yo!
  • lol Davis
  • oh yeah I knew they were a ship! 
  • lol my dad made the noise equivalent to wiggling his eyebrows
  • lol Elena is so upfront
  • shippppppp
  • rules, rules, rules, blah, blah, blah
  • lol they’re so close
  • gods i love her so much
  • and she’s only been in a few episodes
  • my parents are disappointed
  • hi Radcliffe
  • lol fitz
  • she’s broken
  • that’s weird
  • “what the h*ll. I meant, WHAT THE H*LL”
  • gods fitz
  • mIcRo-ExPrEsSiOnS
  • wait I know you Aida you’re…uhh
  • nah
  • what’s the Turing test?
  • hi Daisy
  • Yoyo! oh are they working together
  • double-crossing oOoO
  • perros rabiosas = watchdogs. got it
  • auntie Yo-Yo
  • Spectrum of Security?
  • that’s weird lol
  • that’s so weird
  • who’s the director again?
  • oh no she didn’t kill that guy D:
  • gHoSt RiDeR
  • come on Daisy didn’t you get his license plate
  • mm bad guys
  • Coulson that’s so cool
  • lol mack
  • uh oh
  • oh my gods
  • no i don’t like this
  • oh noooo
  • hmm. Coulson has met ghost rider
  • oh gods ghost rider
  • who is the director?!?!
  • aww Simmons no
  • gods I hate the red dots
  • Ultron fricking sucks
  • get to the point Aida 
  • oh that sounds…ok 
  • lol my dad knows that Aida likes Fitz or whatever
  • ewww
  • what happened though? 
  • who’s the Chinatown Chinese?
  • oh gods
  • what’s in the box?
  • NO
  • hi ghost rider
  • ooh Daisy found you
  • uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh 
  • oh my gods what was that
  • aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  • hey don’t kill Daisy
  • not like you could win anyways
  • too???
  • okie so Robbie has the devil inside him
  • oh my gods!
  • lol Melinda
  • lol Mack
  • he’s Mexican
  • gods I hate pedophiles ok good job ghost rider
  • oh noooooo not the devil
  • wow that’s weird
  • come on daisyyyyyyy
  • nooooooo you don’t deserve it daisy
  • awww Fitzsimmons
  • yikes Aida
  • awwww <3
  • dang Daisy your eyeshadow 
  • Philinda!!!

and that’s it!

Now let’s do the recaps

  • Lincoln’s kinda scary
  • don’t like all those unnecessary scenes, if you’ve read my earlier posts, you know what I mean
  • idrk what else tbh
  • okie then 
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my-marvel-opinions·4 months agoText

YASSSSS SEASON THREE PEEPS! you know the drill:

