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myficshopofhorrors·7 hours agoAnswer
Wanda and Rogue end up at the mansion at the same time as Jean so they end up growing up together and maybe being happier and certainly being different?

“Wanda’s hogging the hairdryer again!” Logan ventured into the mansion to find coffee, but he’s already regretting it as normal morning routines fire off. The campus was always a zoo after sunrise, a mess of everyone trying to get ready, but somehow a mansion isn’t enough. 

“Kitty. She barely has hair. No, she’s not-” The hairy man had heard southern accents before but none quite like the pale goth’s. It carried all over the house (when she bothered to speak at all). She and the red witch had a strange way of communicating via her hex. 

He almost smiles when the weather goddess floats into the kitchen, but it fades when a wall shaking thud is heard. “Stay out, perv!” Bobby has picked up on Evan’s peeping tom ways (although he will spy indiscriminately on both genders). He’s fascinated by the fact that both hard-edged, scowly, goth girls were like Kitty and Jean behind closed doors (that and his working theory that they can sometimes touch). 

Logan finds him in a daze at the bottom of the stairs, grinning ear to ear when Rogue appears in a dark towel, bristling like a cat (with the hair dryer in her hand). “Ah swear to god he does that one more time, y’all will find him in a coma.” Pietro’s sister snickers beside her, standing in bat covered pajama shorts with a sneer on her face.


“Bobby, what did I tell ya about botherin’ those two witches… They hex you into some woods I ain’t comin’ for ya.” 

“They’re not those kinds of witches. At least, I don’t think.” 

“Please, go mind your own business and stop encouraging their violence. They’re bad enough as it is…” The ice mutant runs off, more or less probably forgetting the entire interaction by the time he thinks of something else. Between the arrival of both troubled girls (one nearly forgotten in an asylum and the other being tortured by Mystique) and the New Recruits, things had been permanently noisy to say the least. “Cripes.” 

“Busy morning, I see….” Ororo muses at the man’s annoyance. He was running out of room to navigate anywhere. 

“Every morning is like this, one of the young ones always bothering Morticia and Elvira.” Ororo stifled an exasperated laugh, seeing right through his concern for all the kids.

“Be nice. At least they have each other.” He hates to imagine how hard to reach they’d be without each other. Feeling misunderstood and alone would impact Charles’ therapy with them immensely, as they are all built on trust. Sure, the school was a little cliquey, but maybe it was for the better. 

“Yeah, yeah. You teach a class full of adolescent boys speculating whether or not they’re girlfriends.” The Canadian loved working with kids, but not all the time. 

“Oh, no thank you. And at that age…. Being inseparable might as well be a whole relationship.” The silver-haired woman reminds him, if only because he doesn’t remember being that age at all. 

“Don’t ring a bell.” The pair seem to be taking cues from the other’s closet when they come downstairs. Rogue’s milky skin was covered in only a dark green vest and open fishnet covering her arms underneath. Wanda was wearing a bright red sheer shirt, black skirt, and burgundy tights underneath. They’re chattering together but they pause to scowl at the whiskered man. They both smile at Ororo. 

“Mornin’, Storm.” Logan anchors his hands on his hips. 

“Stripe, plan on eatin’ anythin’ so you don’t crash at one p.m? And scarlet, what I tell you about sweets in the mornin’. You’re worse than Drake!” Both girls only laugh at his admonishing, knowing the man before them is soft and only cares deeply for them (even if he acted like he didn’t). Magneto’s daughter only stared blankly at him and then her sprinkle covered donut. 

“This IS my favorite breakfast.”

“Kurt will bring me a banana later.” The pale girl scoffs, both of them stomping loudly out of the room with chunky boots. 

“Don’t wait up for us, the Horror Convention is coming to town.” Wanda reminds with a wave. Logan checks his wallet and rolls his eyes. 

“Yeah, how could I forget…” 

“They didn’t have much of a childhood, Logan.” Jean came from money. Good genes and all the finest things. Kitty had lived a pretty pampered only child live too before her X-Gene manifested (and Logan still spoiled her). He only pretended to be bothered by any of it. The comfort that both girls seemed to display was nothing short of a miracle. 

“Yeah, yeah.” He finally smiles when she sets steaming coffee in his hands. “I guess.” 

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myficshopofhorrors·6 days agoText

I usually do physical work all day, start my day with some avocado rolls, a lil caffeine and work 9 hours to get excited about writing. Brainstorm, daydream… for an earth sign my head is in the clouds. My brother donated a keurig machine for isolation, but he is health conscious and all the pods are decaf 🥴 my inspiration right now is my bratty cat, animal crossing, and Guy Fieri cooking shows I watch to ease my anxiety ststsujajab lmao but don’t worry. I just need a little longer than usual to recharge and I know I will

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myficshopofhorrors·7 days agoText

My brain is broken and my ask box is thinning out again? I’m worried some of the asks remaining are hitting some of the same beats (great asks and more a neurotic worry on my end) and since we’re all in this indefinitely I’m gonna open up again briefly and see if we can get just a little more variation in posts so I don’t feel like I’m writing the same posts again!  

ask here

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myficshopofhorrors·7 days agoAnswer
Rogue makes a joke about her childhood trauma

Thunder claps despite Ororo’s best attempts to quell the storm raging around a freed mutant internment camp. Those who were well enough fled the subhuman conditions and their rescuers. There were many who couldn’t rise. Never did again. But there was one child who hid under steps being battered with rain. And the team cannot leave without her. 

Scrawnier than Kitty and unable to discern her age in the dark, purple eyes glowed at all of them. “Please…” Ororo repeats patiently. They’d been in this position many times. 

“Let us help you, that’s what we’re here for.” Scott reminds gently, his soaked hair hanging in front of his visor. He’d stay out there all night if he had to. “What’s your name?” 

“I… I…” Rogue winces in the background when she hears the girl’s shrill tone of voice. One she relates to. “I don’t know.” 

It’s anyone’s guess what transpired inside the military laboratory, housing hundreds of captured mutants and doing the unthinkable to most of them. Laura wasn’t the only child experiment out there anymore, not by a longshot. 

“That’s okay.” Ororo recovers, palms flat against the mud as she tries to see her. She must be freezing in only a hospital gown. When the pale girl, soaked through even in Logan’s jacket realizes that they’d likely stripped their subjects of their humanity, something else she was familiar with. When her leader sighed, she moved forward and waited to take his place.

“Don’t know your name, huh?” She drawled, both her old roommate and sibling watching her closely. 

“I will show you what happens to little girls who don’t listen.” Rogue remembers fingers gripping curls she’s sure will never come back the way they used to when she was younger. She screams and bites, kicks violently as the ugly man stared at her. Her mother knows she doesn’t like men. ‘Why is he here?’ 

She just wanted to scream and play and be a child, swim and run with the horses. She doesn’t care about her mother’s plans, what she will be, her ‘destiny’. She wanted to have fun. Be a kid, she’s never felt like one once. She shrieks when scissors tugged at strands and pulled harshly, the shapeshifter grunting with effort. 

“I will make you not know who you are if I have to!!” ‘Don’t you understand… Everything I do, I do because I must! You have no idea….’ She loved the girl’s headstrong and resilient nature, but as Irene fortold, it’d come back to bite her. She wouldn’t listen and with a power so precious and important, this was dangerous.

“Stop it! Ah HATE you!” 

“Want me to erase that too?” The man callously offered to a venomous glare from both of them. 

“Just do it already.” Grey eyes widen when thick, auburn hair falls off of the girl in droves. Covered the carpet at the shady motel. “Take it away. And… And this.” 

The man says nothing, only focuses closely on the terrified little girl. 

“N-No, stop. It HURTS,” 

“This is for your own good… Anna….” 

‘What? Who….’ 

“Ah just found out what mine was not that long ago.” The southerner’s voice is even as she waits for a response. The crew of people behind her can’t tell if she’s being honest, or just trying to coax the scared adolescent out (with her checkered past and rough upbringing you couldn’t be sure). 

“Just… Found out?” The girl sounds older than the huddled Asian mutant shivering beneath rotting wood. “How?” Rogue’s eyes harden, but she’s not facing her team, only the darkness. 

“Someone ripped it out of my head and sewed my mind back up.” She answers without missing a beat. “Sounds bad, but it’s really like, the blurb on the back of the book sleeve detailin’ the series of unfortunate events also known as my childhood.” Something about the deadpan in her voice commands all who listen to believe her. 

“Who would do that?” The girl shoots back, weary of letting anyone close.

“My mother.” Rogue answers without missing a beat. 

“Your mother?” 

“Between you and me?” The soaked X-Man cranes her neck to see if she can catch a glimpse of the mystery child. “My momma could probably make most of these assholes in there look like Weenie Hut Jr’s.” She almost hears a laugh, and everyone with her would attest to that. “But, this ain’t about me. An’ Ah been captured and poked and prodded on too. So Ah understand, and it will be okay. They take all your memory?” 

The institute was no stranger to detainees being amnesiac upon rescue (Rogue was spacey and disoriented once she was freed from Area 51 and it made feral the man watch over her). 

“I don’t know… It’s like… All I remember is-” 

“What they programmed you with.” Her tone of voice denotes that she knows about that too. Slowly, she extended a hand and prays the kid grabs her glove. “You been conditioned. It can be.. Undone. Let us help, Ah’ll take you the person who helped me.” If Charles has left the defensive girl better off than when he found her, he could do anything. 

“No one else?” The young mutant sounds tired and her voice is small. 

“Ah won’t let them touch you.” Convinced, the slender girl clambers out into the moonlight. Indigo hair is frizzy as she stares at the strange assortment of mutants looking back at her. Her forehead glows pink in anticipation, but Rogue offered a hand. “It’s okay now.” 

She relinquishes Wolverine’s jacket and looks much smaller without it, dripping in rain. She draped it around her and Logan and Scott pull her carefully towards the jet. 

“Come on, must be freezin’.” The hairy man crooned, wondering how she managed to walk away from the horrors inside. The remaining team stared at their pale member, backs to them as she looked into the ruins of the base. Eventually, all but one had gone. 

“You… Veren’t joking.” Her gaze drops even if Kurt can’t see, standing uncomfortably in the pelting rain. “Vere you?” He knew there’d been a reason she became enraged if anyone just asked her name. And after Apocalypse, the teleporter doesn’t doubt what his mother could do. 

What he gets in response is only a melancholy shrug. “Does it matter? It worked.” With that, Rogue turned and stumbled towards the waiting plane, Kitty standing in open doors as she shivered. Kurt doesn’t let her take the short walk without them linking arm in arm first. Whatever had happened in her past, things were different now. 

‘You broke the cycle. You don’t hurt others, you help them.’ She would only be repulsed by the sentiment, but everyday he was proud of her. “To us, it does. Come on, liebchen. Let’s go home.”

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myficshopofhorrors·7 days agoAnswer
Kurt & Kitty talking about what Kurt saw after handing a tail biting, hyperactive, mini Wolvie (Gabby) to his sister - you know Kurt would so go straight to Kitty. Both obviously want their longtime friends/teammates to be happy especially after all the pain & heartbreak they’ve both gone thru... Kitty jokingly asking if Kurt this time he approves of his possible future “In-law”. Like the nosy “younger sibs” they are, they sneak into the observation deck to see what’s going on in X-men history

first ask 

Kurt slowly realized this scene before had been familiar. He’d seen it all before, many years ago when he was still a kid. Memories he’d not thought of for a long time now. Right after the school blew up, mutants were outed, and Jean chucked Duncan out the door she and Scott were finally honest with each other (culminating after Mystique stole him).

The blue mutant’s face sours as more young children frolic in the grass. Until then, he and Jean walked in a dopey haze. Smiling and slowly piecing together their feelings and their truth. If the German didn’t know any better, he’d suspect his leader and best friend was finally being honest with his current feelings. Feelings that’d been around maybe even before their teammate’s rise and fall. 

He’d always pined hopelessly for Jean, but Kurt’s sister had always been his rock. It’d been quiet talk on the campus that is Scott ever healed enough he would spend his days beside the sarcastic goth (a lot more timbered out after things that have happened). But he never expected to see it with his own eyes (after the way the leader lost it after Dark Phoenix’s ascension, they’re lucky he’s a functioning member of the team). 

He teleports to the roof where he predicts his friend to be typing lazily on a small laptop. “Sup, elf.” 

“Somev’one’s been hanging out vith too much Volverine.” When he shifts from foot to foot, Kitty looks up from an oversized jacket and stares at him from short hair. 

“What’s up?” 

“Uh…. Nothing. Scott. My sister. Everything.” Her laptop slaps shut as she studies her friend, standing in a dark t-shirt. “He’s got that look in his eye, y’know…. THE look.” Kitty tucks hair that’s barely long enough behind her ear and thinks about what that means. 

“Whoa.” She still remembers Scott stumbling after Jean in a stupor their senior year, him lamenting the horrible timing of their relationship and what happened with Rogue, them letting loose on the cruise as a couple. The teleporter sees the memories pass by on her face. “This is everything. I mean, I knew this would so happen, but I thought he would need a lot more convincing.” Scott is stubborn and not known for communicating his feelings well. 

