“love isn’t something that weak people do.”

hi, i'm sam! open: gif imagines, oneshots & aestheticsfandoms • rules/faq • to-do • masterlist

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[x] // requester: anonymous // request here


Gale’s hands ball into fists as he sees another boy he barely recognises talking to you, a flirtatious smile dancing on his lips as he leans closer to you. He can see how flustered you are as you flash him a nervous smile, and the jealous bubbling in Gale’s chest threatens to explode.

“What are you looking at?” Katniss distracts Gale, and before he can look away, Katniss follows his gaze. Rolling her eyes, she shoves him in your direction as she continues, “Go talk to y/n instead of standing here and being jealous.”

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[x] // requester: @lovinghufflepuffgirl // request here


You’ve never seen him so vulnerable, the great Kylo Ren standing before you with fear washing over his expression, fear of rejection from the one person he’s ever cared about. He tried repressing his feelings for the longest time, disregarding the as weakness, but he can’t contain himself any longer.

“I love you, y/n Kenobi.” Kylo confesses, and you blink at him in surprise as he nervously chews his lip. He studies your expression, looking for any hint of emotion in your face. Reaching out to you, he continues, “And I’ve never loved anyone like this before.”

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myriadimagines·10 hours agoAnswer

Do u write for goop lab?

i dont unfortunately (i don’t think ive ever heard of the show either)! you can find all my fandoms here!!

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I’ll donate to the same fund as you did but I don’t have a lot to give, how much would I have to spend/do I have to tell you how much it was if I’m not comfortable?

please donate as much as you feel comfortable doing!! i’m not setting any minimum or anything bc i think that every little bit counts, and i know that everyone is in different positions financially.

you are also in no way obligated to tell me how much you donated. i do still need a screenshot just for proof, but you’re more than welcome to cover up the amount in your screenshots!! i’m not going to be publishing this in any way, so if you don’t cover it, know that it’ll just be between us.

also just a fyi, two of the funds i donated to (the minnesota freedom fund & brooklyn bail fund) are asking for donations to be directed to other organizations, so just an fyi!!! but thank you so so much for donating!!!

(want a one shot or a oc/reader x character aesthetic? read this post)

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icon pack for my fandom family!

  • 150 x 150 multifandom icons
  • credit is appreciated but not necessary, just don’t claim as your own!
  • please like/reblog if you use them!
  • everyone is free to use them!
  • you can find all my icons on my icon page, and if you would like any icon edited in a different color, let me know!!
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myriadimagines·a day agoAnswer

Hii Lovely, I loved My Headcannon, It Was Very Sweet. I Would Love To Be A Part Of You Fandom Family, My Name Is Ivy, This Is My Main Blog. I Am Open To Maeve Wiley (Sex Education) Maddy Perez (Euphoria) Or Moe Truax (Trinkets) Thanks Baby Girl. Xx

hey ivy!! i’m glad you liked the headcanon (linked here for anyone interested!) and you’ve been added as maeve wiley to the fandom family!! 

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i saw your "dating cheryl" headcanon and i raise you the "dating jughead" headcanon would that be ok with you?


  • Being a very unlikely couple
  • Even if your personalities are similar, everyone is surprised to see the two of you dating since they never would’ve imagined Jughead being with anyone
  • But everyone quickly sees how perfect the two of you are together
  • Always stealing his Serpent jacket and wrapping yourself in it
  • Stealing his beanie too, much to his annoyance
  • Being really good friends with Betty, Archie and Veronica 
  • Hanging out at Pop’s a lot together, whether it just be just the two of you or with all your friends
  • Sometimes the two of you try to be romantic and share milkshakes and fries, but the two of you always end up ordering your own because Jughead always gets so hungry
  • Both of you not being that fond of PDA
  • At most, the two of you will exchange knowing smiles from across the hallways at school
  • Jughead loves to pull funny faces to make you laugh
  • When it’s just the two of you though, or when you’re with Betty, Archie and Veronica, you’re much more relaxed
  • Him always having an arm around you
  • FP loving you, and thinking you’re a good influence on Jughead
  • Jughead being fiercely protective of you, and always being ready to fight for you
  • And you’re always ready to fight on behalf of him, too
  • Neither of you are really the jealous type, especially since you don’t really interact with many others aside from your friends
  • Hanging out at the Whyte Wyrm and getting to know Jughead’s new friends, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs, when he moves to Southside High
  • Always laughing at Jughead’s sarcasm, which sometimes gets you into trouble in inappropriate situations
  • Always teasing one another, which brings a smile to both your faces

tag list: @bohemian-nygma / @thedamagedcne / @fire–pheonix / @inspiredbynewt / @real-fbi / @seggklingmain / @gofandomsandotherstuff / @natalia-helena-alianova-romanov / @fairytalesforever / @fangirlsarah16 / @adaleya / @cnco-babes / @marvelismylifffe / @thedarkqueenofavalon 

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myriadimagines·a day agoAnswer

Hi! yes i meant marcus lol my friends name is "marques" so it automatically spells it that way sorry 😂

no need to apologise!!! do you mind resending the full request so i can have it in my inbox? sorry for the inconvenience!