  • we left off on simmons being sucked into an alien rock. right. yikes.
  • oh gods the fish oil 
  • an inhuman! 
  • oh no oh no oh no oh no 
  • ohhhhhh the poor guy 
  • rip anyone who dies
  • oh no not hands on the hood
  • oh godsssssss
  • whoa what’s that
  • SKYE! yes yes yes yes
  • nice hair
  • darn do i have to call you Daisy now? i don’t want to
  • wow that’s cool
  • you HAD to say that huh hunter
  • the helicarrrier!
  • mmm who are these new villains
  • coulson! whatchu doing
  • ooh the logo
  • poor Joey
  • nice Daisy!
  • :D coulson likes his helicarrier
  • wait where’s lola
  • Rosalind! Thx subtitles
  • oh nooooo they’re like hydra
  • BOBBI!
  • ooh! an LGTB character! 
  • Joey must feel so scared
  • wow Rosalind is a legit spy
  • uh oh what happened to huntingbird
  • lol hunter
  • oh he doesn’t believe them
  • poor Joey…
  • oh gods…
  • Monolith? oh that’s what they call the alien rock
  • awww simmons…
  • oh gods the crystals…
  • they have coulson’s hand?
  • awww fitz
  • where’s fitz?
  • why is he in Monaco? or Morroco? 
  • impressive Fitz
  • Yusef Hadad?
  • lol Bobbi
  • where’s that gun from?
  • awwww huntingbird D:
  • oh gods fitz be careful
  • wow fitz I’m impressed with your progress
  • awww fitzsimmons <3
  • smart fitz! 
  • mm lincoln…
  • hmm rosalind 
  • lol she played them
  • lmao hunter
  • oooooh rosalind knows about tahiti
  • ohhhhh no they referenced KGB
  • lol hunter
  • hi lincoln
  • mmm he seems harsh
  • hey that’s not nice lincoln
  • mmm you’re not nice why do people ship you with Daisy you literally told her that her power is a curse that’s not nice
  • wait Rosalind’s not killing them?
  • lol “cagey banter”
  • oh gods is the evil inhuman Lincoln?
  • wait that’s not lincoln?
  • OH MY GODS rip that dude
  • guess it’s not lincoln
  • daammmmmmmmmm that’s terrifying
  • pew pew
  • whoa that’s kinda cool but he evil
  • handy ax
  • shotgun-ax!
  • oh no poor lincoln
  • oh yeah the fake arm
  • wow coulson
  • the team all share one braincell and mack or bobbi use it most of the time
  • coulson and may have their own braincells but not too many
  • great job guys!
  • oh gods
  • what bobbi?
  • wait did he propose?
  • lol i ship 
  • oof hunter
  • him? who’s him?
  • oh ward obv
  • awwww huntingbird <3
  • ohhhh his name’s President Ellis
  • oh no…
  • wait is that rosalind’s thingy
  • oh that’s a lot of people
  • ayyyy he got his beer
  • reference to Ant-Man!
  • oh nooooooo simmons 
  • awwwwww the poor simmons
  • “third hand”
  • may’s not back?
  • awwwwwwwwww
  • nO FITZ DON’T-
  • what’s up with the monolith why isn’t it doing anything?
  • who’s running?
  • whoa that’s like in outer space
  • JEMMA! 
  • awwwwwwww 
  • poor girl…
  • she must be terrified
  • ep 2~
  • 1939 wow that’s old
  • look at all these people pretending to be better than everyone
  • what’s that stone?
  • is this like a ritual or smth
  • oh gods the monolith
  • i don’t like this 
  • careful!!!!
  • wut’s that
  • impossible sand!
  • wHOA that’s old
  • why must i be wracked with fear that they’re all gonna die? 
  • oop coulson found out
  • huntingbird <3
  • professor randolph? oh yeah that asgardian 
  • lol bobbi and hunter have absolutely no idea
  • whoa what 
  • what are you doing ward
  • oh gods is he ok
  • b**** you better not kill him
  • kid? who’s the kid?
  • srsly randolph you landed yourself in JAIL
  • wait jail seems…cool
  • careful coulson
  • wow randolph. 
  • lol 
  • ooh hi andrew
  • May’s golfing?!?!?!
  • ooh that’s May’s dad
  • is it like the obelisk?
  • uh oh
  • blah blah blah SCIENCE
  • pls help them randolph
  • “to the plane!” lmao
  • frick you ward
  • ew rats
  • gods ward you just don’t care who you hurt at all
  • oh gods ward why must you kill so many people
  • ritualistic killings? that explains the beginnings
  • lol bobbi and carol “calling shield out on their logos since 19-something”
  • careful! yes be careful!
  • aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  • ok actually i just wasn’t paying attention but aaaaaahhhhhhh basically describes everything in shield
  • chop chop chop
  • awwwww may <3
  • oh yikes hunter lol
  • lmao
  • there’s a bunker under the Louvre?
  • you just HAVE to check Randolph
  • ooh electricity
  • yikes
  • who is that?
  • oh gods no no no no no no no no no
  • uh oh did ward hurt may’s dad?
  • screw ward he’s annoying me
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • be carefulllllllllllll
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • ohhhhh daisy are you ok?
  • papa coulson forgetting her own daughter’s name. *scoffs*
  • oh my gods that kid are you ok
  • oh my gods stop it
  • oh my gods oh my gods 
  • gotta earn those tacos
  • awwww may
  • asdfghjkl;
  • hydra f***ing sucks fight me
  • Whoa daisy you’re awesome
  • Come on daisyyyyyyyyyyy 
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  • Come on come on come on come on come on come on come on
  • What the frick. What. the. Frick. 
  • Oh thank gods fitz did you get jemma? Pls 
  • Great job Daisy!
  • Awww mack
  • Wait Randolph knows about Inhumans? 
  • Hunter you cinnamon roll you
  • Jemma? Are you ok?
  • Who’s this new kid?
  • Ohhhhh it’s strucker jr.
  • And that’s a wrap!
  • ep 3!
  • this is in the middle of the ep
  • also I don’t like the ATCU
  • Lincoln kissed Daisy. Mm. 
  • Simmons has enhanced senses 
  • they’re drinking wineeeeeeee
  • oh no simmons are you ok
  • awwwwww 
  • wait coulson is offering himself? 
  • i kinda expected them to hand over Joey
  • papa coulson 