Lord knows this time, Logan was about to shove the two of them into the Danger Room and lock it (if only not to have missions compromised). “I’d been telling him to let Jean’s memory guide him…. Vhat she gave up for us, I know she’d vant this.” They all knew what had been holding the grieving mutant back, and the pale girl from ever pursuing him (Scott would be perpetually heartbroken and so would she by Remy’s departure). 

“We all know that, doesn’t mean they did. When it comes to themselves…” Kitty rolls her eyes but in a loving way. Rogue and Scott are her family after all this time just like Logan her surrogate dad. “They don’t know anything all of a sudden.” She feels as young as she looks as her eyes meet with the blue mutant’s. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” 

Wordlessly, he grabbed the short girl and they disappeared into a cloud of sulfur. The observation deck of the Danger Room is abandoned, and as they peer into the training room, they don’t even see Logan’s smaller clone (she caught wind of the mood and high-tailed it to bother him instead).

“Knew it,” Kurt whispers, conflicted with being right but not the least interested in either mutants’ sex or romantic lives. The Danger Room was only for training and one other thing.  The two are close, but they don’t seem to be speaking. They’d been staring intently into each other’s eyes since the spies arrived. Scott’s hand was dancing around the thick inhibitor choker and the porcelain neck beneath it, massaging them both. 

“Is this better than the time you caught her and Gambit in here?” That night was legendary for the yelling matches alone. Kurt’s face sours, always distrustful of the cajun with his sister even if he liked him. 

“Vell, ja. They are still clothed, for one!” He exclaimed, bummed all over again by the memory (he didn’t look his sibling in the eyes for a week). “This vas a mistake, ugh I cannot vatch!” The petite mutant nearly shoved him out of the way so she could see, unashamed of her curiosity.

“Well… Speak for yourself. Some of us have been waiting since high school to see this tension acte o-” Kitty remembers her roommate going red in the face and pouting until there were tears in her eyes about Scott. ‘Oh how times have changed…’ 

“Spying is a sin, Katya. Pretty sure for Jews AND Christians.”

“Don’t bring my faith i-” 

Scott pauses at the button of her collar with a smirk, enjoying the scent of magnolias and water lilies. “Does it smell like brimstone to you….” Rogue scoffed, immune now to the smell. 

“You know he always spies.” She grinned devilishly under snowy bangs and pressed the button herself. “That was just him gettin’ the hell out of dodge.” As he should’ve. What was about to happen was not for brothers to see. 

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myficshopofhorrors·8 days agoAnswer
A follow up to the one where Scott wakes up 20 yrs in the future ? How do he gets back home? Is Future! Scott in the past? Crying over Jean cause she' alive? And more importantly, Does He Shower???

first ask

The kids have started to notice that ‘Uncle Scott’ had been different lately. He is frantic and earnest, kind of scary since he woke up strange one morning and upset their mother. Their momma does not relax (the way her grip can accidentally shatter dinnerware, it’s easy to tell). She’s more nervous than a barn cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and their daddy never takes his eyes of of him. He’s still all smiles and card tricks, but he isn’t sure what their guest may do, incensed and nearly driven mad by experiments and too much knowledge. 

If things don’t come to a head soon, the displaced man may have to set up his lodging elsewhere. His anxiety is rubbing off on his wife. She isn’t sleeping and her offspring can tell every time they look in her eyes. He has no tolerance for the little slice of peace they’ve slaved for being interrupted. 

“Cyclops,” The husband hisses in their painted yellow kitchen. The kids had been sleep for hours, and Scott was insisting every awful detail about what happened to Jean, her brutal, honest opinion about how it affected her and what could’ve been done differently. This was his only shot before this mistake is corrected or he’s shot into the abyss (maybe the best alternative knowing Jean can either immolate herself or end existence entirely). “We need to figure an’ end to dis, non?” 

His wife was doubled over, head in her hands as her friend continued to grill her with more vigor than he’d done anything in years. ‘Why is this happenin’?’

“You need to think,” The college student ignores the Remy, watching the pale girl closely with laser focus that’s indicative of his younger self. “In your opinion, and we’re in your head-” 

“Scott, c’mon!” 

“When did this start? When did this get out of hand?” Charles and Logan had taught him to find the answers to questions like this, using his own skills when he had no. ‘There has to be something I could do, something I can stop. I’ll do anything.’ They were all counting on him, Jean most of all. “There has to be an answer.”

“Honestly?” The cajun is familiar with this fed up tone of voice, and his only suggestion is running far, far away. “When her powers molted the first time. She may not have had access to it…. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t always been leagues stronger than us. Since the beginnin’.” She eclipsed them all. Rogue saw Charles die that day and it’ll always be burned into her brain. 


“No. What am Ah dancin’ around it for? You’re gonna fade away and go back to bein’ a mute drunk soon. My fourth child. And you will hold on to this for as long as you can when you get home,” Her face darkened as he stared at her, familiar with being tossed carelessly aside by circumstance being an X-Man. “But it’ll fade away, Scott. It always does.” Charles spent the last act of his life chasing shadows as well. 

“No, Rogue. It won’t. Stop acting like I can’t handle this.” Even if his current state is proof he can’t, she’d forgotten what a formidable teenager he’d been. ‘I HAVE to now.’

“Since fall tryouts… Her senior year, the professor started dammin’ her mind again. He started when he first found her, did it once and never spoke of it.” The words make her want to shower. As of right now, Scott is almost sure nobody knows of this in his time. Remy looks away, knowing his past is too spotty to pass judgement on this. “He had to do it frequently. Like constant, secretly. When he was with her, without her knowledge… That’s how strong she was as an eighteen-year-old.” 

He doesn’t know what he’s hearing, but it suddenly makes sense. Everything went into overdrive around that time. Their sophomore and junior years, she struggled to levitate a chair or table and considerable effort could keep her out of your mind. Then, her powers molted and Rogue had to drain her telepathy and everything changed. By the time mutants were outed, she was lifting the Juggernaut (who once made her blackout trying to hold him back). She lifted the Blackbird, and was one of the strongest forces on the team when Rogue was in the infirmary. She was unstoppable from then on. 

Tears shield grey eyes as the pale girl stood there in an oversized, red and black flannel. “And… It was okay, her powers still grew…. But when she put Cerebro on…” 

He had to be apart from her then, watching over the last resort plan (the one that saved the world). It almost killed him, but they both had to use everything Charles taught them to save him. And save him she did. But at what cost?

He’d never known that there were dams put in place to protect them all from her mind, that the love of his life was a potential ticking time bomb because Charles lived in secret. “It undid everything.” The grown woman with children of her own shivers and Remy crossed the room to her, standing in a dark trench coat. 

“It integrated her, Scott. It sent off a giant beacon of how powerful she was… All over the universe.” He doesn’t understand the impossibly powerful Shi’ar antimatter powering the device all along. That Charles knows and will eventually retreat to aliens for his fnal resting place (Rogue will never tell Scott this). 

“When Apocalypse fell, the Phoenix Force knew to come here.” He says when it seems the silver-banged girl cannot. “Strongest telepath in the world, it’s comin’ for her.” He hates thinking about all the horrible, gut-wrenching, and dangerous situations Rogue was flung into. How she almost wasn’t able to start this family with him after laying her life on the line. “But then space….”

“Jean will get hit with radiation…. Radiation that we won’t know is the Phoenix Force…” Rogue looks at white, vascular hands. If she knew then what she knew now, she’d run away from it all. ‘Why won’t you?’

“Are you saying if Jean saves holds off the professor as a horseman… She’s doomed?” The couples’ face answers for them. “Jesus Christ…” 

“Told ya this was bad.” Remy admonishes, his mood soured from the grim trip down memory road. “You try to interfere wit time and you will be punished, slim.” The former Master Thief would know. ‘Even more than you already are.’ 

“Promise me… Promise me you won’t try to do anythin’ stupid. Ah know it’s not supposed to be this way…” She grabs his hand and he looks down, stunned. “But my moms wasted their whole lives chasin’ smoke and visions that never should have been seen. Don’t you waste time doin’ the same thing.” ‘Enjoy it with her, dammit.’

Scott looks at his hand but it doesn’t feel like his anymore. He can see right through himself as the couple stare at him sadly. “W-What…. Wait.” 

“It’s time,” The cajun drawled. 

“Scott…. Ah’m sorry.” 

‘No! This is real! I have to remember-’ He struggles against the inevitable because he can’t help it, the images in front of him melting into a pink slurry. ‘Don’t forget! H-He’s damming, her he caused all of this!’


“We don’t make these calls, Wanda!” Whatever had enraged the red witch this day couldn’t be known, but she’s about to tear the Bayville Bridge apart in a red fury. “It doesn’t matter if they hate mutants!” He sympathizes with what the girl had been through. Magneto had manipulated him into evolving himself and nearly deserting the X-Men once. “You’re proving their point!” 

But her destructive tendencies were too much. “We don’t want to fight you.” The Friends Of Humanity watch closely as the only thing standing in the way of them and the Scarlet Witch are the X-Men. Half of the team was further up the bridge, evacuating civilians as the road crumbled in crimson energy.

Without remorse, Wanda flicks a wrist and a car nearly careened off the side of the bridge into the water. Bobby blasts a curve of ice quickly, keeping the family from plummeting to a watery grave. Left no choice, Scott shot an optic blast for her, knowing she’d likely warp it. Making their own mutations disrupt, she is their one kryptonite.

The red blast twists out of the way as he prepares to unload again. Rogue had her back pressed against a car behind, peeling burnt orange gloves off and praying she manages to get to the mall goth’s skin. If she’s caught up enough, this plan might just work. Or leave her in a lot of pain. When Bobby flies overhead into a minivan, she doesn’t have a choice. 

Scott grits his teeth as Wanda levitated a row of cars behind her, snarling like a rabid animal. Rogue takes her chance and leaps for her, and the red-bathed girl drops the cars to focus on her new attacker. The tall mutant is forced to watch as Rogue dangled over head, wrapped in a red light as she kicked and squealed. 

“You are pathetic for defending them.” She twisted her fingers as they writhed, soon enveloped in a deep sleep no matter how hard they wrenched. One full of nightmares, their worst fears, maybe even projections of the future. If Charles’ students survive, they could figure it out for themselves. “I don’t have to follow your rules…” Her mind is mangled after Mastermind’s editing, an angry shell of the girl she could’ve been. “I will never follow them again.” 

The glimmer of a child who never had a chance was fading, lost in madness and a bloodthirsty rage that never goes away. She doesn’t feel bad for what she does anymore. She doesn’t feel anything as both Rogue and Scott sink still to the concrete, at her mercy until their team discovers them. “Sleep.” 

“Scott…. Scott, please.” Jean has known the mutant for years, and she’d never seen him sleep so soundly or hit his head hard enough to be so deeply unconscious (not on a mission with others at risk). It terrifies her to wonder what the witch afflicted her teammates with. Her mind is twisted and she only seemed to aim to hurt others as she did (no matter what her kind teleporting teammate believed). “Please, open your eyes….” 

‘H-Her voice…’ She wasn’t gone, it wasn’t all lost. This Scott hasn’t heard or seen his wife in a year. 

Just like that, he’s back home or what used to be Bayville. Twenty years ago. He feels vitality coursing through his veins, one he hasn’t felt since the Phoenix ravaged his life. He never felt old until he stopped living, but he feels the difference in his twenty-year-old body, it feels amazing to be in even if it’s wrong. Healthy. Vivacious. Capable. He feels ready to go to war as his senses slowly come online. 

His eyes adjust to see both the redhead and and a younger Storm peering down at him with great worry. His tongue freezes in his mouth as others yell orders and directions to each other in the chaos. The African woman is tenser than he ever remembers seeing her, but she breathes deeply centers herself for his sake. A pro in the face of tension, as he’s always known her. Still, her voice chokes as she looks at him like he has three heads. “I was beginning to worry.” 

Jean throws herself around Scott even as he orientates himself, sobbing with relief as he dares to tangle his fingers with her strikingly long hair. Kurt was helping Bobby move slowly in the distance, holding his head and looking dazed in the witch’s aftermath. ‘W-We’re…. I’m…. Children. Just children, again. Jean is… I, Logan is….’ “Bobby just got knocked on the head, but you and Rogue were closest to her spell and hit the hardest. Thank god it didn’t work on me so I could come.” She had narrowly saved them all from her far-reaching hex with grown powers. Those words and the mention of the goth makes him panic for some reason. “Are you alright? You… Haven’t said anything.”

Normally he’d be reassuring them both and checking on the status of friends and teammates. But he was looking at Jean like she didn’t exist.  

The pale girl been his rock in the future, one of the only people to not give up hope but force him to live as he had through her toughest moments (Carol Danvers, Apocalypse, her mothers) but she is still young now, barely out of high school if Jean looks like this. ‘What happene-’ As always he was rushing to make sure she was fine and seeing if she could help him make sense of all of this. A million thoughts rush him as his limbs move, totally disconnected from what he meant. “Jean, you-” 

The psychic sees in his facial muscles that he’s been disturbed by something. Her brow wrinkles when he growls at her, grabbing her arms so tight it hurts. Like one of them nearly had died. She grabs back, swearing moisture was gathering behind the boy’s visor. “Hey, look at me! It’s okay, they were all illusions….” She’s never seen something shake him up like this, not even the mansion being destroyed. “We’ll be okay!” 

