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mymagicsuitcase·15 hours agoText

A Fantastic Christmas: Theseus Scamander

Chapter four - Dinner

Newt was standing in the kitchen with his brother. Dinner was in the oven. The boys had finished decorating the house and it looked pretty good. Newt had actually enjoyed today. It was nice to spend time with his brother without talking about work or his travels. All they did was play music, decorate and make dinner.

“So, tell me more about this colleague of yours. You never invite anyone over, I’m curious about who this person is that has my brother wrapped around their little finger.” Newt teases.

Theseus rolls his eyes as he leans against the kitchen counter, facing his brother.

“Their name is Y/N, they work on the floor above mine. They’re nice.” He shrugs.

“Just nice?”

“What more do you want from me, Newt?”

“I want to know more about the person who has claimed my brothers heart. Do they know?” Newt, though usually reserved and quiet, couldn’t resist teasing his brother. 

“I’m that obvious?”

Newt shrugs.

“Y/N will be here soon. Is the table set?”

“Yes. Now, do you want me to sit at the end of the table between you both, or sound you like to sit there so you’re next to her?”

“Ha ha, Newt.” Theseus shakes his head as he walks out of the kitchen and waits for your arrival. Newt follows him and sticks close.

Before either of them could say any more, there was a knock at the door. Theseus instantly went to check his hair and outfit in the nearest mirror. Newt just smiled as he went to answer the door.

You look up when the door opens and smile.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, you’re Newt right?”

“Yes, yes, that’s me.” He held out his hand. You shook it, smiling at the way he didn’t hold your eye contact for very long. You were somewhat aware of his shyness.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Newt smiled and let you in, just as he took your coat, Theseus came over. He smiled at you as he greeted you.

“You’ve done a good job.” You say, referring to the decorating they had done.

 "I had help.“ Theseus said, looking at his brother.

The three of you sat down, Newt pouring drinks for everyone. Theseus’ home was nice, welcoming. It suited him perfectly. You could tell he was hardly here though, spending most of his time at the Ministry. Still, it felt like a home.

Conversation flowed nicely between the three if you, but Theseus had noticed that you and his brother had spoken the most to one another. You both seemed to be getting on wonderfully. He couldn’t help wondering if you two would make a better pair. A sharp pain shot through him at the thought. He really liked you, and though he would do anything to see you happy, he wondered if he would be alright knowing you and his brother were together.

Theseus was shook from his thoughts by your voice. Newt was gone, in the kitchen to finish up dinner.

"We should sit and wait.” You smiled.

Theseus pulled out the chair at the end of the table and waited for you to sit. You thanked him softly. He was ever the gentleman. He sat down beside you, refilling your drink for you.

“Are you still coming to the party with me?” He asks, hoping you hadn’t changed your mind.

“Of course! I’m actually looking forward to it. Which to me feels weird since I don’t normally go, but I suppose that’s because of you.” You smile at him.


“Well, you did invite me to come with you.”

Newt enters before Theseus can question you further. The food smells wonderful as it’s laid out on the table. Once everything is ready, Newt takes his seat and gives you a smile.

“Dig in.”

You each fill your plates and conversation picks back up. This time you spent an equal amount of time chatting to the boys. Newt sees the way Theseus looks and smiles at you. Perhaps this year, Theseus will get the one thing he always wanted for Christmas.

Newt could only hope so.

After dessert, you chat a bit more before you decide to take your leave. The evening had been lovely. A small part of you hoped you would be welcomed back into his home again. It was nice to spend some time with Theseus outside of work.

You tug on your coat and turn to Theseus who stood by the door.

“Thank you for having me.”

“You’re welcome. We should do this again soon,” he suggests.

“I would like that very much.”

He smiles as you both stand there for a moment looking at one another.

“I’ll see you soon.”

“See you. Safe trip home.” He calls out as you leave the property.

You wave at him once before you disappear down the street. Newt comes up behind his brother and stares at the direction you had gone in.

“I like them.” He says.

Theseus smiles.

“Me too.”

