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myeclecticjourney · 7 years ago

Hey, I’m a baby witch that has a bit of limited resources. My family is Christian and doesn’t approve of witchcraft very much so if I want to do something it’s a bit hard to buy ingredients. A lot of the stuff I’ve seen/spells I want to try, use sage, but I don’t think I can buy it. Is there a herb that can be used in place of sage?

Hi! I understand my family is Catholic and doesn’t approve it either, it was until I finally moved out 7 years ago, when I was able to practice freely. Sage is a herb that’s actually sold in supermarkets as some people use it for cooking. But if you can’t buy it, you can always replace sage with rosemary 🤗 it has the same protection properties against evil or negative energies and spirits. You can combine it with chamomile to get the healing properties of sage as well :) I you find this helpful!! Blessed be!!

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myeclecticjourney · 7 years ago

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you how I make my Black Salt! I’ll show you step by step with pictures! Long post!

So it’s finally October! I love loveeee October! Fall is my favorite season, and I’m super excited because this month is full of unique astrological events that make it even more special! I’m making this black salt because I’m gonna use it in some spells and rituals during Mars opposition (13th), new moon (16th), the orionidas meteor shower (20/21st), and of course the blue moon (31st).


- Sage (protection and banishing properties)

- Peppermint (healing and good luck)

- Rosemary (protection of the mind and spirit)

- Red rose petals (love and passion)

- Sargassum (summoning powers and banishing)

- Black pepper (protection from evil and negativity)

- Sea salt (protection)

- 4 small size shells (intuition, sensitivity, clarity, and insight)

- Sea salt (protection)

- 1 medium size shell

- Black candle

- 2 vials or jars with cork

- Your cauldron


1) Cast a circle

Using the sea salt, make a magic circle to bless your ingredients. Light the black candle on top and place everything in the center. Repeat these words moving your hand on top, deosil:

“Clean above, so as below. Cleanse these materials for positive to grow”

Repeat as needed.

2) Rose petals

Put the petals in your cauldron and grind them as you go. You don’t have to make them so small in this step.

3) Peppermint

Add the peppermint the same way you did with the rose petals.

4) Sage

Add the sage to your cauldron, and proceed to grind everything inside. Make sure almost every petal and leaf is as tiny as you can. I used a long white quartz to grind them.

5) Fire

Light a match and burn all the herbs inside your cauldron. Don’t worry if the fire in the match extinguish, leave it inside. Light another match and continue. Use as many as you need. Make sure they burn along with the herbs.

6) Rosemary

When almost all of your initial herbs are burnt, add the rosemary to your cauldron. Make sure to mix it with the other ashes, and light it all up again. It might take a while for everything to burn completely, but be patient! You’re making a powerful witchy tool.

7) Small shells

I’m not gonna lie, this step is kinda hard, lol. When the fire extinguished add the four small shells and crush them while mixing them in your cauldron. I recommend using thinner shells, if you use thicker ones, it will take hours to crush them. But choose the shells you desire.

8) Sargassum

Add the dried sargassum into your cauldron. This are really easy to grind. I collected a jar of sargassum a while back on a trip to Cancún. If you live near a beach or you’re planning a trip, make sure to collect some algae.

9) Black pepper

Using the medium size shell, pour the pepper into your cauldron, Cush them and mix everything together. If you don’t have the whole pepper, use the regular crushed kitchen one!

10) Salt

It wouldn’t be Black Salt, without actual salt, right? Add the blessed salt into your cauldron and continue with the crushing and mixing process. I Alsop like to add the salt I used to cast the circle to give it more protection properties. 

(I forgot to take a picture of this step, lol. Sorry guys)

Pour your mixture into the jars and there your have it! Witch salt! Now you can use your black salt in your upcoming witchcraft for this month or whenever you want to use it! I really hope you liked it and found it useful!

Image source: My camera

Blessed be,

- May

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myeclecticjourney · 8 years ago

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a love spell that many of you have requested! I made this a few moons ago and had worked brilliantly. I’ll show you step by step with pictures! Long post!


- 2 red candles

- 1 white candle

- 8 to 10 dried red rose petals

- 8 to 10 dried white rose petals

- 1 pinecone

- 1 rose quartz

- 1 amethyst crystal

- Pink salt

- Piece of paper

- Pen or pencil

- String (any color you want)

- Your cauldron

I decided to do this spell to reinforce my actual relationship. You can do it to attract a new love to your life, a loyal friendship or like me, to reinforce an ongoing one. One important thing you need to remember before doing this spell: have in mind that you will need to channel the power of a new moon. The next New Moon, will be on October 16th at 14:47pm so mark your calendars and get ready! Also you’ll have to bury it in an open area.


1) Cast a circle

Always cleanse your ingredients before doing a spell. Cast a visible circle with the pink salt, light both red candles to your right and left, and the white candle on top. Put the rose quartz in the right between the red and white candle, and the amethyst to the left. Place your materials inside the circle and repeat these words moving your hand on top, deosil:

“Clean above so as below, cleanse these materials for positive to grow”

Repeat as needed.

2) String

This will depend on the size of your pinecone, mine was small. Cut two long pieces of string and tie one end to the red candles and the other end to the top of the pinecone. Also, place your cauldron in the circle as for you will need it in the next step.


Both candles to pinecone

3) Rose petals

Grind the rose petals in your cauldron. Try to make them into the smallest pieces you can. I tried to break them as I was putting them into the cauldron, but then proceeded to grind them with a long quartz to make them smaller. Always move your hand deosil, and have your intentions in mind.

4) Paper and pen

Move your cauldron aside, and now bring to the circle the pen and paper. Write down the qualities you’re looking for in a partner and what you’re willing to offer in return for this new coming relationship. If you’re making this spell to reinforce an existing one, you can also write down the name of your partner or use a picture of him/her. Separate the papers into what you’re looking for, and what you’re offering. Fold them or roll them individually. 

5) Tie them to the string

This step might be a little annoying because the papers are small and the string is already tied in both ends, but remember you’re doing this for a positive outcome, so be patient. If you’re right handed, like me, you will have to tie along the right string everything you’re offering. While in the left string, I tied what I’m seeking from my partner. If you’re left handed, tie your offerings in the left string, and what you’re seeking in the right one.

