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 part 1

paring: erik x black!reader

summary: ….it’s smutty.

warnings: slight bdsm. ruined orgasm. teasing. cheating. uh…just be warned!

(authors note: this took forever, but it’s here. i’m a little rusty at writing full on smut so…forgive me)

               His apartment was pitch black other than the warm orange light coming from the window that led to his fire escape. With the warm light you could only make out the start of the living room, but everything else was shadowed. You flattened your back to the door, and wrapped your arms around your body feeling a bit nervous.

“Relax.” Erik’s voice resounded but you couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Where are you? And why aren’t the lights on?” You looked around and then gave up looking for him in the dark turning back towards the door to look for the light switch. When your hand found the switches, his hand came over yours gripping. His body followed pressing you against the door again.

“Leave them off.” He kissed down your neck. “Pull out your phone.”

“Why?” You asked him turning towards him. “Ain’t gon’ be no movie making tonight.”

He chuckled softly and placed his mouth on your ear, “Take out your phone. Now.” With that he moved away from you leaving you feeling weightless. You faced towards the window again and pulled your phone out of your pocket.

“It’s out. You happy?” You waved your phone.

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 part 1

paring: erik x black!reader

summary: ….it’s smutty.

warnings: slight bdsm. ruined orgasm. teasing. cheating. uh…just be warned!

(authors note: this took forever, but it’s here. i’m a little rusty at writing full on smut so…forgive me)

               His apartment was pitch black other than the warm orange light coming from the window that led to his fire escape. With the warm light you could only make out the start of the living room, but everything else was shadowed. You flattened your back to the door, and wrapped your arms around your body feeling a bit nervous.

“Relax.” Erik’s voice resounded but you couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Where are you? And why aren’t the lights on?” You looked around and then gave up looking for him in the dark turning back towards the door to look for the light switch. When your hand found the switches, his hand came over yours gripping. His body followed pressing you against the door again.

“Leave them off.” He kissed down your neck. “Pull out your phone.”

“Why?” You asked him turning towards him. “Ain’t gon’ be no movie making tonight.”

He chuckled softly and placed his mouth on your ear, “Take out your phone. Now.” With that he moved away from you leaving you feeling weightless. You faced towards the window again and pulled your phone out of your pocket.

“It’s out. You happy?” You waved your phone.

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Now ✨this✨ is the kinda historical event I wanna be a part of!



this wont work unless you get other people that your landlord rents to on board. talk to other people in your building or on your property about it. If only one person doesn’t pay rent, it’s not a strike. You’ll just get in trouble for not paying rent. If nobody pays rent, it is a strike.  

Get your neighbors and fellow tenants onboard. 


Between Eviction, Infection, and Refusal: What You Need to Know About the April 1st Rent Strike & How to Plug In - It’s Going Down

What Is A Rent Strike?

A rent strike is a collective refusal by tenants of a building, housing project, or dwelling to pay rent to their landlord. Often, groups of tenants have set demands that they want addressed, such as: unfair rents, unmade repairs, or an end to harassment by management.

Throughout history, rent strikes have been a tactic utilized by renters to combat slumlords, racism and attacks on civil rights, high rents, and also secure and defend housing for poor and working people in times of crisis, pandemic, and economic depression.

In recent years in the face of the growing housing crisis, rent strikes have grow in popularity in larger cities as a tactic utilized by renters to fight back against predatory landlords. Organizations such as the LA Tenants Union and Parkdale Organize have mobilized to back massive rent strikes which have resulted in key victories for tenants. Occupations of vacant housing, such as the recent occupation organized by Moms 4 Housing in Oakland, CA, have also resulted in victories.

Who Is Calling For The Strike?

There are a wide variety of autonomous groups, organizations, networks, and individuals who are pushing for the rent strike. This includes:

A network of autonomous anti-capitalist groups and organizations across the country.

The group Rent Strike 2020, which has been pushing petitions signed by tens of thousands of people.

Groups of renters, such as the anarchist housing collective, Station 40, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, who have publicly declared that they will go on rent strike starting April 1st.

Seasoned tenant organizations such as Parkdale Organize.

Hasn’t The Government Called Off Evictions?

In short, the government is some areas has placed a moratorium on evictions. This means simply that for a set amount of time, they agree to not evict anyone who can’t pay their rent, but they still expect you to pay it at a later date and in a timely manner. This means more debt and more payment of money you don’t have.

As 5 Demands, an online rent strike hub, wrote:

Current moratoriums on evictions and utility shut offs protect you from immediate threat of losing your home or having your utilities shut off, as long as those moratoriums are in place. Your landlord can’t file for eviction for non-payment during the moratorium and the utility companies can’t turn off your water or electricity. You can use the money you’ve kept on the immediate things you need, like medicine and food. The moratoriums alone don’t prevent you from owing back-payment once they lifted, though. That’s why we are pushing for a rent and debt cancellation, so millions of people are not facing insurmountable debt on the other end of this crisis.

We also know that millions of people organized and united in refusing to pay will overwhelm court and eviction symptoms, which have a finite capacity.

Won’t A Rent Strike Hurt Landlords?