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mymagicsuitcase·2 days agoText

A fantastic Christmas: Theseus Scamander

Chapter three: Christmas decorations

When you come back to the Ministry the next day, the usual crowds were there, only this time it was because of all the decorating going on. A huge Christmas tree was being set up in the middle of the lobby, decorations being lifted up with wands to reach the highest places.

Though the Ministry was always a heavily work focused place, they knew how to decorate when the holidays came around.

You enter your office go be greeted with boxes of Christmas stuff. Your co-worker is hovering over their desk,  sorting out a small tree that they set up every year. Near your desk was a box of your things.

“It’s that time of year again!”

You chuckle as you open the box a little to peek inside. You would figure all that out later. As you sat down to get ready for some work, removing the scarf you had received yesterday, a knock sounded at your door.

Theseus popped his head inside.

Your co-worker bit back a grin as they looked at you. You shook your head subtly at them and turned back to Theseus. He smiled warmly at you.

“I think our decorations were sent up here.” He says, not even bothering to look at the boxes in the office.

“Oh, let’s see.” You move away from your desk and look around the boxes. All the boxes are labelled for where they go to. There weren’t many in your office, so there wasn’t too much to look for.

Scamander was written on one of them.

“There you go.” You hand it over to him. As he takes it from you, his fingers brushed against yours. His touch was warm, it made you feel all fuzzy inside.

Theseus stood there with the box in his arms looking at you. He had noticed the scarf on the desk. It made him happy to know you were wearing it. You looked so beautiful standing here in front of him.

“You haven’t started yet.” He says, wanting an excuse to talk to you more.

You glance back at your desk.

“Not yet, only just got here.” You chuckle softly. "I’ll do some work and then get started.“

"I could help if you like.” He shrugs.

“You don’t have to. It’s only a few things.”

“I don’t mind. I’m almost caught up with my work, decorating won’t take long either. I could be of help.” He offered.

“Well, if you’re sure.”

He nods. You open the door for him and he leaves with a smile. He promises he’ll be back later. When you close the door and turn back around, your co-worker is in your face.

“He likes you.”

“He does not.” You roll your eyes.

“He does. He wants to spend time with you.” They wiggle their eyebrows.

You roll your eyes and return to your desk.

Work goes by smoothly. You get it all done with time to spare. Your coworker left ages ago to attend a meeting, so you were alone in the office. You had begun decorating the office, setting up the tree in your own desk. You were almost done when someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

The man of the hour returns to your office. Theseus smiles as he approaches your desk.

“You started without me.”

“I didn’t know I had to wait.” You chuckle. “Is your office done then?”

“It is.”

Theseus opens one of the small boxes on your desk. He pulls out his wand and begins to help decorate the walls. You smile at he looks smug about his efforts. You roll your eyes and put a wreath on the door.

There wasn’t much to do, but his company was certainly nice.

When all the boxes have been emptied and moved, you both sit down by the desk to take in your hard work. The office looks nice.

“Have you decorated your home yet?”

“Not yet, have you?” You ask, looking up at him.

“I will be soon. I asked my brother to come over and help. Thought it would be a good excuse to spend some time with him.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen you brother around.”

“I just had an idea, if you’re interested.” He smiles.

“What is it?”

“Why don’t you come over tomorrow, I can introduce you to Newt and we can have dinner.”

This is the most forward he had ever been with you. A sense of pride overcame him now that he had made this offer. Perhaps he did stand a chance with you.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to get in the way of brother time.”

“Newt won’t mind. I would like for him to meet you.”

You couldn’t help but smile up at him.

 "Then I accept. I would love to come for dinner.“

Theseus smiles and nods. He gets up and stretches. He takes one good look around the office, proud of the work you had both done.

"I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He opens the door.

 "See you tomorrow, Theseus.“

Oh, to hear you say his name made him shudder. He smiled at you once more before he turned and left.

You stared at the door.

Maybe you did stand a chance with him.

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mymagicsuitcase·2 days agoText

I’ve finally got around to watching The Boys! I’m almost done with the first season if anyone wants to request for them 😁

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mymagicsuitcase·3 days agoText

A fantastic Christmas: Theseus Scamander

Chapter two - The scarf

You got to work early the next day, ready to get a head start on the latest bundle of missions the Aurors have been on. The past few months had been the busiest year round.