6) Rose petals in pinecone

Use the grinded petals from your cauldron to cover the pinecone. Don’t worry if some of the petals fall or don’t entirely fit, just try yo cover almost every corner of the pinecone, as for you’re charging it with the properties of love and passion  from the red rose, and the peace and clarity from the white one.

7) String in pinecone

Tie all around the pinecone each of the strings. First, tie the one that has the qualities you’re looking for in your partner, and on top, tie the one with the qualities you’re offering in return. This way you’re protecting what you want by committing to give what’s necessary. Remember to have you’re intentions in mind. Do it until the string is tight enough on both ends.

8) Break the bond

Being careful not to burn yourself nor start a fire, lol. Break the bond of both candles to the pinecone using a match or a lighter. Make sure both ends of the string melt and close as you do this.

9) Make a knot

Tie the remaining ends along the pinecone, but remember to make a knot with both of them at some point. This will channel what you’re looking for in a partner and what you’re willing to offer in a relationship, together as one.

10) Bury the pinecone

If you have a garden at home, a park or a forest nearby it’s perfect! Bury the pinecone near a tree! While you’re doing this, repeat these words:

“Mother I offer this gift to you, to make my love come true. Giving you my qualities as I hope to receive thy equalities. So bless me with your light, to make my heart bright”

As I’ve told you before, I live in an apartment, so I went camping to a nearby forest to make this spell. I found this amazing, beautiful, tall tree that catched my attention immediately! So I decided to dig a small hole and bury the pinecone there <3.

And there you have it! A love spell to attract a new love to your life or reinforce an existing one. I really hope you liked it, and find it useful!!

Image source: My camera

Blessed be,

- May xo.

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myeclecticjourney · 9 years ago

Hi guys! So today I wanted to share a more crafty post with you. I did three magic boxes where I keep my essentials. I made the boxes a few months ago, but didn’t had the time to decorate them. I’ll show you step by step, long post with picture!

The bigger one (41x30cm) is where I keep all my jars full of herbs and dried flowers, pretty much any essentials. The one to the left (20x20cm) is where I keep my smoke cleansing kit. The one to the right (18x27cm) is where I have my potions and spell jars. Be sure to have a space big enough to make a disaster, lol. My boyfriend kinda freaked out when he saw me in the living room hahaha.


- 3 wood boxes (mines are .5mm MDF)

- Wood rectangle for the sign

- String or rope (any color you want)

- Craft cold silicone

- Black and white paint (or any color you like)

- Paint brushes

- Pencil / sharpie

- Fabric or craft paper

- Pine cones

- Plastic plants

- Drill

- Two small drill bits

- Crafting sawdust


Box number one

1. The sign

Visualize and measure where you want your sign to be. I decided to put mine in the middle of the front part. Then use a pencil or sharpie to draw two tiny dots to drill the holes later.

2. Use the drill

Carefully drill over the points of the previous step. I recommend using a small drill bit first, then move to the next one that is similar in size to the string or rope you’re using. I used a 7/64″ drill bit first, then proceed to a 1/8″.

3. Pencil

Use a pencil to draw what you want for your sign to look like. I decided to do it plain and simple, just “herbs” because it goes better with my apartment’s mood. But you can get as creative as you want!

4. Paint

Using a tiny brush, go over the pencil with some paint. I used white first and then black, to add some dimension to the letters. 

5. String

Put the string through the holes you made. I started from the back side of the sign, so it would be easier and more aesthetic when hanging.

6. Decide the plant’s layout

This step might be tricky because you’re not using any glue yet. But kinda visualize where you want every plastic plant to be. Use clips or rubber bands if you need to! Just remember to be happy with how it looks!

7. Cold silicone

Use little drops of silicone in strategic points to keep the plants in place. You can also use the string or rope if it goes with your aesthetic!

8. Handles

While the plants dry completely, use the silicone and string to decorate the handles. This will made it more confortable for you to carry the box when needed!

9. Fabric or craft paper

Cut a piece of the fabric to use at the bottom of your box. We don’t want the jars to break or damage. Remember that it will normally be about .5mm smaller in each side, thanks to the thickness of the walls your box is made of. For example, my box total length is 41x30 cm, but the piece of fabric is 40x29cm.

You now have a lovely carry on box for all your jars and magic essentials! I’ll show a picture from the top, so you can see how many jars I can fit inside. Also keep in mind that sometimes I put smaller jars on top. The three that are outside, also fit perfectly inside :)

Box number two

1. String

Use the string or rope to decorate the outside of your box. It will be more confortable to pick it up, and it will make it more pleasing. I decided to go all around the bottom part of the box. Use the silicone to keep it in place. When you get to the back hinges and front lock, cut the string in pieces to go around them. It’s easier that way.

2. Pencil, paint and layout

Just as you did for the previous box, draw the design first then go over with the paint. I decided to go with a big pentagram for protection and three smaller runes. For the plants layout I used a few plastic succulents. Use the silicone to keep them in place!

3. Inside upper part

Cut a piece of fabric to glue inside. I added some plastic plants as well, but you can make a drawing, a sigil, or even glue some crystals! Get creative and enjoy the process!

4. Inside bottom part

Use some of the sawdust to make it more “comfy” for your potions. We don’t want anything to break or spill everywhere! I used a pine cone in a corner as decoration.

Repeat the same steps for box number three! There you have it! Another two beautiful and magical boxes to keep all of your witchcraft essentials safe! You can use them for your tarot cards, your book of shadows, runes, or a quick carry on altar!

I really hope you liked it, and find it useful! Let me know if you would like to see a post on how you can make the boxes from scratch before decorating them!

Image source: my camera

Blessed be,

- May xo.

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myeclecticjourney · 9 years ago

How to make love soelly

Hey! Sure! I’ll work on a recipe for a love potion or spell and post it afterwards!

Let me know if you guys have any other special requests for me to talk about/share in here!

Blessed be all!


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myeclecticjourney · 10 years ago

Hi guys! I’ve been doing a lot of witchcraft lately and I’m super happy with the results! Today I wanted to share with you an energy potion and spell I made for a friend! I’ll show you step by step with pictures! Long post. 