Simply put, for middle-class landlords who rent out extra property, there are simply more protections from foreclosure than there are for renters. Homeowners across the US are getting federal mortgage relief and HUD has also called for a halt on foreclosures. According to NPR, homeowners can also have their “mortgage payments reduced or suspended for up to 12 months.” In cities like New York, there is currently a moratorium on mortgages for 90 days, while in California, those paying a mortgage will be given a grace period.

Corporations like Subway, the Cheesecake Factory, and Adidas have already declared that they won’t pay rent in April. There’s mortgage relief for the middle class, but none for renters. They want the poorest to foot the bill.

It should also be noted that many corporate retail stores are also not able to pay rent and are currently working with landlords to pay reduced or restructured rent – or in some cases even given grace periods.

For renters, these protections do not exist – our only way forward is through collective action. As Parkdale Organize wrote:

Landlords’ resources will allow them to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic better than most, while tenants are more and more concerned with our daily survival. The government has already announced financial support and mortgage suspensions for businesses and landlords. By keeping our rent we will have more money for groceries, medicine, disinfectant supplies, and other basic necessities. Our landlords will be fine without our rent. We may not be.

How Can I Plug Into The Rent Strike?

The best way to is link up with a group that already exists or one closest to you.

You can also call this hotline and talk to organizers who will help you find local initiatives and resources for your strike:

WEB: 5 Demands Global

CALL: (312) 883-4677

TEXT: (316) 742-0167




Atlanta Survival Program


Rent Strike ATX | 512-200-7750


Rent Strike Carbondale


Autonomous Tenants Union

Chicago Medical Autonomy

Tenants United


Denver Rent Strike COVID-19

Colorado Rent Strike and Eviction Defense


Can’t Pay Won’t Pay DURM


Flagstaff Rent Strike


Rent Strike IE


Rent Strike Kingston


Rent Strike London


LA Tenants Union


Madison Rent Strike 2020


Rent Strike Twin Cities | (763) 294-5592


Greve des Loyers


COVID-19 Rent Strike


Olympia Assembly


COVID-19 Rent Strike Ottawa | +1 (353) 883-5608


Philadelphia Tenants Union


PDX Rent Strike


Eagle Mill Rent Strike | 804-554-4032

Pollard & Bagby Tenants Council

Richmond Tenants Defense Council


Bay Area Rent Strike

Station 40

Tenant and Neighbor Council

Oakland Tenants Union

SF Eviction Defense Collaborative

Tenants Together


Drop Rent Santa Cruz


Seattle Rent Strike


STL Rent Strike


Parkdale Organize

Parkdale Organize -

Further Resources


Sample letters to neighbours and landlords:

Dealing with landlords:

Coronavirus rent strike info:

COVID-19 Tenant Organizing Toolkit


This April, millions won’t be able to afford their bills even if they want to pay them. Like the pandemic, this is the inevitable consequence of a system that wasn’t designed to keep us safe in the first place.

Organize for self-defense!


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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Reader

Word Count: around 1.2k

Summary: You know he’s bad for you…but damn is he good.

Warnings: there ain’t no spoilers or nothing just some good ol fluffy angsty stuff

A/N: YALLLLL so i saw black panther twice right and like after the first time i watched it I WAS LIKE SHOOOT i want to write fic for every character, BUT ANYWAY i wanted to write something without any spoilers just something a little short and sweet ya know<333 i hope yall like this i also wanna write a erik college au type fic so djfalj hopefully thatll come soon!!!!!! 

“This is the last time I’m going to tell you: We. Are. Not. Together,” Y/N enunciated in that staccato way that had grown so familiar to him. “Did you hear that, Erik?” she questioned, snapping her fingers in front of his face.

He swatted her hand out of the way, giving a roll of his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I heard you. Loud and clear, babygirl,” he drew out the words long a slow, giving her a teasing salute.

“You’re so unbelievable, why can’t you just leave me al—do not sit down.”

He sat directly beside her, ordering himself a drink too while he was at it. They were seated in a semi-crowded bar. Together, much to her apparent annoyance and astonishment. She looked appalled, as if he had just called her some foul name.

“You’re brave, you are really brave.”

Erik smirked, his head tilting to the side innocently. “Brave how?”

“Brave enough to sit your ass down in that stool,” Y/N quipped. “What do you want?”

“What, baby? Can’t a dude just come chill out, see how his favorite girl doin’?”

“You didn’t come here to check on me, you ruined my date, you fucking narcissist. This is the fourth time you’ve pulled this shit.” An accusatory forefinger poked him hard in the middle of his chest, making Erik raise his brows questioningly. She was right. It was the fourth time he’d coincidentally found himself showing up on one of her dates. It was also the fourth time that she had chosen a complete clown to go out with. “Why can’t you just let me be happy?”

“Don’t get all dramatic, babygirl. Listen, it’s not my fault ol’ boy couldn’t take a joke. If he isn’t funny, then he isn’t the guy for you anyways, Y/N. You could do better!” He shrugged his shoulders in an exaggerated manner before taking a  sip of his whiskey. “How was he a whole clown and he wasn’t even funny…don’t make sense,” he murmured, shaking his head.

