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David Turner, PhD - 30/M (mod - 20s/F) - Nacrene City - archaeologist from near Circhester, Galar - icon by @professorlunadark

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nacrene-archaeologist·3 minutes agoText


Appletun perfume used to be popular in Galar, until people realized that it attracted Bug Type Pokemon.

Bug types love their sweets

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nacrene-archaeologist·8 minutes agoText

I can’t even decide what I want to eat, let alone muster the strength to open the fridge

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nacrene-archaeologist·11 minutes agoAnswer

I'm back. In the Wild Area with Stacy and our colleagues.

How are you?

So I had to take a minute to answer this because wow I was extremely angry. Now to be clear, I am still angry because I cannot believe that after everything that has already happened with Ultra Space you would be so monumentally stupid as to just dick around in all that without, I dunno maybe preparing first? Thinking about it? Telling everyone? Not putting yourself in immediate and very serious danger? Ideally all four of those but I mean ONE would have been nice. Not only did you make everyone worry A LOT but you know… you could have DIED.

You understand that right? D I E D! And what if you had?! What if we’d never heard from you at all?! Mate, I know something is up with you since you first got close to that Wormhole but this was not the answer! I have half a mind to-


I’m done. I’m done with the rant.

I’m relieved that you’re alright. I get that I’m not… you know I don’t get the appeal of any of this stuff. It’s not the what…. it’s the how you did it. Ugh, I’m starting to sound like my Dad. I’m glad you’re looking after yourself. Just, mate…. if you see this, just don’t go back. Don’t do that to Crouton.

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nacrene-archaeologist·12 minutes agoAnswer

No pressure to answer but, uh. It's good to see you back. Hope you feel better.


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nacrene-archaeologist·13 minutes agoText

Earlier I’d said there was more to come. This is it.

I hope you’ve all been well.

I’ve not been ignoring what’s been going on here on purpose. I’ve been… in a certain place for, let’s be honest, mental health reasons.

I’d rather not talk about it. You wouldn’t care about what they told me wasn’t real, judging by what I remember. Not quite sure I believe them. Or you. Many of you, anyway. It felt so bloody visceral. Whatever it was. My blog leaves few clues as to its existence.

But what you want to hear from me is something else, isn’t it?

‘I’m perfectly fine and I’ve never been better.’

So how’ve you lot been?

I’m having some tea. Black, infused with mint. Moomoo milk, no sugar.

I’m perfectly fine and I’ve never been better.


Mentally? That be a different story.

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nacrene-archaeologist·20 minutes agoText

Arceus I’d love to get a takeaway right now


The proper kind

Or a curry

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