- 1 red candle

- 1 orange candle (I used white because I didn’t have orange, so you can also do the same)

- 1 white candle (or two smaller ones)

- salt

- red wine

- cinnamon

- cacao powder

- honey

- chia seeds

- sage

- sea lavander

- 1 or 2 vials or jars

- 1 medium size shell

So one of my best friends told me about how she had been feeling drained of all her energy and surrounded by negative vibes in general. I decided to make her a quick energy potion to boost her energy, but not only that, but to protect her, heal her, and help solving whatever problem she’s been dealing with, with kindness. Remember to do this spell in a safe environment. You can do it outdoors. As I live in the middle of the city, in a 6th floor, I don’t have a forest or park near me. I did it in my balcony, but if you have a forest/garden near you, perfect!! The potion will work better if you fully concentrate on the person who needs it, and drink it at 7am or 7pm! Up until 7:15.


1. Cast a circle

As always make sure you cast a circle with salt to purify and cleanse the materials you’re about to use. I did this small pentagram of the elements cloth to use in my rituals. If you don’t have any, it’s okay. Put the red candle to your right, the white candles on top, and the orange one (or second white) candle to the left. Light them up, and get ready.

2. Cleanse your materials

It’s a really important step, because you don’t want negative energies in your potion nor spell. So putting each ingredient in the center of the circle, repeat these words moving you hand deosil:

“Clean above so as below, cleanse these materials for positive to grow”

You can repeat as needed. Have your intentions in mind. Do this with every ingredient.


Cinnamon and cacao powder

Sage and sea lavander


Chia seeds

3. Mix the ingredients

Add some of the chia seeds to the wine. I recommend half of the entire portion you initially cleanse. I used about two medium size shells. Add a pinch of cinnamon and two pinches of cacao powder. Add a teaspoon of honey. Mix everything together, deosil for a full minute.

4. Let it rest

Let the potion do its magic. Let it rest for 15 minutes. While this is happening think of the person you’re making the potion to, and what do you want to achieve by this.

Just a quick appreciation moment with a picture of my baby cat, watching her crazy witch mom doing her craft. I spotted her from the outside and couldn’t resist taking a picture <3.

5. Jars

Transfer the potion to your jars. It can be one, two or as many as you like. Be careful not to spill it everywhere, lol. Having the vials in the center of the circle, it’s time for the spell.

6. Friend in need spell

Using the shell, take some cinnamon and as you repeat these words, you’ll pour cinnamon in each candle. Be careful not to blow any or extinguish the fire with the ingredients.

“Elements use thy power to help (name of your friend).

She will need confidence (pour cinnamon in orange candle),

she will need healing (pour cinnamon in white candle).

Give her strength that is all thy needs (pour cinnamon in red candle)”

Now grab the sage and sea lavender and do the same:

“Give her energy (pour sage over red and white candle),

give her kindness (pour sea lavender over red and white candle).”

7. Closing

Bring all the candles to the center of the circle. The white one still in the middle. Repeat these words:

“May hardships part as do the flames”

Blow all the candles at the same time.

And there you have it! A energy potion and spell for you or a friend who needs a boost, or is struggling. You can make the potion by itself or the spell also by itself. I decided to combined them to make it more powerful :). I really hope you liked it and find it useful!!

Image source: my camera

Blessed be,

- May xo.

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myeclecticjourney · 10 years ago

Hi guys! I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding divination lately, so I wanted to share my favorite one. I’ll show you step by step with pictures on how I read my tea every morning. Also talk a little bit about symbols. Long post.

So what is exactly Tasseography or Tasseomancy? Is the wonderful art of reading tea leaves. As a form of scrying, it involves seeing symbols and their interpretation. It originated in the Middle East, during the medieval period. It is normally associated with gypsies, fortune tellers, witches or warlocks. Even tho nowadays some of us use tea as the traditional method, there are tons of different interpretations, like coffee or wax. As most divination practices, it’s not reading the future, but more as an insight of what might happen along with your actions.

My journey

I’ve been practicing Tasseography for about five years now, I love it, I read it not just to myself, but to my boyfriend, friends and work colleagues. At first it’s hard because you’ll only see tea leaves, lol. But as you go on and with practice you’ll find the way to do it faster, easier and learn more things about yourself in the way. Have in mind that you will require at least a bit of imagination and patience to succeed.


- Dry chamomile

- Dry peppermint leaves (or your favorite herbs)

- Hot water

- Moon water

- Cup of tea (I recommend a white one)

- Sachet

- Your cauldron

- Medium size shell

- Napkin


1. Mix your herbs

I like to use my cauldron as a vessel to my craft. Separate the leaves and flowers from the stems and grind them as you put them in your cauldron. Try to make them into the smallest pieces you can.

2. Sachet

You can totally skip this step, but I like to do it to make sure there’s no remaining stems or big leaves, because you’re directly drinking the tea without a tea bag. I transfer the leaves from the cauldron to the sachet so I can finish the grinding process.

3. Put them in your tea cup

When you’re making regular tea, most of us will normally put the hot water in the cup first, then add the tea bag. For Tasseography I like to do it backwards. First herbs, directly from the sachet. This way, they’ll soak evenly as the water touches them.

4. Add hot water

Not much explanation needed. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Try to have a specific situation in mind, or something you would like to be answered by tea reading.

5. Let them sit for a minute

You’ll notice how all the herbs go straight to the top of your cup, looking messy. This is normal. As the leaves absorbe the water, they will eventually all go to the bottom, or at least most of them. That’s why it’s important to let the tea cool down for a minute. Also it will be easier for you to drink :)

6. Moon water

I like to add a little bit of moon water to my morning tea. It helps with positive thoughts, intuition and good energies along the day. Regarding Tasseography, moon water will protect and help you in your reading. As for the measurement, I normally add a medium size shell.

7. Enjoy!

As you’re drinking your tea, have your intention or situation in mind. This helps clearing your thoughts, and preparing yourself for interpretation.

8. Flip your cup

You’ll need to leave a tiny amount of water in your cup. This helps keeping most of the herbs together. By the time you flip it in the napkin, that remaining water will get out leaving the important herbs in your cup.

Amount of water

Upside down cup

9. Rotation

Lift your cup a little and rotate three times, deosil. Full turns. Use the ear of the cup to guide you through the beginning and the end of each turn. Then rotate the cup one time, widdershins. This will start channelizing your energy into the cup. Remember to keep your intentions in mind.

10. Transfer energy

Using both index and middle finger, tap two times on top of the cup. This not only will transfer your full energy and intention, but will help getting rid of some leaves. 