“Who are you to tell me who ‘isn’t the guy for me’? You wouldn’t know anything about being a good boyfriend if it knocked you in the fucking face.” Y/N looked to him with furrowed brows, her voice rising, then carefully lowering to a furious whisper when she remembered they were out in public. “You know what,” she began with a deep inhale, “I’m just going to leave.” She stood from her stool, grabbing her small clutch and phone off the bar surface before making her hasty exit. “Don’t fucking follow me,” she called back to him before allowing the door to shut behind her.

Erik waited about thirty seconds before he left the bar. He lightly jogged through the warm night air to catch up with her. “You ain’t think I was gonna let a pretty girl walk home all alone, right?”

“I have pepper spray,” she replied, though it sounded more like a warning than anything.

“Come on, Y/N, don’t be mean.”

She stopped walking abruptly, looking to him with disbelief and annoyance. “Okay, listen…I don’t know what it is your looking for. A fuck, a relationship, I don’t know, but whatever it is I don’t want any part of it.” She frowned when she saw the familiar smirk twitching at his lips. “Erik, I’m serious. We aren’t together for a reason!”

“Because you broke up with me!”

“Or because you’re a self-absorbed fuck,” she retorted.

He scoffed in disbelief.

“Oh come on, Erik. Don’t act surprised. Look at you right now. Why are you here?” she cocked a brow, folded her arms over her chest. Her eyes narrowed in his direction, awaiting a response.

“I’m here for you!”

“No, you’re here for you. If you cared, if you really cared even a little bit about me you wouldn’t be here right now. You’d leave me alone and let me be happy, but you can’t do that, can you?” Her eyes searched his, though she wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for. “You can’t.”

Now she resumed walking, brushing past him in irritation and leaving him in a state of confusion as he began to feel a twinge of self-loathing. Selfish. He had never considered it. As he watched her walk away from him he realized something else, something that he had never considered: love. They had played the on and off game for years now. Their relationship was constantly morphing from friends, to friends with benefits, to boyfriend/girlfriend. The cycle seemed like it was destined to repeat infinitely, until now. Only in recent months had she truly tried to break things off with him, but this felt definite. Was it possible that in those three years, those thirty-six months that somehow, in the  midst of it all, he had really developed feelings for her? Real, honest feelings? It would explain his jealous behavior, and the lump in his throat that developed at the mere thought of her walking out of his life. His fists balled up into fists and he sighed heavily. Of all the girls he could have fallen for, it had to be the most infuriating one he knew. Really? It wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t help that love was a fickle and selfish thing.

“Y/N! Could you just wait up?” He called after her with a roll of his eyes. When she didn’t stop he found himself again jogging to catch up to her, matching her brisk pace. “God dammit, could you just—” he stood in front of her now, strong hands gripping her shoulders firmly, “—just listen to me.”

“I wasn’t kidding about the pepper spray, Erik!” she warned sharply.

He ignored her. “Look, I get it. I ruined your damn date, but who the fuck cares? It’s not like you were gonna marry the dude. Y’alls date was probably trash anyways.” Y/N tried to interject, but he gave her no time. “I don’t know what this is. And honestly…I don’t know what I want either.” He was floundering for words, trying to figure out the best way to explain himself. He gritted his teeth, jaw flexing, his brows pulling together in thought. “Fuck, this is hard,” he muttered. “If you don’t want to be with  me…fine. But I don’t want anyone else to have you if I can’t.”

Y/N’s  eyes narrowed. He seemed sincere, but whether he meant the words or not, she was unsure whether she wanted to put herself through the trouble of being with him again. He was an asshole, but so was she. They were good as friends, even better as lovers, but the relationship stuff was hard. He was a grade A philanderer and she was tired of the bullshit.

“Erik, you are so full of shit. You really think I’m dumb enough to be—” she was abruptly cut off by his lips smashing into hers. She froze up, and after a moment’s hesitation, shoved him away, angrily. The two stared at one another, breathing hard, lips tingly from the rough, sudden contact. Outside in the warmth of the night air, they stood beneath a streetlight on an empty sidewalk, the small space between them charged with electricity. Silence, besides the sound of their own racing hearts in their ears. Suddenly she threw her arms around his neck, kissing him hard on the mouth. He responded immediately, his arms snaking around her waist without hesitation, holding her in an intimate, warm embrace.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you.”

“I know.”

“I hate you.”

“I know.”

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Part I Part III Part IV

The first part of this takes place in between the last two scenes of the first chapter.

Warning: Smut


“You can’t…you can’t just speak to people like that! Like-like they’re beneath you,” you ranted, chest heaving as you walked away from him.

It was another day spent by the side of King N’Jakada, and despite the fact that you were slightly softening towards him, he still managed to make your blood boil. The way he moved, the way he acted, and the way he spoke! All of it just seemed to anger you…

Today in particular, he’d chewed out two members of the Dora over something so insignificant that you could not even recall. He talked down to them in such a manner that had you exiting the throne room before he was even done, your gold shawl billowing behind you.

“See, that’s where you’re wrong, princess…”

You grunted as his hand wrapped around your upper arm, spinning you around to face him, his frame towering over your own.

“They answer to me. All of y’all answer to me. I’m ya King, so guess what that makes you?”