  • lol mack
  • gamer buddies! 
  • oh my gods lance are you ok
  • loved it when may kicked those three guys’ *sses
  • oh noooooo
  • bobbi!
  • simmons why do you want to go back
  • ep 4~
  • hey it’s strucker jr. wait nvm
  • whoa that’s cool levitation 
  • wait that’s an inhuman! 
  • wait 
  • oh gods it’s that scary inhuman again 
  • ohhhhhhh gods
  • awwwww that’s so sad
  • aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
  • lol mack 
  • lol bobbi and fitz
  • lol mack 
  • whoa 
  • hmm rosalind idk what to think about you
  • lol rosalind
  • yes coulson they were introverts that’s what i thought
  • lol “evildoers” then shows ward
  • levels?
  • frick you ward
  • awwww alisha D:
  • uh oh the email
  • i don’t like survivor stories…
  • Andrewwwwwwww
  • asdfghjkl;
  • oof May found out 
  • awwww philinda
  • andrew/may backstory!
  • nice hand coulson
  • hairs?
  • oh no simmons
  • oof may is s a v a g e
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  • Dwight Fry. Hm.
  • boo you
  • lol daisy thinks coulson likes her
  • what’s up with banks’ voice?
  • oh noooooo
  • oh gods is he ok
  • huh                                                                
  • lol coulson’s so happy about his hand but also don’t kill him
  • oh is that his names? Lash
  • hey killing inhumans is not cool
  • poor guy
  • so sus
  • lol coulson
  • careful bobbi
  • what are abscesses
  • lol fitz
  • ohhhh no hunter
  • lol hunter
  • oh gods it’s lash nO
  • oh yeah apparently hunter’s real name is Amadeus Ravenclaw so that’s cool
  • oh my gods
  • wait how come Lash didn’t kill Skye
  • he just morphed into a real person
  • awwww mack
  • theory! rosalind is Lash
  • bobbiiiiiiiiiii
  • awwwww 
  • gods fitz
  • nEmEsIs, OmEgA pOiNt
  • uh oh uh oh uh oh
  • aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  • great job hunter
  • oooooooh hunter 
  • battle banter
  • fancyyyyyyyy
  • frick you ward
  • stfu ward
  • oh gods
  • oh gods it’s Andrew
  • what’s up with your voice
  • uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh 
  • your “word” doesn’t count for much Ward
  • oh noooooooooo
  • da feels
  • you got ward hunter good job
  • hunter you’re screwed
  • oh gods andrew
  • frick you strucker jr.
  • [rhythmic knock]
  • why simmons. why
  • are you ok simmons
  • ep 5!
  • ooh flashback
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  • poor jemma
  • oh no
  • nooooooo i don’t think i like this
  • whoa 
  • lol jemma 
  • awwwww 
  • oh gods what was that
  • whoa that time skip was weird
  • awwwwwwww poor simmons D:
  • awwwwww
  • oh no simmons
  • oh gods what is that
  • jemma?
  • water
  • simmons that’s not safe
  • gods i hate jumpscares
  • aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
  • awwwwwwwwww
  • aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  • come on simmons
  • biatch!
  • yay a fire
  • aw she’s so proud of herself
  • lol
  • awwwwwwwwww
  • uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh 
  • oh gods simmons
  • there’s someone there!!!!!
  • who is that?
  • yassss simmons prison workout
  • who is that?
  • hmmm
  • gods i hate jumpscares
  • lol nice simmons
  • hmm that’s a human
  • what’s he doing on another planet?
  • oh no simmons
  • oh gods what smells blood
  • “death”
  • simmons you have no idea
  • lol simmons
  • hmm. I think I’ve heard of you Will
  • aren’t you like a love interest for Simmons in another universe?
  • coulson can’t pronounce biology and chemistry?
  • wow 14 years!
  • ohhhhh simmons
  • lol he’s like a more recent version of bucky and cap
  • OOF solar power
  • poor guy
  • poor guy
  • oh nooooooooo
  • “i had one (1) job”
  • careful simmons
  • that makes sense why simmons was crying
  • awww 
  • lol will
  • i don’t like this planet
  • careful simmons!
  • ew
  • where are you simmons? 
  • aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  • ???
  • “it died, but it’s in a better place now” jemma that’s a phone
  • lol will
  • simmons you’re really smart
  • lol simmons you have high expectations
  • lol simmons
  • aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
  • noooooooooooooooooo
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • a sunrise? a sunrise!
  • wine? 
  • fitz!
  • noooooo not will
  • frick that it thingy
  • i checked he’s dead D:
  • and that’s the story
  • fitz! what are you doing?
  • ohhhhh simmons
  • oh that’s why she needs to go back
  • fitz is helping her!
  • oh no will 
  • wait are you alive? that doesn’t make any sense but phew

and we’ll end on that!

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actually ive decided that infinity war just needs to be 2.5 hours of peter parker trying his best to address various adult superheroes as politely as possible and struggling a lot. attempts range from “your majesty mr panther sir” (accepted with only a small twitch of the lips & shuri giggling a lot) to “starlord”, which earns him 2 hours of riotous mockery from a talking raccoon

“Peter. Mr. Man was my father. Just call me Ant.”

“I already have an aunt tho”

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ok but can we talk about how Ward is canonically ticklish??? Please can we talk about this? 

In case anyone was wondering, it was in season 1 episode 4 when Skye was trying to take the glasses off of Ward and he flinched really hard

This is something soft no one talks about that should be talked about

We need to talk about this! Gimme fics where Daisy uses this against him. Pls!

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