11. Reading time

Some people like to divide the cup in three sections: future (upper part), present (middle) and past (bottom). This will help you start your journey in tasseography, it’s easier to break down a situation in three. As for me, after following that rule for years, I found that what works best in my craft is dividing the situation in two sections: what’s happening (middle - down) and what’s coming (upper half). You’ll find what works best for you as you practice :) but you should always remember that you should only read the bigger spots or figures in your cup.

Praying Elf

The first thing that pops into my eyes is a praying Elf. Elves often mean a supernatural being with the ability to help or hindering one’s situation. Open hands would normally mean that my current situation is related to karma, BUT as for the Elf having his hands closed in a praying position means my situation is related to an argument that has to be with the next figure to where the hands are pointing to.


So a bunny normally means “new beginnings” or “fertility”. Maybe a new member to the family or an increase in business. Both things are great. Tho relating it to the hands of the Elf, this means that no matter the new beginning, this will bring arguments and problems, at least for a while. As it has a smaller bunny figure attached to its back. Oh well :) *sigh*.

Baby Hedgehog

As my mom always tells me “you put your trust blindly into others”. And yes, the hedgehog means blind trust and fear to face the truth. I always give second chances. This symbol is a warning.

Bone fire dance

This is a more complex symbol as it has several aspects to a common end. From an upper perspective I see a group of people dancing around a llama. The llama symbolizes dreams coming true by hard work. As it is the center of the “bone fire” this means that my emotions might be getting out of control and my emotions are “burning” me from inside as I’m yearning for this situation to finally happen. As for the dancers this always means happiness and to work on a aspect of my life that needs attention.

So what I take from this whole morning reading is that my long lasting dream (related to the situation I always had in mind) might happen if I start taking control of my emotions and start thinking on myself. It will be hard, it will bring me some problems, but at the end of the day they will mean a new beginning and future happiness around me if I work hard to get it.

Thank you for sticking through the end! I really hope your like it and find it useful if you want to start your journey with Tasseography!

Image source: My camera

Blessed be, 

- May xo.

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myeclecticjourney · 13 years ago

your blog is such a great resource! definitely will come back. thank you so much for your efforts 💕🍃

Thank you! I’m really glad you liked it!!

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myeclecticjourney · 14 years ago

hi - i'm sorry to bother you, but on your peaceful home bottle spell, you call for flowers from something called "fire vine" - what is that? I tried googling it and google came back with *flame* vine, is that the same thing? thank you!

Hahaha yes it’s “flame vine” I don’t know why my brain keeps writing “fire vine”. I’ll change it right now!! Thanks for noticing! Sorry guys!!!

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myeclecticjourney · 14 years ago

Hi guys! Magic tools are important on every witch’s journey. So today I decided to share how you can make your own magic wand if you don’t have one already, nor the money to buy an expensive one. I’ll show you step by step with pictures

So this is my wand. I made it a year ago. Before that I didn’t have one, and I was simply practicing witchcraft without a wand. I began looking for wands online, and in pagan shops in my area, but none of them really pulled my attention entirely. I thought that if I was gonna have a wand, it might as well be the perfect one, right? So one day I was outside my job and saw this beautiful branch that had fallen from a three. Without thinking twice, I grabbed it, took it home and my wand journey began. The wand I’m gonna make today it’s a complete different one as I didn’t took pictures of the process of mine.


- 1 branch or stick (try to find one that it’s long and thick enough)

- 1 rose quartz

- 1 white quartz

- Rosemary

- cypress leaf

- sea Lavander

- 2 white candles

- Salt

- moon water

- string (any color you want)

- colored jewelry craft wire (any color you want)

- silicon (or white glue)

- sharpie


1. Cast a circle

I normally start by cleansing the materials I’m going to use. Light the candles, use the salt to create a visible circle around them. I did two, one for herbs and crystals and other one for flowers, but you can do one for everything. Move your hand on top of the circle, twice deosil and repeat this words: “Clean above so as below, cleanse this materials for positive to grow” After that I would sprinkle some of the moon water into my materials. And close the circle thanking the elements.

Herbs and crystal


2. Decide the length

Deciding how long you want your wand to be it’s fundamental. In this case I took off the tip of the branch because it was really thin and weak, so I decided to add an extra crystal at the bottom to replace that missing length. The one that I’m using at the top it’s the rose quartz, it’s kinda pointy, so if you can find a pointy crystal it’s better, this way you can direct the magic while using your wand. For the bottom part, I’m using a long white quartz.

3. Tip of the wand

Use silicon in the bottom of your crystal and in the top of your wand. Put them together and wait a few minutes for them to dry. Then using the string, secure the crystal with the branch. I’m not gonna lie, this is a tedious step. It’s hard at the beginning, but I’m sure you can do it. Use silicon or glue to make it easier. I would recommend start from the branch and then up to the crystal. Tie the string in different directions to secure the crystal correctly. Do the same for the bottom crystal.

String in different directions.

Top of the wand ready

4. Candle wax

So working with sea lavander sometimes might be a little annoying (at least for me). Even tho I love them and they have amazing properties, they also have these itty bitty tiny thorns that are almost invisible but oh man, how much of a pain in the hat they can be! So my advice to you, if you’re also triggered by this, you can seal the back of them with wax. I know, it sounds weird, but trust me, it helps and it gives a really interesting look to the flowers. They’re still beautiful, they still smell amazing, but it will be easier for you and your hands to work with them. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

5. Design the layout

As you did in previous steps, use the silicon to put the herbs where you find fitting. You can get as creative as you want. Just remember you’ll need to secure everything with string after. Tho, it is much easier than the crystals, lol.

Initial layout with glue

Secured herbs

6. Decorating your wand with wire

I actually didn’t do this to my wand, but decided to do it to this one and oh man! It looks so beautiful, it gives the wand a plus. I used red craft wire around the blue string. It gives contrast and uniqueness. Did it in the lower and upper crystals and over the herbs. You can use a color that means a lot to you to make it more personal.

7. Symbols

You’re already creating an amazingly strong bond with your wand by making it. Make it even stronger by adding symbols that means something to you. You can use the elements symbols, runes, maybe create a special sigil and then using a thin sharpie, draw it in the branch. It can be in the upper part or the lower. Get creative! I did symbols all around the upper part of the branch. Looks great, and makes it powerful.