He wants to scream, cry, and throw up all at once as it seems he’s been granted his only desire of seeing Jean’s face again. At least once. She took his goodbye and the choice to go with her away from him. “Jean… I….” A sharp intake of breath makes her pull him to her. “I’m never letting you GO,” 

His words and intensity confuse the telepath, Ororo clearly very uncomfortable beside her. “Why would you-” It was like her boyfriend had joined in on Charles’ strange, secretive behavior, odd ever since he became a horseman. ‘Something isn’t right. If Wanda permanently…’ Her blood flushes with fire just at the thought. 

“Scott, honey….” Storm looks to Logan for some help, balancing the pale girl in his arms as he assesses the damage done to them and the bridge.

“He alright?” Logan grunts, Rogue fit into the crook of his arm as Remy slowly walked over, patiently supporting most of Kitty’s weight. Scott normally didn’t go down like that, it frightened him when he found most of the team sprawled out and Jean wailing like a banshee. The girl in his arms unfortunately has the hardest time coping with illusions and attacks that rearrange her already clustered and mind. She moaned a little as Scott turns and crawls over to see how she is. 

The telepath has never seen her boyfriend act like this, not even in their most frantic of times. Everyone stared as he struggled to his feet like crawling out of the pits of hell. “Rogue,” The thief blocks his way as the clawed mutant stands, eyeing the boy and his erratic behavior strangely. “What’d they DO-” 

“Easy, homme. Wanda did a number,” He explains, the girl wincing in Logan’s arms. His interference is weirdly comforting in a way it hadn’t been before he’d been knocked out. With that, Scott finally seemed to calm and accept that Rogue had someone to look over her (though he’ll be watching). “She need rest.” 

“You know how hexes affect her. Rougher than most,” Logan says, his words more of a dialogue to see if he remembered. “Scott-” 

“I’m not Scott…” He says breathlessly, staring at the glass-skinned mutant in his arms and the redhead staring at him. ‘They don’t know. God, they really don’t know….’ He hasn’t been able to imagine going back since it all fell down. He’d lived in purgatory. “Not the right Scott.”

“She’s gonna be okay.” Jean says firmly, Kitty looking like she might cry at the sorry and weird state of her friends. “And so are you. Just… Just try to relax… Focus on-” She reaches out mentally as she always had. 

“No, Jean. DON’T-”


Just a second’s exposure to memories that hadn’t happened yet send the psychic screaming in confusion, the images burning her mind’s eye. ‘What the HELL was-’ It’d only been a second and yet it told the redhead more then than she’d ever learned in her life. Ever hoped to. ‘W-Was… was that ME?’

“No! None of you understand! Stay out of there! I’m NOT Scott!” 

“O-Okay, please. You’re scaring us,” Kitty sniffles, Logan moving Rogue away from him for good measure. A damaged Scott is not something the team can deal with in a post Friends Of Humanity world. ‘Has she truly compromised him?’ She glared at them all from metal handcuffs her father had created to keep her from hexing. “You’re you, what do you mean?” 

“The magic, it vas not real. Vanda-” Kurt holds up his hands when Scott begins pacing oddly in his uniform. 

“I traded places with a younger version of myself. A younger consciousness. This… THIS…” The nostalgia is overwhelming to the older mutant, none of them believing what he’d truly been through, seen, and already knows. “This was decades ago for me.” 

“WHAT,” Is all Bobby contributes, his brain physically hurting from trying to keep up. “Cyclops-” 

“Listen to me, I know what happens to everyone one of you!” Now his moral dilemma, let them all suffer through what they must (Kitty’s brainwashing will save lives later, Kurt must go and believe in a benevolent Genosha to realize he belongs with the X-Men, and of course Rogue and Carol Danvers makes her durable enough to ever contend with Dark Phoenix) or stop it now. ‘Oh god, I-I can’t do this…’ What will Charles think?

What will he do when he sees him?

“I don’t know if Magneto’s daughter had anything to do with this….” 

“Oh, she definitely had somethin’ to do with this….” Logan glowers in her direction and Erik clearly communicates with Charles via telepathy (he allowed him in since D Day). They’d had many conversations and the psychic had been up most nights wondering what he might do about Wanda’s unstable and always growing mutation. She could’ve done a lot worse from what he heard and understood. “Wouldn’t count on her bein’ able to fix any of it…” 

Scott’s mouth moves into a hard line as Jean looked at him, sweat dripping down her forehead. ‘What does he know… About what I saw?’

“We need to get back home. I need to talk to the professor.” His tone of voice startles them all as he walks away, even from Jean towards the jet. Nobody knows what to say or what to think, but they might as well believe him. Remy reads how strange this was to everyone else and frowns. 

“Might talk to him too, stick around maybe. Til things normal.” The whiskered man must be in the twilight zone because he agreed while he shuffled cards. If this WAS a future copy of Scott’s consciousness, he’s going to spill the beans and Charles would not agree with that. Basically, all hell was about to break loose. 

“Scott, Scott wait!” Jean hovers after him as Bobby, Kurt, and Kitty hang back. 

“Sounds like a good idea, Gambit. This is about to give her the biggest headache of all.” 

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myficshopofhorrors·9 days agoAnswer
More about Bobby dating a human please?? Maybe he introducing his boyfriend to the rest of the school

first ask

“This is Hunter, everybody. My boyfriend!” As far as Bobby was concerned, this was like having a normal friend over. Nobody’s even sure if humans had come to the school before (definitely not since it’d been rebuilt and Risty doesn’t count) so quite a crowd was forming as Bobby stood in the foyer with the main team and instructors. The same faces passed by, trying to take in the dark haired youth. Taller than Bobby and wearing a beanie, he looks like goes to art school. “That’s Jean, Scott, Kurt, Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee, Charles (we just call him prof), Logan, Ororo, and Hank. Is that everybody? Phew….” 

The lanky human does well under pressure as he examined the tasteful decor of the mansion. 

“Ah, Hunter…” Charles begins before this meeting becomes a runaway train with him. He rolled forward in excitement. “We’ve heard so very much a-

“This your first boyfriend, kid?” Jean and Kitty look like they’re going to sink through the floor in embarrassment, but Rogue smirked. If Logan hadn’t asked, she might’ve (for all Bobby’s jokes Hunter was definitely his). 

“Oh, Wolverine...” Ororo begins, already rubbing a temple. “We’re very excited to meet you. What school is it that you attend, dear…” 

“Bel Air Arts Academy. It’s… Nice to meet all of you.” A few uncomfortable smiles and waves follow as Logan mostly just stares. He can’t make up his mind either way, he seems just like a teenager (which is what he’d hoped for). He seems harmless enough to Scott, but you could never be too sure. 

‘What are you feel about this?’ 

‘You know when I perceive everything it’s involuntarily, right?’

‘You have to be able to get a reading on something…’ 

‘I am not invading the mind of Bobby’s kid boyfriend. End of discussion. Also he gets teary-eyed mixing colors… So I think we have nothing to worry about.’ Scott would find something if he looked long enough, a hand clutching his chin pensively. 

“How did you guys meet? That school is like… Two and a half hours away.” Kitty points out after some quick math in her head. “I would know, it’s near the best mall on this coast.” 

“Ja I’ve… Never even heard of it.” Hunter doesn’t seem to mind as many pairs of eyes take him in. 

“Well, remember when Logan needed to ground me but he said if I stayed cooped up in the school he’d go CRAZY?” Everyone laughs as the hairy man rubbed his face with an annoyed hand. He’d gotten better, but he still had no idea what to do with the teenager most of the time. “Well… The art museum that would have me was about two and half hours away. His class was on a field trip!” 

‘Great. In other words this crap is my fault…..’

“Yes, when Bobby told me about his amazing family and his unique punishment….” Even Rogue smiles when the two grab hands. “All I knew is that I had to keep talking to him. And if I was lucky one day maybe I’d get to see what he was talking about.” The shy boy looks around at the group, exactly like the blonde had described to him at length. ‘They aren’t related by blood but they’re so close, I can tell.’ 

“Wow. That’s the first time in history anyone’s heard Bobby say somethin’ and had that reaction.” Rogue shrugs in a green sweatshirt. “Looks like they’re made for each other.” 

“Ah, Rogue IS funny.” Grey eyes lit up and soon, the pale girl had made her way to the two underclassmen. 

“You think Ah’m funny?” 

“Bobby says you’re a riot even if half the time your jokes go over people’s heads.” The goth grabbed the boy’s shoulders with a sly face, if Bobby’s learned anything it’s that flattery got places with her sometimes.

“Ah say we make him an honorary mutant,” 

“Rogue!” Ororo admonished, but she’s mostly just relieved that this meeting was going well. The entire school was protective with one another and rightfully so. 

“Hunter. It makes all of us glad that you find Robert as infectious as we all do. He is very precious to us all in his own way.” Charles says, the smile on his face genuine. Anyone who could make Bobby Drake slow down and articulate himself, he would be a fan of. He even had a red-striped button up buttoned all the way (and correctly which can be a struggle for the clumsy boy). “Please, make yourself at home here. I think lunch was just about to be served.” 

Ororo handed the boy a glass of ice tea before disappearing to work on that. 

“I wanted to find something not to like, but I can’t. If you make Bobby happy, I’m happy.” Scott holds a large hand out for a shake but Hunter goes for a hug. Rogue is taking a snapshot of this moment for when she breaks it to him she’s broken laws and nearly the laws of physics with a criminal. “It doesn’t matter what kind of genes either of you have. If you want to be together, you should be together.” Scott has met someone and felt that he absolutely had to have them in his life so he related. 

Logan grunts along with that (this kid doesn’t look capable of fighting his way out of a paperbag anyway). 

Dare he even find himself smiling at the two, that Bobby was so comfortable with his home and the people he lived with he brought his boyfriend there (knowing they would be overprotective but reasonable, trusting them). Jean grabs her boyfriend’s hand, feeling the emotions miles away. 

‘See. I told you. The professor’s dream is proof we aren’t going to all shack up in these walls…’ 

‘Okay. I believe you.’

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myficshopofhorrors·9 days agoAnswer
Rogue is sick because of her powers and the younger kids are fighting over the best course of treatment

Hank checks his thermometer for the third time, but the reading is clear. Rogue has a slightly above average fever, and even if it’s normal for her, they can’t have her exhaust herself on a mission and make her condition worse. Things snowballed too fast for her in the past. “I’m sorry, I know you’d rather her be there, but if that’s the case….” Rogue frowns, black and grey pajamas clinging to flushed skin in sweat. 

She didn’t feel great, but when did she ever? She’d gone on missions and won battles feeling much worse. “No, I’d rather know before she hurts herself later.” Scott says in his uniform, clearly disturbed by all of this. ‘I hope this won’t be like before…’ 

“Ah feel fine, really…” Logan shook his head no as he looked into bloodshot eyes. “Dont leave me-”

“Hank’s right, we don’t risk it.” Frankly, they’d be lucky if this was a flu. It never was that simple for her. One had been going around, but he got a specific feeling when her powers were about to put her through hell. He just felt it, and it’s about that time. “If you feel okay, take care of yourself and make sure you stay that way. You don’t wanna sit in the infirmary anymore than we wanna put ya there.” Despite his gruff and aloof nature, he’d been shaken to see Rogue so ill and fragile. 

Scott frowns just at the mention. Her stays were always longer than everybody else’s. “Yeah, rest…” So much happened in a short time before. She absorbed a large chunk of Jean, then again while she was possessed, and of course the Juggernaut not long after. Her condition just deteriorated until her psyches almost won. “It will only help you.” 

“Ah was shovelin’ cereal in Jaime’s mouth the other day while he was sick. He coughed all over me. That’s…” Rogue fought against the insatiable chatter of her mind like she did every day. ‘This can’t be that… Ah won’t make it again,’ Everyone had moved on from the terror of the last year but her. “That’s all this is. Ah think Ah’d know.” Logan and Scott both care too much to risk it (and know there’s a fat chance she’d admit it if she thought otherwise). “You’ll see… Feel dumb for lettin’ me stay here.” 

“Are you really fine? I’ve been requested to meet Ororo and Angel for something, if I can stand to. And we could use someone of sounder judgement to watch over the young ones than Ray.” She didn’t like admitting it, but the New Recruits looked up to the tough southerner. If this would get them off her back about running hot, she’d babysit. Everyone would be flying off to some mysterious location, so it’s not like she’d have anything else to do. 

“Sure. Ah’ll stay with ‘em and you’ll see how Ah’m fine to come on the next mission.” She’d looked worse before her meltdown, so Logan would accept it for now. 

“Okay. Sounds good, don’t stay up too late and don’t eat all the junk food.” Scott warns her seriously. “We’ll be back before you know it.” 

“Don’t threaten me.” 