Entering the Ministry, you are greeted with the hustle and bustle of wizards everywhere. As per your usual routine, you the the path you take every morning and head to the lift. Once you were on your floor, you headed to your office and to your desk. Just as sat down, you noticed the box sitting on top of today’s paperwork.

“What’s this?” You mutter

Looking around the office, nothing else it out of place. Your co-worker hasn’t arrived yet, their desk is still empty.

You look down at the box. There’s no note, letter, message. You lift the box. It’s light. Giving into temptation, you lift the lid from the box and peek inside. All you can see immediately is tissue paper. Pulling that out of the way, you’re greeted with a two tone blue material.

Touching it lightly, the material is soft against your fingers.

You pull it put gently, admiring the way it flows. It’s only then that you realise it’s a scarf. You hold it up and take it in. It’s beautiful.

You wrap it around you, still being gentle with it. It feels nice.

“I wonder…”

You look back at the box and see a small card. It had been hidden under the scarf. You pick it up and turn it over.

Saw this and thought of you. Thought it was about time you had something new.

You smile. You wondered if this was who you thought it was, if this was about yesterday. Though, you didn’t put too much thought into it. You didn’t want to get your hopes up that Theseus had got you something so nice and expensive looking.

You put the card down, moved the box and decided it was about time you got stuck into your work. Just as you were getting started, your co-worker came in, right on time.

“Oh, is that new?” They noticed the scarf. You smiled as you glanced down at it.

“Yes, it was a gift.”

“Oh, secret admirer?” They smirk at you.

“No way. Hush you, get to work.” You shake your head with a smile as you focus back on your work. You can see them in the corner of their eye sitting at their desk. You can hear their chuckles too.

About an hour passes when you hear a knock on the door. You look up to see a familiar face walk in. You ignore your coworker as you greet Theseus with a smile.

“Hello, Mr. Scamander. Can I be of help?”

“I came to see if you got my gift.” He glances down at the scarf.

You smile shyly as you reach up and touch it. So it was him and he admitted it. He had a dashing smile on his face as he stood on the opposite side of your desk.

“I did, thank you. It’s lonely.”

Your coworker squeals quietly from their desk as they watch the exchange.

“It looks good on you.”

He’s making you blush.

“Thank you. I really like it. Guess I don’t need that old one anymore.” You chuckle.

Hearing your laughter made his heart race. This would have been a good moment to bring up how much he likes you, but at the same time it was the worst moment. Theseus could see your coworker watching,

“I’ll leave you to your work. See you later.” He nods at your coworker and smiles at you once more.

When Theseus leaves the office, you coworker turns to you with a huge grin on their face. You knew exactly what was going on inside their head.

“Scamander, eh?”

“Oh hush, it’s nothing, it’s just a gift.” You roll your eyes.

“A very nice gift. Theseus spent good money on you.”

“It’s a scarf.”

“A designer scarf.” They point out. “I saw one just like it on the high street.”

You look down at the scarf. It was really nice and it did suit you. Theseus had good taste that's for sure. You turn back to your work, but your mind is more focused on the wizard who was just here.

Who knew Theseus had such an effect on you.

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mymagicsuitcase·4 days agoText

A fantastic Christmas: Theseus Scamander

Please note: The chapters are a bit on the short side, but that is due to not having as much time as before to write this story. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

Chapter one - December 1st

This year had been crazy. So much happened that you wished you could forget. Luckily Christmas was around the corner and you were ready to get through this last month and move on.

You were just on your way out of the Ministry, having had a busy day at the office, when you bumped into someone. Normally you were quite good at watching out for people, considering the Ministry was usually busy.

“I am so sorry.” You look up to see Theseus Scamander, the handsome war hero.

He smiles as he steadies you from falling over.

“Finished for the day?”

Theseus is a good friend of yours. He had been there for you from the first day you started working at the Ministry. He was like a mentor in those early days. The pair of you were a great team and you liked him. You really liked him.