8. Wrap it up

Your wand is ready! All you have to do now is to bless your wand through a ritual. You can cast a circle using your wand. Invite every element and/or deities you practice with. Introduce the tip of your wand in the water while inviting the element. Pass the tip through the fire. Cleanse it with a smudge stick or incense for the air element. Cover it with salt for earth. Charge it with another crystal or tarot card for spirit. Every witch has a different way for rituals, do it as you feel right.

There you have it! Your own beautiful and personal wand. Use the crystals and herbs you like. The intention behind all of this is that you make a tool to walk by your side during your journey with magic I really hope you liked it and helped you.

Image source: my camera 📸

Blessed be,

- May xo.

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myeclecticjourney · 14 years ago

Do you need to leave any sort of offerings for fallen limbs or sticks? I'm baby witch and can't find any answer on the internet.

Well it depends on how you handle your magic journey. Searching for sticks for you wand might be tricky because you need a specific one. But what I like to do, is meditate first, set my intentions and go for a peaceful walk. The earth will bring to you the materials that you are looking for. But also you might carve in a white candle a wand, or a sigil for a wand and it will also help attack what you need. Hope you find this helpful :)

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Litha Peaceful Home Potion

Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last post! Today I wanted to share with you a Peaceful Home Potion I made to celebrate Litha and invite the sun, light, summer and all the peace it brings, into my home. I’ll show you step by step with pictures! Long post!


Litha is all about light, blessings, celebration life and the positive vibes in general. I decided to make two potions today. One for my home, and the other one for my best friend’s place. This potion will bring peace to your home and potentiate the love it already has. It is important to say that even tho this is a potion, you shouldn’t drink this! Its power comes not only by itself but when you, your partner, or anyone that lives in your home feels some kind of anger, depression, rage, stress or any kind of negative feeling, you should open the vial and smell it. This way, the potion’s power grows and helps the person that smelled it, to remember that life is not always problems, but happiness and joy. It helps yoy remember that even you had a feud with your family, at the end of the day, love is what keeps you together.


- 12 chamomile flowers

- 6 fire vine flowers

- 12 white rose petals

- 6 white sea lavander flowers (or 1 stem with a few flowers)

- 2 cypress leaves

- 1 honeycomb

- Salt

- Sun water or Moon water

- 1 medium size shell

- Your favorite Litha related crystals

- 2 chips of crystals to put in the potion (I used white and rose quartz)

- Bamboo essential oil (or any plant/flower essential oil you have)

- Orange essential oil (or you can use a few drops of a fresh orange)

- 2 vials or jars with a cork or lid

- Your cauldron



1. Cleanse your materials

Cast a circle using the salt. Use the sun water at the top and light both candles at each side. Place in the center of the circle the amount of flowers, petals and crystal chips that you want to use. Put your hand on top and moving it desoil, repeat this words:

“Clean above so as below, cleanse these materials for positive to grow”

Repeat as you feel needed.


2. Grind some herbs

Put some of the chamomile (6 flowers), fire vines (4), and rose petals (8) in your cauldron. You can use one of your bigger crystals around the circle to grind them, or use any tool you desire.


3. Mixture

Add Sun water to your cauldron and make a mixture. I used a shell as a measurement tool. I only used 1 shell. As you continue to grind the herbs deosil, repeat this words:

“As the bee comes and goes, make this a peaceful home, let the sun shine on those, whom live with love in this honeycomb”

Repeat as needed.


4. Start filling the vial

I divided the mixture into two jars, but you can make only one or more than two if you wish. Tho the recipe is for two or one bigger jar.


5. Add the honey comb and chamomile

Still having your intention in mind, continue with the next ingredients. I used two pieces if my main honeycomb, in each potion (around 5cm long and 1cm wide). Cut each piece in two so it’s easier to handle. Add 3 of the remaining chamomile flowers in each potion.


6. Rose petals, fire vines and chips

The next three ingredients are one fire vine each, two semi-crushed rose petals, and one crystal chip in each jar.


7. Cypress leaves

Cut the cypress leaf into smaller pieces and add an equal amount to each vial. I used around 8-10 in each.


8. Sea lavander

Just like you did with the cypress, you can cut each flower and equally add them to the jars. What I like to do is add only the petals.


9. Fill with Sun/Moon water

Again using the shell, fill the vials with water. Be careful not to overfill them, so when you put the cork, the water won’t spill everywhere. I used around 6 shells in each, but it will be different as our jars might not be the same size :). In the picture below, the jar in the right is already filled and the left one is almost there.


10. Essential oils

The jar itself already must smell delicious, but I will recommend adding two drops of your favorite essential oil (I used Bamboo). This way every time you smell it, not only will you love it, but it will remind you of a peaceful scenery. I also added 2 drops of orange essential oil, you can also use two drops of a fresh orange. As a reminder that we’re doing this as a Litha celebration. 


11. Take a deep breath

Smell the deliciousness and peace of the potion you just made. Repeat the words one last time before closing the vial:

“As the bee comes and goes, make this a peaceful home, let the sun shine on those, whom live with love in this honeycomb”

Close your jar with the cork. Put it in a place that is near a living room, the kitchen, or somewhere in your house that normally everyone will spend time together. The potion by itself is already working on brining every ounce of peace and love to you and your loved one’s home. And in case you need an extra push, just open the jar, smell it and let the positive vibes flow in.

So this is pretty much it to my “Litha Peaceful Home Potion”. I really hope you liked it, and find it useful! It’s a nice and easy way to start celebrating the summer solstice and embrace life’s gifts to you. 

Have a wonderful Litha, everyone!

Image source: My camera

Blessed be,

- May xo.

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As a witch I love including plants, flowers and tons of herbs in my craft. I’m in love with nature and herbology.

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¿hablas español?

Hola! Si hablo español

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Hi guys! Yesterday I finished a section of my Book of Shadows and I thought it was a good idea to make a list of the materials and herbs I have till this day. Long post with pictures

This is also a way for me to keep them organized and label them all, lol. I’ll show you what herbs I have, what do I use them for, and where do I keep them in my apartment. If you’re a broom closet witch or a baby witch, you’ll might find this helpful.

Where do I buy my jars?