In just a bit of time after their departure, Rogue finds herself wishing they had all stayed behind when her psyches increase in intensity. One minute, they’re watching some 80′s slasher flick (with the intent of scaring Jaime) in the Rec room, and the next Rogue can’t hear the soundtrack. No movie. None of the words and joking around her. 

‘I don’t want to be in here….’ 

‘There is no future for mutants where we are not dominant!’

‘Shouldn’ have left you here, chére. You not strong enough.’ 


It’s dim in there, and most of the New Recruits are huddled close and watching campy horror unfold. Jaime has a feeling this is more than a flu, and Scott and Logan’s solemn words stuck with him. ‘She needs someone to look after her, too.’ She was always looking after him, much younger than others and runty for his age. When he’s sick, she’s by his side like Wolverine was hers (he accepted no thanks but told her to pass it forward). She never seemed to get that sick. otherwise. She was either how she always was or needed to be monitored in the hospital. 

He sees that she doesn’t seem like herself, tucked tightly inward and swallowed by her brother’s dark sweatshirt. When the flashing lights of the T.V begin to aggravate her headache, she rose stiffly and moved quietly out of the room while no one would notice. Nobody except one concerned, small mutant for his age. 

He follows her into a dim hallway where she stumbles, trying to fight the dizzying feeling accompanying her psyche’s chanting. ‘Ah’m stronger…. Ah can’t… Let them win…’ The younger kids needed her. She was supposed to be looking out for them. If she has an episode now, they won’t know what to do with Charles in Scotland, Hank and Storm away, and Logan with the X-Men. 

‘I told you, that is no place for you Anna.’ 

‘Do not listen to her! You can overcome this, I promise you…’

‘I’m s-scared… I don’t want to be here….’ 

“Rogue?” Her skin glows in the dark, curly hair plastered to her face with sweat as she focuses on staying upright. “Are you sure you think you have what I had?” He doesn’t remember looking so miserable, even with his flu. Though clearly winded, the girl forges a smile and stands lamely in front of him. He was a worrier, and it endeared her to him because the only reason she doesn’t have anxiety is that she got angry at everything instead.

“Jus’ some chills, Jaime. Ah was gonna go outside from some fresh air. You can-” She trips and falls into the wall, making the younger child rush her in fear. 

“No, you don’t look good. Let me go get the others…. Please…..” 

‘Let us out of here.’ 

“Jaime,” She grabs him tight, knowing it may be inevitable what follows as she looked worriedly into his face. The wild look in grey eyes scares him. She was in the fight of her life. “If Ah start actin’ weird…” 

“No,” She smiles when tears well in his eyes. “Rogue-” 

“If Ah start mimickin’ powers, you get the others… You stay back. Ray knows… Nggggghhhh, who to call.” The younger mutant tries to grab a hold of Rogue, but a mixture of many powers hurls him back and alerts the entire school that something is wrong. Her power blows through a wall, but luckily leaves him unharmed as everyone races up to the scene.

Bobby and Roberto appear in shorts and henley shirts, praying that it is not what they think it is. Rogue’s powers malfunctioning is worst-case scenario when so many instructors are away. She’s tough and can get them out of danger, but they’re at a loss of how to help her or protect her from herself. 

“Jaime!” Luckily, the commotion has ceased as the younger recruit crawled over torn wall. Both boys untense when they see he’s fine. Rahne’s pigtails are down and on nights when Logan is gone or on a mission, she sleeps in one of his oversized flannels. She’s swallowed in it as Amara moved carefully, wearing one of Jean’s yellow hand-me-down nightgowns. 

“W-Was that Rogue?” The Brazilian girl asked carefully. With what happened in her mind, you had to be ready for her to lose control at any second. Though she was clearly in for a rough time, there were no levitating cyclones of death like when Jean lost control. The worst was over now, and as Jubilee and Ray craned their neck to find her, they realize only a sick Rogue is left behind. 

Knowing her instincts might go a long way, Rahne transforms into her wolf form and leaps over to her, whining when she doesn’t respond to her nudging. “Rahne’s right. She says her temp is rising,” Roberto understands easily, knowing the first thing that accompanied her issues was a rise in temperature. Bobby takes a deep breath and tries to keep cool, panicking in a situation he can’t joke his way out of. 

“O-Okay.” He stoops where the exceptionally flushed girl is laying, still and beaded with sweat as Jaime fought tears. If he let something happen to her, Logan would cut him himself (maybe not, but he’d probably never forgive him or himself). “I’ll cool her down, she looks hot.” 

Jaime more or less crowds beside him, watching when it seems like the pale girl is wincing in pain. Ray has trekked off without a word to the kitchen as Jubilee scrambles to find something to call the rough man on (for her and Rogue he will come running on his own if he has to). 

“Turn her on her back, Jaime…” Amara instructs, fighting tears since they all should’ve known what to do since they learned this in training classes. The situation was different when not only could their friend have a medical emergency but tear the school apart. 

“No, her side.” Roberto corrects, beginning to pant when Rogue gets even paler than she normally does. “The prone position. Oh, man. T-Tell them to hurry, Jubilee.” 

“I-I’ll get some cool water for her, Bobby can freeze it for ice if we need.” Sam’s mother used to do that for him as he wracks his brain for a way to help. He stumbles out of the room as Bobby and Jaime try to make their teammate comfortable. She doesn’t look it, eyes moving rapidly behind dark eyelids. 

Carefully, the blonde misted her as Ray returned with his arms full of items. Medicine, Gatorade, ice packs and other things as he took in his friend’s appearance. He pushes his mouth in a grim line and focuses. “Bobby, we might need you to ice up a tub if her temp climbs too high. Sam will bring the thermometer.” 

The others know he took care of himself on the streets, but they had no idea he would know how to take care of someone else in this situation. The punk stooped near and looked grimly at a porcelain face. “Think she could drink anything?” 

“She shouldn’t,” Jaime says quietly, clutching a slack hand. “She’s really out of it.” Ray cursed to himself and thought for a moment. 

“How do…” Bobby doesn’t finish when Rogue flinches. 

“A lot of Morlocks got sick. A lot.” He had been sturdier than most, that is why they pushed him to the school. Ray had a chance. “But… This is worse than that.” Jubilee reappears looking worried, Roberto rising and running her to as Rahne curled around the girl, helpless how else to help. 


“They’re getting out of the field and coming home as soon as they can. Hank’s been paged too, it’s just…” They were far from home. It was written on her face. “Logan said he called someone who might be closer and not to w-” A window shatters on the second floor as a thief unceremoniously made his way into the school and down a spiralling staircase. He doesn’t know what’s going on to make Wolverine call him, but he took Rogue’s well-being seriously enough to show up (and prove that he’d obviously been lingering around). 

He tries to act cool (which is hard when he’s out breath) as he stumbles to the mess left on the ground and the girl’s downed body. Logan gave him the short of it and she’d told him herself what her powers could cause, but he can’t believe that small girl toppled down a wall on her own. “G-Gambit?” 

“Brazil, peel her flannel off d’accord? Petite too hot, she need to cool. Bobby, keep icin’.” They both obey as Ray marvels at the thief, wondering if he can be trusted or not (especially if Rogue is so fragile). “Wolvie called. Said he’d turn me inside out if I do anythin’ besides help.” 

“Okay. He sent HIM,” Jubilee says with relief, wiping a beaded brow with her hand. 

“Remy came across a little birdie in a book…” He explains, brow furrowed seriously as he took in Rogue’s grave appearance. He’d much rather stick around and watch over her, but he can’t commit right now. This incident has made him believe in the woman’s visions, had he been elsewhere this would’ve ended differently. He reveals a vial of dark purple liquid Destiny’s words scared him into her stealing, a dark look on his face. “Keep her fevers manageable, till Dr. Hank get here. Give you time,” 

The younger mutants look grateful but Rahne snarls. She wasn’t sold on Remy yet and neither were all her teammates. 

“How do we know you can be trusted?” The orange-haired mutant crackled with electricity and and dared him to try something funny (they hadn’t forgotten his kidnapping). “You took her once, what i-” 

“No one ever done Gambit a favor.” He gestured to the ground with a scowl. “‘Cept her. So don’ you wonder. Now you da boss, get her in an infirmary bed runnin’ fluids till they get back! Why ya waitin’?” Frowning, Ray obeys as Jubilee and Amara gingerly tipped the solution to her lips. Just the act of trying to swallow it looks exhausting for her. The minute it hit, she relaxed, instantly. 

“S-She looks better…” Jaime says in bewilderment. The thief’s face softens as he looked at silvery bangs and a girl who suffered way more than she deserved to. 

“Bon,” He went to exit but Jubilee called after him, standing in a huge t-shirt with terrified friends. 

“Wait, won’t you stay with her?” Slowly, Ray gathered Rogue in his arms while Jaime and Bobby watched her closely. “U-Until they….” The cajun smiled and turned away in the dark. They’re all so innocent. It would be hard to peel himself away from the southerner so vulnerable. He cannot stay yet and she cannot come with him. 

“Better I go, petite. Chérie need to recover, anyway. Remy did what he need to, come back when she better.” If his presence wasn’t so disruptive maybe he would’ve stayed and hung out a while, but she’d need a while of rest. Peace. Her family. Not a thief getting her into trouble. He’d read it. “Gambit come back and check on her.” 

After the way he’d shown up now, the younger mutants would believe him. 

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myficshopofhorrors·10 days agoAnswer
When Remy and Rogue finally get married, Rogue asks her brother to walk her to the altar, Storm offers to officiate, Logan tries very hard not to cry, Jubilee makes more fireworks than anybody has seen in their life, Bobby decorates the whole mansion with ice, Kitty plans the whole party, Jean and Scott give them something over the top and extravagant as a wedding gift, the professor levitates of happiness and everybody purposely ignores the weird bird watching from the window.

Ororo floats down in a long, strapless, light blue dress and her hair curled beautifully as she waits for Jean to once her over. The New Recruit girls all settled on a theme of black with yellow accents but in their own silhouettes. Laura has settled for a black blouse and dressy short slacks with suspenders. Tabitha’s dress is full of tulle, Jubilee and Amara’s both A-Line and Rahne in a long-sleeved, floor-sweeping dress. 

“Okay,” Jean adjusts her own strapless dress, key-lime like her birthstone. “Everyone looks great.” Kitty appears with curled hair, in charge of making sure the men are presentable (somewhere Scott and Logan are gruffly fixing the groom up). 

“Boys look as good as they’re gonna look.” Piotr’s sibling is wearing a dress that mirrors Kitty’s, grey with silver sparkles. “I think we’re ready….” All of their eyes light up in excitement. Rogue is having one final conversation with Hank before she’s ready to get the ceremony started. Ororo spent the entire year working on her dress, getting it just right for the occasion. “I think we’re almost ready!” 

“Right on time,” Jean closes her eyes to inquire how Remy might be doing. ‘How’s our groom-to-be doing?’

‘He’s scared out of his mind. I can relate, I felt the same way. He’ll do great.’ She’s not sure where he pulled such kind and encouraging words from but she’s officially impressed with him. ‘Good, Rogue’s going to check in and then we’ll be ready.’

“Okay,” Kitty, Ororo, and Jean come to a huddle as seats slowly start to fill outside (virtually perfect day, balmy with a breeze thanks to one weather mutant). “You guys go get seated, we’re gonna see how crazy the bride’s going.” 

The parlor clears and Hank finally releases Rogue to go get ready himself. She appears in the stunning, mint green strapless dress detailed with tireless stitching on the bodice. It is the exact shade the woman agonized over, it doesn’t make the fair-skinned girl look pale or washed out at all. She was glowing in the right way, even with her bangs. 

She even surrendered to excited friends and let them give her a much less harsh paint on this special day, with softer greens and plums and even a pink on her lips (just this once). Her natural hair curled easily and was pinned up delicately like she had years ago for the play. Even though she looked like a fairy, she scowled into the room, shocked at the few who could see her. 

“Mystique always told me Ah’d need a dark weddin’ dress…” She says even though Storm’s work is breathtaking. She imagines it on Kitty and Jean and her eyes water. She feels like spoiled milk, even if everyone covers their faces. 

“No… You-”

“It’s perfect,” Jean almost screams at her. “You don’t look washed out at all. It’s great! You look…” 

“Beautiful….” Kitty finishes, in awe of how wonderfully her old roommate cleaned up. 

“Oh, Rogue…. I’m so happy for you.”  Ororo grabbed the girl’s hands and take her in again with a deep breath. “You look like a fairytale… Truly,” It’s a real smile on the pale girl’s face, one she’s wanted so long to see. That she was home. Loved. She belonged, she always had but now she knows. “I am ready when you are.” 

“Thank you. For everythin’….” She looked to her close friend and one unlikely one, two who’d always been by her side (every up, down, and screaming match about the thief) just like she was for them. “All of you.” 

“We are SO happy to be there,” Kitty says, winking a glittered covered eye. 

‘I think we are ready if you are….’ 

‘If he doesn’t pass out on us honey.’

‘Will you send Kurt here?’