“I am. That paperwork wasn’t going to complete itself.” You chuckle.

“Shall we walk together? I was on my way out too.”

“I’d like that.”

Theseus puts on his coat, which had previously been draped over his arm, and falls into step with you. The December air was cold and cruel. Glancing down at you, Theseus noted how you wrapped your scarf around your neck. You’ve had that scarf since you started the the Ministry. He remembered it.

Theses smiled.

You noticed. You looked up at him a little confused.

“What is it?”

“That scarf. You still have it?” He chuckles.

“Yes.” You reply shyly. “It’s my favourite.”

Theseus chuckles again.

“Will you be attending the Christmas party this year?” He asks, interested in your reply. You have been at the Ministry for four years, and not once have you been to the Christmas party. He had noticed. He wouldn’t admit it, but he had looked out for you at them for the past few years.

Theseus really did like you. So much.

“Probably not. I never go.”

“Why not?” He was genuinely curious.

“I’m not interested. I don’t do that kind of thing. A night in with music and dinner for one is good enough for me.” You shrug, acting as if it was no big deal.

“Come this year.”

“I don’t think so.” You shake your head.

“Will you come with me?” He stops walking and faces you. “You’ll enjoy it. It’s not all work. You might enjoy it.” He gives you a handsome smile.

“I suppose. I guess doing something different will be nice, especially after the year we’ve had.”

“Great! I know we still have time until then, but I’m looking forward to it.”

You reach the road where you part ways, but before you leave you nod at him with a smile.

“Alright, it will be fun. See you tomorrow.”

Theseus watches you leave. He was so smitten with you. If only he could tell you. There wasn’t much that scared Theseus, but confessing the fact he was utterly in love with you was the scariest thing he could possibly do.

He walked away, ready to head home. Maybe, just maybe, a Christmas miracle will come his way.

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mymagicsuitcase·5 days agoText



This just came to me. For Christmas only!

Send me a message if, on Christmas Eve, you would like to recieve a message from your favourite character! Pick whoever you like from anything I write for.

It will be a private message sent to your inbox, so no anons through mine. You are more than welcome to reply to them if you want to post them on your blog, or keep them for yourself to look back on :)

You will only get the message on Christmas Eve. No sooner. Deadline to get on the list is the 22nd. Any after that won’t be done unless I get very few requests.


  • You can only pick one character.
  • You need to give me a name or nickname

The message won’t be too long, so if there is something you want the character to say, send it with your request.

I think that’s everything!

My list for requests is officially open!

Christmas letter rules!!!

This went down well last year, so I would like to bring it back! I will do as well as I can, just like last time!

Send those requests in!

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mymagicsuitcase·5 days agoText

I have begun scheduling the chapters for this year’s Christmas story.

On that note, all Christmas requests are now open!

I will also be reopening the Christmas love letters again this year. Bare with me while I fix up the rules!

Bring it on December!

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mymagicsuitcase·10 days agoText

I had intended to do more requests, but I have been working on the Christmas story :)

I am also about to sit down and catch up on His Dark Materials season 2. I may need to vent about it later 😂

I’ll be making plans for the next instalment of Going North, so once I’ve sorted that out, would anyone be available for discussion? I may need to run ideas with someone.

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mymagicsuitcase·12 days agoAnswer

heyy could you do a hc of the tenth doctor of trying to propose to the reader?

  • Nervous wreck.
  • Only has one chance to get this right.
  • It has to be perfect.
  • He had put so much thought into it.
  • Dread hung over him that things will go wrong.
  • That he will mess this up.
  • He can’t let that happen.
  • He takes you somewhere special.
  • The first planet he had ever taken you to.
  • The place you decided you would stay by his side.
  • The memories there are so dear to him.
  • When you both arrive, he takes your hand.
  • He can’t help looking at you.
  • So beautiful.
  • The smile on your face makes him happy.
  • You know instantly where he has taken you.
  • You turn to hug him.
  • He grins brightly.
  • Everything is going well so far.
  • He waits for the suns to set.
  • The pair of you sitting on a hill, looking over the town you had saved when here previously.
  • As the suns descended, he got ready.
  • He knelt down, held the box out to you and smiled softly.
  • You stared at him.
  • Was this really happening?
  • He asks the question, but you don’t quite hear it.
  • You just see his lips move.
  • Silence hangs between you both for a moment.
  • He grows nervous.
  • His hearts are racing.
  • “Yes!”
  • Everything hits you all at once.
  • You wrap your arms around him as you crash into him.
  • The pair of you fall to the ground in a fit of giggles.
  • He puts the ring on your finger and holds you.
  • Never had been in love with someone like this.
  • He felt like the luckiest being in the galaxy.
  • At least nothing went wrong.
  • It was perfect.
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mymagicsuitcase·12 days agoAnswer