He stepped closer, invading your personal space as his dark eyes drank you in, running from your intricately styled hair all the way down to the yellow polish on your toes.

“That makes you beneath me…,” he huskily continued.

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Number 4

It was a hot saturday , Michael was grilling , the game was on TV, and you were sipping your red wine . You were in the kitchen , preparing sides for dinner . Watching Michael curse at the TV from the backyard grill . Knox was safely wrapped around his bare chest in her moby . His team was loosing and he was pissed , he flipped the ribs and steaks vigorously.

“You better not mess up that meat!” You yelled, he gave you the middle finger . You rolled your eyes and sipped on your wine . The opposing team scored just as he walked in . He stopped himself from screaming , remembering that he had the baby . “How the fuck he fumble!”

He stood close to the TV, rocking his body up and down. Partly for Knox and partly for his anxiety.

For no reason, your thoughts decided to turn. You thought about Kayla. Michael had been out for a month , and you still couldn’t gather the courage to tell him about her . It had been burning inside of you .

You did him a solid and waited until he was good and full before you brought it up . “We need to talk” you told him . The three of you were eating in the backyard under the sunset .

“About what?” He bit into his ribs, chewing them with his mouth open .

“Kayla Montgomery “

Michael stopped chewing , and wiped his face off with a napkin. He handed his rib bone to Knox , she gummed it to death , getting barbecue sauce all over her face . “I think she ready to eat real food , look at her” he completely ignored you .

“Michael” you replied dryly .

“Why you wanna ‘ talk about her?” He asked .

You got up and motioned for him to follow you . He walked behind you sluggishly , not really interested in what you had to show him . You took him to the office and logged in to the computer . You pulled up his financial files and explained why and where money was missing . He concluded that he didn’t know about the foundation. You then showed him Kayla’s family photo , that included his former accountant.

Michael was stunned , to say the least . “I-…” was all he could muster up.

“How could she do this? How could they do this?” You spoke .

“She knew I would have done anything for her…anything “ he said quietly, more to himself rather than to you . “You ever had someone you love , take something from you?” You shook your head. Michael handed the baby over to you . You could see the sadness swoon all around him, as if he still loved her . The fatigue was imprinted on his worn face . You felt so bad , like you shouldn’t have told him .

He looked at the picture again , his eyes flickered when he came to a realization . He noticed the age of the child .

“And it looks like she was pregnant when we were still together “

You looked at Kayla, hating her for what she had done . They had broken up years ago and she still lingered in your relationship . Yes, her husband was the actual criminal but he had no ties to Michael . He was hurt , but you knew it was the type of pain that you couldn’t heal .

“I need a second” his face hardened in concentration . He left the room , you listened to him shuffle upstairs before he came back down.

“We need to get a lawyer” you called out to him . He gave you no response because he had left out of the front door . You heard him start the engine of his brand new truck . Out of the office window, you could see him peeling off from the driveway. You picked up your phone to call him, but you felt it was best to give him his space . You figured if he wanted you to know, he would have told you .

It got really late , you worried yourself to sleep . until you heard the front door slam shut . Michael was home now. Unfortunately his loud entrance made the baby cry . It made you upset , because you knew it would be hard to get her back to sleep . You met Michael in the darkness of the hallway. “I got her “ he said, brushing past you to get to her room. You went back to bed, glad that you didn’t have to deal with it . But you did want to know where Michael had been all night . You told yourself that you wouldn’t go back to sleep until the two of you talked . And it was talking him a long time . Knox had stopped crying a while ago, you imagined that he was still holding her as she slept . He always did that . You hated to admit it but sometimes he spent too much time with her, and it made you a little jealous of their bond .

Wanting to wait no longer, you went into her room . Just as you thought , Michael was still holding her. Only Knox wasn’t sleep , you could see her little feet moving . He rocked her back and forth with his back facing you . He was staring out of her window into night sky .

“Just bring her to bed with us , I’m lonely” you walked behind him and covered his waist with your arms, nestling your face in his back .

“So this is my daughter huh? She’s beautiful ”

His voice was husky . You removed your arms and took a step back . His words made the hairs on the nape of your neck stand up. “She’s a biter like daddy, she got me real good when I first picked her up”

“I thought you- , I -“ you couldn’t even speak . All those months of treatment , only for him to return to you the exact same . He turned around to face you , still rocking a half-sleep Knox. She responded well to him, but why wouldn’t she . He was her dad .

You looked away from him, trying your best not to look in his eyes . You knew it was Erik, you just didn’t want actual confirmation.

“Don’t look so sad” he grabbed your chin abruptly , urging your eyes to meet his . Michaels soft eyes were gone , Erik was back. “C’mere” Erik angled towards you, letting his lips grace yours with a kiss.

You closed your eyes slowly , even his kisses felt different from Michaels .

“You miss me?”

You said nothing , trying not to be victimized by Erik’s toxicity . He didn’t like that , he didn’t like when you tried to be dominant . He laughed lowly , you saw the gold teeth were back too .

“Mommy tryna’ be strong, but she know I’ll pull that card real quick. After I get you to sleep, I’m putting mommy to sleep too”


“Oh my god, Erik!”

He had gotten you . You put up a fight, but you were no match to him.