Moments later the teleporter produced himself, in awe of the way his sister had transformed her look for this. “Liebchien. Stunning, so happy for you.” He hugs her carefully when she sissies over to him in the dress. “Vhat do you need?” 

“Walk me.” She’s breathless, gripping his hands in excitement. Asking Logan might make him so emotional he becomes angry, and he was much more to her than a father. She would never ask him even symbolically let her go. Kurt has cheered her on and encouraged her to open her heart to the world. “Down. T-The aisle. You’re my family, an’-” 

“Sure. Anything, today if for you, sis.” They link arms and he eyes the sleek bracelet on her wrist (Hank worked tirelessly so she didn’t have to wear a thick collar on her wedding day). “I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you. You’re the best brother Ah could ask for.” How grateful she is he always insisted on being one, especially when she made it difficult. Rogue holds her face straight, so she doesn’t need a touch up. She never thought she’d get here once. When Kitty gestures outside, Scott signaled to Bobby. Eventually, the mansion is covered in chrome looking ice of another world, changing the look completely as he covered everything for effect.

“Okay,” Jubilee and Laura pull Logan into place and try to tell if he’s already starting crying. The idea of the most alienated girl besides his clone getting married and having a family of her own (like they wouldn’t have kids since Hank had been tinkering) got to him. It’d been a fight every step of the way and he’d do it all over again. It’d be an honor. “I think they’re actually about to start. Don’t cry YET,” 

“Cry, like I have tears left... You millennials…” Laura smirks but keeps a specific detail of the emotions she smells to herself. The man was feeling weepy, most in attendance were. Despite Jean’s consoling, Charles had been crying tears of joy for an hour. He couldn’t be happier for anyone, maybe even Jean and Scott. He wanted nothing more than love, and happiness, and peace for her. She deserved it the most. 

“They may want some pictures of you without tears,” Hank reminds him a little misty-eyed himself. It was the kind of stories he read in his novels. 

Storm is waiting as Remy appeared, maybe alone as far as his family is concerned but he has everyone rooting for him as he prepares himself for the longest wait of his life. He’s always imagined spending his life with someone like Rogue, but the idea of wedding is still so alien. It feels like imposter syndrome as people prepare to hand the precious girl to him. A thief. A known criminal. 

Scott nods as he continues, trying not to stumble over his own feet as he tries to imagine what Rogue would look like as his bride. All he can see in his head is an angel coming down to save him. The sight of her next to Kurt makes him drop his head in amazement, growing hair gathered into a chic ponytail at his neck. She’s somehow more beautiful than he imagined, eyes watering as she takes each slow and deliberate step. 

The sight of siblings arm-in-arm makes Logan suppress a growl and dark eyes shimmer with emotion. Jubilee sees but decides to give the rough man the day off. 

“I want to do things differently here, as most of us know… We are all different.” Storm could hogtie the cajun and drop him in a river for all he cared, as long as he was officially married to Rogue. It’d been long enough. “If you’ve brought something here for the other, please reveal it.” Only sniffles are heard as Rogue’s onyx band shines in the sun. 

The ring in Remy’s fingers is dark and fitted with emeralds (just like she always dreamed about). “This ring holds a promise. To cherish, honor, and protect each other until your last breath. In my lands, that promise is for life. Today, do we make it?” As usual, Ororo’s voice commands nothing but truth.

Red and black eyes glitter and Remy nods, finally sure of something. “Been waitin’ for all my life, Anna.” 

She can barely speak as everyone watches, hands shaking as she holds his for dear life. “Yes,” 

“Then by power vested in me by the gods, I declare it! You belong to each other, as husband and wife.” Everyone jumps up in applause as the thief gently takes the girl into his arms and place a delicate kiss on her mouth. “Congratulations…. Mrs. Rogue LeBeau.” Now her time to shine, Jubilee leapt up and fired the wildest firework display ever seen on the campus (and there were a few instances that came to mind). The watching crowd pointed and cheered as the couple looked up, hand in hand. ‘Forever…’ 

“Please….” Gabby practically was crawling all over Logan in anticipation of refreshments (a healing factor hasn’t kept the tiny clone from enjoying food). “Can we get this cake business started…. She can’t be still any longer.” The fact she didn’t disrupt the ceremony was a miracle.

“Course Wolvie,” He lets the younger clone run off (Kitty following closely after) as he and the cajun share a long look of approval. If it made Rogue this happy, he’d have to support it. 

“Congratulations.” Stuffed in a tux that Jean and Storm picked out, he clapped a broad hand on the New Orleans native’s shoulder and brought the girl to him in a rare moment they could hug. “It don’t need to be said, but take care o’her.” 

“Oui, Logan.” He understands how important she is to not just the grumpy man but the whole campus.  

Jean wipes at her eye as she, Rogue, Remy, and Scott all exchange heartfelt hugs.  It’d taken a long time to get there, but the French-speaking mutant meant well and had a good heart, a huge one for their sensitive teammate. It was time to let her go. 

“We are so so happy for you, truly. This was… A dream.” Jean doesn’t say it but she’s jealous of how easily everything hitched off. It was not such for her and her husband (a lot went on at that time with elections and Mr. Sinister).

“I’m proud. Of both of you. You deserve this.” Scott says surely, holding one of both their hands. He’d been telling Rogue she deserved someone for a long time now. 

“We… Know how Remy loves to travel and Rogue has always wanted to and never got a chance off missions.” Jean begins, knowing the mansion had fought viciously about this. The girl disappearing indefinitely or into trouble without being able to tell anyone was a worry. That was kind of what the thief was known for. 

“And some of us thought you may steal her away, well… What about…” He produces two thick envelopes of tickets and stands seriously in his tuxedo. 

“We did some research, and purchased tickets and resort/spa/couple treatments all over the world! Some of the most spiritual places we could find, maybe even some you haven’t been Gambit.” Charles rolls forward, proud of his part in this. 

“All with mutant contacts, and mutant approved safe spaces for you to go. All places I have funded and we have X-Men have helped and positively impacted. You’ll both be treated like royalty for a change.” Rogue runs as fast as her gown will allow to give the man a hug. Even Remy can’t fathom how much money he’s looking at (he knows how much things like this cost). Between Jean’s family and Charles it was nothing. 

“Cordoba, Spain…. Kyoto, Japan?! Peru… Bolivia…. Sri Lanka?! Tibet? Paris, Jean……” He feels overwhelmed and more excited than he’s ever been in his life. Watching this girl experiencing it all with him would be the most amazing part. Her mouth is hanging open.

“Take it. Take that year. See everything you wanna see and more.” It gives Jean a lot of pleasure to say that. 

“And come back.” After an all expenses paid spa vacation, they will have to want a little action after. It was his compromise with a fed up wife. Pale hands meet sun-tanned ones. 

“Ah… Ah can’t wait,” Logan stands, grinning next to Ororo as his eyes scan the lawn for any trouble. Birds were chirping, Bobby and Kitty were fighting over cake (and his clone has had four pieces). Business as usual. 

“You notice that bird over there… Barely been breathin’?” If it wasn’t a peaceful celebration, he would’ve started that fight. She didn’t deserve to see anything. She had no place in Rogue’s life. “I swear it’s-” 

“Of course I have. Let her be a mother…. Just this once,” She pushes him back where Bobby and Rahne are playing and away from anything that could tank his mood. It’d simply been too beautiful. 

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Scott x Jean x Rouge acting as a couple around the school and a new student is confused

“You’re gonna like, love it here….” Kitty smiles at the two blonde New Recruits who could look like siblings at a glance. Piotr’s sensitive sister Illyana had enrolled at Xavier’s institute and so did Sam’s sister, Paige to finally join them. “And your brothers won’t be far away.” 

Scott has always been the older sibling she never had, but she would’ve loved to have a real one back then. Kurt is something of one now as he walks on the other side of them in a short-sleeved shirt. They’re always given tour duty (Rogue’s had been so depressing she nearly scared a young telepath away). 

“Gee… This place sure is big.” Paige is just as southern as Sam and gifted with the ability to change the top layer of her epidermis to anything substance she wants. An intriguing mutation to say the least, she’s given high training priority by Logan and Scott.

The Russian blonde with blunt bangs was a bit more fragile, some sort of interdimensional traveller. Sick when she was young and her metal brother’s whole world, he did his slaving as an Acolyte to protect and provide for her, a reasoning that gained him easy access to the X-Men. She’s a little overwhelmed to be somewhere so nice, but thankful to be with kind people like her. 

“Yes… It is huge compared to Illyana’s country. As big brother said.”

“Your brother is a good artist, Magik. And Paige… Sam is great at throving parties and making messes.” Kurt says with some thought, hoping he hasn’t offended her. They all laugh and think about all the times Sam specifically was grounded for throwing or trying to throw a party. 

“If you said anthin’ else, I’d think you’re lyin Nightcralwer’.” That was an accurate and fair description of her fun-loving brother. Illyana doesn’t seem to notice, but she spies three bodies moving across the garden while Kurt and Kitty pointed. She’d gotten a lot of vibes between Cyclops and the redhead, but also the winter-child goth as well. 

Now they were all three together and it looked like he was holding both of their hands. She’d never imagined that he’d been simply into them both, but walking out like they live on some mutants only island was not what she expected (or what they did in the south). Jean laughs and it is the pale girl wearing all black who hugs her from behind. Scott marveled at a butterfly in the sky. 

The younger mutant nearly blushes when Kurt catches her staring. “Oh, them.” It shocks both new arrivals how casual that seemed to them. “They…” 

“Are a special case.” Kitty says, ushering them inside with a smile. “Rogue gets a little copy of you inside her head when she touches your skin.” The short brunette explains as they move inside. Both New Recruits listen closely. “As of right now,” Her expression becomes grim when she remembers when her psyches came back. “There’s nothing to be done about them.”

“But she’s vorking on it.” Kurt points out. “But… Jean’s psychic power and telepathy…. It never stops growing,” 

“Rogue…..” She strained against Logan’s hold and Charles’ advice. Jean’s powers had flared once again and she took quite a hit on the head. Scott hadn’t even gotten up yet. “If you risk touching her, her personality will likely just take you over! Your psyche is tired!” The frantic psychic warned, wide-eyed as Jean simmered behind them.

It was too hard for all of them to see her like that detached from herself as her powers lash out and destroy. “No… Ah have to do somethin’-” 

“You’ll just get hurt,” The rough man points out. “More hurt than you already a-” 

“She needs us!” Nobody can refute that as her power makes a crater into the lawn, charring everything in sight. 

“Since Rogue can touch her and absorb some of it, at least for the time being…. It kind of makes sense.” Maybe she has no choice but to grow fond of someone who now shares her identity but the first friend she ever made at the school. Scott. They all three started reaching out for each other. 

“My brother says Rogue is very brave.” Illyana points out with a solemn gaze. So does Paige’s. 

“Ve are lucky to have her,” Kurt points out as he leads to where they’ll be staying. ‘And they are luck to have each other, aren’t they?’ “Come on, show you guys the Rec room…” 

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Remy "bonding" with Lance over the trouble of loving an X-man who always runs into danger?

The thief flashed a dazzling smile and laughed as Scott tapdanced around his question again: where the hell was his pale girlfriend? Until he could reconcile with giving up crime, his past, and current endeavors, he dropped in to get his dose of southern goth. First with a card bearing details. Then he dropped for real to spend time close to her. 

Spring had hit and his trip could’ve been prophesied. She received the card, but this time; she left him hanging. No phone calls or texts, either. If she hated him for being a flighty lover with shady morals she only brought the best out of, he’d live with that. He would see with his black and red eyes she was fine and accept it. But she owed him that much (and he knew her, and she’d want to tell him so). 

Her silence was either enforced by overbearing friends or she wasn’t there/she got wrapped up in something bigger and something was wrong. X-Man or not, they were about to start telling him or he’d burn everything down. Easily. 

“Not many more times Remy gon’ repeat himself. Cyclops. Wanna see my girlfriend or know where she is and why she (a grown woman) has been forbidden to communicate wit moi.” He’s smiling, but there’s no smile on his face as he stared viciously.

“Not saying any of that.” Scott repeats, seeming numb about something himself as he stands in an X insignia’d jacket. “I’m saying she’s NOT here.” 

“An’ she left her phone? Didn’ tell me she had a mission or somethin’ comin’ where she c-” He ditches the sentence to slip under Scott’s arm into the school. Normally buzzing and teeming with life, the foyer is empty. Insanely quiet. ‘Somethin’ is wrong… Hopefully not with her…’ He studied classy decor, just like he imagined. 

“You cannot jus-” A sullen-faced Kitty and Lance give it away as they stand by. Rogue is not there, and not by choice. Ordinarily, Logan would’ve been trying to skin the cajun for waltzing at their door. He’s either strategizing or off looking already. He reads it in Scott’s defeated posture. He grabs him by the jacket and wrenches angrily. 

“What is goin’ on? Tellin’ you, Gambit don’ like this.” He didn’t play about his things, and while Rogue is not some possession, she is one person he’s allowed to be dear to him. All bets are off and Scott sees that as he can’t help but relate, know he’d be acting worse if Jean went radio silent on him. 