can i resquest one with dhawan!master where the reader is his gallifreyan wife? <3

  • There was only one person the Master loved.
  • Really loved.
  • His wife.
  • You.
  • The pair of you met a long time ago on Gallifrey.
  • You were as thick as thieves.
  • The Doctor always thought you would be good for him.
  • But the Doctor didn’t realise the influence you really had on the Master.
  • He didn’t just fall in love.
  • This was more than that.
  • You’re everything to him!
  • Where he goes, you go.
  • Every time you walk into the room, he pulls you into his arms and kisses you.
  • He loves to hold you.
  • Compliment you.
  • His priority is to mame sure you’re happy.
  • He’s suffered in his life.
  • When he suffers, you suffer.
  • No more.
  • He wants you to have only the best.
  • The Doctor won’t ruin that.
  • He won’t let her take you away from him either.
  • You’re his wife until the end of his days.
  • That’s always how it will be.
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mymagicsuitcase·12 days agoAnswer

Yaaaay! Can you write a fic or something about being in lockdown with Tony Stark and him being sexually frustrated but he can't do anything about it? Or maybe he can... Thank you! ;*

Lockdown was no good for Tony. The lack of social events had begun to really take affect on him, but even after months, his most difficult issue was to do with you.

Living with Tony was never quite easy. He had been through a lot, and therefore, so had you. Now that he was restricted with only you for company, you could see the changes in his mood.

You never quote understood why he wouldn’t voice the issue, as you had long since realised what was up with him. It’s not like either of you hadn’t had sex before.

Seeing him struggle was cute at first, but bow you just felt bad.

He was frustrated, and you needed to help him.

Tony was in his lab, music blaring as he tinkered away. He often did this when he felt really frisky. Tony almost appeared shy about the whole thing.

You stepped into his line of sight. He shifted in his seat, just your presence was enough to get him going. Spending all this time with you under the same roof was a gift, but he really needed some release.

He just didn’t want to ruin the mood that had been created since the start.

You walk over to him and place your hands on his shoulders. He tenses under your touch.

“Tony.” Your voice is only a whisper in his ear.

He shudders.

“Y/N.” He doesn’t look away from his tinkering, but you do spot him faltering slightly.

“Come with me.”

His hands stop. His breath shudders.

“Where to?”

“The bedroom… or I could do it here.” You smirk while stroking his shoulders, maneuvering around him so you were in front of him.

He looks up at you, his work now forgotten as his hands settle on your hips.

“You know?”

“You’re not exactly great at hiding it. Why didn’t you say something, Tony? If you’re sexually frustrated, all you have to do is say. I’m not here to judge you. I love you!” You press a kiss to his forehead.

Tony relaxes against you, his hands rubbing your hips where they lie.

“I didn’t want to come off as too needy…,” he mutters.

“I’m not judging you, remember.”

You move so your lips meet his and, in a desperate manner, he eagerly kisses you back. It feels as of it’s the first kiss you had shared in forever, where as in reality, you had kissed him that morning.

He needed you, wanted you.

You took his hand and guided him out of the lab. You wanted him to be comfortable as you pleased him.

There was no say when this lockdown would end, but you would not let your man suffer silently.

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mymagicsuitcase·13 days agoAnswer

hii!! i just followed you and read a few of your posts and i loved them! 🤍🤍

Thank you so much!! I’m always happy to hear that!

Welcome to the madness of my page. Hope you stay awhile :)

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