His head was between your legs , bobbing slowly as he ate your pussy. Your clit throbbed between his lips , you gripped his dreads tightly , wanting badly hurt him for winning.

“I am your god” he mumbled . Slurping you roughly , then changing his pace , taking you slowly . He was building intensity . You let out a gasp, sitting up on your forearms . You looked down upon Erik, he wrapped his arms around your upper thighs and split your soaked lips. Opening that view of your juicy pink clit. He sucked on it again, hard this time . He was trying to make you cum.

“Ooooouuuuuuu fuck , I can’t !” You tossed your head back, squeezing your eyes and toes. Erik wouldn’t let up , or let go. Your arms lost control and you fell back into the mattress , he had made you cum hard.

You tried to slide away from him, but his arms pulled you back . “I want you to remember that I own this pussy” you looked down at him, trying to control your breathing . “Tell me who owns this pussy” his tongue trailed up your belly , in between your breast and landed on the side of your neck .

“You do” you admitted , to Erik and yourself .

“All that shit you did with Michael, I seen it” he circled his tongue around a spot on your neck . You bit into your lip impatiently . “It was cute” he growled. Abruptly, he did something that he had wanted to do since he saw you . He bit into your neck. “But Daddy’s back”

Erik didn’t give you a chance to catch your breath before he slid his dick inside of you .

“Fuck!” Your reflexes caused you to slap his cheek hard. Expecting him to get angry, but he surprisingly smiled menacingly.

He liked it .

Erik rose himself up, slamming his full weight down inside of your swollen pussy. You could hear how wet he had gotten you with each thrust . He slapped your breast, watching them carefully bounce back into place .

“Keep them eyes open too “ he spat , now holding you in position by your neck .

He was sending shock waves through your body , your mouth opened wide.

“I missed you so much !” You cried out .

“Yeah you do, Daddy came back to take that pussy huh?” He boasted, quickening up his pace . You felt for something to grab, a pillow , the sheets , your breast , but Erik forced your hands away each time . He was taking pleasure in watching you suffer. “Erik!” You begged , he allowed you to bring his face down with your hands . He kissed you sloppy, sucking your lips and tongue . He moaned into your mouth . You had never heard him moan before , it was so masculine and sexy . It sparked a kink you didn’t know you had .

“You making me cum, I-… Erik I-!” You let out a squeal , so loud that it echoed through the house . Your left leg shook uncontrollably as Erik pulled out of you . Your hands ran up and down your breast as you tried to bring yourself down .

“You look so fucking sexy right now” Erik’s voice was raspy , he wasn’t done . “Our baby did your body good. That ass even better than I remember “ He eagerly flipped you over onto your stomach . “Poke that shit out!” He slapped your ass hard, letting it wiggle in his hands . You inched your ass up, partly opening your legs . Erik inched his thick lengthy dick back inside . You heard him let out a low moan . You began to throw your ass back onto him, meeting his strokes with yours .

“That’s a good girl” he held your hips and fucked you harder . “I wish you could see how that pussy grabbing my dick”

You gripped the headboard , your head hung helplessly. It was like your body was forcing you to give up and let him have it .

He spread your cheeks and watched as your white cream coated his dick . “You love me” he said .

“Yes” you said weakly , thinking it was a question . Erik was just stating facts.

“How much you love Daddy?” He slapped your ass again. A high cry escaped from your lips . “Show me how much you love Daddy and cum on this dick!” He said through gritted teeth as he pounded into your sensitive flesh. Striking the same cords he hit twice before . You were numb , your body surrendered itself to Erik once again. He soon felt that aching sensation traveling within himself . He released himself inside of you , letting himself rest and wrapping around your body . You listened to his soothing breath in your ear , as it’s pace died from fast to slow . Sleep eventually took over the both of you.

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Baby Boy

Chapter: I

Erik Killmonger x Reader


This chapter is lowkey boring.

“Fuuucckk daddy you hittin’ my spot, don’t stop!” Malina moaned loud cumming for the second time while she gripped the silk sheets of Erik’s bed. He grabbed a handful of herloose weave and pushed her face into the pillow. She was being a little too loud while he thrusted his hips deep into her dripping core. “Shut up bitch you finna wake my peoples up!” He said slapping her ass as his thrusts got sloppier and rougher which meant he was close to cumming.  

‘Ayee they betta’ call a paramedic in the street I got leverage in the street’ played for the seventh time. Whoever the fuck that is gon’ have to wait, fuck that. He said to himself trying to get his nut.  "Turn the fuck over bitch.“ Erik said as he pulled out of her then stroked himself. He watched her intensely with lust in his eyes as she got on her knees in front of him looking up at him with her mouth wide open. “mmm gimme that nut daddy.” Malina said as she rubbed her wet and throbbing clit. Erik shoved his dick down her throat, thrusting into her mouth not giving her a chance to breathe before he released down her throat. Erik pulled out of her mouth and grabbed his phone that was blowing up non-stop. Malina got back onto his bed and started to fall asleep. He looked at the screen and it read eight missed calls from ‘Baby Girl’ with a picture of him, his son Sage and his on and off girlfriend Solana. 'Shit, she about to cuss my ass out.’ Erik said to himself running his hand over his face. The phone began to ring in his hand, he answered immediately.  