“Here… Gambit,” When Kitty looks like she’s about to breakdown in his oversized flannel, Lance steps up to help put a smile on his worried girlfriend’s face. Looking much smaller with a tear-stained face and short hair, Remy releases Scott and waits for an explanation. 

“Here, Scott…” He lets the small girl lead him towards the kitchen. “I’ll make you some coffee….” Remy isn’t sure what this young boy can say to him as he starts to panic, but his eyes are determined. 

“Where the hell is chére?” The grown mutant is not above pulling his cards out. “What you got to do w-” 

“Alright. I’m gonna give it to you straight because you need it.” The grungy boy’s presence at the institute should say it all. Only his girlfriend’s heartbreak could drive him inside those walls. “Something… Happened.” 


“S-She’s missing, okay. It’s her mother. My old boss. I’m letting Mr. Clean check my head for anything that might give them a hint at her headspace. With her...” 

“Merde. Anythin’ help. Damn it.” The thief drops to a distressed squat as Lance frowned at him.  He’d been there many times, ever since the Brotherhood dissolved. Kitty’s genius and unique powers made her a frequent target to the test of Logan’s sanity. “She….” He feels foolish mourning in front of a boy out of high school who just can’t imagine what he’s feeling. He imagines his life with the wall-walker being peaceful. 

He sees it on his face. “Look. I can tell by the look on your face my word doesn’t mean a lot…. But since I’ve been with Kitty she’s been outed on TV and chased by a sentinel, faced mega-Apocalypse Magneto, been possessed and even brainwashed into a ninja assassin, trapped in a metal dome, kidnapped to space and you don’t even want to know what your girlfriend probably pretends never happened.” 

Kidnapping attempts by Mystique could be expected a few times a year at this point. He gets the intended reaction when Remy pales several shades lighter. “For what it’s worth, she’s survived Mystique before. She won’t hurt her-” Lance doesn’t understand how his sweet girlfriend tolerates her but he’d never deny Rogue how tough she is. Tougher than him for sure. 

“Not intentionally.” Remy cut in bitterly, his mind spinning with what could be happening to her. He’d read Destiny’s diaries before, and they were not for the faint of heart. “God….” 

“I know how much damage she can do. That’s why I’m here. As someone who’s been here, Remy… Don’t go off and do something stupid.” The cajun snorts at the prospect of being expected not to track Mystique the second he stepped outside. 

“You don’ know what she can do, homme.” 

“She was the closest thing to a parental figure I’ve ever had. Yes. I do.” Remy feels guilty for his part in playing the boys, back when Magneto was his employer. They were no different than him and Rogue and cut a raw deal themselves. “Every time I rushed after Kitty I accomplished nothing and nearly got myself killed.” Dark eyes bore into the older mutant. “You want her back, come and help them. You don’t have to stay and join a team…” It takes Kitty being in danger for Lance to listen to Scott, and it’s still rough. 

HIs odds go up of taking Mystique with them. His comfort and sanity aren’t really important if the shapeshifter has her daughter. The near silence of the school reflected the serious state of everything. 

“Alright. Hang out with Rocket Raccoon and Captain America for chére’s sake… But she’ll owe me…” He extends a staff and moves closer to the boy, definitely who he’ll get on with best under the circumstances (anyone else and Wolverine might try to cut him. “It… It always… Like this?” His brow wrinkles at the thought of this troublesome life with the girl. He’d steal her away first. 

Lance feels bad for the fear he sees reflected in red irises. “Honestly… Kind of. I don’t know where you’ve been, but the world’s always ending over here.” Precisely why he made a point to stay away. ‘Not anymore…’ He thinks. Even this is worth it if it gets her back. 

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Ororo and Logan trying to get some time alone to themselves, but the kids keep interrupting

Logan does his best not to stare at the weather priestess like a tomcat in heat, but she made it hard for him (even in that damn uniform of hers), she could look like royalty in a paper bag. Why she insisted on trying to love the sea urchin of a little man she’s stuck with, he will never stop wondering. He’ll never stop being thankful, either. 

Being two main instructors, veteran members of the X-Men, and surrogate parental figures for most of the school roster, they didn’t get a lot of time uninterrupted or alone. The fuller the school became (which was very full after Apocalypse and Charles’ announcement of his school and what exactly they did). 

Children who’d never had names or explanations for their oddities came in droves, making it the bustling campus he’d seen years ago in visions. They are both thrilled to see life breathed back into this important dream. After such a period of darkness (almost losing her, Rogue, and the professor was as dark as it could’ve gotten) it was a sight to see. 

As the main team got a little older and assumed responsibility, the whiskered man thinks alone time is possible with a planning and some luck. She appreciates the attempt and initiative, if anything. Expecting the expected in their home was a foolish idea. Still, she was decked in thick gold jewelry, her hair in twists, and wearing a burgundy maxi dress. Logan doesn’t like his thoughts around telepaths, but she deserved them, stunning in the most effortless way. 

Whatever is coming from the kitchen smells heavenly, and the school is suspiciously quiet for full occupancy. He sees a glimmer in in blue eyes and he’s realized he’s one, wearing a real suede and fringed jacket for the occasion. “Well, darlin’….” 

“It seems li-” Kitty walks in with a definite scent following her, blue cardigan stripped in her hands. Logan smacks his face when he realizes one of the younger students has had her chemistry lesson from a few years ago. 

“O-Okay, they like won’t admit it… But Kurt and Bobby totally PRANKed me by stink bombing… Righ-” When she finally looks up to see the atmosphere trampled in the piano room, she pauses in a plain tank top. Embarassed. Ororo’s (stunning and red painted lips) were pressed together uncomfortably and Logan was growling. 

“Yes. It appears they did....” He’s seriously battling with whether to ground them or not for this. 

“There goes my appetite….” 

“Oh.” The good and meaty food she’d been smelling this evening was for them. Apparently on a date. Blue eyes go wide and apologetic as the hairy man scowled at her. She’d be making this up forever (and she had no solution to smell better. “Hi Storm, I’ll… Just, what am I supposed to DO?” 

“I dunno, twerp. But you better start with some cans of tomato paste and a prayer. Git’,” He rubbed his face with a sigh as she disappeared where she came. 

“What will we do with her…” 

“Send her away, I hope.” It’s surprisingly  to have surrogate daughters in the double digits. They only seemed to get more ornery with time as he reflects on them in annoyance. “Gosh, these kids. They don’t slow down and then when the world’s endin’ they can’t crack one smile so you can sleep at night. Babies.” 

Ororo folds lean arms as her paced in agitation. “We were due for at least one interruption, Logan. Just come over here.” His face softens at the invitation and he moves, until he hears a strange commotion upstairs. “Oh dear…” She remained seated on a floral couch as he sniffed. 

“NOW, what?” 


She’d been a little big for her britches ever since she put Cerebro on her head. Hank thinks she accidentally integrated her whole power (something Charles had been secretly blocking and damming to prevent for fear of not knowing what would happen). She feels the upgrade and is anxious to learn how to wield it and help, but she lacks the control. She doesn’t truly understand how powerful she’s made herself (maybe forever).

He regrets being transformed into a horseman every day and has dedicated his second chance to helping her. Fixing this. 

Ororo slicked silver hair behind her ear pensively. “Did I water my plants today?” Not meaning to eavesdrop, but picking up every half-formed thought, the psychic responded. 

‘Oh! I’ve got it, Ororo!’

‘Uh, Jean… Dear-’

Thunder cracked so hard the whole mansion shook, Logan stumbling on his feet. “What the hell?! W-” 

“Oh… Oh no…” One massive sheet of rain poured on the garden (and everything else outside. They can both imagine the bald man’s posture upstairs, head completely in his heads as he wonders what to do. 

‘I…. I may have overdone it a bit. I’m so sorry. I’ll… I’ll help you with setting it up, once the lawn dries….’

‘It is no problem Jean. Really… I’d been meaning to start over.’ 

Logan can tell by the truly crestfallen look on her face that that batch of plants was done for. It was often antics around the school completely ripped her dreams of a plant family away. That’s why she hid them inside where nobody went and only planted few. 

“I’m sorry, ‘Ro.”

“She didn’t mean it.” She says, and with a sigh it’s let go. Holding on to resentment in that house will kill faster than anything else. She’s better than him as he examines heartbreakingly pretty features. Then an acrid smell reminds him that his lovely steak had been sitting in the oven. For a really long time. 

“Oh, shi-” He runs off without explanation, but the African knows what’s transpired easily. It doesn’t matter, in his tizzy to prepare for her the rough man hadn’t noticed someone’s absence. But Scott had. 

“You were doing WHAT? Going out and baiting fights? After EVERY thing that happened?” Not even Charles’ work on Rogue’s delicate mind could help these wild impulses she’d been giving into. After what she’d been through (another mind forced needlessly into hers thanks to Mystique) she might never be herself again. 

“It’s not baitin’, Scott. The Morlocks get messed with every day! For no reason. Me, Tabitha, and Wanda-” Rogues hollering back as finally gained Logan’s attention before Ororo could get in the middle. His face is so dark they may not be able to get the night on track again as he whisks in the room, the kitchen smoking. 

“You and Magneto’s daughter what? Kid, hang out with someone who hasn’t tried to have you killed once!” This is a low blow since Remy has recently disappeared, and it’s bad timing. No matter what anyone does, Rogue feels alienated and like she no longer belongs. It’s concerning that the red witch seems to be indulging that and the man is fed up. “I’m tired of seein’ you self destruct, Rogue.”

“Screw you.” Before Scott can say anything else, Rogue hovers away in a trench coat and shoots out the door. Dinner was ruined, Ororo’s garden was ruined (for the second time that month), Kitty’s aroma STILL lingered and killed any mood, and now Rogue’s flown to some roof to cry. 

The night disintegrated fast like it always did, and when Scott stomped away, Ororo rose and grabbed Logan’s hand in understanding. Dinner and a little alone time was not going to happen. Not tonight. 

“I want to talk to her, you don’t mean to but she’s feeling alienated. I’ll show her this is where she belongs, regardless of what she’s been through.” What the African woman wanted a forum to pay Mystique back for all the suffering she’s caused. Logan nods, well aware of when his presence doesn’t bring out the best of others. 

“Yeah. I think it’s gonna take the intervention of me and Chuck to find something for red. Her power… We ain’t seen nothin’ like it and it ain’t goin’ away.” As much as he’d like it to. Ororo nodded towards him grimly. Things became complicated when they walked away from En Sabah Nur. Everyone had grown, changed, and been through so much in just a short year past. 

“Right.” The silver-haired mutant brought his fist to her face and kissed it, still grateful to have someone as thoughtful as him around. His effort showed her if nothing else that he wants for her to feel good. Wanted. And loved. And she understands that most of all. “Thank you for tonight.” 

So simple, exactly what he needed to hear after a loaded night where he could’ve left wondering. One they’ll both be walking away from unsatisfied. “Give you more if I could.” 

“Soon.” She is never worried about when as long as they are by each other’s side. 

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Laura and Jubilee doing each other's nails

The clone stared at short, blunt stubby fingers in comparisons to Jubilee’s. So delicate and graceful. Surprisingly nimble as she wrote, typed, or did anything with them (Laura would know as she’s spent enough time staring at them). Hers were for maiming. Destroying. Causing and spreading pain like the weapon she was supposed to be. And at her her best to protect. But not for holding or caressing, no matter how badly she wanted to. 

She’d been staring at her box of nail polish (a community collection of all the girls’ filled to the brim with every shade imaginable). More colored than Laura ever thought possible. Metallic, pastels, matte shades and everything in-between. It almost annoys the tan girl on this perfect day that Jubilee was taking so long (every color complimented her skin tone). 

When the firework mutant catches her friend marveling at her own hands, she smiles and picks a black that was slightly iridescent with a grin. “I have an idea! We’ll paint each other’s fingers, outside.” 

“I always wear gloves.” Laura begins with a blank face. “Plus, the way I train and use my claws it would chi-” 

“It’s also an excuse to touch each other’s hands.” The dark-haired mutant is silenced by that, and though she’d never ask outright to do so she enjoyed the moments of calm the girl’s fearless touch brought her. She says nothing before finally snatching a pale yellow and letting herself be led to the garden outside. Nobody double takes the pair anymore, as normal as Wolverine fussing after Kitty in the days after Apocalypse. 

They settle on a light blue blanket somebody had left behind and stared at the obviously different colors together. Black and yellow, like a stinging bee. Strange. Two different ends of the spectrum that shouldn’t be near each other in the first place. The passing thought makes her face frown as Jubilee crosses her legs in denim cut-offs and shakes both bottles vigorously. 

“You keep spacing out and I’ll paint yours yellow.” She wrinkled at the thought of the color clashing with her skin-tone, the only thing her mother gave her. 

“It wouldn’t matter. At the rate I wear gloves….” She snatches the yellow and a tiny hand with disturbing reflexes. Jubilee is about the only girl in the school who doesn’t flinch at her movements, knowing how she was bred and created specifically to kill. She’s like Wolverine, but more deadly (and they all knew how dangerous he was). 

