Hello, welcome to my art blog! I draw fanart for a lot of different fandoms! I'm currently into Danganronpa. My main blog is ultradespairhanamura

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Get ready to welcome all of the lovely individuals with open hearts that will be contributing their immense talent to In Our Hearts! This zine would truly not be possible without them, so please PLEASE be sure to share your love with everyone on this list!

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mythril-warheads8 days agoAnswer

I recently got into Danganronpa and Teruteru had become one of my favorite character almost instantly but after seeing your art, it sealed the deal! I admire your art so much!💖👌

Hey, thanks a ton!! I鈥檓 so happy that my art has made you like him even more! He鈥檚 my favorite so I鈥檓 always glad to see others who like him too ^^

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mythril-warheads2 months agoAnswer

I love your art so much!!! It always makes my day to just scroll through your posts and relax. Your Teruteru art is so sweet and cute and that one with Ryoma was just perfect, and now I low key ship Ryoma and Teruteru. Stay healthy and safe, and remember to take time for yourself! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

This ask made me very happy! I鈥檓 so very glad that you enjoy my art that much! Because of kind people like you, I鈥檓 constantly motivated to continue my art even if I can鈥檛 always post as consistently as I鈥檇 like. I hope you also stay healthy and safe! Take care, friend!

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mythril-warheads2 months agoAnswer

How come you don’t post often?

I try to post as much as I can, but I have a full time job and I鈥檓 often too tired to post weekly or even bi-weekly. I only have a few days a week to devote to making art and it takes me a long time to finish a piece.

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mythril-warheads2 months agoAnswer

What if mama hanamura survived the tragedy and found her boy after dr3

That鈥檚 the story I tend to go with! It doesn鈥檛 need to be all doom and sadness for them.

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mythril-warheads2 months agoAnswer

I love that you draw a lot of teruteru! You don't see much fanart for him in the community but your's is really well made!

Thank you so much! I鈥檓 very glad there are other fans of him who like my art!

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mythril-warheads2 months agoAnswer

Thank you,you made my day for adding mama :D

Best mama deserves love!

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mythril-warheads2 months agoAnswer

HOLY HECK! They way you draw Teruteru is so squishy I love it!! Thank you for not absolutely despising him and giving him good representation!!

Thank you friend! He鈥檚 my top favorite and drawing him is a lot of fun!

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mythril-warheads3 months agoAnswer

hi you are the definition of perfection, thanks for being so amazing

Haha, I think that might be a bit of an overstatement, but thank you nonetheless! I鈥檓 happy that you like what I do here!

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mythril-warheads6 months agoAnswer

Your Teruteru and ultimate imposter drawings make him look so squishy!!! I really appreciate you giving him and ultimate impostor representation!

Thank you very very much!! I just wanna give some love to the underappreciated and underrepresented characters, you know? They鈥檙e both amazing characters who deserve all the love.

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