“Wassuh?” He said catching his breath.

“Don’t wassuh me mothafucka’. Finally, you know how to answer the goddamn phone! Erik what the fuck was you doin’?!” Solana yelled over the phone as her Jamaican accent came out. It only came out when she was starting to get mad.

“First of all, you need to calm the fuck down and realize who the fuck you talkin’ to. I ain’t one of them weak ass niggas you used to fuck with. And secondly, I was working out in the garage, my phone was in my room.” Erik said as he walked into his bathroom and ran the shower.

“Erik you see what time it is, you know I gotta be at work in 30 minutes and don’t forget you got Sage all day today nigga.”  She said as she packed their son’s lunch since he was going to be spending the day with his dad.

Erik put his hand on his face and sighed in frustration forgetting that today was Wednesday and she worked an early shift. “I aint forget. Im on the way right now man.”

“Don’t fuckin’ make me late nigga! Don’t be making extra stops to your other baby mother’s house in my car neither. Bye.” Solana said hanging up the phone before he could say another word.

Erik put his phone on his Bluetooth speaker and hopped in the shower to wash up. After he washed up and got out of the shower, Erik put on a fresh pair of briefs and basketball shorts with an all-white t-shirt then put on his gold chain with his father’s ring on it and a pair of red & black Air Jordan retro 1s. He sprayed Solana’s favorite cologne she loved so much on him. He looked at his dreads that were all over his head making a mental note to have her braid his dreads back later. He walked back into his room and seen Malina knocked out and snoring on his bed. He shook his head then smacked her hard on her thigh to wake her up.

“Aye c'mon you gotta go, I got shit to do so hurry up.” Erik said picking up her clothes and throwing them on her face.  

Malina rubbed her eyes and yawned while sitting up then began getting dressed. “Damn nigga why you so hostile, its 7 in the morning.”  

Erik clenched his jaw annoyed as he stared at her. “Exactly bitch I got shit to do and you need to bounce.”

“I need to call an Uber first, I’ll wait here.” She said rolling her eyes putting her shoes on.

“No, you not you can wait on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road I don’t give a fuck just not in here so c'mon.” He said grabbing keys, phone, wallet and his gold 9. mm and tucking it in the front of his shorts and pulled his shirt down to cover it.

“Ooooo you fuckin’ so rude.” She said walking out of his room towards the front door. Erik began to walk out of his room behind her and lock his room. He had a lot of valuable things in his room and he didn’t trust anybody.

Malina walked to the other side of the street and took a seat on the cracked curb while calling an Uber. Erik Looked across the street at Malina and started laughing while he got into Solana’s 2005 BMW M3 and drove to her Apartment. He blasted all the old Mac Dre classics while pulling up to her apartment. Erik grabbed his phone and called her.

“Hello?” Solana said looking out the window of her apartment watching him pull up.  

“Im here, come open the door.” He said parking then turned off the car and walking up the stairs to her door.

“mmhm.” She said hanging up and unlocking the door then looking up at him with a scold on her face, narrowing her big green eyes that he’s been countlessly mesmerized by with her arms crossed together.

“Damn ma, good morning to you too. You gon’ let a nigga in?” Erik said chuckling looking down at her 5'2 figure that was dressed in an all-black dress with a low-cut V and some black gladiator high thigh heels. He licked his lips looking at her up at down. When Solana seen the slight gold in the bottom row of his mouth peak out, she damn near lost it. Erik wrapped his big buff arms around her slim thick waist and started kissing and biting on her neck. Solana’s guard started to drop as he kissed her spot on her neck. She let out a soft moan and closed her eyes while Erik walked them into her apartment and closing the door behind them. “Im still mad at you don’t think just because you wore my favorite cologne I was gon’ forget, I hate when you don’t answer the phone I be thinkin’ the worst when you don’t.” Solana said pulling away from him and looking up at his 6'3 figure. “Ain’t nothin’ about to happen to me mama, so stop worrying much.” Erik said grinning then pecked her lips.  

“Daddy!” A little voice yelled coming from his son as he ran towards him.

“Wassuh pop?” Erik smiled wide as he crouched down on his knees and met his son with a hug. “You all packed up for the day?”

“Yeah, mommy said I can bring my basketball now we can go to the park and you can teach me how to play.” Sage said smiling while still hugging his dad.  

“Sounds like a plan but we gotta go take mommy to work before we go to the park pop.” Erik said standing straight up while holding him.  

“And mommy only has 15 minutes to get to work because Daddy likes to take forever and a day to get here.” Solana said grabbing her bag of fashion designs and purse then rushing out the front door towards the car.