She watches with interested eyes as she flicked the bottle open and paints one whole hand perfectly before she can blink. “Okay, wow-” Without a struggle Laura goes for the second hand before her nails are perfect and evenly coated. Yellow. She’d expected there to be a little more touching, but she isn’t sure why. They haven’t her a task to struggle with yet. “Well, I don’t know why I expected that to take long.” 

Carefully as to not mess up the job, Jubilee opened the shiny black polish as the assassin examined it. “Hope you’re not expecting a fast job…” 

“You could never paint anything as fast as I-” Her touch silences a constant stream of fact-spouting. Jubilee is about the only thing that can quiet the girl from correcting or refuting, a result of the knowledge crammed into her brain before puberty. Her hands are warm as they sit in the sun (the clone still covered head to toe in black). She is only in a simply white v-neck, catching dark eyes anyway as she works to return the favor. 

“They don’t have to be perfect. The expectation is unrealistic. And unnecessary. As… I wear gloves most of the time, anyway.” She doesn’t really mind repeating herself when she talked to her. 

“Well… Maybe not if you paint your hands.” A dark eyebrow quirks as she studies them, large but not lacking feminity. “I like them.” She takes a moment to play with them as Laura grew hotter.  

“My hands?” Mammoths next to hers, or at least it felt like it. 

“You don’t see me painting Rahne and Amara’s hands…” She would, but the favorite of Wolverine’s had been making up excuses to spend time with his clone, and she had given up trying to avoid them. She can’t fathom being favorite over anyone else by someone who wasn’t forced to, but she clamps her mouth shuts and lets her continue. “Mine just kind of… Fit there.” 

For once, she doesn’t seem to have something to say back. She often felt like she fit in a little, at least with the firework mutant’s side. The child soldier says nothing, but Jubilee feels her grip tighten, if only for a second. A small step in a very important direction. 

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okay! sorry my brain is struggling to find some semblance of normalcy rn but I’m getting to the tail end of my asks and with nothing but time to plan and complete them, I’ll open my ask briefly tonight and prob close before bed (which especially now for me is late hehe) 

may this all rollout and give us all something to look forward to~

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PART 2 of Scott’s temporary blindness - Rogue still feeling guilty, Scott being the sugar he is and still trying to get her to understand it’s not her fault - Her offering to help him with changing the bandages, it’s rather intimate since it’s such a rarity to see his face w/out his shades - both feel the change in the air... Rogue half-teasing him for being a Pretty Boy with lashes girls would kill for. Helps ease the awkwardness - Scott brings up the freckles again as it’s fair game

first ask

Everything’s ringing after Magneto’s machine almost kills Rogue instantly, sapping her of her youth and vitality to power itself. In slow motion, in black and white, the world moved around her as grey eyes stared up. Barely seeing. The noise turns to white static in her ears, but the words still sound like gibberish as concerned friends lean over and ask her questions. Beg her to answers, that this was worth it. 

“Do you know who you are?” 

“Are you okay?” 

“Did his healing factor work?” 

“I-I don’t know…”  It takes a long time for the words to register as the faces rotate out of her line of vision. 

“Rogue,” Ororo has never sounded so scared as she shakes the girl, begs her to put one coherent thought together. Her finger shakes as the glossy-eyed girl blinks. ‘What has he done to her…’ “Rogue….” Logan rips his other glove off beside her and prepares to touch her again amongst the chaos. 

“Jeannie, help Scott out with his pain. Okay? We’re gonna get him taken care of soon.” Logan says as he palms the girl’s face and shares his healing factor with her with a roar. Her mutation stings, but it’s not as strong as usual. The telepath is mostly blubbering behind him, holding her hands up as Scott writhes in Kitty and Bobby’s hands, blood running down his face. One minute, he’d gone up with Logan to get Rogue back. “Slim, you hangin’ in there?” 

The next the whole state of New York is nearly transformed into mutants, Rogue might die, and Scott shot himself blind getting her out of that death machine while Erik crawled on the ground. “I-I… I… Nnnnngh, I’ll be… Is she okay?” Was it worth anything? Being blind might be worth not hearing her scream like a little girl anymore. He’d never come around to Magneto but he’d always be shit in his eyes for the self absorbed and self-righteous idea he stole Rogue for. “Is she?!” 

“I can feel you sulking, you know…” A month came and went with Scott’s sight  reduced to near blindness. His training hadn’t changed much, and he’d even (to Jean and the professor’s chagrin) led a few missions as he was. With a supportive team, it was largely business as usual until his sight came back. “It’s been a month, I just bought us smoothies… I’m clearly over it.” 

The brunette knows how hard on herself his friend is and knows it’ll be a long while before she takes it easier on herself. “All he had to do was lie, leave a note sayin’ to come if Ah wanted my answers…” Answers about who she was and where she came from. Rogue clutches a fist, still looking intimidating in a plain black X-Suit, a grey sweatshirt, and thick-soled riding boots. “If Ah had just th-” 

“I would’ve done the same thing.” She knows thanks to his memories that Scott has always thought there’s more to him, his mutation, and his family than anyone knows. Someday, somehow, he’d get his answers and he can’t promise to think clearly when he does. If anyone understands why Rogue risked it, it was the fellow orphan. “If I recall correctly, I recall ending up evolved with a terrible white haircut….” 

“Oh GOD, please. Please don’t remind me.” She’d been heartbroken when she came to and saw the mess on Magneto’s asteroid. He remembers the vocal chord shattering nightmares Rogue had after absorbing Jean to save her. She never complained. 

“You…. Would do anything to save me.” The words give him butterflies as he sits, smoothie clutched tightly in his hands. He can feel the girl stiffen and blush right beside him. “And I would do anything for you.” 

“Have… You had anyone change your bandages lately?” He had expected her to change the subject, and as usual she was right (an annoying amount for someone who wasn’t psychic). He was due for a change. 

“I can do it myself, but to be honest I guess I put it off….” There isn’t really an injury Rogue hasn’t had herself and taken care of or tended in her brief time at the Brotherhood house. It was more the unique of feeling and being taken care of. To feel another’s touch and worry for you. 

Scott may never ask for her, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t need it like everyone else. “Ah’ll do it for you.” Conveniently, a first aid kit seems to be left behind on the indoor courts. “Ah know you can do it, but… Ah’ll help you.” 

“Yeah. Thanks.” He doesn’t know what to make of his heartbeat raising when she moves close to him, still smelling of southern flowers and lilies after kicking his ass in racquetball (after taking it easy on him). She doesn’t flinch when she reveals slightly pink skin around his eyes. What he’d give to see her specifically. She always gave his eyes something to see with pale skin and dark makeup.

Luckily, he and Alex have a built in immunity to their blasts. They have a higher defense against them and it was the reaction to the ReBIRTH machine that actually injured him. He’s in peak physical form and health, so he’s healing miraculously considering his injury. 

He inhales as Rogue gently rubbed covered fingers against his eyelids as if it were her skin. “Man, no fair.” 

“Huh? Come again?” He can’t help but smile at her drawl. 

“Boys always have the best eyelashes. Kitty says it’s cause y’all don’t mess with ‘em or put chemicals on ‘em.” The southerner thinks because they’re all trouble, just like one of her mothers would’ve said. With a gentleness like Hanks, she rubbed ointment sparingly over raw skin, one knee absentmindedly pressed against his leg as she focused. 

“Don’t know if I’ve ever seen my own…” He feels Rogue smile at him. 

“They’re nice.” She informs him matter-of-factly, reaching for sterile new bandaging to tie around his eyes. She silently wondered what color they were without his unstoppable power. 

“Thank you…. To be honest I feel kind of embarrassed.” He didn’t know eyelashes could be judged until now. “Kind of like how you feel embarrassed when I bring up that you have freckles.” He can’t see, so he has to make her have a big reaction. 

“Gotta ruin a moment, Summers.” 

“I like them. A lot.” 

“Kindergarteners have freckles.” Rogue is careful not to wrap the bandaging too tight on him. “Kitty and Rahne have freckles. Goths don’t have freckles.”

“You do.” Rogue isn’t sure if she’s making up the deliberately flirty tone or not, but she’s game for it as she imagines how he’d be looking at her if he could. “I think they’re very you. Personally.” He doesn’t move when he feels the girl press closer in defiance. 

“Oh, yeah?” 


“Scott, when‘s the last time you…” All three faces glow red when Jean appears with her own first aid kit in her hands, her hair frizzy from wandering around searching for her classmate.. She feels like she’s intruded when the two make space (the blinded man nearly knocking over a chair in the process). “Oh. I see it’s been taken care of.” 

“Yeah… Mystique used to make me wrap my own wounds as punishment.” Rogue took a pointed sip of her smoothie so she didn’t say too much. “Got kind of good at it, that’s all.” 

“Hank says you’ll be seeing again soon, are you excited?” Of course he is, but there’s something about the closeness he’s experienced with Rogue during this time. The way she’s so inherently mindful to those who can’t see. She always there to help him but never patronized or babied him. He’s been blind, but she always let him have his dignity. 

Jean can be counted on for babying (and in instances like after getting shipwrecked with his brother he was more than willing to be pampered). But if his blindness is indefinite, he might want to expect the worst and get used to it. Something the redhead isn’t focused on. “Yes. Of course. But… The professor said injuries of this nature can be unpredictable. I think we’re all doing a great job now and I don’t want to stop the progress we’ve been making.” 

“We? You’re the one blind leadin’ the field. Give yourself some credit.” Rogue insists. He’s accomplished some Wolverine level feats and if it were her, she’d be gloating about to all who could hear. “Need to work on your handball, though…” He smirks as she moves around the psychic before the atmosphere got too awkward. 

But she could just feel Scott’s eyelashes under her fingertips, and for right now that would have to do. 

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myficshopofhorrors·11 days agoAnswer
That awkward moment when you get caught having an argument with the voices in your head... for Rogue :)

‘You should be the leader of this hot mess. You got everyone in yer head. Strengths and weaknesses…. You can take ‘em all out.’ Rogue shakes her hands and bobs from foot to foot in anticipation of the Danger Room starting. Apocalypse has come and gone. Her last year of high school was almost over and these intrusions were just par for the course at this point. The least of the southern belle’s problems, she’s learned to live with them a lot better. 

Or so she thinks. ‘You know intricately how to defeat them all. If you challenge the leader Cyclops and he wins, he deserves to have his X-Men. That will not happen since you are stronger than all of-’ 

“Today, we’re doin’ obstacle courses.” Logan grunts, observing each student for nerves or apprehension. “I will be sittin’ in and I’ll know how you perform.” His eyes linger momentarily on Rogue, wondering where her head is out on this morning. “Today would be a good day to focus.” Scott moves from his side to join the team, about to run the class with them. “I made this one myself, she don’t take kindly to not bein’ taken seriously.” 

Kitty rolls her eyes and her ponytail bobs behind her. “Oh brother, give it a rest Mr. Logan.” It was all about acting like he wanted to maim them and be responsible for their bodily harm and then being horrified whenever any of them ended up in the infirmary. Knowing he’s soft took a lot of his intimidation power away no matter how he growled. 

“Alright, wise guy. Guess we’re all ready then.” 

‘Did we eat today? I don’t think we ate much today…’ How could Rogue think about food with constant chatter inside and out of her head?

‘Rogue, have you been practicing strengthening your boundaries like the professor taught you?’ Obviously not since she heard him even though he was standing right beside her, trying to put a finger on his teammate’s spaciness. ‘You know you’re supposed t-’

‘WHEN. How am Ah supposed to do that?’ 

‘Do you hear me? I can’t do it!’ 

“Ugh, stop….” The stripe-banged girl doesn’t mean to accidentally utter words but she catches the attention of Bobby and her younger brother while she scrubbed at her face. She could feel it, a migraine was forming and if she lets Logan know that his new project will be her personal health. She doesn’t want that. 

“What was that?” 

“Everything okay over there?” She glowered at both of them until they backed off, arms folded over the green of her uniform. 

“Ah’m fine. Why!” Bobby backed off before the girl got any angrier. 

“No reason, just seemed like you were talking to yourself….” It’s getting hard for the blue teleporter to tell when his sister is herself and when something is wrong. The situation in her head made everything confusing (especially for her). “Normal day around here…”  

“Are you sure y-”

“Start simulation!” The lights dim and Kurt scampers to where he was supposed to have been, but pensive eyes linger on his sibling. He’d hate for her to be hiding things again or pushing herself too hard. It never ended well. She’s off to herself when she shouldn’t be, these days she should always be sectioned off with someone to watch her twenty (on the field and in training). 

Turrets, walls, and bullets begin flying as soon as the exercise begins. Rogue doesn’t realize she forgot to get partnered up until she’s very alone, left exposed in some sort of massive maze. ‘Oh great, amazing…’ 

‘See, told you should’ve been paying attention…’ 

“Oh, shut up!” Living with an in house peanut gallery got really old. Rogue slipped off one glove for good measure and moved silently, using what Logan taught her about using all of her senses to protect herself. If she felt for vibrations, it should help her not get smacked by a massive sphere and flattened like a cartoon. 