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This is a little late but could I also join your fandom family? This is my main blog (midwinterfics), and I'd love to be Thomas Shelby, John Shelby or Ada Shelby! Sorry it's all Peaky Blinders!

not late at all, anyone is free to join!!! and you’ve been added as thomas shelby, thank you for joining alyssa!!

(check out this post if you want to join my fandom family!)

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myriadimagines·a day agoAnswer

Hi Sam ! I was wondering : what informations do you need to make an aesthetic (both pairing and oc) ? Thank you, I love you and what you are doing (especially now for the donation and petitions thing) 💚

hey yana! for reader x character aesthetics, i need information on your physical appearance (e.g hair color), personality and hobbies! and the same information goes for ocs! fandom (if applicable) is also helpful!

if you want a one shot OR a personalised reader x character/oc aesthetic, click here

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myriadimagines·a day agoAnswer

Your idea for donations is phenomenal! I hope you don’t mind me saying that I’d be doing the same thing :) - Ace

ace omg of course i don’t mind at all!! and full credit goes to @emcon-imagines, who is doing the same and inspired me to do so!!

(everyone please check out emcon’s post here!)

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myriadimagines·a day agoAnswer

hay could you do a deadly class imagine about the reader is about to try out for the spirit squad at Kings Dominion and marques and the others are all worried about them pls? 💖

hey! i’m a little bit confused about this request, i’m assuming marques is a typo and you mean marcus, but please feel free to get back to me to clarify so i can get your request correct!

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myriadimagines·a day agoAnswer

Sam! Just thought I'd pop in and send some love your way! Hope you're well!

this is so sweet!! sending love right back at you, i hope you’re having a lovely day mackenzie 💛

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i don’t take one shot requests anymore, but if you submit to me a screenshot of a donation to any of these resources, you can make a request and i’ll write a 1k+ one shot for you. every little bit counts, so please donate what you can!

  • rules for one shots: one shot requests tend to need a lot of detail in order for me to write a sufficient amount. i’ll need a main character the one shot is for, and a detailed sort of plot. please do not leave any endings up to me, as i prefer for you to have something in mind yourself!


i do recognise that not everyone has the means to donate, so you can also submit a screenshot to me of you signing any petitions and i will create a personalised aesthetic reader x character or OC aesthetic for you. i’ll only be taking one aesthetic per petition, so the more you sign, the more i’ll create for you!

  • rules for reader x character aesthetics: i’ll need a character you want your aesthetic to be with, as well as information on your appearance, personality and hobbies.
  • rules for oc aesthetics: same as reader x character aesthetics, i’ll need information on your ocs appearance, personality, hobbies and backstory. if they’re part of a fandom, feel free to let me know that, too! or if you have a link to an oc blog you have that has more information, feel free to send me the link to that!

(got this idea from @emcon-imagines, and the link to all the resources was from a post reblogged by @lotsoffandomimagines. i know this isn’t a lot, but i want to help & take action in any way i can, and this is a start. i encourage you all to do the same. after you submit your screenshots to me, please wait for me to message you to confirm that i received it before sending me your request!) 


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[x] // requester: anonymous (edited) // request here


This is your worst nightmare, you think, as you refuse to look over at Viktor. You’re stuck in detention with the boy you dumped right before you decided to leave his entire group, too. Your decision to drop your Legacy status and become a Rat is somewhat infamous within King’s, although you don’t regret it one bit. You’ve found much better friends within your new crew, ones that aren’t fake and power hungry like the Legacies are.

Unfortunately for you, your ex boyfriend isn’t letting you off that easily. You stiffen as he strolls up to your desk, and he greets, “Hello, Rat Girl.”

You wrinkle your nose at Viktor, and before you can even respond, Marcus pipes up from the desk behind you, “Don’t you have anything better to do, Viktor?”

Viktor turns to glare at Marcus as you flash him a grateful smile over your shoulder. Out of all the Rats, you’ve quickly taken a liking to Marcus, and from his smile, you know he’s taken a liking to you, too. Both of you jolt as Viktor suddenly bursts into loud laughter, and he points between the two of you as he asks, “Ah, two Rats are made for each other, no?”

“Fuck off, Viktor.” you snarl, partly embarrassed that even Viktor notices your crush on Marcus. “God, I can’t believe we ever dated.”

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