“Well Daddy had to take a shower, mommy hates when Daddy is all sweaty and what not so that’s the shit that happens.” Erik disputed back grabbing Sage’s backpack and ball walking out the door and locking it. “Why you rushing like I can’t get you there in 10 minutes?” He said walking down the stairs towards the car. “Erik, I got a big presentation today, if you would’ve been here on time I wouldn’t be doing all this.” Solana said grabbing Sage from him, putting him in the backseat then buckling him up. As she was bent over buckling him up, Erik was standing behind her staring at her ass. 'Damn it’s been a minute since I been in them guts, that’s probably why she acting like that. Her ass been dickless.’ Erik took a step forward as Solana stood up and closed the car door. When she turned around she bumped into his hard rock chest. Erik wrapped his arm around her and grabbed a handful of her ass. “You need your issue ma?” He said with a deep low voice bending down to talk into her ear and bite her earlobe lightly and pull it. She felt her thong get damp and her breath began to cut short. “N-no im good E. Can you please take me to work so don’t be late?” She said with her eyes closed knowing she had not had dick in a good 2 weeks and her core was throbbing. Erik smirked knowing her too well and that she was feigning. “Right, I got you later ma. C'mon so you can do this little presentation.” Erik said pulling away from her and walking around to the driver’s side and getting in. Solana straightened herself out and got in the car and looked at her phone to go over her notes.  

10 minutes later

Erik pulled up at her job and parked right in front the entrance. “See I told yo’ ass that you were gon’ make it on time. Yellin’ at me and shit over the phone like you lost your mind.” He said looking over at her as she rolled her eyes. Solana looked in the backseat at her son and smiled at him. He was a split image of Erik except for his eyes, he took after her big green ones. “You gonna be a good boy for daddy today pop?” She said smiling. “Yes, mommy I promise to be good.” Sage said smiling held his hand out as they did their hand shake.

She turned forward to look at Erik, “You be good too punk.”

“Im always good mama.” He said while smiling then leaning towards her.  

“Mhmm, don’t get beat up.” She said leaning in to kiss his full lips. He started to suck on her bottom lip before slipping his tongue in between her lips. Their tongues fight for dominance but as always Erik gets the upper hand. She lets out a small moan. Their kiss gets cut short as Solana’s coworkers clap and admire the sight of them kissing. “What the fuck is wrong with your coworkers babe?” Erik said shaking his head looking at them. Solana shrugs and begins to get out the car with her stuff. As Erik is looking at her coworkers, one of them is matching his stare and licking her lips at him. They have a little stare off as Erik looks at her up and down at her smooth legs in her short yellow dress with silver heels. Their stare down gets cut short when Solana grasps his attention again. “Don’t forget 5:05 Erik, don’t be late pickin’ me up either.” She said getting out and walking towards the front door. “I know ma. Have a good day. Get in the front little man.” He said looking back at his son. Sage climbed into the front and strapped up smiling. He pulled off and started driving to the park. When Erik began to play I Get Around by Tupac he started to nod his head and rap the lyrics to the song he looked over and Sage copying him and started laughing. “That’s yo shit baby boy! I see you noddin’ yo head too!” He said laughing and dapping his son.

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Mini Made.

Erik gets turned on by your nurturing behavior .

(Continuation from Mommy for the night & Daddys Night Out)


“Good morning, you slept a really long time ” You greeted Erik with a loving smile as he walked past you in the kitchen. It was almost one in the afternoon and Erik had just gotten up . He had come home late last night after working overtime .

“I know, I was tired as fuck. Good morning babe” he plopped down on the couch and turned the TV to every mans favorite channel, ESPN.

You hated ESPN, he knew it too. But you never complained , sometimes you even attempted to be interested . “You hungry, you want some breakfast?” You questioned , but you’d already begun taking things out . He was always hungry .


Eggs, bacon and pancakes were on the menu . You lit a skillet and placed a couple pieces of bacon on it . Then poured the pancake mix in a bowl . You poured a lot , Erik could eat around six pancakes alone.

He admired you from the couch , you didn’t notice him staring at all . You made the easy task of making breakfast look like art . He appreciated how you took pride in doing things that pleased him. You scrambled his eggs vigorously , Erik got a kick out of watching your breast jiggle along with it .

“I smell that bacon, you eating bacon again ?” Erik called out .

“No, this is just for you . I’ll eat a couple of eggs , but I had a shake for breakfast already” you told him .

“Ummhm ” he screwed up his face.

You were trying your best to loose weight. While on birth control, you gained a lot of weight . You recently decided to stop taking it because of the extra pounds.

You had a feeling, but you didn’t quite know why Erik disliked your new diet . He didn’t mind the extra jiggle , but you hated it . Something about the wideness in your hips , your breast had gotten bigger and sometimes they would ooze out of your shirt . The more weight you gained , the more he wanted to be under you , and on top of you .

You finished with his breakfast and brought it over to him. You sat with him and ate your small plate of eggs. Erik kept cutting into his pancakes with his fork , like a child . You couldn’t take it . You grabbed the knife you brought him and used your fork to cut his pancakes into perfect pieces . He gawked hungrily at your working thick arms .

“Thank you mommy” he beamed

“Wow” you gave him an eye roll .

“You gon be a good mommy”

“Because I cut your pancakes?”

“Nah, because you do all this motherly shit for me . I could only imagine how you’d be with my kids”

“Kids, you made it plural” your face twisted, he was talking about multiples.

“Yes kids, a whole bunch of Mini-Me’s running around here “


Erik was done and full, his head rested sideways against your stomach. His hands felt gently inside of his sweats . You ran your hands over his dreads , watching his head move up and down slowly because of your breathing .