‘Watch your breathing. You get tense and tight, that is a relic of Mystique. We go steady and even. That’s how you live.’ Scott coaches her as if he were right beside her. He wasn’t. He was somewhere with Jean floating by his side. And she was alone, in a dim, dark maze designed to torture her by Wolverine. 

‘You will always be alone… Until you realize where you belong. With me-’

‘No….’ Her mother’s voice had been insistent lately, and with her came a cloying headache that left the pale mutant nearly blinded. ‘Not now…’ She’s hoping Logan can’t see her double over in anguish, struggling to count and get a clear thought in her head. It was far too crowded to deal anymore. 

‘You’re not one of them, Anna. You never will be. The only people who can protect you a-’

“NO!” Rogue’s screams alert all of her teammates’ attention as she tries to fight demons only she can see. She swings around herself violently but she doesn’t see the sphere in question speeding towards her. The hairy man knows the sound a body makes when one of those crashes into it (all too effective). He wastes no time fleeing from the observation deck when everyone but the goth is accounted for. 

“End simulation! Rendezvous to Rogue!” This means she’s gone down. Scott frowns as the illusion faded around them back into a normal, tiled room. ‘Where is she?’ Kurt teleported beside him, his tail swishing. 

“Over here,” Jean called as Kitty ran through remaining walls to her. Gently, she moved Rogue’s shoulder to check her over. She can’t imagine being hit with a projectile twice as hard. ‘Ouch,’ The redhead thinks sympathetically. “I think she’ll be alright.”

“After some ice…”

“Is she okay?” Kurt calls as Logan made his way to all of them. 

“She’s out… But she’s okay.” Nobody can really expect a different outcome of one of their smaller members and a giant metal ball. Jean touched her delicately with ringed hands. When she felt the impression through her X-Suit she twitched, and then hissed in pain.

Moments later, the flushed girl was pushing herself up on shaky arms and looking around with doubled vision. ‘Couldn’t lead my way out of a damn paper bag with all of you losers…..’ She groaned as they continued chatting in her mind, even as her team looked down at her in concern. 

“Easy,” Kitty says as she keeps her from moving too quickly. Somewhere when she was thrown against the wall, she banged her nose. Jean was frowning at the stream of blood, and Logan looked as if the scent had offended him entirely. Scott produces a handkerchief out of nowhere and pressed it to her weeping nose, his proximity making her heart hammer. 

Her brother resumes his spot, forehead wrinkled as her old roommate tries not to be sickened by the sight of blood. 

“Stripe…” Logan doesn’t expect perfection or for Rogue to be a child soldier, in fact he’d prefer that she wasn’t. But this cloudiness wasn’t like her (when a kid broke into the Danger Room, she’d been the one flipping through obstacles and rescuing others). “Somethin’ you wanna tell us? Somethin’ goin’ on? We’re here for ya.” He is not accusing her, all of their worried eyes are hoping this time their friend will share her burdens.

“A-Ah….” Kitty helps her stand slowly. “My head is just crowded. Hard to focus.” When foreheads wrinkle she frowned at them. “That’s all. Not like before.” When she was possessed and used to bring about doomsday. She crosses her arms though when the looks of concern shift to pity. Poor sad, doomed, child. Half-dead before her twentieth birthday. 

“I should’ve made sure you and everyone else was partnered off for safety.” Scott’s jaw clenched tight when he imagined her slipping through the cracks like that on a real mission where their lives are in danger. 

“Let’s not jump into the blame game,” The stout man suggests as he looks them over. He can feel how anxious they all are. “We stopped it early, let’s try again… Stripe, why don’t you watch. With me.” He knows better than to start the infirmary fight. In front of others she will put up a ruckus about it, but if he appeals to her quietly (and promises to accompany her) she’ll let Dr. McCoy have a look to make sure there’s nothing wrong. 

She doesn’t feel up to doing anything else, so she nods and wobbles to his side as everyone else gets back into formation. “It been like this a lot, kid? Or…” Dark eyes aren’t on a porcelain face, one too old and too tired for a girl her age. 

“More or less, it’s fine.” She smiles lamely and he sees right through it without looking .”Really. Ah’ll… Probably feel better tomorrow.” They’d both heard that one before. 

“We’ll figure out somethin’ for ya.” Lord knows she’d done enough for the X-Men and the world, and his solution wouldn’t be sitting her in the medbay to rot. As a free spirit, he understands the specific brand of torture her stay had been and will at least try to involve her in more team things as she tries to gain strength. “You know that, right?” 

Kurt was staring at her still, even as Kitty tugged him along. Rogue blinked back tears that stung her eyes and scoffed. “Yeah, dealt with it this long…” But it meant more than everything that they cared enough to try and help.  

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Jean and Rogue fight about Jean denying her feelings for rogue

The only thing Jean and Rogue did more than hangout in the days of Apocalypse was fight. Oh, it could be about anything. What Scott wanted, what Scott meant (Xavier’s first student resigned himself to mostly being owned by both women as long as they fostered a true friendship). It had always been a point of contention, and though they were always teammates for a while, they were never really friends.

Now, he feels boxed out of things (which is fine with his own personal training, the problems students and teammates bring him, his training with Wolverine, his sessions with the professor, school, and just looking over friends, team members, and children who are more vulnerable than most (the list in his head included most of them). Jean loved hard and at times needed a lot of attention for her massive mind to register it. 

A little help was fine with him, but they bickered more than the goth and Kitty when they first arrived to the school (it feels like a lifetime ago as the southerner realizes she needs to figure out what she wants to do for school now that she’s graduated). This time, the topic of discussion is Gambit. 

When he first appeared and handed Rogue a queen of hearts, Jean and Kitty argued his case endlessly to suspicious teammates. He seemed genuinely interested in their friend, and she deserved as much of a shot at dating as both girls had been given (Kitty with an enemy). Now she doesn’t feel the same as they’ve gotten a little older. The thief has come and gone and the redhead knows all too well what love-bombing looks like (from her Duncan days). 

This argument is about to send Logan fleeing the wilderness. The Acolyte’s bike is outside and he is currently in Charles’ office, getting the ninth degree from him. For the rough Canadian mutant that wasn’t going to be enough. The telepath’s ulterior motives aside (she was jealous with Scott and she’s jealous of the time Rogue has been giving her being threatened) he can see right through the man’s five o’clock shadow and thin trench coat. 

The last thing the entire campus expected was for Jean to be pitching a fit more than her boyfriend about it. The ginger-haired girl crosses her arms in a drapey, green shirt and waits for the clever girl to talk her way out of this one. She never can when it comes to him. Since Gambit started coming around, her moods had been up and down and all over the place again. 

His affection for her was true, but he had a habit of disappearing. For long periods of time, months usually. Without word. Without the poor girl knowing if he was still alive. Still a friend and an ally of the X-Men. She saw a dark world on her trip there and she worries about him alone. It’s hard enough with friends looking out for each other.

Others didn’t know him the way the southern girl did, the way she tried to. She doesn’t know why she’s so stubborn about him, but she won’t give up, even if they don’t see it. She needed someone once the same way he does now. Jean used to be all for feminism and choice until she cared about having her attention split (and she won’t even admit it). 

Rogue doesn’t back down in a short, boxy grey shirt and grey shorts (and black unitard fitted underneath). “You think Ah don’t know what this is about?” Grey eyes narrow but Jean’s remains even. “You like havin’ a lot of attention. Me to train with when you think you’re gettin’ fat, me to watch you change to tell you you’re NOT fat-” Scott only sighs, but Logan disappears through glass veranda doors shaking his head. 

“W-What? I like attention? Scott?” Like a dog who ate the trash, he was trying to avoid her mental eye. ‘HELLO. Do I *Like* attention? I’ve never heard this before, this is outrageous!’ That’s because nobody had been as brave or foolish as Rogue right now. He swallowed hard and tried not to think too loud. 

  ‘I-I-I-I mean I think she means we all like attention…’

‘Answer me.’

“Don’t go in Scott’s head forcin’ him to take your side! Ah like ya Jean but Ah’m not afraid of you. It’s okay, Ah’m crabby, Ah don’t like socializin’ and never will, and Ah hardly feel like workin’ on most of my problems. You can like attention.” The redhead finds herself speechless as she usually does with the pallid girl, always one step ahead of her with words no matter how she tried. “That’s why you’re against Gambit all of a sudden.” 

The psychic folded her arms with a little of a growl. But some honesty may get her to heed some of her words, bias or not. She could not read his mind, so she will always worry about him around her. The whole school would if she refused to, but it was more about her, anyway. How he made her feel when he vanished and left her twisting in the wind. 

It was too hard to see and feel her go through the regret and confusion all over again. Jean will risk embarrassment to make her see that. “That’s the problem. He doesn’t take all that much of your time.” The words come off colder than she means to, and she settles on a floral couch. “I know you like Gambit, and I’m not stupid he likes you too. A lot.” That’s the one thing she can feel about him whenever he’s near. The rest is an enigma. “He just…” 

“Ah’m not a baby, Jean.” Rogue stands like a petulant toddler though, a head shorter than the older girl and always far more slender. Pale, malnourished and poorly taken care of by Mystique (and more the caretaker of Irene’s). She wonders why she doesn’t see that she’s cared about deeply. “Ah can pick my own friends an’ company, and how and with who to divide my time.” She was not boy crazy like her and Kitty and there’s far less she can do with her skin. 

“I’m not saying any of that. I’m saying… It hurts you deeply when you wake up and he’s just gone. No notice, no nothing. Logan can’t find him, the professor can’t find him….” Rogue didn’t her best to hide it but it was obvious it stunned her every time. “I just don’t want to see you pile heartbreak on top of everything else.”

He tended to not take into account what was going on in the girl’s life and that was what bothered Jean most of all. She already dropped everything once to help him. The girl saved a space for him and he came and went, worrying her each time. Either he does not like her or the idea of the school very much or there’s something he’s not telling her. Can’t tell her. 

“Ah can look out for myself, Jean. Ah always have.” They both know she’s inexperienced with boys and she fears Rogue will be torn apart. “You know that.” 

“Not anymore. That’s not what you have us for.” The look in the difficult girl’s eye dares her to challenge her about being a friend. 

Even the pale mutant is growing tired of the run around The pair had been hanging out more than her and Kitty, she had been sitting in on Charles sessions with the girl to soothe her, and she drove her to school her last year to make sure nobody gave her a hard time. Scott’s even got suspicions the two have gone vigilanting together, just the two of them. 

Rogue looks through snowy hairs at her polar opposite. “Then just admit be. Be honest with me. You are….. Jealous of Gambit.” The ‘j’ word was just an ugly word to her older friend. Something it physically pains her t admit to. Ever. 

“Looking out for you and caring when you’re sad (and not wanting to feel it mind you) is not the same as jealousy. I can’t be jealous that he’d be dragging you around and getting you in trouble instead of me.” Her words say what she’s trying not to and Rogue smiles in satisfaction. 

So knows intimately how difficult the telepath’s empathy and powers in general had been since they grew (she felt, interpreted, and channeled every little thing these days). Jean’s always been drawn to Rogue because she projects specifically to her mutation. Until lately, the slight girl always pushed her away. 

“We get into trouble all the time…” Kitty had been complaining about the two leaving her out of their escapades. 

“Yes, but responsible trouble. Always.” Literally. Dressing up and going to shady parts of town where there’s always an old lady who needed help with a mugging did fit the bill. She can’t even imagine what the goth and Gambit do when he snakes her away. 

“Responsible trouble, listen to you…” Jean moves into the sunlight and pulls Rogue close to her. 

“If you want me to admit I’d rather you spend time with me than him… Then fine. But I won’t say I’m jealous.” That could be a battle for another day. 

“Ah’ll work on that. Ah’ll just have to make ya-” She tenses immediately when she realizes Remy had been standing in the doorway, watching their exchange for who knows how long. He must not have heard himself being discussed, but he’s fluent in body language (and liking what he sees shared between the two). It’s a sandwich he’d like to be the filling for as he flips a coin. 

“Salut belles femmes, or… Is Remy interruptin’. Should he come back later or beg permission to stay…..” 

“Swamp rat…. Not polite to spy.” 

“Mon livin’, though.” Jean smiled sweetly but Remy can sense it isn’t a real smile when her lip twitched. 

“Can we help you with something, Gambit?” The man could use a lesson or two about boundaries. 

“Well, ac-” 

“Was just gettin’ settled in his room. On the other side of the campus.” Scott has his arms folded behind the clawed man for good measure as he scowled at the wiry new recruit. Somehow, the Acolyte managed to sneak right around them. “Got a lot of orientation stuff to tell him.”

“Might be a little while before you can roam the grounds.” The red-sighted man is not sorry about that. 

“D’accord.” If this bothers the thief, it doesn’t show. The girls don’t notice anyway, they’re too busy passing looks or corresponding in their minds. Jean wraps an arm around the shorter girl and leads her away with a sly grin. 

“We’ll catch up with ya later.” The tall mutant says with little more than a wave. Remy feels dissed but he kind of likes it as they disappear without tossing him another look. 

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