Most of my jars come from the supermarket. I tend to buy food in glass or metal containers. Soup, sauce, honey, juice or tea. Avoiding plastic is one of my main goals all the time. If you’re a broom closet witch you can ask your parents to keep the jars after the food is done and wash them later. I don’t find strange for you wanting to keep the jars. But if they ask, you can tell them you want them for you jewelry or to put your pencils and pens in your desk.

Label them

In a piece of paper I wrote the names of the herbs I have. Proceed to cut them and tape them in the jars with clear tape. (My tape wasn’t thaaaat clear, lol, but you get the idea) Some of my labels are in English, some in Spanish. I just find some names more appealing in different languages.


I commonly use Sage for cleansing and purification. I use it to make smudge sticks, protection jars or sachets and will normally use it lighten up as my Air element when I’m casting a circle.


My all time favorite. I love chamomile because of its healing properties. I use it in potions, tea, amulets, talismans. I put it in my cauldron whenever I’m doing a ritual that requires healing or health.


I use thyme for rituals, talismans, amulets and potions whenever I need to attract courage, prosperity or banish bad vibes. Also I use it in the water when I cleanse my crystals. It also brings mysticism and change, so it’s perfect to keep on your altar.

Sea Lavander

I love the smell, so I keep them in my altar. Also I use them as offerings, or in talismans to attract memory or psychic abilities. I use it in rituals or when casting a circle because it contains masculine energy, works as the element of Air, and the planet Mercury. That’s why it’s also a great option to add this to smudge sticks.


Another amazing and delicious herb. I commonly use peppermint for potions, teas and rituals. It has amazing healing and relaxing properties. I also use it in talismans or sachets when I want to attract health, good luck, or harmony.

White rose petals

There’s probably a good eight or ten roses in this little jar. That’s what’s great on working with petals, they last so long. I use white for purification rituals, spells, potions, smudge sticks. Or whenever I want to attract peace, purity or sincerity.

Red rose petals

This is my smallest jar, when I bought it it contained Jamaica salt so now it’s perfect for petals or if you use seeds in your craft. There’s about six or eight flowers in here. I use red rose when I want to use passion, love, lust, or strong emotions during rituals, spells, or in potions, and protections jars. Also you can use them in smudge sticks.

Flame vine

I use flame vine for cleansing the water for my crystals. I use it as offerings, or in potions and rituals. It has healing and spiritual properties. Sometimes I make salve with it, along other ingredients.


Not much explanation needed. Rosemary is amazing, it has tons of uses. I use it in everything I can. Rituals, spells, talismans, potions and smudge sticks. It helps with protection of body and spirit, keeps the mind healthy, works against negative energies.


As you can see I’m running out of basil. I use it pretty often in kitchen crafts, in potions and rituals. It helps purify spaces and object, brings luck, happiness and love.

Lawson’s cypress

New ingredient in my collection. My boyfriend gave me some flowers and as decoration came this cypress leaves. I’ve been using it as offerings, or in talismans, and protection jars. It helps with calmness, prosperity, wealth and luck. I’m looking forward to use it in spells, rituals and smudge sticks.

Everything jar

I keep this jar in my altar. There’s no label to it because I normally fill it with random things I find in the street or in parks and forests. Smells delicious and it looks amazing. When I need special ingredients in my craft I tend to take something from it. One of my kitties decided to intrude in my work, so I included him in my picture . His name is Brahim.


So I keep these sticks I find. I use them to make pentagram talismans, magic wands, or decorations in general. Sometimes I put them in my cauldron when I’m burning something.

Moon water

I know it’s not a herb, but I keep it in a similar jar, so here it is. Whenever I’m making moon water that’s my go to. I use it to cleanse and purify every material I use before any craft. When I’m casting a circle I use it as the Water element.

That’s pretty much what I have right now. I made a list to keep in my book of shadows. This way I know what I’m missing, or what I need (basil, lol). It’s a really easy access point for me to grab the list and go to the supermarket. I made sort of an envelope with another piece of paper and used tape in the edges so I can put it there. It reads “In manu magica essentialia” which means “On hand magic essentials” in Latin.

Where do I keep them?

In my closet above my altar. Even tho I have my own apartment and I live only with my boyfriend and our two cat babies, I like to keep my altar private. He’s neither pagan, catholic, nor anything at all. He believes in science and himself. But he is really understanding and appreciative whenever I include him in my craft, he actually likes it, haha. Nevertheless, I also understand he likes our home to be neutral (even tho I have subtle witchcraft everywhere xD). I keep not only my herbs, but ritual/spell candles, smudge sticks, some crystals I commonly use in my craft and sachets amongst other magical thingys. Whenever I buy new herbs I leave them outside so they can dry, then to the jars. Most of them have lids but I like to open them so the herbs can dry completely. We don’t want fungi ruining our ingredients. So the upper part are my essentials and the bottom part is my altar.

So this is pretty much all I have right now, and how I keep it organized and in a “discreet” place. I hope y’all liked it and helped any new or broom closet witches and of course also any other witch out there!

Image source: my camera 📸

Blessed be

- May xo.

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Tasseography is one of my favorite forms of divination ✨

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Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a banishing ritual I made yesterday. Gonna show you step by step with pictures


This ritual will be about my ex boyfriend. To give you a little background, we broke 3 years ago. Our 3.5 year relationship was toxic and abusive. He physically and mentally did me so much harm. I was emotionally blind and let all of that happen, until I finally opened my eyes and said “enough”. The last day I saw him, he threatened me. I got rid of everything that could bond me to this guy, but over the years I would find pictures of him hidden in my apartment (I believe he hid all those things to keep reminding me, even after breaking up, that he would stick with me). I moved out, started a new happy relationship and still was able to find some more hidden object of him, this brought so much pain to my actual boyfriend and of coarse, to myself. No matter what I did over the years I kept having this terrible nightmares of him finding me, chasing me…a few days ago I found two more pictures, one of him and one of us together. I thought it was enough and decided to do a banishing ritual to help me get rid of any unwanted energy that he could still be sending my way.


- Sage

- Red rose petals

- Fire vine

- Chamomile

- Salt

- Moon water

- Black candle

- White candle

- Obsidian crystal

- Desert rose crystal

- Smudge stick and shell

- Tarot cards

- A picture (or something that bonds you to the person you’re trying to banish)

- Your magic wand

- Your cauldron


1. Prepare your cauldron

I will normally start any ritual by preparing my cauldron with the ingredients I’m using. Sage, for protection and cleansing. Red rose petals, as for we once shared a romantic bond and I’m trying to break it entirely. Chamomile, for health and mental protection. Fire vine, for banishing. I will grind the herbs as I’m putting them in my cauldron.