Playfully, you took a long deep breath, making his head lift up high . He laughed after he noticed what you did . You brought his head back down and laughed too. Erik looked up at you and smirked . He lifted your shirt , exposing your belly . He began to place short kisses all over it .

“When you gon let me put a baby in here?” He murmured in between soft kisses. You chucked dismissively, until you realized he was serious . He gazed into your eyes , he went poker faced. Your face flushed , you had never felt more wanted than you did in that moment . The man you loved more than anything wanted to have a baby , with you .

“You want a baby?”

“That’s what I said right ?” He pulled himself up and kissed you on the lips . His hands still pressing against your belly . “Give me a baby” he whispered into your ear before running his tongue up the lobe. He brought himself down to your neck and kissed you there . Your eyes shut at how good it felt . How good he made you feel . Physically and mentally.

Erik” you moaned out, trying to ease him off of you . He had already began pulling down your leggings. “Erik I love you , but I have a lot of things I need to do today . I have to clean this apartment, It’s wash day , and I have to start dinner “

“That’s making my dick even harder , all that shit you do . Let me take care of you “ he held on to you tighter , not wanting to let you go.

“As soon as I’m done , I’m all yours “

He sucked his teeth angrily and lifted off of you . He pushed you to the side and grabbed his PS4 controller . Maybe 2K could bring him some satisfaction

It didn’t . He still wanted you . All day long he watched you clean . You cleaned the kitchen , mopped and vacuumed the floors . Erik found himself getting more turned on as the beads of sweat fell from your forehead . He was loosing his game of 2K because of you .

Erik followed you to the bathroom ,groping himself as you scrubbed the tub . He watched you from the door frame . “I can see it now , our baby in the tub, filled with toys and shit “ Erik imagined .

“If we have kids, I don’t want them in this tiny ass apartment bathroom” you continued to scrub .

“Then I’ll get us a house “

You stopped scrubbing the tub and looked up at Erik. “Foreal?” Your voice shook . This was new behavior, you always thought you would be the one to bring up a home and kids .

“Dead ass” he looked back at you . “C’mere beautiful “

You tossed the sponge into the tub and wiped your dirty hands on your leggings . Erik embraced you and the two of you shared a kiss . “You sure love me today” you joked, noticing how much extra affection he was giving you .

“I love you every day. Now hurry up and finish so I can show you just how much”

Erik went back to his game and you finished the rest of your cleaning . You got a chance to wash your hair too. You forgot that you ran out of conditioner and just recently bought some . The new bottle was in the living room , sitting inside of a target bag . You dried your hair to the best of your ability and wrapped a towel around your body .

“I’m thinking maybe short ribs , mac and cheese , some cabbage maybe . I’ll make a lot, It will last for a while” you rambled on about dinner as you walked into the living room in search for the bag . Erik took one look at your wet toweled body and tossed his game controller to the side . He didn’t even bother to pause his game . Erik took off his shirt and walked behind you. He yanked your towel off your body .

“What are you doing!”

He was too quick , you couldn’t even cover your body before he grabbed you .

“Bruh, you gon have my baby “ Erik barked.

“Babe, I still gotta prep dinner !“ you pleaded, it was too late . He was too strong .

“Keep talking like that “ he groaned.

“I gotta put it in the oven now, if I don’t it won’t be ready in time . Then what are you gonna eat for lunch at work tomorrow“

“Baby , fuck!” He slammed you onto the couch . Erik kneeled before you and yanked your legs towards him. They opened anxiously , awaiting what he had been promising you . He kissed along your thighs and ran his palms over your moist breast. Your folds still glistening with the water from the shower . He took your clit into his mouth . Trying his best to get you excited so he could plant his seed inside of you.

Your mouth hung open as you yelped his name loudly . Your fingers intertwined with his dreads as you moved your hips against his mouth . “Talk to me boo” he mouthed against you .

“You feel so good baby” you cried out .

“Want me to put this shit inside you ?”

He pulled his sweats down in one quick motion and climbed on top of you .

“Yeah I want it “

You felt his tip ease inside of you . Your breath quickened with anticipation . The two of you eyed eachother for a moment . He pushed the rest of the inches inside of you . “You feel that?” You nodded your head. “That’s baby making dick right there “

Erik started to pound into you , not even concerned with your begging and screaming . He just wanted to finish . When you told Erik that you decided to stop birth control , he was ecstatic . Unrealistically, Erik knew he wanted you to be the mother of his kids after your first date . He had done his research and counted down from the last day of your cycle . You were ovulating , Erik knew it was time .

“Slow down baby!” You croaked , on the brink of an orgasm .

“You think we gon have a boy?” He fucked you harder , you could no longer bare words. “Or a girl ?”

Erik looked down at your face . Your beauty was sometimes too much for him to bare . Especially when it was his dick that made you look this way . Erik placed a tight grip around your neck as he lifted his head in a euphoric manner . “Fuck… fuck ….fuck!” He roared with each thrust . Finally , he freed himself inside of you . He pushed into you forcefully and stayed there , he wanted to make sure you took everything . Slowly he pulled out of you and brought himself down to your belly . He kissed it softly , looking forward to a new life that he created.

Two months later , a pregnancy test confirmed that Mini was on the way .

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