2. Cast a circle

Use the salt to cast a visible circle around your cauldron. Use your wand to cast a circle not only around your cauldron but also yourself. As my element is earth, I begin with the element of earth at the north, I use a little plate with salt. Then following deosil with fire at my right using the black candle. Spirit, using the obsidian and desert rose crystals, along with a tarot card. Water, my moon water jar (you can use regular water). And finally air, with the white candle and smudge stick. Remember to invite each element as you do this. I recommend doing the ritual in an open area.

3. Light the picture

Having your intentions in mind, use some matches to light a corner of the picture. This initial fire has to be the one that consumes everything. So be careful not to extinguish it.

4. Break the bond

Tear the picture in two. From the initial flame you started in the previous step. Be careful not to burn yourself nor extinguish the flame. Place it in your cauldron.

5. Watch it burn

As the fire does it’s work, I like to repeat this words:

“Elements use thy power, banish and cut this evil string, give protection from thy tower, and finish this long lasting ring.”

Repeat as many times you need. I normally say the words out loud while the fire consumes the picture, moving my hand deosil. Then again, using my wand deosil. Close your eyes and picture this person or the bond you had burning along with the fire in your cauldron.

6. Ashes

Once it all burned out, repeat the words one last time, with both of your hands over your cauldron. Close your eyes and transfer all the energy from your words traveling to your hands into the cauldron. When you’re finished, remember to close the circle you initially opened for the ritual. I will normally close it thanking the last element I invited to the circle all the way to the first one (start with air, finish with earth). Remember to throw away the ashes, don’t keep them. You’re trying to get rid of any remaining bond with that person.

That’s all to my banishing ritual. I really hope you liked it, thanks for sticking through the end. I hope this helps you banish unwanted energy from a specific person in your life or that once was in your life. Remember to be careful with your relationships, choose wisely, and don’t let anyone mistreat you. You’re always worth it!!

Image source: my camera 📸

Blessed be,

- May xo.

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Hi guys! I wanted to share with you a few flowers and plants that I found in my parent’s backyard. I collected a few samples, couldn’t resist. Long post with pictures

So my mom has this stone kid, lol. She calls him “Hugo” like the 1969 movie “The book of stone” maybe he’s the reason her garden is so pretty and full of magical properties haha. Have you seen the movie? It’s actually pretty creepy.

Nevertheless, I made some research about all of the plants and found some amazing properties in each. I want to share this post with you, because maybe you also have this plants in your backyard or near your home, and you don’t really know you can use them in your craft.


Originally called “Ki” was a sacred plant to the Hawaiian God, Lono, and the Goddess of the Hula, Laka. It meant “divine power”, and later on was recalled “Ti Plant”. Legend has it, it’s also the incarnation of Apollo. This plant releases positive energy, brings luck, happiness and resists evil souls and spirits. That’s why many people decide to have them in their homes.


One of the most chosen variety flowers for folk medicine. Is a well known medicinal plant in various religions in India. It has amazing healing properties. You can use it for fever, headaches, physical wounds, and overall pain. Use it in your craft to attract health. Also you can use it in potions.


Don’t let this beautiful and attractive to the eye flower fools you, it’s highly toxic and dangerous. It comes in a variety of colors. Its milky juice contains a toxin called “Phorbol Easter” which can irritate skin and cause severe stomach pain if it has contact with the skin. It might cause vision loss or even blindness if it reaches your eyes. Many believe that its thorns were used to make the crown made by the Romans to Jesus. You can use this plant in shadow work or in directed spells and rituals. Just remember being careful. Keep your pets away from it.


Many believed this grass weed was useless, until it bloomed. Its name was given thanks to the beautiful grapes and flowers that blooms from it. Under the sunlight they have a glittery and translucent color like dewdrops. As it belongs to the family of Vervain, the Golden Dewdrops symbolizes evil and witchcraft. Both, flowers and leaves can be used in talismans and amulets to bring protection and peace. Also it’s perfect for rituals.


As most of their family, the Croton is a toxic plant for humans and animals when ingested, tho is not the most poisonous. Got its name thanks to the variety of foliage it has in nature. It’s used in gardens, bedrooms, hotels, and many places to bring color and life to a space. It was once used as a purgative plant, tho nowadays it’s mostly used aesthetically. It represents change, and new beginnings. You can use it in spells, talismans or amulets. Don’t eat it.


Its tubular, most commonly red, flowers give it its name. Making it showy and appealing to humans. It grows and expands as rapidly as Bamboo, so keep in mind your garden space. It attracts bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. It was used by Native Americans to treat spider and snake bites, stomach pain, backache, and burns. As it represents life and growth, you can use it to attract not only those properties, but also healing.


At least 12 species of palms were used in African medicinal and spiritual rituals over the years. The seeds are used as oracles, the leaves and flowers as offerings. In other cases the extracted oil was used as a healing mixture. As many believe, when a person got sick, it wasn’t only a physical sickness, but more spiritually. It was related to witches, sorcerers, broken taboos, or displeased ancestors spirits or deities, so the palms where used to cleanse the spirit and alleviate the patient from the suffering. You can use seeds, flowers and leaves as oracles, offerings in your altars, or use them in rituals and spells to attract protection and spiritual healing.


The original seed was discovered in 1892 by German Baron Paul, in an African colony. He then sent it to Germany where first appeared in a flower show and recalled as one of the most interesting plants. Part of the succulent family it helps purify indoor air quality, improving one’s mood and relieving stress. It was used in traditional herbal incense. You can use it in talismans and amulets to bring protection and promote spirituality. Or in spells and rituals. Won’t recommend ingesting it tho.


Many humans are attracted to this plant because of the odd shape of its leaves, but be careful it’s another toxic plant, tho much more less. It’s commonly known as “Little Angel” and believe it’s a fairy. Its vivid and lively leaves, bring happiness and joy to a home and its fairy spirit causes a romantic and poetic soul. Use it in your craft for romantic spells or amulets. Remember not to eat it.


Also called “Ruby Leaf”, “Bloodleaf” or “Metal Weed”. Another amazing medicinal plant used during centuries. This Joyweed is known in Brazil as Penicillin, go figure. It grows easily in dry and deforested soil. It’s commonly used against inflammation, cough, and diarrhea. You can use it in your spells, and potions to attract health.


Also know as “Mexican heather” or “Elfin Herb”, this type of Heather does not relate to the Scotch common one you probably know. Its name comes precisely from that, imitating the Heather. By itself, the False Heather has amazing antioxidant healing properties, it has been used to treat high cholesterol, or colds and chills by tea infusions. Many believe it has antitumor and anti cancerous spread properties. It also brings good luck, admiration and solitude. You can use it in potions, talismans or amulets to attract not only those properties but also health.

Those where some of the most interesting and beautiful plants my parents have in their garden. Do you have one of these as well? Have you used them before in your craft?

I really hope you liked this blog

Image source: my camera 📸

Blessed be,

-May xo.


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- App: PictureThis

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Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you the two pentagram talismans I did during the Pink Moon a few nights ago. I will show you step by step with pictures

I was so happy when I found out that April’s 7th full moon was also a supermoon, because I use the moon phases a lot in my work. I thought it was the perfect timing to create a talisman of protection for my home and a friend’s, that has been telling me about recent problems and negative energy surrounding her.


- 10 wood sticks

- Rosemary

- Sea Lavander (or any flower with positive properties that you have)

- string

- cold silicon for crafts (or white glue)

- Salt

- moon water (or regular water)

- 2 white candles

- 2 obsidian crystals


1. Cast a circle

I always cleanse what I’m going to use in my craft. It’s a great way to purify them and fill them with positive energy. Always with the intention in mind, I cast a visible circle around them using the salt, light both candles and place them over some obsidian plates. I put the moon water on top, and while moving my hand deosil twice, I repeat this words “clean above, so as below, cleanse this materials for positive to grow”

2. Overlap the sticks

I like to begin overlapping the sticks to envision how I want my pentagram to look like. Make sure you do it in a flat surface so it’s easier.

3. Glue the tips

Using the cold silicon put a small dot in the points you think needed. When you use the string, the sticks will normally move around, so I find using a little bit of silicon really useful to keep the pentagram together.

4. Herbs

The same way you glued the tips, use a little silicon to put the herbs in the places you think relevant.

5. String

Use the string to secure the sticks, the herbs and flowers. I will normally start by the outer tips of the pentagram.

6. Inner corners

Once you’ve done the outer tips, and move to the inner corners of the pentagram. You want to start using the string vertical first, then horizontal, as for there’s more angles to bind together.



7. Repeat the steps

Repeat all the steps for your next talisman. You can also skip using the string in every corner. By the thickness of the sticks you can determine the focal points where you need reinforcement. But I will definitely recommend always doing all the outer tips.

String in focal points

String in every corner

That’s how I did my talismans during the pink moon. I placed mine in my living room and gave my friend the other one. It has giving us protection, peace and love these days.

I hope you liked it, and find it useful

Image source: my camera 📸

Blessed be,

- May xo.

#talisman #pentagram #protection #peace #love #witch #witchyvibes #craftywitch

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myeclecticjourney · 19 years ago

Hi guys! Today I decided to make some protection spell jars and sachet for my family. I’m going to show you how I made them, step by step with pictures  long post


I’ve been living by my own for 6 years now and due to all the stressful situation right now, my mom has been trying to convince me to spend some time with them in their house. So after several calls and discussions, I decided to gave up. I’m traveling to my home town today. Well protected and safe, with the correct sanitary measurements, don’t worry. I’m actually making this jars for them to keep after I leave them again in a few weeks. I think it’s a nice gesture and it’s a way for me to keep calm, knowing they’re protected.


- Special ingredient (this will be something really meaningful and powerful to you. I used some tulip flowers as mine)

- Sage

- Rosemary

- Chamomile

- Rose petals (I used red and white for their different properties)

- Thyme

- Sea Lavander

- Pink salt (If you don’t have any, you can use regular salt)

- Crystal chips (I used, white and rose quartz, onix, turquoise, calcite, jasper, moonstone, and amazonite)

- moon water (or regular water)

- 2 obsidian crystals (I used obsidian plates)

- 2 white candles

- 1 sachet

- 2 jars

- string



1. Clean your crystals

If you already cleanse the crystal chips you’re using, then you can skip this step.

2. Cast a circle

So I like to purify my herbs before using them. I tend to cast a visible circle around them with the salt. Light both candles and place them over the obsidian plates. To finish the cleansing I like to sprinkle some of the moon water into the herbs, as I move my hand deosil while saying these words twice “clean above, so as below, cleanse this materials for positive to grow”.


3. Special ingredient

These dried tulips are my special ingredient. Even tho we don’t live in the same city anymore, my dad sent me some tulips for my last birthday. So using them it’s a way of giving back the love and protection they have given me. I like to cleanse the special material separately.


4. Salt

I like to do my spell jars with my intention in mind. Also picturing the jar as the earth and adding the materials the way they would be “growing” in the ground. I start by adding some of the salt used in the circle, as it’s also purified. Then I will divide the crystal chips in the two jars, leaving some for the sachet.


5. Herbs

After adding the crystals I use my herbs, I grind some of it as I’m putting them in the jars.


6. Sigil or symbol

For this step I like to draw a symbol of protection. I did the pentagram for the elements to follow and wrote the words “love, peace, and protection”, then proceed to cut it out and make a little ball with them. Instead of using symbols, you can make a sigil and use it in this step.


7. Seal with wax

Being careful not to burn yourself, use the melted wax of the white candles to seal the papers. Put them in your jars and sachet.


8. Flowers

It’s time for adding your flowers, I will go petals first and grind them as I put them, then the flowers.


9. Special Ingredient

For the last step before closing, I add the special ingredient, in my case, the tulips. I put the complete petals and the little dried pollen stems.


10. Seal with wax

Again, being careful, put the cork or lid and seal it with the melted wax.


11. Sachet

Now repeat every step for the sachet, but instead of sealing in with wax, use the string to tie a bow around it.


That’s pretty much it on how I did my spell jars and sachet. I’m taking them with me to my home town today and gift them to my parents and younger brother.

I hope you liked it, and helps you in your magical journey .

Image source: my camera 

Blessed be.

- May xo.

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